Amazing speech by… Ashton Kutcher?

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Ashton Kutcher has earned a reputation for being pretty far left, but during an acceptance speech at last weekend’s Teen Choice Awards, Kutcher surprised many with his articulate message of hard work, kindness, and generosity.

Kutcher, who is currently promoting his role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic “Jobs”, received the “Ultimate Choice Award” and began his speech by revealing that his first name is actually Chris. He then shared the most important lessons he has learned to the audience of squealing teens.

“So, let me play this speech that is burning up the internet today,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s a fairly safe to say that viewers don’t tune in to the Teen Choice Awards in hopes of hearing an incredibly insightful advice about the hard work of hard work perseverance and dreaming because that’s exactly what they got there.”

Watch Kutcher’s speech below:

“Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question,” Glenn said. “How do we not agree? How is it that? The people in the camp of Ashton Kutcher think that I’m the antichrist. And so many of us think he’s the antichrist… Quite honestly, there’s many on the left and right that are just like those teens in the audience… they are not even listening to him. They are not even listening to him. But if that’s not something that ties the stereotypical left and the right together…”

In the past, Kutcher has raised eyebrows because of his overt support of liberal causes and politicians like President Obama. In 2009, he and then wife Demi Moore participated in a creepy Obama ad that had them pledging to “be a servant to our president.”

Applicable video around the 3 minute 55 second mark:

But Glenn was quick to point out the ever-growing difference between liberals and progressives, which would explain why someone like Kutcher could have values that aren’t all that different from Glenn’s.

“I really truly believe there’s a huge difference between a liberal and a progressive. And that’s why I’ve been urging, please, please, let’s make sure we’re careful with our language because you can be liberal. I have good friends who are liberal,” Glenn explained. “Now, if they are progressive, that’s different. But I can’t get them to see the difference. The difference is, you want to control other peoples lives. And all of my liberal friends don’t.”

“You want to talk about heart? You want to talk about compassion,” Glenn asked. “Good. Let’s talk about compassion. And we can join on many things on compassion. We can join on let’s help the poor. Now, we may not agree on all of the programs. But unless you are a Progressive, you are a small government person. And you’re saying: Let’s find the capitalist. Let’s find the companies out there that want to take this on as a problem. Let’s go find the people out there that want to do it. Let’s go find the churches. Let’s encourage them to do it. Not through government policies. Not through handouts. Not through redistribution of wealth. Let’s go help. You’ll get everybody on board because we’re not that far apart. This is what he’s saying. Here is the American position.”

  • Raney

    “pledge” to be a servant to BO … ?    I think that pledge has been answered.   BO thinks he is alive and in office to be served by the people of the US and the world.   I thought that our President and the Congress and all public “servants” were supposed to be “servants” to the people that put them in office.    Someone has gotten this confused.

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      • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    When has Kutcher  ever worked hard?

    • Night

      I don’t know him, but I think they work hard. Just because their jobs seems easier, doesn’t mean they don’t work.

    • chip griffin

      NO, but he will pay hard, his free ride will come at a great cost, a cost he can’t begin to comprehend. he was offered a free ride and took it, not understanding the price. how do i know? at a tender age i was offered the same thing, but i turned it down. YEP, I TOLD THE DEVIL NO!
      i have a story, few will believe and most will never understand. so many sucked in by the fame and fortune lie and those who spew it’s crap. if you are loved, and know it, you my friend are filthy rich…the rest don’t matter. there are far worse things to be than poor, a movie star being one of them. the heads of state are the worst and easiest bought. those who could have changed things or at least helped greatly, “the media” kept their mouths shut, out of fear of being poor.
         so who are the richest, the poor, they truly know love, and their reward being the greatest!

      • Night

        How do you know that he or anyone of them don’t work hard? Because they are rich and because they live glamorous lives? You act as if just because he’s in movies or on TV that he sold his soul and I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong.
        How much is Glenn Beck worth? What does he do for a living? Does this mean that he too will pay the price because as far as I can see he’s pretty well off.

        • chip griffin

          here’s why, no one is a seasoned pro at the ripe old age of 19, i know how he got what he got and so does he.
             as to glen, my guess is he’s in the same boat. why do i say this? well just look at what he comes against! the easy way, sure not to tell the truth or at least enough to made anyone mad, putting his wealth in warms way.
          just for starters. 1. 9-11 2.nuke in Syria 3. the house and senate that are in obama back pocket. 4 the latest of many orders obama has signed. 5. japan’s waste going into the ocean… i could go on what hours. yep, he’s on easy street. the price will be more than his reward he has got this far.  these guys sure don’t think much of their self, a few 0’s was all it took. who would want to be loved by this bunch? a lawless bunch with no back bone to speak of.
          YEA, I STICK GLEN RIGHT IN THERE WITH THEM. just by what comes out of his mouth. a bunch of noise, but nothing is said. hours and hours of nothing.
          i don’t come cheap, in fact i can’t be bought for NO PRICE! the truth is free, and it does have an agenda, and the cost is high! everyone will hate you…

          • Night

            Are you saying Asthon Kutcher is a pro at 19? Do you even know anything about him?

