Glenn: “This should scare the living bat snot out of every American”

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Tonight, I want to talk to you about science. I want to talk to you about the pinheads that think that they are better than you. President Obama has recruited a bunch of behavioral scientists, yes, a behavioral insights team. This should scare the living bat snot out of every American. We’re not for propaganda, right?

Are we for the kind of stuff that Goebbels was using? Because that’s what he did. He figured out if I put enough images of rats in front of people, and I say “Jew” every time you see a rat, will they start thinking that those rats are vermin? Yes, as it turns out, yes. And so we’ve always had this understanding in America, we don’t do propaganda. We’ve always been against it.

And to have some creepy behavioral scientists standing around in lab coats looking at the American public as rats, that’s a problem – at least it used to be. What they try to do is to suddenly influence your behavior, to make the government more efficient – that’s what the president says – no, to get you to do what the government wants you to do.

Behavioral science, it’s a key weapon. The president used it. In fact, he used a “consortium of behavioral scientists.” Oh, he did that during the 2008 election, and then he used it again in 2012, and nobody said anything about it, scientists looking at you like a lab rat. Cass Sunstein, this is one of the big problems I have with him. He is the behavioral science mastermind. He wrote about it and how it can be tested on the public in his book Nudge.

This is critical for people to understand. Progressives are not progressed. They’re not enlightened. They are early 20th century thinkers. They view themselves as superior to the rest of society. They think they know what’s best for you, what’s best for society, eat more carrots, drive hybrids, support the overthrow of regimes they don’t like, Libya, Syria. Oh, wait a minute. Libya and Syria, that’s the Progressives in the Democratic Party –
oh no, and also the Republican Party.

The secret is they always try to win people over with public debate. Wilson did it. FDR did it. This president has done it. And when they can’t win you over with debate, not because, you know, their solution is stupid, but because they honestly believe the American people are too stupid, they have to find another way to get people to behave the way they feel you should be behaving. That’s where behavioral science comes into play.

Now, I guess the ultimate behavioral scientists some people would say would be God and our churches, because that’s what used to control our behavior. But now you can’t leave your church because your church is the federal government. God is in Washington. And instead of preaching to you and telling you you should choose or you’re going to go to hell, what they have is choice architecture, where they remove all of the bad choices and leave people with only the good choices.

They argue that people are still free to make choices – you know, you can eat the flag, you can eat grass, or you could have a banana. You still have a choice. Which one do you want? They’ve trapped you in a box. Nobody’s going to eat this. Nobody I know…well, actually I do know some hippies out in California that blend this up and drink it. Anybody sane is eating this out of this choice architecture.

That’s how behavioral science works. It’s based in manipulation, coercion, and control. All of these attributes are distinctly un-American, but they are the cornerstone of the progressive ideology. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up.

This manipulation goes all the way back to the progressive pioneer Edward Bernays. This is the guy who really started selling soap. He was dubbed “the father of spin.” He was the master of swaying public opinion. We’ve talked about him several times. He changed how Americans ate breakfast. We used to have, I believe, coffee and a piece of toast. After Bernays, it was ham and eggs. That’s what it was for breakfast.

He made the cigarette sexy. He’s the one that got everybody smoking cigarettes in movies. One of Bernays’ greatest manipulations was his work, believe it or not, with bananas, the United Fruit Company. Based in Guatemala, the United Fruit Company gained incredible power because we started eating bananas.

The United States started importing bananas in the late 1800s, and the United Fruit Company dominated much of the country and portions of almost a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere due to the power and control of corrupt dictators. And what would happen is these bad dictators would just give the United Fruit Company massive swaths of land as gifts, and then the United Fruit Company kind of like GE, what GE does today, just does whatever the dictator wants.

Unfortunately, the power for the United Fruit Company was challenged in the 1950s, and Guatemala elected a president who promised to take on the fruit producer and reduce their power through land reforms. Now this threatened these guys, and they turned to an army, an army of one, Edward Bernays.

United Fruit brings in Bernays, and he basically understood that what United Fruit Company had to do was change this from being a popularly elected government that was doing some things that were good for the people there into to this being very close to the American shore, a threat to American democracy, that it being at a time in the Cold War when Americans responded to issues of the Red Scare and what Communism might do.

He was trying to transform this and brilliantly did transform it into an issue of a communist threat very close to our shores, taking United Fruit again as a commercial client out of the picture and making it look like a question of American democracy, American values being threatened. “The Century of the Self,” British Broadcasting Corporation.

Okay, was that right or wrong? Almost every American would say that’s wrong, tell the truth. Bernays unleashed a propaganda war of epic proportions. He sent reporters to Guatemala on fact-finding missions. He set out to paint the new president as a Communist, even though he wasn’t a Communist. Bernays played on the fears of the American public because he had bananas to sell. He even created a fake news agency.

He also created a fake independent news agency in America called the Middle American Information Bureau. It bombarded the American media with press releases saying that Moscow was planning to use Guatemala as a beachhead to attack America. “The Century of the Self,” British Broadcasting Corporation

Okay, not true. Suddenly the news reports started hitting major American media. “Articles began appearing in the New York Times, the New York Herald Tribune, the Atlantic Monthly, Time, Newsweek, the New Leader and other publications, all discussing the growing influence of Guatemala’s Communists.” Really?

