Bono: Capitalism, not aid, lifts people out of poverty

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Is Bono a closet conservative? He certainly seemed to understand conservative economic principles pretty well during a speech at Georgetown University earlier this year, in which the rocker advocated for “commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism” as an alternative to aid in third world countries.

“He can’t do what he’s done and be a total jerk. He’s not doing all that charity work and everything else because he’s a bad guy,” Glenn said of Bono on radio this morning. “He’s a good guy. He’s just misguided by going to the governments [of these countries] and asking for a bail out. Well, let me play some audio…. Listen to the left’s icon: Bono… Listen to what he just said about capitalism.”

BONO: So some of Africa is rising and some of Africa is stuck. It’s a question of if the rising bit will pull the rest of Africa up or whether the other Africa will weigh the continent down. Which will it be? The stakes here aren’t just about them.

Imagine, for a second, this last global recession, but without the economic growth of China and India, without the hundreds of millions of newly minted middle class folks who now buy American and European goods. Imagine that. Think about the last five years.

Rock star preaches capitalism. Wow. Sometimes I hear myself and I just can’t believe it. But commerce is real. That’s what you’re about here. It’s real. Aid is just a stopgap. Commerce, entrepreneur capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid. Of course we know that.

“Did you hear that,” Glenn asked. “‘Aid is just a stopgap.’ See, here’s what the President is so screwed up on… The President is saying that the best – all of his minions are saying this: The best thing we can do for job growth, the best thing we can do for people is put them on aid. No, that’s a stopgap. That is to go in and rescue somebody when they are in panic situations.”

Benjamin Franklin is known for his charitable work. He founded Pennsylvania Hospital in 1751 with Dr. Thomas Bond “to care for the sick-poor and insane who were wandering the streets of Philadelphia.” One of the reasons he became involved with the hospital was because he believed in charity. He feared the government aid programs he saw in England, and sought to provide an alternative for the people of the colonies.

“If you put this into your system, over a long period of time, it will kill the spirit and it will kill you. The same thing can be said about temporary aid going on too long,” Glenn said. “This is why Benjamin Franklin eviscerated England. You have to make people uncomfortable in their poverty because we love people. We’re charitable. This is the guy who built the first charitable hospital. He hates the poor? No. He says, ‘If you continue to give aid like England did, you will destroy the spirit and then your whole thing will fly apart.’”

“Here’s what Bono is saying. [Aid is for] an emergency,” he continued. “You come in, and if there’s somebody that is hurting, if there’s somebody that needs help, and they can’t find anyway to help themselves, then we as people – not American citizens – we as humans have a responsibility and a right to go in and help others.”

But, again, that right and responsibility is a temporary solution to a long-term problem. The left typically fails to acknowledge the long-term solution, but Bono’s decades of charitable work in third world countries has shown him that the only answer to poverty is sustainable economic growth.

“Bono has given aid and begged governments for so long – aid, aid, aid, aid, aid. And then he comes back ten years later, and he’s like, ‘This situation is not any better.’ And so he puts his brain in gear,” Glenn explained. “Instead, give them that temporary relief, so they can get themselves back into shape, a little bit stronger. Then you slowly remove the aid from them, and they do it themselves. And then you have the resources to go give the aid to another part of the world, or another community, or another family… I am a fan of Bono because of this. He gets it.”

“Look at how much time and money Bono puts into aid. Look at that,” Glenn concluded. “And then he has the balance to come out and say, ‘Look, I can’t believe I’m even saying this. This isn’t the guy I wanted to be. Buts this is the truth.’ It’s fantastic. If I was on the left, I’d be going after rodeo clowns too because… this thing is coming apart. People are on to you.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I hope we have enough people come out and fight hard to tell the truth: freedom and the free market of Capitalism are the proven way to lift people out of poverty.

    The Democrat Socialists are leading us to complete ruination, their only idea is to spend, spend and more spending; always more spending; never accepting or admitting that their bankrupt ideology and unfounded principles of governance have always failed and will always fail.