          • Night

            He’s not 19, he’s 35 and from what I read he’s been acting since 98 and before that he modeled and I believe he even went to school with ideas of majoring in Biochemical Engineering because he wanted to find a cure for his twin brothers heart problem.
            But I guess he’s just one of those scum bag rich actors.

          • Anonymous

            He had a successful TV sitcom at very young age. He was probably younger than 19 when he became a professional actor. i liked the show but I am not a fan of his. His speech goes a long way in earning respect.

    • Anonymous

      He talked about what he did for work prior to his being an actor in the video. Actors have to have a work ethic because of their contracts in making the movies. I know it seems like play.

  • Night

    I don’t think his speech is about left vs right, liberal vs conservative. I think it’s just a speech that should talk to everyone regardless of their politics. 

    • Anonymous

       I agree. Not everyone is defined by only one thing/opinion.

    • Anonymous

      The right’s self-definition on the basis of these virtues really is worrying. If the right really thinks they’re arguing against a pack of people who are secretly against the virtues of hard work, kindness and generosity, when in fact the disagreements are about the best way to exercise these virtues — how can we get anywhere?

      What this does is make it impossible for people who agree on the ends — maximum liberty for those who work hard and care about their neighbors — in other words, liberals in the broad sense — and forces them to ally with people who agree on means, but want vastly different ends.

      Anti-liberal political orientations are hiding out on both ends of the economic ideology spectrum. It’s not about government versus market. Any overwhelming concentration of power, whether private or public — Big Business or Big Government, idle rich or idle bureaucrat — is going to crush the liberty of ordinary hard-working Americans.

      If liberals of all kinds (and if you are a libertarian, you ARE a liberal, and do not forget it) don’t get serious about the values we hold in common and continue to ally ourselves with extremists in our parties who want to destroy liberty, we probably deserve to be divided, conquered and subjugated. Maybe we’ve all gotten too stupid and formulaic to challenge the conventional battle-lines.

      I lean moderately left, but I can tell you: I have way, WAY more in common with a true libertarian than I do with any Marxist. But that does NOT mean I’m a closet Republican, and as long as people swallow that, our nation is in grave danger.

      • Jonathan

        I’ve come to believe few people “believe” in much of anything. If you ask for an opinion, they’ll pull something out of their you know what. Or possibly they’ve discussed or thought on it for a while. Forming a stance. But to say most actually actively support/fight some broad idea like virtues of hard work and generosity is giving people too much credit. You’ve hit it on the head though.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of the GOP and conservativism, Ashton!

    Now, if only some of your screaming sycophants actually HEARD what you said and not just your words.

    • Anonymous

      If one of them got it, it’s worth it.

    • Sarah Elizabeth Saucier

      If only the GOP=conservatism!!!

    • Hardcore Zen

      It’s too bad that today’s GOP is not the Grand Ol’ Party anymore and real fiscal conservatism has been hijacked by the religious right.

      Long gone are the days of the secular Jeffersonian conservative Republican… unless your a libertarian.

  • A casual observer

    It’s almost like he’s had a Solomon moment.  After years of decadence and excess, Solomon said “Vanity, vanity, it’s all vanity.”  A moment of epiphany.  Let’s hope the audience got it.

    • qivucuzusywa

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      don’t think his speech is about left vs right, liberal vs conservative.
      I think it’s just a speech that should talk to everyone regardless of
      their politics. 

      • Night

        A spambot stole what I wrote. I feel so special now

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never cared much for Ashton but now-I think I’m in love!

  • jalina susan stutte

    Maybe Kutcher finally grew up and realize that progressive liberalism is not the way to real freedom. Then again maybe this is just  show to promote his new movie.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Maybe breaking away from Demi made him wake up?

  • Anonymous

    Hope the man was sincere in his comments and that it wasn’t just another ”acting” moment.

    IF/when others in the entertainment business realize what is going on around them, perhaps,

    their eyes will be opened, as well.   Let’s hope it isn’t too late for our country by then.

  • Sapere Vedere

    Good, but I prefer to go back in time to another actor’s historical speech on liberty that most young people today will never hear. 

    Charlie Chaplin’s Liberty Speech from oh so long ago

    Bonus to leave everyone with; may I suggest you crank up the volume on this one. 

