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On Monday, a federal judge dismissed the racial discrimination lawsuit against Paula Deen brought up by a former Savannah, Georgia restaurant manager. Unfortunately for Deen, it looks like the damage has already been done.

“I want to start here,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The federal judge has thrown out the lawsuit that destroyed Paula Deen’s career… I would contend that it is all gone, is it not?”

“All her endorsements, all her sponsorships, obviously her show on Food Network,” Pat said. “Yes, that’s all gone.”

While a few sponsors have stuck by the celebrity chef, political correctness ultimately ran her career straight into the ground. There is no excusing Deen’s poor choice of words, but freedom of speech only means something when we allow it to protect the most vile, hateful speech.

“I mean, I would hire her in a heartbeat… I mean, if we were doing cooking shows,” Glenn said. “If we’re not building a place where people who are being chased out of this society can come and speak their minds, what are we doing? Why are we building anything? We should build a place that you are free to say things that this government says you shouldn’t say… She shouldn’t have had her life destroyed over this.”

Let us not forget that the only reason anyone ever found out about Deen’s use of the N-word was because she admitted to using the word once during a deposition related to the racial discrimination lawsuit that was just thrown out.

“The point of this, of her talking about this, was supposedly because she had a longstanding policy of racial discrimination at her businesses and that case was thrown out yesterday,” Stu explained. “So the whole reason we even know about her confessing about something she said seven years ago is because of this lawsuit which had no merit.”

“She’s not a woman who agrees with me,” Glenn said. “She campaigned for the president. So how much of a racist could she be? She campaigned for the president! But everything that this woman built is gone. Everything that she built is gone. So now let’s see what we’ve learned. What we’ve learned is if you just have a salacious accusation on somebody, you can truly destroy them without consequence. That’s the number one thing we’ve learned.”