    • Pachy Serrano

      Lesson #1:
      Capitalism only works if it shares its goodness and power with others. What we have today is not Capitalism, but greed and economic unbalance. Do you know that American families during the 1960s and 1970s had a better economic outcomes that today’s middle-class. Power and money is now run and played by the 1%-2% of Americans and spending did not created that unbalance. Tax cuts for the upper rich, wars unpaid for, the housing bubble, the high price of oil, unions, unfunded pensions, etc. brought all the mess we have today. The Govt and private investments when they work together they create good economic outcomes, so both need each other to bring this economy back on track, which, by the way, its coming around now little by little, just ask investment bankers, Wall St. and hedge fund managers. However, the middle and lower middle classes are still struggling.

      • Anonymous

         Patchy boy, your whole thinking about money is flawed. Money is not a fixed pie, its created. Thinking that for someone to have more money means someone else has to have less is flawed thinking.

        If you re-read your own complaints and reasons for – it all points to abuse of “Big Government” Progressives which you support.

        • Anonymous

          I thin Patchy had someone help him write his complaints – certainly wasn’t smart enough to do it himself.  By the way Dave Tyler good job explaining everything.  

      • Conservative Push

        Liberal BS.  The government and it’s regulations drove manufacturing out of the country. The middle class comes from a better business environment and a Government that doesn’t restrict the economy through over regulation.

        • Pachy Serrano

          U wrong! Manufacturing jobs left this country inmediately after Reagan took over cause he was against unions and Corporations wanted skilled workers with lower pay and less benefits, plus it was cheaper for them and they did not have to pay more taxes . . . That’s call GREED!!

          • Conservative Push

            More liberal BS. Over regulation, Unions and you leftists caused the decline in manufacturing in this country.

            GREED in the Unions, government regulations and tree huggers killed this country.

          • tomByrer

            I would say “all of the above”.
            Greed is what is draining the US MIddle Class: greedy corps, greedy unions, power-hungry people who use the government for their own means, etc. All sides are to blame, & in stead of taking responsibility to make real long-term changes, both sides just want to finger-point & run their mouth.

      • Dave Tyler

         Pachy, Let me add to what Ben Franklin and Conservative Push said.
        1.  The housing crisis/crash was a DIRECT result of the liberal/progressive Carter and Clinton policies of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) whiich FORCED the banks to give loans to folks who were NOT qualified. THAT caused the 2008 recession.

        2.Oil prices rose because the Democrat administrations of Clinton and Obama REFUSE to take a truly comprehensive approach to energy.  Holding back domestic oil and natural gas production and processing, as well as refusing to allow continued coal production/processing. Remember…”Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket due to my energy policy.” His continued BS renewable energy and favortism to his “green” friends are unsustainable.  Can you say “SOLYNDRA”?

        3.Liberal Labor Unions have destroyed the American auto industry and the American steel industry and their liberal “public-sector” union brothers are in the process of destroying communities like Detroit, MI, Stockton, CA and others, as well as states like Michigan and California. 

        4. Unfunded pensions:  ALL created by LEFTIST Unions, in collusion their with government allies and the environmentalists.  IE., negotiate contract pensions with politicians in exchange for votes, all at taxpayer expense. Detroit is only the first of many.

        5. Look and see which states and cities are doing the best, economically.  ALL are conservative, free market states and cities, while liberal states and cities are ALL languishing on the vine. The ONLY solution is to get the government, politicians and regulations out of the way and let the free market work again.

        • Anonymous


          Dave Tyler was your Lesson#2

          As I said, all the stuff you are complaining about you helped support.

          Good Job Liberal!

        • Pachy Serrano

          1- Bush implemented the CRA even though it was a democratic idea. Banks were not forced, they were offered and some took the bait, others didn’t. Banks used hedge funds in Wall St. to make products that many families signed on it to later learn they were being ripped off.
          2- Domestic oil production has been higher under Obama than any other President since Reagan, plus OUR President can’t control prices, The OPED does.
          3- If you are older enough you would leran that Unions created a stronger middle-class since 1950s. Today, only 14%-11% of American workers are unionized. However, when we had our economic boom in 1950s and 1960s almost 50% were union workers. Corporations and the union leadership killed unions . . . Unions are as American as apple pie.
          4-Pensions are needed unless you rich enough to save or work as a CFO in Wall St. Regular workers would not be able to save and retire in dignity without those pensions. Even SSA is enough these days.
          5-Conservatives States usually do better in creating jobs because they have very low tax corporate rates, so companies want to be there. However, conservative states are usually in the bottom on health care for its citizens, social programs, education, art, science, etc. So, money helps, but it is not everything you need to be happy (that’s what my grandpa used to tell me . . .)