    William Wallace’s final speech from Braveheat


    • Anonymous

      That William Wallace speech is very inspiring. I watched Braveheart four times and probably will watch it again in anther year.

  • Anonymous

    A liberal progressive teaches their children to lie, disrespect, do illegal drugs, and become a welfare recipient, that never leaves home, and complains about cleaning up after themselves while eating junk food on their parents couch watching porno movies

    • Night

      I’m not a liberal but, really? What do you say about conservatives who are on Welfare or drugs? What am I talking about, there can’t be conservatives on welfare or on drugs, that’s only for the evil liberals.

      • Anonymous

        melhornh is not describing liberals as they actually are, but how they are imagined to be. 

        • Night

          So basically describing anyone of any belief.

          • Night

            Not to take away from this titillating thread, but I’m just wondering what everyone considers themselves. Are you liberal or conservative? Are you Democrats, Republicans, or something else?

          • Night

            Right now after doing some research I would have to say that I’m an independent conservative progressive, or progressive conservative. which ever one floats your boat. I know many will think this wrong, but I hold value in tradition, but I know that things do change.

          • Anonymous

            Progressive believe in creating a government dominated society to solve the nations problems. You are either progressive Democrat or progressive Republican but you cannot be a progressive conservative although you may share some of their social values.

      • Anonymous

        There most likely are progressive Republicans who are on welfare and take drugs but being a conservative means you have a work ethic and want to be interdependent of government. Liberal believe that solving the nations problems can only be accomplished under a government welfare society where wealth is redistributed and people are dictated to by government.

    • Anonymous

      so what you’re saying is.. liberals are all things bad? its funny because you would probably consider me a lib progressive and i teach my kids none of these things. i think you have us confused with mindless consumers…essentially people with NO political ideology, who i dislike as well. 

  • suz

    whoda thunk kutcher was this smart?   was never a fan until now.  he said everything good and now, watch the left ignore him because he sounds like the right.

    by the way, i think you have to cross a certain threshold to call yourself a conservative  unlike lefties.  lefties are for what ever’s cool.  to be a conservative logical thinking is applied so i don’t think the screamers in that audience were on the right.

  • suz

    I PLEDGE that i will not be a servant to ANYONE NOT OF MY CHOOSING.
    I PLEDGE to anoint no man who is of this earth.
    I PLEDGE that no man can come between my G-d and me.

    and further 
    I PLEDGE to never see than damn video (where a bunch of idiot actors pledge about mostly annoying lefty causes, thinking they’re awesome while doing it) again!

  • Anonymous

    Its funny because when I watched the speech, I thought “Yeah, this is the kind of crap that we sell to kids in their teens because we want them to think these things.” Like really, Ashton Kutcher trying to sell us that he didn’t get his work in hollywood because of the same superficial ideas about what is sexy? It was because he swept floors and the casting person went “Wow, I like that you worked hard at your factory jobs, so you’re hired for the part!” 

    ok, suuuureee… whatever. 

    I may think that being smart and independent is sexy, but don’t even try to tell me that hollywood and the marketing industry thinks so… 

    and… lets be straight about something. Working hard is not the sole domain of so called “conservative” people. There are people of all political persuasions who are out there working hard all the time. Productivity has skyrocketed in the last thirty years, people are working longer hours than ever. Its not that we all want something for free…  

    I believe: 

    all work deserves dignity, and a fair wage. no life is so meaningless that a person can work hard and still not have a place to live and food to eat, and dignity. 

    that workers organizing for more control over their lives and workplaces is a function of the market and democracy. Banding together and withholding our labor is the way that workers in an industrial economy exercise democracy. 

    that the state always siding with capital owners over workers cannot be called “free markets.”

    that people banding together to shape the economy so that it benefits more people is not “looking for hand outs” but is called democracy. 

    that (and here I agree with kutcher/jobs) the world is what we make it. there is no magical force of nature called the free market. there is an economic system that we can use to make our lives better. we do not have to be victims of market forces. we invented the market, we invented money… to solve problems. when did we decide to make these things our masters?

    • Justin Tierney

      I think it was more of a general idea that Hollywood is full of crap…he doesn’t even use his first name.  Second, He got there because he worked hard up until he didn’t have to anymore, but, most people will not be a movie star so the true beauty comes with intelligence. 

  • Anonymous

    How is what he’s saying to help curb apathy among teens any different than what government has been saying for the past umpteen years? Kudos to Ashton for getting people to hopefully decide that relying solely on handouts is not the way to become your own BFF. More people will listen to him than would listen to anyone in politics(or the president) who says the same thing. Not only that but it sounds like he’s making a statement about what he thinks of the Youtube video made by that beach bum that went viral some days back. 

