What is happening to American entertainment?

Earlier this week, TheBlaze reported the story of Rebeca Seitz, a publicist and mother who is fed up with Hollywood’s exploitation of sex. According to TheBlaze:

It all started last week as Rebeca Seitz of Naples, Florida, was enjoying some morning television. As commercials began to air, she could hardly believe her eyes. While she was watching “Good Morning America,” an advertisement for the ABC show “Betrayal” came on, featuring a male and female in the midst of a steamy sex scene. The commercial for the show was apparently graphic, exposing her 8-year-old son to extremely unpalatable content.

Seitz, who first posted the story on Facebook (before being asked to remove the post because of it’s graphic content), wrote a blog post about the incident that has now gained national attention. On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Seitz about her experience and how conservatives can reclaim the culture.

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Below is a rough transcript of the interview:

GLENN: Now the third story is somebody else who’s doing the very same thing. This is a story I read about last night on the Blaze. It’s about just a mom. She was watching ABCs good morning America. And she was watching with her 8-year-old son. And there was a graphic sexual image on the screen. I mean really graphic. And it was for a show called Betrayal. And she about lost her mind. The story is up on the Blaze but she’s with us now. She’s Rebecca Seitz. Hello Rebecca, how are you?

REBECA SEITZ: I’m better today than I was Thursday morning.

GLENN: Tell the story exactly what happened.

REBECA SEITZ: Well, my husband was on a business trip and school starts here pretty soon, so I’m letting the kids sleep in a few more days and we slept in and they slept in my bed with my because daddy was gone so we did not roll out of bed until a little after 8 and my son a got up at the same time we came into the living room and most mornings, we turn on the news. We flip back and born between GMA and headline news and I do that so that he can see what’s going on in the world. We can talk about what’s going on in the world. I can seek him to process things there will always be wild fires and earthquakes. And it went to commercial. And I looked up and I thought, that, I did not just see what I just saw. There’s no way they just aired that at 8:30 in the morning and I turned to my son and his, his eyes had gone so wide and he looked at the T.V. and he looked at me and I quickly, I got it off. And I pause it on a different image. And I told him to go to the refrigerator where he couldn’t see the television and my daughter, thankfully she was waking up and she was still in my bedroom. She couldn’t see yet and I rewound it thinking it won’t be what we think we saw. And so I’ll be able to explain to him that’s what we just saw. When I rewound it and saw, no, these were two completely nude people, similating sex with, with the camera was four inches below their waste, I thought, oh, okay. My husband will have to have a conversation request him about this. So I snapped the picture and I texted it to my husband and I said your son just saw this, you’ll need to have a conversation with him when he goes home. I’m talking to him now, but you’ll have to do the man to man thing when you get home. And he couldn’t believe it. And I thought, you know, I worked in the entertainment industry the media industry a long time. And for most of my friends op Facebook are also in that industry and I thought they won’t believe this we’ll be an I believe to do something about it. If they knew about it.

GLENN: Nope.

REBECA SEITZ: I put it up on Facebook.

GLENN: No, they are not going to do anything about it. What happened then, Rebecca?

REBECA SEITZ: I then got a note from Facebook telling me I had violated their community standards, which I replied yeah, that’s kind of the point here. And they took it down. And a friend of mine, people had already started commenting on it. A friend of mine messaged me. She said you need to put in on your blog so people can keep talking about this if Facebook has taken it down. I said okay. My blog is this, it’s not this big, you know, media destination. It’s friends and clients go to see what I’ve been thinking about. I put it on my blog so that those people on Facebook could still go over there and talk. And it just, it went nuts. All of these people seeing it going, I cannot believe that was on your television. At 8:30 in the morning.

GLENN: It’s amazing to me that ABC has lower standards than Facebook does.


GLENN: That’s amazing. You wrote, I understand that we’ve seeded the idea of morality in prime time a moron in this case move. But one, we in, by we, I mean, Jesus, following folk, have to own. What do you mean by that.