      • jalina susan stutte

        Don’t you ever get tired of trying to push your lies? Your a total ASS and wish you would just go to Cuba or another communist country and join your brothers.

      • Darrell Kincaid

        Even if you are right, none of the greedy or unbalanced 1% can stopmyounfrom getting off your butt, or off the dole, or off the couch, or off some bodies inadequate payroll and starting your own business. Then you will have a stake in the American system of economics and take full advantage of all that free enterprise and capitalism has to offer the hardworking and smart thinking business owner, it will also change your politics. You will automatically, and overnight, become a fiscal and political conservative.

        And what, pray tell, is wrong with struggling? Anything worth having is worth working hard for, maybe they are struggling to use the wrong tool for the project! I struggle,every day. To find work, to make payroll, to benefit my customers, to keep up with paperwork, to stay ahead of the fast changing government “help”, to be useful to society. The problem really is that much of the middle class does not want to struggle at anything…they want to be comfortable with as little effort as,possible. And that means somebody else has to struggle,on their behalf.

        I dare you. Find something noisy else is doing in your area, learn how to do it, and open a business. That will fix America…one business at a time.

        • CharlesBHarvey

          Well said Mr. Kincaid.  Each installment.  Respectfully to Pachy Serrano, Clinton Administration was on deck when the do-gooder Community Reinvestment Act was shaped into a market warping weapon.  It was a weird time.  Surreally, nobody needed to qualify, not REALLY qualify.  Real Estate will ALWAYS appreciate, so you don’t NEED to be able to pay it back.  All we need to do for me to give you this money (as yourfriendly neighborhood First Mortgage Lender, Broker/Banker/Bank) is an adequate Appraisal Valuation, keep your fingers crossed, a title insurance commitment, a survey, and whatever else Fannie Mae says they want.  Everybody wins.  “Trying to fully understand all the ins and outs could jeopardize the entire transaction.   We want to give you the money.  We have the CRA to comply with, Volume helps us do better, and besides, we no longer lend our own Money.  You think this is OUR money we want to give you?  Not so much anymore.  We sell ALL our mortgage paper these days to one of the BIG BOYS.  This particular program is offered by Fannie Mae, but we’ve got other programs and Secondary Paper Buyers if we can’t get you done with Fannie.  You still want this money?”

      • Darrell Kincaid

        But you are wrong. Capitalism does and is working. Whether or not you agree with what the successful capitalist does with his money or how he runs his business is secondary to the issue. The fact remains that capitalism did work. That capitalist provided jobs and payroll for others. That capitalist purchased materials from others. That capitalist performed services for others. All of the “others” above were free to take their selves or their materials or find their services from any capitalist in e phone book. That they chose this particular capitalist shows that he did good work with good people for good prices. He is free to run his business anyway he wants and to spend his money anyway he wants. You, too, can start your business and be free to run your business and spend your business anyway you want. If your really think that altruistic motives are the highest pursuit…then get after it! Make the money by whatever ethic you deem proper and then spend the money on whatever you deem proper.

        Don’t make me pay for your altruism. That is socialism…and it has not worked at anytime in history anywhere it has been tried for more than one generation. Fact…look it up.

        And, even a cursory look at history will demonstrate that the 1960’s and 1970’s that you believe we’re better economically for the middle class are in direct proportion to the ratio of those middle class Americans who had small businesses. Way more small business per capita then than now. Middle class America has sold their soul to the big businesses for comfort and benefits, and now are complaining that the big businesses aren’t keeping pace with their desires.

        Your list is telling…tax cuts for the upper rich…assuming that you are correct, it is still a small percentage of the working money out there and not nearly as much an economic driver as it is a topic of complaint for the masses of disaffected employed. Wars unpaid for, at the expense of jobs here at home is the rest of the sentence. Start a business and make a difference. Keep your money here, manufacture here, bank here, employ here, spend here. Benefit this economy. The housing bubble…created by politicians to buy votes from people,such as yourself who do not understand capitalism, finance, economics or business. Start a business and learn. Your politics will change and you will vote differently. The high price of oil…politics. Unions…politics and socialism at its most blatant. Unfounded pensions…people demanding more than the business…or public sector…can afford. They could do so because of unions…politics. They soul their soul to vote in somebody who made promises that cannot be kept. Who is at fault…the promiser or the voter who didn’t look down the road to see that it would not work.

