Lawsuit against Paula Deen dismissed

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On Monday, a federal judge dismissed the racial discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen brought up by a former Savannah, Georgia restaurant manager. Unfortunately for Deen, it looks like the damage has already been done.

“I want to start here,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit that destroyed Paula Deen’s career… I would contend that it is all gone, is it not?”

“All her endorsements, all her sponsorships, obviously her show on Food Network,” Pat said. “Yes, that’s all gone.”

While a few sponsors have stuck by the celebrity chef, political correctness ultimately ran her career straight into the ground. There is no excusing Deen’s poor choice of words, but freedom of speech only means something when we allow it to protect the most vile, hateful speech.

“I mean, I would hire her in a heartbeat… I mean, if we were doing cooking shows,” Glenn said. “If we’re not building a place where people who are being chased out of this society can come and speak their minds, what are we doing? Why are we building anything? We should build a place that you are free to say things that this government says you shouldn’t say… She shouldn’t have had her life destroyed over this.”

Let us not forget that the only reason anyone ever found out about Deen’s use of the N-word was because she admitted to using the word once during a deposition related to the racial discrimination lawsuit that was just thrown out.

“The point of this, of her talking about this, was supposedly because she had a longstanding policy of racial discrimination at her businesses and that case was thrown out yesterday,” Stu explained. “So the whole reason we even know about her confessing about something she said seven years ago is because of this lawsuit which had no merit.”

“She’s not a woman who agrees with me,” Glenn said. “She campaigned for the president. So how much of a racist could she be? She campaigned for the president! But everything that this woman built is gone. Everything that she built is gone. So now let’s see what we’ve learned. What we’ve learned is if you just have a salacious accusation on somebody, you can truly destroy them without consequence. That’s the number one thing we’ve learned.”

  • Night

    I like Paula Deen and I think it’s sad that even though the lawsuit was dismissed, her reputation has been destroyed nonetheless. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    How can she gain anything back?

    Once a slander has been loosed, the persons reputation is destroyed for good and nothing will bring it back. Nothing.

    • Night

      Sadly she’s going to have to find a way to rebuild her reputation and hopefully put this behind her. 

      • Anonymous

         If she has the mental fortitude (and I believe she does) she will. And to tell you I rarely follow cooking shows  but the one or two segments I saw of her show were just fine with absolutely no racists remarks or a hint of them. As far as I understand she made that comment 25 years ago. If any one else had said it we would never ever hear about it anywhere in fact the word “n,” was used for a long time even in the white community and other similar expressions the now so called racists monikers were everywhere then and are there still nowadays. DP’s , honky, whop, crackers, whacko,  pinko’s, slant eyes, yellow bellies and the list is a lot longer.
        I think we should have a contest to see who could come up with the most names just to see how stupid this conversation really is!
         And BTW HELLO Sharpton Where are you, you despicable “human”?
        Thanks for letting me vent!

        • Anonymous

          We were at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah in July.  We had a nice young black man for a waiter.  We asked him if he ever sees Paula Deen.  He said he sees her quite often and she is such a nice person and has always been very nice to him.  He went on and on about how great a person she is.  Doesn’t sound to me like she is a racist.  It should have never gone to court in the first place.

  • Sam Fisher

    Well another job ruined by liberalism and their witch hunts. 

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Why not do a cooking show, Glenn? I would certainly watch it and I’ll bet a bunch of others would also. A half-hour show would be a welcome break from all the bad news of the day. I watch BYUtv some (when I’m not watching the Blaze — rare, believe me) and they have a wonderful show on there about Fusion Grain cooking. It’s great. Paula Deen is a WONDERFUL chef and she would be a welcome part of your line-up. It’s just a thought from a not-so-bored and wonderfully informed “homemaker” who loves everyone on your network.

  • Janet Rousch

    To:  Glen Beck:  Hope you do offer Paula Deen a position.  It would be very gracious, and very productive for all of us (we love Paula Deen).  Thank you, Janet Rousch

  • Susan Sutter

    Glenn… what a wonderful addition to your show!  Please please ask Paula Deen to host a cooking show.  

  • az

    Sorry Paula but you wanted to be part of the lib. crowd, you pissed off the wrong people and they turned on you. Better luck next time.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Paula is a White Southern woman.  She could scream racism just like Oprah has!

  • Anonymous

    It shows what these personal attacks can do. They destroyed her career for nothing. Just like they destroyed an innocent Zimmerman for nothing. Just like her lawsuit was phony. So was Zimmermans arrest. An illegal arrest that led to an unjustified trial.  In the end found innocent but only after already destroyed in the sideshow corrupt media. Like the dropped lawsuit by unjustified charges against Dean. The prosecutor of Zimmerman has been indicted for illegal arrest. Both wronged and destroyed. Vindication does nothing the harm has already been done .

    • JETS#1

      FOR NOTHING?! I think being responsible for a dead kid is something!

      • Mike Nelson

        How is Paula Deen responsible for a dead kid?