REBECA SEITZ: Well, I grew up in that generation where our president told us that it depended on what the definition of is. And everything became very relevant. At least in my generation. So you made your own truths. You made your own standards. There were no absolutes. That he is what we were being taught anyway. We were taught if we believed there were absolutes, moral absolutes, we needed to hush. We were completely not cool. Out of the mainstream. We needed to shut up. I think a lot of us did. I know I did. And so, I think in, in shutting up, and sitting down. We ceded a hat of the ground that we’re looking at now going, oh, my gosh, how did it get to that point? It got to that point because we weren’t there. And that’s been the big eye opener to all of these responses on my blog and on TheBlaze, of how many of these people are posting, I just throughout the cable box, I throughout television years and we just don’t have it and I keep asking these people, if you do that, then what will our children have in ten years if we just leave, then we have no voice. We have no say in what’s on that T.V, if we just leave. We have to stay and fix it. We have to stay and have a voice. And so this has been the big eye opener for me.

PAT: Rebecca you mentioned that you’ve been in media for a long time. What, what do you do or what have you done?

REBECA SEITZ: I started an agency for novelists and I have an agency side at Glass Road and we manage artists and help them get their work out there and a couple years ago, we, I started getting more involved in film and television from a creation standpoint. I always booked my clients on film, on television. But I had not had a part in creating it. A couple years ago I started going into that realm and I realized that there was this incredible bias on the production side. If you are conservative or a person of faith, that pretty much the closet you have to stay in if you have to get anything maybe.

GLENN: Not anymore.

REBECA SEITZ: I thought that’s insane. I’m not saying you can’t make a movie because you don’t share my faith. Why are you saying I can’t make a move fees because I have faith. That makes no sense. So these when we started spirit of signs to sort of gather other people faith who were feeling this way who weren’t making necessarily religious movies or T.V. shows or books, just good solid entertainment, that they were running into walls trying do get it out there.

GLENN: So Rebecca, I mean, I don’t mean to be an egotist here at all by any stretch of the imagination by asking you this question: Do you know who I am?

REBECA SEITZ: You know, it’s funny that you ask because when we started, my husband took up the mantra, you have got to get to Glenn Beck and I kept saying, do you know who Glenn Beck is? Do you know how many people are around him? That will happen in the Lord’s timing. It will happen if the Lord has that, which I guess he did.

GLENN: Yeah. That’s amazing. Well, it’s happened because you were braver and you did the right thing. But that’s, you know, I just, I just bought a movie studio. This is the movie studio where she shoot an in studio a. We have three studios we’re about to build. I think five more. But they are these movies studios, this is where they did Robocop. This is where they did Silkwood. This is where they did some of the other for Forrest Gump was in here I think. This did prison breakout of this studio. And we just bought it. And one of the reasons I mean people think that we’re just going to do the news. But we’re not. And I’m not going do be doing religious shows per se. I’m going to be doing shows that have values and principles that won’t, that won’t insult people. And I will tell you, that one thing that came to mind here is, like-minded people, a have to stand together. So, you should get to know us. And we should get do know you. But the other thing that I wrote is, it’s time now. We’ve been toying around with a, a, with one another show, and it’s a morning show. These morning shows like ABC, Good Morning America, it’s crap. And it’s, when people understand and you know, you’re kind of just kind of coming into it and you’ve booked, I’ve done these shows. And I know what these shows are and I know how they work and I do this for I an living. This is business. And what they are doing is, they are selling a lot of these segments to corporate sponsors. The reason why they talk about health or global warming whatever, is because they are sold. And so, they sell that as a package. So what you are digesting every day, and you’re saying with your son, you’re seeing these things, they are only there because they were sold and they are making money for these people. And that’s the only reason why they are doing the story. And the rest of it is TMZ. The rest of it is garbage news. And, and we’ve been talking about that it’s, it’s about time to launch a morning show, on television. That can compete. Because this either just vac cue with us, and it’s just happy talk, nonsense, or, it is just Hollywood, and, and sold sponsorship nonsense. Mornings are a dumping ground for networks and they can’t be a dumping ground because too many people get up every morning and watch it. And I think there’s a better way of doing it. May I make a recommendation that you don’t stop on this. And because I know, because I know how this industry works, if you want to make an impact with ABC you don’t go do ABC. Don’t worry about ABC. Don’t worry about anybody that works at ABC. You go to the mouse house. And you start kicking up dust about how your a, a mother, and you are starting to gather steam and you’re going to start protesting in front of, Orlando and in Los Angeles and you’re going to start a campaign, against how the guys who are trying to bring your children in, are the same people that are exposing your children to pornography and I guarantee you, you will see changes. I guarantee it.