        The mess we have today is not he fault of capitalism or even politicians…it is the fault of people that sold their souls for comfort and benefits to somebody or to an ideology that cannot deliver…and the piper must be paid.


      • Jimmy Binkley

        you do know that detriot is bankrupt over union pensions which POTUS supported, the bailouts to wall street and banks was done by our current POTUS, and when they bailed out the housing market which families got help almost none, the banks are the ones who received a majority of that money. the middle class struggles because they(the government) are squeezing the upper classes trying to shrink it to a middle and lower class economy. the lower class is where us middle class folks will end up if nothing is done about it. i still like how the price per barrel concerns you, and i bet you have a problem with american companies drilling for oil here in the states, want the oil price to drop thats one way to fix it. open your eyes my friend i may not be a staunch republican but it doesn’t take one to see the fixes are a lot simpler than they(the government) make it sound.

      • Anonymous

        The reason we are worse off today is because the FEDs is printing too much money thereby devaluating the dollar.  This creates inflation (Germany went through it in 1924).  Also, we are trillions of dollars in debt.  It has nothing to do with capitalism or tax cuts for the rich.  If  you want your nation to prosper you need investment from within the nation and from other nations abroad.
        If the government hinders this process new jobs can not be created.
        Maybe one day even the liberals will have an epiphany that spreading the wealth will never create new wealth.

      • greywolfrs

        That is complete B S, the problem was and always has been greedy politicians. Back when this country was founded, that was not the case. The Founders had a love for the country that one gets when they have to fight for it to exist. Corporations are not the problem, they are the symptom. The problem is in Washington where greedy politicians are bought and sold every day. It’s the reason both the left and right HATED Ron Paul, he wouldn’t play the game. The problem is there are many that are willing to play the game and discredit anyone trying to change that. They don’t want their gravy train to end.

        These “progressives” have sold out the country many times, but none so big as the Federal Reserve act. How did that happen? Politicians being bought. that’s how. If those politicians were never bought, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today.

        Since those politicians were able to be bought, MOST politicians can be bought and D or R matters not.

        That is lesson number 1, fudgepacker.

  • Anonymous

    The difference is Bono is talking about conscious capitalism, which isn’t something that practiced widely in this country, we use the greedy exploitive model of capitalism, which cause poverty, abuse putting wealth and $$$’s above what is right and what is good.

    Thats the important distinction to make, I know Mr. Beck treats his employee’s well while he builds his media empire, as does John Mackey with whole foods.  Scumbags like Walmart which have destroyed small businesses and have no ethics only worry about the amount of $$$’s that are coming in.  
    Conscious Capitalism or Customer Capitalism is the right approach.  

    • Anonymous

       The problem is not Walmart. The problem is Walmart shoppers. Complain and demonize Walmart all you want, they would not be in business if they had no customers.

      • Anonymous

        Walmart is the drug dealer and the customer is the junkie.  You’re right your average shopper doesn’t care where their cheap crap is coming from or how its effecting there community.  My point still stands though Walmart doesn’t practice conscience capitalism, it doesn’t care how it affects the town it moves into, or how they hold there vendors over a barrel to carry their product.

        They are like drug dealers they have no moral and no ethics. 

    • Conservative Push

      Walmart employs more than 2 million people and pays well above this countries minimum wage. They pay over 7 billion dollars in taxes every year.

      You’re full of BS.  

    • Anonymous

       Don’t act as if the small or little guy is some wonderful benign altruistic entity only doing good.  That little guy wants to make millions and become larger and get the big house.  Don’t fool yourself.  They just haven’t found the solution to do that yet.

      Walmart has given more and provided more amenities and higher standard of living to middle and lower class people than almost any other entity in this country.

      The butcher, tailor, mechanic, doesn’t put meat on your table, mend your clothes, fix your car, for the benefit of you, they do it for the benefit of THEIR family and to put food on THEIR table.