He also tried to soften the company’s image. This is what he did, Senorita Chiquita banana – I’m a Chiquita banana, and I’m here to say. Bernays wasn’t interested in conducting merely a PR war. He was also conducting an actual war, a revolution. Bernays was working to forge a new network of intelligence agents in Central America expressly to discredit the regime. It led to a successful coup d’état which was engineered by the U.S. government and the CIA.

You want to know why there are so many Communists down in Central America that hate our guts? Because of Edward Bernays. Here’s an example of the media barrage and the U.S. engaging. Look at this 1950s newsreel.

On the Guatemala-Honduras border, the town of Nueva Ocotepeque, headquarters of the Guatemala insurgents, is invaded by a planeload of American newsmen, including Al Waldren, Movietone veteran war photographer. Here to bring the world reliable newsreel reports from this latest global hotspot, his camera catches a press interview with secondary anti-Communist liberation leaders, Captain Menbieto and Colonel Lopez, who with maps explain how they hope to capture the capital city. Massing for an advance against the Communist dominated forces of Pres. Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, the liberation patriots are well equipped with small arms.

Believe it or not, this is why people hate, they hate Capitalism too, because all for the sale of the banana. Many believe the anti-American protests were staged and orchestrated by Bernays himself. Bernays had masterfully created an entirely different and alternate universe.

He totally understood that the coup would happen when the public and the press when conditions in the public and the press allowed for a coup to happen, and he created those conditions. He was totally savvy in terms of just what he was helping create there in terms of this overthrow. But ultimately he was reshaping reality, reshaping public opinion in a way that’s undemocratic and manipulative. “The Century of the Self,” British Broadcasting Corporation

I will tell you that that’s exactly what happened again in Egypt and Libya. Now, after this coup, Guatemala went back to an oppressive dictatorship controlled by the banana people. In fact, it is this story where the term “banana republic” was born. Over the next 40 years, four decades, 200,000 in Guatemala alone were killed in guerrilla attacks, government crackdowns, civil wars all across Latin America, just so he could protect the banana people, perpetual revolution.

Oh, and one other thing about this revolution, as always, there are unintended consequences. At the time, there was this young Argentine leftist. He was an activist. He happened to be in Guatemala during this particular coup staged by Edward Bernays. He was a supporter of the president. And after the coup, he became so angry that he actually said it’s time for a revolution, and he became a revolutionary himself. His name, Che.

Che concluded that the Guatemalan coup was successful because the president just didn’t kill enough people. And during his violent time in Cuba, he made sure that same mistake wasn’t made again, personally ordering the execution of hundreds of political opponents and executing many of them himself. Enjoy your Chiquita banana

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glen it is called polling and combined with advertising (tv) it has been done since the 60’s but in one way you are right the progressives for a hundred years have been using these tools but the GOP (Carl Rove etc. ) have been doing it as well. And you are doing it as well>

  • Night

    If it was wrong for him to paint the guy as a communist then isn’t it also wrong to paint Obama as an Islamic or to say he’s a foreigner? Isn’t that basically the same thing?

    • Anonymous

      apparently you did not get the Tea Party manifesto: Your balls don’t get sucked until you call Obama a Kenyan, communist, socialist, or Muslin extremist

      • Night

        Not a Tea Party member

  • Gristle McThornbody

    This is nothing more than hyperbole and conjecture. It is simple as that.

    So what do we do, Glenn?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Scientists hired for handling behavioral insights, and combined with the usage of propaganda, you wind up with the greatest threat: psychological warfare carried out by the administration against the American people.

    Coercion, intimidation and oppression through manipulation of messages.

    Welcome to the next level of government control: the enemy of the government is the very people of the nation.

    Remember, the Progressives are only interested in absolute control and power; that is the end game and now they are accelerating it across the board.

    • linda barnett

      We are already soaking in it.

      • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

       I find it interesting that schools are preparing to use the Trayvon Martin case as an educational issue. This is one reason the mainstream media lied so profusely about that situation – to provide a veneer of credibility for the lies that will be presented in the classroom. The horror, the horror.

      And the guy’s name was Ernesto, not Che.  The word “Che” simply means “Comrade”. It’s what commies call each other.

      Ernie was sure as heck not a guy I would call Comrade.

      “If the missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.” (Che Guevara, November 1962.)

    • Anonymous

      Sweetheart you are barking mad!!!!.  You need a check-up, from the neck-up.  You’re a sick pup.

  • Anonymous

    What do we do?  Pray. Pray for enough strength to stand and call evil what it is when we see it.  Know that you will be asked to make a choice:  willingly live in the dark in order to survive or willingly live in the light where the only thing you will sacrifice is your life on earth and not
    your eternal life. 

  • Anonymous

    Spin, spin and spin again—–good is bad and bad is good ! Sound familiar?

