PHOTO: You will never believe which San Diego business posted Glenn’s “No Service” sign

Last week, Glenn put out a call to San Diego business owners asking them to show Mayor Bob Filner that we will no longer stand for his harassing and abusive behavior by posting a “No Service” sign in their store window. Tweets and photos have poured in ever since showing the sign in windows around the city.

There is one tweet, however, that has gotten national attention… and for good reason:

Glenn took a moment to enjoy Hooters’ decision to take a stand against Mayor Filner on tonight’s Glenn Beck Program.

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Download the “No Service” sign below and put it in the window of your business to make your stance known:



  • Anonymous

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  • Sean Thomas Rossner

    Next step: Get him out of there.

  • Anonymous

    A place that only hires thin women, forces them to wear incredibly skimpy clothing in an air conditioned environment, and whose very name is a derogatory, objectifying term for womens’ breasts??! This is what hypocrisy looks like!

    • Quincy Johnson

       No one forced these women to do anything. These women were well aware of the working conditions for Hooters. They CHOSE to work there. This is what inflammatory rhetoric looks like.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Paying rent and eating force many people to work at jobs they dislike and find unrewarding.

        You don’t have a choice to work or not work. Unless you are Francis Barraza and had your way paid for you.

        • Anonymous

           …or unless you’re an Obama supporter and get all the “free government money.”

        • qivucuzusywa

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          is PERFECT for a place that chooses to hire thin and attractive women,
          allows them to wear sexy clothes, and celebrates 1st amendment rights by
          naming their establishment after a slang word for beautiful, baby life

        • Anonymous

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    • Rothbardian

      Yes, Hooters dragged these women in from the streets and forced them to serve food. Idiot.  They obviously made a choice to work there, well aware of what kind of conditions they would be under.

    • Anonymous

      NO ONE forced these women to apply and work there.  

      • Anonymous

        What the entity calling itself AnnaMossity apparently has not done is review the news coverage over the years regarding Hooters’ female employees. They uniformly explain that they sought out the job because they felt they were well qualified and believed they would enjoy the work, the environment, and the patrons.

    • Abram

      You’re an idiot…

    • HateDietPepsi .

       It always seems to be the unattractive women trying to change the instinctive natural world of selecting the attractive over the ugly for a job.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the argument that giant round tub of goo Limbaugh glurgs out

    • Anonymous

      Certainly does not stop Glenn from dropping trou, tweezering out his little dick, and wanking off

      • Child of God

        I have just flagged genzod and ask all people with morals, respect and human decency to please go to flag and demand genzod be penalized for a few days of not being able to post on forum and delete his comment regarding Glenn Beck. Some things should not be tolerated. I do not expect any left wing lying liberal demoncraps to flag even vile, immoral, indecent remarks from one of their own.

    • Frank Lee Roberts

      1.  Only Hires Thin Women – Obviously Never Been To a Hooters in the South.
      2.  Skimpy Clothes in A/C – They’re wearing PantyHose in addtion to all the other stuff.  Have you ever heard a woman wearing pantyhose complain that its too COLD?  I have not… Other than their arms and cleavage showing, they are usually the most covered bodies in the restaurant.    3.  Derogatory Name-Many think “HOOTERS” is the cutest name for that Female Body Part.   You obviously disagree, but that is an opinion on both of our parts.  

      • Frank Lee Roberts

        Oh and Glenn Beck is an Idiot.  :) (Yes, OPINION-Mine) 

        • Paul Allen

          you are an idiotic  libtard

        • Child of God

          You seem to be stuck on yourself, intolerant of people different than you, rude or downright arrogant?

          • Frank Lee Roberts

            You got all that from “Glen Beck is an Idiot” ? Wow.

        • Child of God

          An Arrogant person seeks to control everything and everyone, which of course, is an impossible mission but one left wing lying liberal communist demoncraps socialist do almost on a daily basis.

        • Child of God

          Why be so vindictive against Glenn Beck? If he has  different beliefs, cultural backgrounds and ways of seeing the world? But truth be known is your kind cannot stand the truth and that some people yes even some left wing liberals are listening and realizing the truth to his words.  AND THAT SO CALLED IDIOT IS DOING WELL FOR HIMSELF AND I AM PROUD OF HIM AND THE TRUTH!

          • Frank Lee Roberts

            I wouldn’t call what I said “vindictive”. I would call it. “My Opinion”, which I did. You called me “Arrogant”, “Contol”ing, “rude”, “intolarant”, and a few other things for my one comment. Now that seems more like “Vindictive”. Do you have a Crush on Glen? Be Honest.