  • Anonymous

    I think there WAY too much talk and not enough real action or HELP, as he terms it.  People have control over their own decisions.  A massive, wide scale boycott of big government is in order.  People need to wake up.

  • SNBR

    “Don’t let people sell crap to you.” “Be smart, be thoughtful and be GENEROUS!” Quite frankly, I’d say you are incredibly different. 

  • T Patriot

    That’s disturbing.

  • Ray Hoffman

    That speech just tore down the whole Obama Socialist Agenda!

  • Ox Jewell

    The biggest Problem in today’s world is the belief that one must choose a side? What about the human side? What about the fact that if humans stand as one there is nothing that can get them down! what about that?
    Its the belief that man is better then everything else that WILL be his own down fall, its the ‘LAWS OF MAN’ that will destroy him, Only the ‘LAWS OF THE LAND’ can save him!
    And all you ‘Political hotheads’ with your ‘my way is the right way’ Bullshit does NOTHING but fuel the fire of separatism, it is your political brainwashing bullshit that drives people away from the fact that if we dont stand as one ,we WILL fall as one, rather we like it or not !
    If you want to ‘save’ this land? then drop the this side or that side shit and teach people not to hate but to see both sides and act as ONE!

  • Anonymous

    When promoting Obama; say one thing.
    When promoting a movie about Steve Jobs; say something else.

    • Anonymous

      Steve Jobs was a remarkable man. It is likely Kutcher woke up playing Jobs’s character.

  • Ray Hoffman

    That speech just tore down Obama’s whole socialist agenda!

  • Mario


  • Chad Burton

    communism is slavery I pledge to help stomp it out

    • Anonymous

       I thought you people liked slavery

      • Chad Burton

        no we freed the slaves and the dems put them back into slaver by putting them on welfear.

  • renee jones

    That is awesome, and well said.  I know some 45 year old men who could benefit from his wise words. 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn, The people on the front of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moores pledge video is not Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore. It’s Courtney Cox and her husband! Might confuse people!

  • Cathy Kiley

    No matter what his politics are (he’s a lib, I know) the advice he gave was spot on.  I am sure most of the kids were looking instead of listening, but he impacted even one, good for him.

  • Jared Grover

    I’m a fan of your Glenn, but his speech had absolutely nothing to do with politics.  I really have to say – it seems petty to start talking about political implications here.

  • Mary Gilbert

    Ashton…um…Chris?  Wow…he’s really got something there doesn’t he?  Too bad, as Glenn pointed out, the audience hears nothing but…

    “whaa, whaa…sexy…whaa whaa whaa…”

    So sad

  • Sissy

    I have bookmarked Ashton Kutcher’s speech and I am making my 11 year old grandson listen to it with his Mom.  His Mother is a single Mom, and truly believes in hard work, passion in each and every thing she does.  She believes in herself, and is teaching her grandson the same.  For them to hear this, from Ashton Kutcher is simply solidifying that belief.  Hooray for him!

  • ButterLover

    What a lot of liberals believe, and I believe that Kutcher is in this camp, is equality of opportunity, especially opportunities that help create a knowledge-based society, NOT equality of outcomes.  That means equal access to quality education, health care, early childhood daycare, fair tax system (at least when it comes to loopholes), etc., etc.  This still ensures that the cream rises to the top if they work for it, and that is what Kutcher was talking about.  A lot of liberals are concerned that the wealthiest are kicking steps out of the ladder of opportunity as they continue to amass more wealth and power, not that the lazy shall inherit the earth.       

  • Pachy Serrano

    A liberal who likes to work and enjoys freedom. Am sure the coonservatives are thinking . . .”Is this guy for real??” Yep, my fellow Americans liberals also like to work, create, and we love freedom as well . . . We are Americans too . . . Hay Party!!

  • Scott

    Wow Ashton Kutchter and then Glenn Beck actually just blew my mind. He’s not as crazy as the crazy Leftists say he is. And I’m not even Liberal. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m a liberal Democrat that fashioned myself after what Chris just spoke of, but the opportunities I had won’t be there for my kids if the Rightwing keeps dismantling the  American dream. I believe people want to work hard and become someone, but thirty years of Reaganomics has taken that away. Profits trump employees, and families. I’ve worked multiple jobs and the ones where people had great opportunity were the ones where I met the best workers. They had good pay, benefits, and peace of mind. Something that’s taken for granted now.  

    • sharinite

       “…Rightwing keeps dismantling the  American dream”…this must be a “new” way of the progressives to insert themselves into conversations without having to do much but blame Bush, Republicans…..Can you tell me how many Republican controlled congresses have been in government since l940’s???  And all president of any side have never subverted the Constitution and done whatever they pleased by this President….30 years of Reaganomics….really?  Gee he only served 2 terms=8 years and with the except of three congressional terms all the rest have been progressive (liberal)…what planet do you live on because the reality is different on Earth.  And, no one takes for granted anything when there isn’t any jobs and only the union workers get more than they deserve..they are the ones that take things for, you must be a union member, right?