  • G S

    “That’s how behavioral science works. It’s based in manipulation, coercion, and control.” That’s how Beck operates. Fear fear fear.

    • Anonymous

      he also uses fucking annoying expressions such as “bat snot”

      • americanathlete

        Hey, watch your mouth young man!

      • americanathlete

        Hey, watch your mouth young man!

    • Anonymous

       “Bernays unleashed a propaganda war of epic proportions. He sent reporters to Guatemala on fact-finding missions. He set out to paint the new president as a Communist, even though he wasn’t a Communist. Bernays played on the fears of the American public because he had bananas to sell. He even created a fake news agency.”
       Change a few words, like ‘Bernays’ and ‘Guatemala’ and ‘bananas’ and GB could be talking about himself and the Blaze. 

      It’s also funny that GB is essentially critiquing corporate capitalism and U.S. Cold War foreign policy without realizing it. Forget about Bernays as a progressive pioneer, he was a pioneer in the world of business. He was part of the consolidation of the corporate state, the rise of modern business practices like ‘public relations’ and Madison Avenue-style advertising. I’m sure the Blaze employs marketing agencies, PR consultants, etc., today–to “sell” the product Beck is peddling.

      The history of the United Fruit Company in Latin America has a lot to do with why many people, past and present, look upon U.S. foreign policy and capitalism, more generally, with disdain. But it to reduce it to a banana, as Beck does ( “Believe it or not, this is why people hate, they hate Capitalism too, because all for the sale of the banana.”) is to do what Beck does all of the time: oversimplify and misrepresent the historical record.  

    • Anonymous

      Yes.  Notice how his audience is conditioned to respond to the word Progressive.  Beck is a propagandist, one of the best in the business.  

  • ken.

    also called indoctrination. being used in our school system since at least the 1950’s. also the media.

    • Anonymous

       The Media big time! When viewers see or hear a television audience laugh at political satire, I would say it is a behavioral-imprint, perhaps it may not sway the viewer’s opinion completely but that is for the liberal media’s job to win you over.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the 1980’s it was alarming to see corporations becoming more like cults.
    The outside “mastermind” consultants were being hired to “improve” processes and procedures; then the companies would decline.  Over the subsequent years, at a couple of other corporate positions, it accelerated. I watched as co-workers turned into wide-eyed/glazed-eyed zombies, “bowing” to their master: quickly buying the latest “guru of management” book that management advised; cheering, applauding and high-fiving, in approval, at meetings to announce downsizing; hoping they’re not next (they were, eventually).  I’ve been retired (early) for five years now; no longer in the cult. I was a very uncooperative slave.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn does some of his best work when he discusses this topic; however, he still has a long way to go as he travels the learning curve. He makes the mistake of conflating regressivism with progressivism. 
    Both progressivism and regressivism are at the root of America’s transformation into a collectivist, fascist country  . Henry Robinson Luce, for example, was  a regressive. You can think of him as the Ted Turner of his day, only he was a regressive and not a progressive like Turner.
    If you want to leap-frog ahead of Glenn on the journey of enlightenment, a good place to start would be start watching videos like this one:

  • robert hamrick

    Alright, you people, you American people, those with ODD, rise up, Its time to discard the thought police because the end game is control.(ODD is Oppositional Deficit Disorder)

    • Mr_TrueReality

      I thought you were going to say, ” Obama Diety Disorder”…LOL

  • linda barnett

    Don’t worry, glenn. There are patriots who have ten times the brains of cass sunstein and the degrees to match. Bring it, baby.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to see it in action today in America on your TV just take a look at The History Channel or H2. There is very little history shown. Their new motto is “History: Made Every Day” and their programs have become personality oriented drivel, not history.

    Remember Micellle Obama’s staement, “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place…”

    Right in front of your eyes.

  • dennis reilly

    all of the greedy politicians use this behavior stuff, they call themselves, pundits,pollsters,strategists etc, a bunch of talking heads parading on television and filling Americans with propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    So that explains the CHE posters on the Obama campaign headquarter walls (remember them?).

  • Anonymous

    The battle for the soul of AMERICA is in progress.  It is being attacked on so many fronts.  At first it was “divide and conquer” (poor against the rich, black against the white people).  Then there was the “illusion of the free press”; after that attacking and subjugating the churches.  Now, it is mind control.  Are we regressing back in time?  I have not studied history but know enough that I see a lot of similarities in the tactics used by Communists (Russia, China etc.) 
    and by dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.  Their foremost priority was to subjugate the mind of the people by any means possible.  Later, the secret service was deployed to gather up the none conformists.  My GOD, what has this country turned into?  It seems that the politicians on the other side feel impotent to speak up in fear they might be labeled racists.  What will it take for the people to wake up, to discover the cancer which is slowly spreading and killing what we so loved: “Freedom and Liberty for al!”  POWER UP AMERICA ! 

  • Snorri

    Trust no one, especially the government, a religion, a social group. Believe only what can be independently confirmed.  Politicians, news media, wives, girlfriends, people in general deceive for their own ends and to others detriment. Be able to avoid, evade, disengage, escape for “he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day”.

  • chenchen

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