    • JohnPaulGettelman

      Sorry neighbor, Politically connected capital cartels are the problem with “Progressive” insiders thinking they can do  a better job helping us fare well than the cumulative choices of public market dynamic individual social progress!

      • Anonymous

        “cumulative choices of public market dynamic” unfortunately thats not working, when we have a culture that loves the buying the cheap shiny shit from large soulless stores.

        And when you live in a community where Main st has been destroyed by big box monsters, you have end up having geographical no choice on where to shop.

    • Carl Hartman

      So, if a company (a body of people) treats someone poorly, it is the fault of capitalism? A few people get lower paying jobs and that is a crime? What about all the hundreds of millions of people that thrive and put food on their table because they built a business? F–K Wal-Mart! Each time people talk about how bad capitalism is they pull out Wal-Mart and ignore the millions of people each day that run a successful small business and employ people. People like me are the heart of America, not Wal-Mart. We employ people and make the economy work, not companies like Wal-Mart.

      All the “Obama” Marxist laws the kill business may hurt Wal-Mart, but they kill small business. Entrepreneurs built America, not the government. I know that hurts that fascist in the White House to hear that, but we get rid of Obama and the big government tomorrow and they will never be missed.I suggest you go question all the dead people that got much worse under Marxism. Oh, sorry! You can’t do that, they are dead. – They would have killed to have a place like Wal-Mart to shop.

      • Anonymous

        So, if a company (a body of people) treats someone poorly, it is the fault of capitalism? 
        When a system is set up in favour of these large companies, its the fault of government and the fault of capitalism.

        I’m not ignoring the small business, I’m pro small business, I go out of my way to avoid big box store and try to shop and the independent store.

        Small businesses generally are Conscious Capitalist or Customer Capitalist.  They don’t have the luxury of Monopolistic rule.

        Unfortunately  as has been the rule through dozens of administrations $$$ = Power.  The rules and the laws alway help these unscrupulous greedy companies make more money, while doing very little for the countries, environment or communities that they exploit.

        The local main street sits empty as we drive like drones to big box store which are are carbon copies state to state, you could be anywhere in America.  They know that people love cheap shit……..

        So my hat is off to you as a small business owner, I hope you succeed.  As for it being being Obama Administration fault, the next one will be the same as will the next and the next, its a power machine, you just feed it money.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, if Dennis Miller and Ron Silver can switch to being conservatives, why not Bono?  Wasn’t it Churchill who said if you weren’t a liberal when you were young you didn’t have a heart and if you weren’t conservative when you got older you didn’t have a brain?  Or something along those lines.  22 year old me would not believe how I think and feel now.

    • qivucuzusywa

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      Oh, sorry! You can’t do that, they are dead. – They would have killed to have a place like Wal-Mart to shop.

      • Anonymous

        Dennis Miller is not dead, and please keep your spam out of any replies, robot!

        • Mr_TrueReality

          The primary flaw in redistributing wealth is that the process takes $ from those that have resourses (and therefore probably know how to manage and use them) and distributes it to those that generally do not have those administrative abilities. In essence, if effected in totality,  it only can happen once and after that….all the wealth ‘goes up in smoke’.After that, almost all are suffering…Bono sees this now… what’s the line from amazing grace?????..”…was blind but now I see”!!!!!Life is a natural struggle…so to succeed, one has to try hard to succeed and learn all you can in order to succeed. If you coast, if you become lethargic, if you expect and hope for somebody else to do things for you, if you wait then… most likely will loose.As the John Gault quote went….”You got what you wanted!”Best to get busy improving our own lives for ourselves…NOW….TODAY! 

          • Anonymous

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    • greywolfrs

      Living more of life and seeing the reality of the situation will do that… 

  • Anonymous

    In this instance I think Glenn is wrong.  He stated if only Obama will get it or something like that.  I believe Obama does get it.  He is deliberately destroying us while he does everything to help the middle east with our money.  I seriously believe he finds things to spend on to stretch out even further those that earn money by working.  Stretch them enough and soon the business will close and more employee’s laid off.  The only people left are those already rich to contribute.  He’ll then slowly work on them then announce himself as king or the one muslims are looking for.   He will try to bring sharia law.   He will fundamentally change our nation.  I just think that’s his plan.  I could very well be wrong and I sure hope so.  However, saying that I really believe all that will not happen.  