      • Jl Kiser

         The real question should be: How many Republican controlled congresses have there been since the end of the “forty years of American prosperity following WWII” which came to an end under Reagan. Hint: the GOP wins that one. 30 years of Reaganomics (trickle down economics), yes we are still living in that nightmare. Lets see 8 years of Reagan + 12 years of Bush (dad and son) =20 years Clinton and Obama are both moderates, despite what anyone on the right will ever admit. The last “Liberal” POTUS was Carter. Union workers get more than they deserve? Maybe non-union workers are getting anything near what they deserve. Have you ever thought of that? BTW, what planet are you living on?

        • Anonymous

          You are promoting false data. American prosperity ended under Carter with run away inflation and a falling economy. That is why he ended up serving only one term. Reagan has been credited with getting the economy bach on track.

          • Jonathan

            He might have “got the economy back on track” during that short period he was in office. Besides the recession or two under his watch. And despite the appalling scandals of his administration. You think Benghazi is a scandal. Iran Contra is all I’m saying. Then Clinton ran with the economy. He had a scandal I can relate too though. Actually accomplishing real economic growth without using a credit card. Except under the surface poor policies continued. And the economy did great under Bush (biggest scandal ever 9/11), well on paper at least. And until the end that is… Those short term band aid policies caught up. Reagan and Bush both spent our countries into graves trying to make the economy look like it was doing great. And things weren’t too bad compared to the rest of the world. They supported spending, tax cuts, blah blah blah a 100 different policies and initiatives that fixed things in the then in now. But not the underlying problems of why we keep getting into the same peak and valley economic cycles. I believe this is most likely what will happen with Obama’s policies. And the next president. Probably the one after that. And so on. Until money is taken out of politics. At the very least toned down. And a new structure for enacting and reviewing laws and policies is enacted.

        • Michael T

          If you truly believe that Obama is a moderate, you are so far gone from reality that no one can bring you hack.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that under President Obama’s policies of loose money the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. His policies have also saddled our youth with huge debts to pay because of his political lust for power and a government dominated society. No President has ever spent more money or spent it more foolishly with President Johnson being second on that list. Bigger government does not equate to better government or better oportunities.

    • Anonymous

      Ajp, don’t be fooled. The Left and the unions were the destroyers offering people stuff they knew they could not provide in order to get votes and stay in power. They have completely destroyed the Black community by handing out payments to mothers with way too many children and no husbands. They want them to stay on the Plantation and be good slave voters. It is time the Black community leaders make a stand and tell the truth, but as soon as someone speaks out, they are labeled an Uncle Tom. Most kids in the inner cities have never even see a wedding. How can we ever expect these kids to be anything other than a gang member without a father image. Who will teach them that it is better to start at the bottom and work their way up rather than starting at the top by selling drugs?
      When I was back in college in the sixties, I had a part time job as a janitor at Sears. My bosses were Black and I bet they have retired with close to a million in Sears Profit sharing stock, I know my father did. By the way, Sears at the time was not Union but had a fantastic retirement plan.

  • Craig

    I bet you think Rush got that fat belly from hard work?

    • sharinite

       As a matter of fact, once a man passes 40-45 the belly begins just under their breasts and continues down past their’s called getting old and exercise can help but it is a function of the aging process…hits females too!  How’s your tummy?

  • Craig

    I worked full time to put myself through college and very good university.  The problem I have with conservatives ideas; they don’t work and they’re radical ideas.  If tax cuts created jobs then all countries would be doing the same.  

    • sharinite

      So, Craig, you are working with your degree in your pocket….did you or your parents pay for your entire education or did you borrow the money.  And, it is obvious that your “education” was progressive because, who says tax cuts are the only way to create jobs…what tax cuts do is make the government responsible.  It might have to learn how to truly budget so that everything gets done and the future is not destroyed by over spending….I’ve never read where anyone of any stripe has said that liberals only want handouts…we are talking Liberals who wish to help (see Patrick Moynihan the last “liberal”) and progressives who believe with their hearts that they are the only ones who know how you and I should live, eat, breath and where.  They’re into control and frankly, they don’t care what you or anyone else believes.  They have just about achieved their goals and if you are 50+ or more, you may not be subjected to jackboots on your street late at night! But for them to get there from here, they need to do all the handouts they can and admit more illegal millions to vote them in until they have taken total control.

  • Kevin Widman

    Some in the audience had to be listening … The message should resonate with those who agree that the entitlement mentality of the progressives is never going to lift you out of poverty or onto the next great opportunity.  The opposite of what he says, drags people to the bottom, and never gives them the view of opportunity to help themselves, because progressives need the slaves to society they are developing.