REBECA SEITZ: Well, we will absolutely get on that. We have, we do have a gathering in October, of all of these other film makers and television production people and author’s, who are coming here to Naples to talk about this. About how go we make better content. How do we get it out to the masses. So —

GLENN: I tell you what, I’m going to put you on hold. I’m going to have you talk to one of our producers. They’re going to put you in touch with Joel Cheatwood. He’s the president of content for my company. But I don’t want you to lose focus on what you’re doing here. Also on this, on the bringing this up to ABCs attention. Because you’re exactly right. We cede the ground and it not time to draw line in the sand. That time is over the time to draw a line in the sand and say we’re not passing this point that’s over. It is now time to walk across that line, and advance the flag. And you have the opportunity to do it. Because you’re a real genuine person. Get them.

REBECCA SEITZ: Thank you for that.

GLENN: Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Simple, American entertainment is more and more being controlled and dominated by big government in the name of Political Correctness: or in the case of the rodeo clown, in the name of the leftist god-king Obama.

    Madness, pure madness and what is more madness is so many of the left are being allowed to get away with it.

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      progressives infiltrate and take over everything they can think of no matter what it is, they are control freaks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      Are you still having nightmares with Obama? cause everytime you write something is all about Obama . . . leave the man alone, let him govern and focus on what you can do to create a better nation . . . Obama is leaving in 2016, he is not the worse President, we had it even worse before . . . look it up!

  • americanathlete

    It’s satan’s world!!! They keep getting away with a little more every year.

    • Anonymous

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  • ken.

    progressives infiltrate and take over everything they can think of no matter what it is, they are control freaks.

  • Alvin

    Does anybody else think that its weird for her to send the screen shot to her husband, post it on her facebook and then her blog? Isn’t the point that this is inappropriate to look at?

    • Anonymous

      She did it because she believed that no one would believe her if they couldn’t see it for themselves.  It was outrageous, in an inappropriate time frame, and frankly prurient stuff.  Undoubtedly, many other children witnessed it as well.  There are no excuses for ABC on this one.

    • Anonymous

      I understand what you are saying. Many years ago, I watched women picket outside of a porn establishment. They held signs with totally nude women and nothing more than a small  X covering only the basics. I questioned their choice of rebellion. They were advertising what they claimed to condemn.

  • Anonymous

     I’ve returned to radio & newspaper(s).

  • chip griffin

    yea, i wish it was all true. they really care, then i ask my friends, what does your wife think? all of them said, what wife? she took the children and left years ago, i just send the check. don’t make me cry any longer. she will send them off to school and host the newest man, busy with work, now forced too, the new man signed up for sex only, just what she wanted. unopposed raising of the children. they too will follow suit. my sons are glad it’s over. some future these kids understand. they had all the power in the world and gave it away for a check of their own. how bad where the husbands? all have remarried, but none have a say, just the way Hollywood and the women wanted. well done girls, no one said a word, including glen…

    • Anonymous

      I’m just glad that your not bitter about your divorce.

  • Anonymous

    Many years ago, I turned off the TV. My children hated me because they were the only kids in school without television, but I stood my round. I tried to fight the media by sending letters to anyone who would allow me a voice. Unfortunately, most people ridiculed me. People claimed that I was jealous of the models showing all. These readers had no idea that I was a five time Cher look alike winner (AFTER all of her plastic surgery). I wasn’t fighting the sex, so much as I was fighting to prove to my daughters that we females were much more than sexy. We had brains! I wanted them to respect themselves and teach them  that we should not give in to the trash that was just beginning to infiltrate our society. It was really difficult for me when I would stand in a check-out line while men behind me made lewd comments and asked if I had a tattoo on my butt. This actually happened quite often. I know that I can’t change people, but I have hopefully had some impact on my children. Especially my son, who I have taught to respect all females. The media will never change, although it may get worse because viewers want sex,  but we can make decisions that will be beneficial to our children and pleasing to God. My advise is tun off the TV. Your kids will become avid readers. They’ll thank you later!

  • Anonymous

    I have to wonder if ABC is trying to be ironic in a twisted sort of way.  I mean, “Betrayed” is what the viewers were when they expected family-friendly programming early in the morning!