  • Take 2

    Yes. if, you get involved with African Governing it is overly obvious that they remain cautious about not paying back and they are actually very protective of what Manufacturer’s and retailer’s that employ local workers.  

    The interesting thing is they are not informed on the word Democracy under a Republic rule.

    Meaning, they think Democracy is a Noun and or is the end game.

    Thus the Communist example of one person ruler concept takes and or uses this to an advantage.

    They will call themselves President of a Democracy but in essence be a dictator.

    This is the same principles taught most likely to African Barry Dunham.

    It’s all he knows and why the Executive Orders act is overly tempting. And why Barry has no use for Congress…

  • Anonymous

    If Bono was a Capitalist he would pay tax’s but he dosnt he is nothing more then a traitor to the Irish people he would rather help Africans then his own people and this is coming from an REAL IRISH PERSON!!

  • Anonymous

    If Bono was a Capitalist he would pay tax’s but he dosnt he is nothing more then a traitor to the Irish people he would rather help Africans then his own people and this is coming from an REAL IRISH PERSON!!

    • PO

      His ego is bigger than his loyalty. He has become a joke.

  • A casual observer

    Bono had this from day one.  He understood during Live Aid in 1985 that all the money that was raised went very quickly, and so in those subsequent years, he began moving towards building and not just aid.  The aid had to come first, because of bad debts that had interest which was crippling these nations.  He knew they needed to get out of the hole to build.  His main concern was ensuring free trade.  There have been trade restrictions on these countries that have caused them problems.  Glenn, you need to read some of his books.  His statements, years and years ago, have indicated his position on capitalism.  

  • Anonymous


  • chip griffin

       glen, what is wrong with you! obama is hired to kill, destroy, end the way of america! he and his co-hires are doing what they are paid to do. end the america you know, period. just as hitler  died trying, obama will do the same, except this time obama will do what he sets out to do, because we find ourselves in the biblical time frame of such a person. he is not the anti-christ, but he sets the stage for his arrival. your and your reader’s job is to understand what the two witnesses bring to the world stage, so you will know who to follow. the ac will know and twist the bible with great easy, the church will be the first to yield, their fear out weighing their ability to resist. OUR SOULS are the harvest of this war. please forget your check books and prepare the people for the fight of their lives. IT’S OVER! the last rights are being read. Syria is the final card in this house of cards. ISRAEL is the one to watch…what you know and understand is gone. it was sold while you were getting rich. protect your soul at the cost of death. if anyone is preparing for anything other than the fight of their lives, they have already lost. let the boys go home, we need the men, and as many as we can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i say it any clearer? know your bible, it’s your only hope. don’t trust what any man says, read it for yourself!

  • dennis reilly

    Obama does not like this kind of talk. He will have to scold Bono

  • Anonymous

    >”It’s a question of if the rising bit will pull the rest of Africa up or whether the other Africa will weigh the continent down.”<

    Replace "Africa" with "the USA" in what he says. 

  • Dena Kelley

    This is why I donate money to charitable organizations who help people help themselves. FINCA, for example, provides loans to low income people so they can start businesses of their own. That’s the kind of charity I want to support, because it really helps people to step up out of poverty.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Hendrickson, who contributes to Front Page Magazine has completed an excellent 6 part article “Capital, Capitalists and Capitalism.”  Great read and very understandable for those of us who perfer non-adademic articles.

  • Mr_TrueReality

    The primary flaw in redistributing wealth is that the process takes $ from those that have resourses (and therefore probably know how to manage and use them) and distributes it to those that generally do not have those administrative abilities. In essence, if effected in totality,  it only can happen once and after that….all the wealth ‘goes up in smoke’.

    After that, almost all are suffering…Bono sees this now… what’s the line from amazing grace?????..”…was blind but now I see”!!!!!

    Life is a natural struggle so to succeed one has to try hard to succeed. If you coast, if you become lethargic, if you expect and hope for somebody else to do things for you, if you wait then… loose.

    Best to get busy improving our own lives for ourselves…NOW….TODAY! 