  • Anonymous

    ASHTON did a good job.I think Glenn is right.Something good is blowing in the wind.I pray to God that it is.Young people stop screaming and listen.The real change comes when people listen to what is truth and not what is false.

  • Kevin Jones

    If Glenn Beck somehow thinks Kutcher’s comments speak to him, it merely shows how absolutely detached from reality Beck is. If smart really is the new sexy, then Glenn Beck is the absolute opposite of sexy.

  • Kevin Jones

    Glenn Beck is just a shirt-wearing version of Alex Jones.

  • Kevin Jones

    Glenn Beck actually prefers the Kool-Aid in the basement. Glenn Beck: Conspiratorial is not the new sexy.

  • Bob Wilson

    I pledge to hope every day that he gets run over by a big bus

  • Dion Anthony Saenz

    There’s no difference between liberals and progressives. But there is a difference between the tea party and the republican party.

    • Night

      I was reading something and I think there is a difference and an example that I read was about guns. A progressive might not own a gun, but he believes in your right to own one. A liberal believes no one should have the right.

      • Mark Webb

         not even close. Progressives are more liberal than liberals.  Both groups are collectivists and Statists, but Progressives are Marxist to the core. Both groups want to ban ownership of firearms and replace the US Constitution with pure socialism. 

  • Joan Sullivan Fitzgerald

    Great speach, he has a lot of fans & followers & let’s hope they got the message & Chris “Welcome to the real world of ‘adulthood’- continued success” Glenn keep the faith, we aren’t that different, we just grew up too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s because he’s from Iowa!!!!!!

  • Geri Harper

    Thank you Chris, Ashton Kutcher, for being an American.

  • Anonymous

    I think his statement speaks for itself.  He, if I remember correctly, was born in the mid-west.  I just think he has grown up and matured.  It never made sense to me that he would be a liberal.  God bless him.

  • Anonymous

    Pledge video….Both Demi and Ashton are divorced from their mates.  Go figure.  Who had the awakening???

  • Sabrina Quick

    Sadly that young audience … just like said above,,, really wasn’t listening. I don’t believe they really absorbed what he was trying to get across to their young little minds. He could have said jump off a bridge and they would have been cheering and screaming!

  • Carol Reichert

    I am so proud of you, Chris Ashton Kutcher! And you don’t even know me!!! 

    • Anonymous

      And he never will.

  • Anonymous

    “Ashton Kutcher has earned a reputation for being pretty far left, but during an acceptance speech at last weekend’s Teen Choice Awards, Kutcher surprised many with his articulate message of hard work, kindness, and generosity.”

    The fact that it could surprise anyone that a liberal would advocate hard work, kindness, and generosity says a lot more about the right than the left.

    Y’all do not have a monopoly on these virtures. Far from it.

    And if you think our disagreements are around the value of work, kindness and generosity, you need to get out and have some conversations with your liberal neighbors.

    • Anonymous

      The problem with liberals is that they believe in a government dominated society where generosity means confiscation of wealth and redistribution without accountability.

      • Anonymous

        Good work, Pomchop, you’ve got the world 100% figured out. Steve Jobs was a liberal. Therefore, he believed in a “government-dominated society where generosity means
        confiscation of wealth and redistribution without accountability”. Right? Otherwise, there is no way he could vote Democrat and self-identify as liberal, since that it is by virtue of that belief that they are liberal.

        I’m not sure what conservatives believe in. I guess I’ll go ask Keith Olbermann and believe whatever he says.

        • Anonymous

          anomalogue chill a little. You post in covertly hostile manner. Steve Jobs went to a liberal arts college for a few years and no doubt was influenced by progressive socialism. However he was not trapped in left wing dogma. Steve Jobs was all about innovation and making it better. That is as far away from liberal ideology as you can get.

          • Anonymous

            You say “Steve Jobs was all about innovation and making it better”, and “that is as far away as you can get from the Democrat Party’s ideology.” What are you saying? That Steve Jobs was not really a Democrat? That he was some kind of special case?

            What if many Democrats also are for innovation and improving things — does that mean they’re not really Democrats? I ask because your description of liberals and Democrats bear zero resemblance to the liberals and Democrats that I know. Many of the most innovative hard-working world-improvers I know (and I’m in the innovation business) are Democrats.

            And how do you account for the fact that the places known for their innovation (which generate most of our nation’s wealth) are invariably blue? Is this blueness happening despite a hostility to innovation and improvement and hard work?

            All these things indicate that you have the nature of liberalism wrong. So, on what exactly are you basing these statements? Please provide some evidence.