      • Anonymous

        To Number 1 I say: HA, totally true!!!
        To Number 3 I say: When I think “HOOTERS” I think of owls!

    • Alexander

      This is PERFECT for a place that chooses to hire thin and attractive women, allows them to wear sexy clothes, and celebrates 1st amendment rights by naming their establishment after a slang word for beautiful, baby life sustainers. THIS IS WHAT EMPOWERING WOMEN LOOKS LIKE.

    • Linda M Corsaro-Kitterman

       No job and food stamps better to you??

    • Alma Ruth

      no one forced these women to do anything they put in an application it was reviewed and they were hired well aware of the clothing requirement since the other servers were wearing it at the time the women put in their applications.  
      As far as skinny a fat woman of any age wearing short shorts and halter tops or t shirts offends me. Not that they are fat but that there is appropriate clothing to wear. By the way I am now one of the obese Not from eating but from disability so I have been that thin beautiful girl and now i am the older fat woman I bear them no grudges. So don’t go where you don’t like the dress of the server.

    • Anonymous

       No force involved moron.

    • Anonymous

       Jealous, are ya?

    • TD

      You must be an overweight woman that makes your own factless conclusions. I recomend visiting one sometime before you judge. The ONLY thing they are showing is a little cleavage. I have seen more at BW3’s, and Perkins. And they wear pantyhose under the shorts and they are not any more revealing than some of the things I have seen at other establishments also. But even if they did they were not forced to apply and work at these places. They could make as much money working at other places doing the same work wearing clothes they choose. Stop fighting the fight for people that don’t want to fight. 

    • Anonymous

       Did you say FORCE? do they use a gun? or maybe a BAT? or maybe the Constitution….nobody FORCES the women to wear skimpy clothes, they do so, because they DESIRE to work at Hooters and therefore FOLLOW the RULES

    • dennis reilly

       do you work for Hooters? if you don’t, how would you know they are forced?

    • Brian Zaiger

      No, they choose to wear skimpy outfits in an air conditioned environment. Nobody held a gun to these woman’s heads and forced them to fill out an application at Hooters rather than sending a resume to NASA.

    • Paul Allen

      A Senator from MA   murdered his mistress and drove  off of a bridge bombed out of his skull ( never did a day  in jail for  what at the very least should have been  involuntary manslaughter( but sill cares enough to name his dog Splash in honor of Mary Jo),  another one spends  50 plus years in the US Senate and was a KKK recruiter   on the side, another one flashes  his junk all over twitter,  A US President chases and assaults  everyone around him that has a skirt on.  LBJ used the N word a dozen times a day, Joe Biden is a idiot and Berry is  a Communist/Thug  American hating Muslim  but you will still vote for the party they represent Libtard   Hypocrisy  Much?

    • Child of God

      Honey no one forces these women to work for or at hooters! I am sure with the heat waves we have been having these women love the air conditioned environment and when and if it turns cold the establishment provides heating (believe me I work and deal with the public and if it is to cold or hot they will let you know!!!) As far as the term and name of business is concerned the mere mention of crackers bothers me, someone will ask me if I have crackers to go with the soup and I just shudder they dare use that derogatory word  THE C -WORD!!!  No not really just kidding!!! While I admit I would not like my husband to see these women driveling with sex appeal and personally do not find it morally correct to entice or lure anyone with temptation using their bodies (I AM A GROWN WOMAN THAT CAN MAKE MY OWN DECISION TO GO INTO THE RESTAURANT OR NOT ) but these women still deserve respect. Hypocrisy is really most left wing liberals going all out for SAVE THE WHALES, SAVE THE SPOTTED OWL, SAVE THIS OR SAVE THAT EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO SAVE THE UNBORN HUMAN BABIES. How about be more worried about Save our Country from Ovomit and restore it. It has become a cesspool of evil, immoral, demonic idiot sheeples.

    • Anonymous

      the young women employed there are not forced to do anything. if u don’t want to show off your lean, curvy shape in the prime of life, don’t fill out the app. it may be wrong, immoral etc..but these women are not kidnapped and forced to work there..