      • Anonymous

        Martin’s death was his responsibility. Martin chose to ambush and assault a man. When you decide to do a crime the consequences are yours. Martins bad cboices killed him. Zimmerman acted in self defense. A totally justified action. The police knew that and did not arrest him. Corrupt prosecutor ordered tbe arrest illegally. There was no probable cause.which is why the prosecutor has been indicted for illegal arrest and prompting an illegal trial.

        Yes Zimmerman did nothing but protect himself. Zimmerman was the VICTIM.

        Not Martin.

  • Tindig

    Would love to see Paula Deen do her cooking shows on G.B.   Bring her in asap!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Paula Deen, and it confusing when Glen says to  be moral people so we can get this country back on the right track, then you support someone who runs towels between her legs at parties as shown on Youtube. People do have the right to say whatever they think, I personal don’t enjoy people who act the way Paula does, and I believe it sends a confusing message to the young people, be a moral person and at the same time enjoy people who make sexual suggestive actions like running a towel between your legs. This is why young people turn away from the “be moral statement”, hypocritical.  I have never enjoyed watching Paula Deen, personal preference, she is too brass and when if a person doesn’t like working with someone or for a company, then they should leave and should have the right to express why they left without being charged with slander. I am for letting her say what she wants so I know what she is about — as man told his wife who asked him why he tries to deliver a message to them about how they look to others, his comment: you don’t know its a pig until it squeals. She is no lady, she is loud mouth that forces or manipulates for attention.  Some people do believe, in the work place, people should respect the fact not everyone is going to like what they are hearing and it might interfere with them getting their work done, and people use to care 20 or so years ago. The fact is, now the loud mouths who don’t believe in respecting others but who want to make their point are running things, its a fact gentlemen are not in charge anymore, the loud – I don’t care what others thinks are. Oh yeah, if the loud mouths are dealing with someone who will help their cause — all of a sudden they are respectful, like Glen was with MLK daughter. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

  • Anonymous

    You should have heard the comments made about and at me when I immigrated to the great , free, open liberal, society of the great, equal opportunity, peace loving country called Canada (you know Trudeau’s Canada LaL land). And that from another so-called free, open liberal, society of the great , equal opportunity, peace loving, country of Holland, Holy s.t wow I should have gone to Aussie land, NZ or the the Fiji”s!! 

  • Anonymous

    I am so darn tired of the word racism and how easily it is thrown around that it has lost all menaing to me!!  To me it is just vile that people throw thword around when thay have nothing of substince to argue! Just slander someone with the word. Just paint your enemies with a false charge and wait for the politically correct stupid people out there wipe the floor with you.  See where her support of Obama got her…she is a selctive racist  or just alittle bit racist.  Come on this is all B.S.  I hat the word and am beginning to evaluate people who used it in a negative light!!  They cry wolf entirely toomuch!! 

  • Anonymous

    What we’ve learned is if you just have a salacious accusation on somebody, you can truly destroy them without consequence. That’s the number one thing we’ve learned.”

    True but it works only one way. Weiner- a P** – still standing, Sharpton a race pimp who gets away with his audacious BS,  and the list goes on and on.
    Just how does one go about destroying the “reputation of the liberal left” and make it stick??

  • Anonymous

    I am an Asian American, through my observation BLACK are the one who is racist, and they blame White.What is wrong with this black racist people?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, that would be an excellent idea, to have Paula do a show on the Blaze once a week. Politics can be kept out of it, and it would be a nice break.  People need to start learning to cook meals at home again, instead of eating out all the time. Paula makes cooking fun.  Please consider it, Glenn.

    • JETS#1

       As somone who watches the food channel all the time I think eating out might be healthier for you then Paula’s cooking

  • Betty Busby

    Seems as tho she should be able to collect damages from the woman, and from the companies that dumped her.  Maybe from Oprah who seems to encourage people to yell “racist” for their own profit.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Paula, now no more singing Jay Z songs!

  • Herbert Shallcross

    Apparently there is no statute of limitations on thought crimes.

  • Anonymous

    Offer her a slot in your TV line-up.  She’s fun and a great cook.  The Blaze TV needs programming that isn’t all related to current ‘happenings’.  Ask and ye shall receive – seek and ye shall find – knock and it shall be opened to you.  Time for the BLAZE to start knocking.

  • robert hamrick

    first this lady jobs lost, now the manager, commissioner, and a rodeo clowns jobs destroyed.  With those jobs Ive listed,  Dean probably had to let go of people who need jobs, and manager who needs to manage people and organize, a commissioner of a state fair who probably did this part time because of obamacare, and a poor clown getting heckled by his buddies because the bull know bad jokes when he sees or hears them. I mean, stop allowing theses cryin lefties get away with taking more jobs when they were in control in the first place and tell them that their boss is responsible for the loss of jobs, not just these jobs.

  • Kimosd1

    I’m sure she was not only surprised but thrown into a panic as she realized that the progressive, stateist, marxist, socialists or the pc name “enlightened ones” eat their own.  She didn’t understand that it’s all about agenda and the individual must fall on the sword for the collective.

  • Paul Major

    let’s boycott the companies and products who decided to play this political correctness…
    anyone have a list of these companies and products

  • Anonymous

    Deen’s current problems will only make her comeback stronger.  I know the politically correct folks picked the wrong victim in Deen.  She is a fighter.

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