          • Anonymous

            Companies are leaving California and other blue states in numbers to set up shop in red States like Texas.

            Most everyone recognizes Steve Jobs as being unique. Jobs was disillusioned by President Obama and speaks about it in his autobiography.

            “You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States,
            where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them.”Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.” Jobs
            proposed allowing principals to hire and fire teachers based on merit, that schools stay open until 6 p.m. and that they be open 11 months a year.
            Silicone Valley and other high tech companies are also turning against Obama and his draconian spying program. Barrack Obama is well know for his crony capitalism and lack of free market sensibilities. Much of the stimulus package was giver to zombie companies who supported his capaigh who quickly filed for bankruptsy shortly after.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, Pomchop — went back and reread what Beck said about this speech and it’s actually a pretty important point. He’s saying that left liberals (as opposed to right liberals, aka libertarians) actually do agree on certain things — things Kutcher praised in his speech. And he draws a distinction between left liberals and progressives, with the former being possibly pro-initiative, pro-innovative, etc. from the latter, who are more aligned with the socialist anti-market, fairness-at-all-costs sentiments that are usually attributed to all citizens who lean Democrat.

            I think this is an enormously important point, because there are possibilities of alliance between left- and right-leaning liberals that have never been explored. I actually made a slideshare on this possibility which I called “The Ambidextrous Liberal Manifesto.” I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post links, but you can search for it easily enough if you are interested.

          • Anonymous

            Where do you stand? Right liberal-left liberal- somewhere else.
            The Democrat Party is trying to concentrate power through open borders of potential voters and Entitlement programs voters along with their working socialist base. It is working out quite well for them. The country would be a lot better off if Democrats promoted personal responsibility. There would be a lot more room for compromise if they did but that is not their goal. Their goal is to concentrate power and fundamentally change America into a government dominated society which is happening as we speak.

          • Anonymous

            That’s part of my problem — I don’t fit well into right or left. I’m pretty sure a lot of other people feel the same way. That is why I made that ambidextrous liberal manifesto, to define my position and give it a name.

            Part of the problem with liberal discourse is that we define our position by means — particular policies — not desired ends. Left wants to see regulation. Right wants to see deregulation. But both can be tools to the ends of liberty, and ought to be evaluated by their fitness to the task. I want to see a liberalism that judges means by ends, trees by their fruit.

            It is certainly easier and tidier to think about policies, plans, techniques than it is to think about desired ends, purposes, ideals. This phenomenon is nicely expressed in Simon Sinek’s famous “Start With Why” TED speech. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

            So, using Sinek’s language, liberalism should not be a What (a party) or a How (a set of policies). It should be a Why: and that Why is maximum liberty to individual American citizens. And sadly, this ideal cannot be taken for granted. And the same policies can be favored for liberal or for illiberal/collectivist ends.

            And at this point it is fair to ask: how do you evaluate that? That’s the difficulty of politics. Not only is there always room for disagreement, but painfully messy, subjective, semi-arbitrary conflict is inevitable on nearly every issue. What irritates me about so many libertarians is that they crave simply algorithmic formulas for problems that actually require mobilization of a person’s justice-weighing sensibilities. What are the likely outcomes of such-and-such a policy? Is this a desirable outcome? What are the undesirable consequences, etc. Until we all free ourselves from a desire for undue cleanliness and definition in politics we will be unable to relate to one another in a properly political way. We’ll just shout talking points at/past each other.

            Re: your question on immigration: I think you are right. Democrats are manufacturing their own majority through inviting mass immigration. It is setting up a dangerous situation, where traditional American deliberation is being replaced by imported majority-vote coercion, and it will result in mass alienation. So that earlier point I made about liberalism — it is up to American citizens to hammer out what maximum liberty to American citizens means — is disrupted by behaving as if liberalism aims for maximum liberty to any human being who happens to want to live in America, and that we can just invite in and bribe anyone who happens to be available to stack the process.

          • Anonymous

            You will not find liberty in collectivism. History has proven that. You will end up with a government dominated society of coercion through excessive rules, regulations, and taxes. Government bureaucrats begin to wield all the power and the people can only fall in line. Most realize you need regulations to ensure a free and fair market and society. We are beyond that now moving towards what is called “economic fascism” which is the control of property and business through excessive rules, regulations, and taxes. This being different from socialism and communism where government owns everything. The illusion of freedom is necessary to provide work incentives and prevent society from falling into a sort of mundane apathy.