  • jalina susan stutte

    Glenn and Bono are correct! I about 24 yrs ago had to get on Government assistant, but only for a short time while I got on my feet and have been self employed ever since. It is meant to be a step up not a lifestyle. I wrote a letter to the head of the DHS dept of LA. and thanked him for the help that was given to me and my child. People are starting to wake up to Obama trying to make sheep out of our people.

  • Anonymous

    Amen to that! There are many who know that to be true but their agenda stops them from sharing their thoughts. The left is so good at that; Power is so much more important than wealth

  • Anonymous

    Good for Bono. He’s a lot like Lennon you know.

  • Tim Tobin

    ECAELLENT! observational insight by Marjiellen, We walk by faith… & we live in hope. – Tim

  • Anonymous

    Right on the money!

  •!/Stealingsugar stealingsugar

    If everyone, especially us, would stay out of other people’s business, stay out of the business of Africa, and each other, things would be fine. Nothing he did was necessary, and it was all for himself, nobody else. 

  • Snorri

    Capitalism involves hard, weary work which may not pay off; education via formal and /or “hard knocks”, and the willingness to assume risks. No all people are willing to go down such a path as an entrepreneur. However, the opportunities and employment that Capitalism creates have lifted millions out of poverty worldwide which tends to “upset the political and social applecart”. Under Capitalism some win and some lose economically, but it’s not a zero sum game except for the perceptions of the indolent, the incompetent, the incapable and the politically rapacious. Conversely, redistributive polices tend to change the political and social mix in the “applecart” usually by reducing the standard of living, job opportunities and education derived abilities of those in the Capitalist system.

  • Anonymous

    Bono is a strong Christian, Truth usually wins out when the Holy Spirit guides us and speaks to us.  He sees the Truth and knows that charity helps those truly in need, not redistributing wealth to those who can help themselves but won’t.  

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Lisa Ford Pittman

    With age comes wisdom.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    The central bankers of the world were thrown out of Africa in the 1960-1970s. They have been trying to get back in to rape their natural resources and their need for slave labor. The WTO and IMF will “loan” money to these impoverished countries thus forcing them to pay high interest rates. The bankers then will cut a deal for their resources to pay back the loans. This is how the world works. The world central bankers own everyone.

    • greywolfrs

      That’s NOT entirely true and it’s not about owning anything. Since they print the money, they only need that. They can manipulate the value freely.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Bono must know the power of the worlds central banking families. These trillionaires rule the world.

    • greywolfrs

      No, they do not, but they are sure trying…

  • Anonymous

    “GIVE a man a fish and he eats for a day; TEACH a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

  • Night

    I believe that you need aid and not just for emergencies. You need a safety net for people, not to live off of, but to get them going. 

  • Take 2

     Roses ‘re red and violets ‘re purple and sugar’s sweet and so is maple syrple

    Well I’m seventh out of seven sons My pappy was a pistol I’m a son of a gun

    Dang me dang me they oughta take a rope and hang me

    High from the highest tree woman would you weep for me?

  • Joey Piscitello

    It’s just great when someone uses food stamps for their groceries & then asks me to wheel out  their cart & help them put the stuff in their car, and then they take me to their Lincoln Continental. Beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    These people always grow-up into adulthood when their Progressive Ideals fail them.

  • Anonymous

    He is not talking about the greed capitalism that is the main stay in the US…Beck is and idiot

  • Anonymous

    hopefully Bono change for the better. I’m mean he’s a good artist. he actually use his

  • chenchen

  • Sue Terry

    Bono charges $100’s for concert tickets and all of a sudden is like (i don’t want to pay taxes) capitalist?  liar liar

  • Sue Terry

    why is AROD still making over 125,000 dollars a day as a criminal?

  • Mike Schupbach

     “The President is saying that the best thing we can do for job growth, the best thing we can do
    for people is put them on aid.”
    No Glenn, that’s not what the president is saying at all. Nobody has ever said that is the best we can do. That is what people like you say to try to kill programs that help people get back on their feet.

  • Judah

    Wow… who wrote this? Can we get an editor please?

  • PO

    Don’t know which one disgusts me more.

  • Anonymous

    Entrepreneurial capitalism, said Bono, not crony capitalism. Lift the poor up through commerce, not exploit it and bend it into practical slavery… hello? Can’t you see the difference. Hint: regulate capitalist greed.

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