  • jennifer swenson

    You know I think the guy is a scum…however this whole mindset of bullying people until they submit pisses me off.  He’s an elected official, where are the voters …why aren’t they outside his door everyday picketing? why aren’t they at the capitol or the mayors office? write letters BE A NUISANCE!!! Where does it end with not serving someone because he’s scum and who decides what scum is and what scum does? In this case it’s obvious sometimes it’s not so obvious….just saying. Let me be clear this guy is scum but its’s not hooters responsibility to stop serving people they don’t like…it starts a precedent and gives them a reason to stop serving others in the future. 

  • Hal von Luebbert

    Watching a women’s softball tournament on television and another live locally recently, one couldn’t help notice that with exception the girls chose the tightest possible – Spandex or the like – uniform pants.  Undoubtedly, it was the male coaches, spectators, and parents who demanded this display –  the girls’ principle interest being softball.  Sit for a day or so and watch television, see if you can discern which of the sexes is most interested in calling attention to, even flaunting, their sexuality.  Which sex’s apparel has remained basically unchanged in style and fashion for decades” 

    One of the things being caught up to and exposed these days isn’t just the female anatomy, you know – it’s the distaff side of the public’s stupefying (and intended that way) hypocrisy.  “inconstancy, the name is woman!” 

  • Willy Rho

    That name is sarcasm, is it not?  MOSS ON ANNA’S MITY.  There probably is moss on Anna’s ity bitty mitty.

  • Tom Trott

    It’s a SIMPLE sign:


    ‘Nuff said!

  • Alma Ruth

    thank you Glenn;  I support services by going to them and spending money there. If I do not care for the place, the attitudes or the clothing worn then I make a decision not to go there. I do not run the place down.  I speak with my money where I spend it.  i have never been to hooters but it would not offend me to go there.  I wore shorts and tight tops when i was a “skater server at A&W” (darn now that dates me. ) lol.

  • Anonymous

    Should have one for Rick Perry he doesn’t respect women either….

  • David Hendrickson

    Their attire is not that skimpy, get over it.  They put up a sign like Glenn Beck said and are taking a stand against the rotten Mayor. No praise, just criticism. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a private company and gives opportunity to those who need a job. The girls that work here do so by their own will and understand the business model. The women are not being forced to do anything wrong just as the restaurant isnt forcing us to patronize their establishment. All you demogrunts need to chill out and quit hating on these beautiful women just because you don’t look a tenth like they do.

  • chip griffin

    respect is not given, but it should be earned. at least that’s the way it used to be. now any thing goes. just because she is a woman, glen will give her whatever she ask for, huh. how about honoring at least your vows! was it not your mouth that said, i will, but wait that is too hard. then they hoped on the JESUS wagon hoping GOD will co-sign it also. got some real bad news. btw, you were no cake walk either, ladies. 10 guys standing in line, and no one saying a word, make it feel so right and easy. let’s see how that works out for ya

  • Rory Fannin

    so if i understand it correctly then i could start up a shop of my own, call it “My Dong Hut” (just because it isn’t yours) have men with bulging muscles ( six pack )maybe a neck tie (not a bow tie this ain’t no chip `n dale place of business ) shorts length to be decided depending on ones personal girth & length, serving you females Pork dogs on buns, condiments optional depend on how you like your meat to taste, that no woman alive would go there and no woman would ever touch any of the men, nor would they ever think of what it would be like if that was your man… of course you’d probably never see a man here unless he’s gay or really likes my cooking. Wonder how many people would think it was degrading or how filthy my workers were because there were there to serve you… you wouldn’t have came if it didn’t hold some appeal for you alone. but it’s just easier to blame someone else for your own faults

  • Anonymous

    To each their own in job choices…I don’t care. But good for them for taking a stand against that degenerate they have to still call Mayor..

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe uber-liberal CA is onboard with ANYTHING Glenn has suggested!  SHOCK!  Now maybe he can convince all the plastic surgeons to ban Queen Nancy from their premises.  I, for one, refuse to pay for any more of her Botox and facelifts.  Besides, if the Wicked Witch of the West has one more procedure, she’s going to be able to blink her lips!

  • John

    I think that a fish bait store should offer him service as shark bait. Let him come and buy some bait then take him out on a boat with lots of chum and when the sharks are coming around throw the clown into the water. The only danger there is the sharks might not want that bad tasting jerk.

  • Anonymous

    Have you noticed though, they are all very young and look almost alike.  I don’t see a middle aged woman in any of the pictures and probably won’t.  Older mature women have different work ethics. 

  • Anonymous

    I go to HOOTERS for the food….

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting for someone to open a “Peckers”. It’d be hot, buff, guys waiting tables shirtless, showing off their pecs. 

  • Anonymous

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