  • Richard Penn

    OMG, I’m watching FOX with amazing disbelief. They and their right wing conservatives have swallowed this fisherman’s lure hook, line and sinker. This guy is far from switching from left to right. The purpose of this speech was a ruse.He is selling his movie ‘Jobs’ by emulating the Steve Jobs speech at Stanford in 2005. BTW Steve Jobs was no friend of conservatism he like Mr. Kutcher was a died in the wool yellow dog liberal. I am reminded of an interview with Tom Hanks when questioned about his acting role being the Forrest Gump character. Hanks said in order to play that character he had to assume that character for the entire time the film was being shot. Even at home Rita Wilson, Hanks wife, said he stayed in the Gump character until the movie was finished and for some time after that because it had become habit. Kutcher is still in character and is using it to sell the movie. Nothing wrong with that… but for the love all that is pure, this is not his switch to conservatism. He is doing his job to sell movie tickets…nothing else. He is still a Democrat and a liberal just like everyone else in Hollywood. Holy crap… how long did he tote shingles, make sandwiches, sweep Cheerio dust one or two or three years before he became the dope smoking character Michael Kelso in that “role model” appearance in “That 70’s Show.”  There’s your real Chris Kutcher. He identifies himself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Fiscal conservative means he owns a Venture Capital Firm which makes their money by stealing start-up companies from the entrepreneurship that started them. Social liberal means he is a socialist liberal and politically left. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh stop extolling the virtues of Chris Kutcher aka Michael Kelso he is selling a movie.  

  • Anonymous

    Has not one person here or at any other outlet realized he’s promoting his movie Jobs?

  • Anonymous

    I’m no “Chrs” Ashton Kutcher fan… but his speech hit home with me… I find hope in his words… good for him!

  • Anonymous

     You do realize films are an art form, right? And people get into the business because they enjoy creating art. Just because you chose a different path doesn’t mean they chose the wrong one.

  • Anonymous

     How egotistical do you have to be to think that “working hard” is somehow only a republican/right-wing trait anyways? Everybody works, that’s sort of how the world works.

    • Anonymous

      You are promoting false data. Not everyone works and you know that. President Obama has actively promoted Entitlements programs instead of hard work using million of taxpayer dollars in adds. He has progressively created a government dominated society of victims in his lust for power as well as that of his party.

  • Jimmy Binkley

    i see a great deal of post about left and right but what people fail to see is this isn’t a left right paradox, he is telling people the simplest form of thee american dream. if you work hard you can succeed it’s just a matter of effort. seriously, get off you political high horse folks cause we’re all in this together. the sooner you folk figure it out the better, sometimes the right thing to do is let people fail and learn from their mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    So the difference between liberals and progressives is pretty much the difference between conservatives and teaparty? You know, according to Glenn? Like the trolls of the group… Beck has never sounded so dumb. The whole time he was talking I kept thinking: did he hit his head or something?

    • InvidiaAbsit AKA 800LbGorilla

      Um, no, did you actually read the comment he made? If you do not understand the difference as he stated it you certainly have no business comparing conservatives and the Tea Party. In fact, you didn’t even bother to identify what you claim the difference to be. If you think that the differences between Liberals and Progressives is the same as the difference between Conservatives and the Tea Party you’ve been sorely misled. The Tea Party is an organization of Conservatives. There is no difference of fundamental ideology.

  • Anonymous

    Teens are so stupid

  • liquidassets

    Glenn Beck and other extremists, with their monotonous, polarized thinking, are under the delusion that only conservatives believe in hard work. Their reductive thinking continues to pose a danger to American progress. 

  • chenchen

  • Anonymous

    Ashton made some really good points – maybe the right and left will take heed. The kids were screaming so loudly, I don’t know if they really heard what he was saying. If only one person caught it – then he did good!!! He seems like a really nice young man. Good for him winning the award….

  • Michael DiDonna

    I Pledge to start calling him King Obama. What a joke!!

    • Anonymous

      It is hard to think of him other than as the liar Obama who has progressive embraced Marxist ideology in order to create a government dominated society.

  • Anonymous

    No one knows who the anti-christ is. Heck I don’t even know.

  • William Steele

    I pledge to god and the flag of this country, let anyone else figure it out. Obama can go teach in the middle east and get out of here.

  • Ronald J Stone


  • Eric Smitheman

    I liked the cut of what he was trying to say. Hard work and success are not mutually exclusive. That being said the fact that there was screaming meatball preteen girls in the background made it hard to believe that a lot of people in the audience got the message.

  • Anonymous

    That was a great Speech by Chris Ashton Kutcher.:)

  • reggiedunlop

    the idiots in the audience heard NONE of that. they f*king scream at the most idiotic things.

  • Anonymous

    I hate it when people drone on about their “struggle.” We’ve all been there, I don’t need to her your version of Mein Kampf. People who tend to self aggrandize miss one important factor, they were given the tools to succeed. Parents, family, teachers, mentors, etc.. were critical in their success. If they’re going to pat themselves on the back, they need to include those who helped them get there.

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