  • ellievl

    Rebecca posted it because of the shock that this is REALITY! We all need to speak up ! As a nation we are in for many more shocks if we don’t get involved in what is becoming a nation controlled by government! That we are constantly being fed lies by the media! I remember when  then President Clinton was  coming out with his “under the desk activities” with Monica. My kids were in grade school and on hearing the news wanted to know what “oral sex was.” My husband was on the road and I did call him as I was upset and wanted to be clear that we were in agreement on what was appropriate to share with them. I also wanted to be clear that we were in agreement that oral sex does count as sex! The Christian culture was then on this tolerance kick. Let’s just love on everyone and not call out sin as sin! Our nation has fallen in part because of pastors who were afraid to identify sin as sin. “Love the sinner, hate the sin!”   Rebecca your a great mother, wife and woman of integrity! Glenn…keeping bringing it on! It is a really ugly world we live in and the warfare is fierce! But just a reminder…we win with God!

  • Anonymous

    In order to be a good liberal progressive you must watch porno, and look at women as something to abuse and use

  • Take 2

     Mr. Bill O’,

    When You tube when first originated was for us filmmakers sharing our streaming @
    edit stage.  

    (i) go onto You Tube and pull up a short film. 
    (ii)  place your cursor onto the short film viewing screen.
    (iii) right click! 
    (iv) see the different sharing of editing icons?
    (v) the film originator can click or mark share camera mode – mic mode etc., i.e.
    and open it in your PC upon you staring the said film.

    Point: I check above i – v prior to opening and starting a film on you tube.  And it is
    rare BUT I have had my camera come on in the middle of the night a few times.
    And I am fully aware but few times slipped not checking. I do have tape over my
    PC Camera and Mic. for ever…this is the best method being used to invade.

    Not sure if is a good idea broadcasting this to the world or millions that follow
    you.  However, thought you might pass it onto the young lady that was
    invaded, as this method bye passes changing pass words etc.,
    be in peace take2 / Poison Monkey 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    ms. seitz makes a good point that if we just leave television (turn it off or don’t have one altogether) what will be left for her/the children; that she feels compelled to stay and fix it.  the idea is that the market will take care of it but the market will never get rid of sex, so she’s right.

  • dropspinner

    I got rid of TV 3 years ago as it was no longer affordable for this family of 5. I do not miss it. The standards are so low and there were more commercials with little of the “show’s content”. I now watch the TV shows through Amazon without the commercial content. I truly do not know how one person can change the overwhelming influence of government. I feel as if I am being steam-rolled over. “Fundamentally changing America” is taking place and I truly feel helpless.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too – I got a Roku box and never looked back.  I spend $14.00 a month and pick and choose what I want to watch.  I couldn’t find a single thing on cable I wanted to watch.

  • Snorri

    The current U.S. has been compared to the Roman Empire. Along that line, the notorious city of Pompeii had Mount Vesuvius to contend with. The U.S. has the Yellowstone Caldera. Could it be that Nature has provided “On / Off” switches. Nah!

  • Anonymous

    It would be interesting to find out if this particular ad went national. Or if it wasn’t supposed to be seen at all. Although there are scenes all over television these days that are really sexy  they are either pixelated or grayed out. Why anyone put up a commercial on broadcast TV  that had a scene that would be shown on adult pay-per-view channels is beyond understanding. Has anyone else seen that particular ad at any other time? Different commercials about the same subject go to diferent stations or internet only depending on the audience the channel caters to. Could have been just a mix-up at the station she was watching and not down the network.

  • Night

    Could this have simply been a mistake? Maybe the commercial was intended to be shown much later, but somehow someone made the mistake of putting it on earlier.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

    Sex is good my conservative friends. It was created by God. We, humans, are the ones who have twisted sex in a negative way in order to make money and more money. Hollywood has played a role, but it is not the only outlet for twisted sex. Porn has been in US for decades, so it is not new. What we need to encourage is safe sex and good relationships to our young people and things will be alright. Stop bugging with Hollywood please. Hollywood has provided more entertaiment, education, and glory to this country than any other enterprise ever created. There is always good and bad on any business, Hollywood is not free from that reality.

  • ChineseCowBoer

    Go Rebecca!! I too am sick of vulgar ads for “mature” later shows being shown before 8PM. ABC does this ALL THE TIME. Vulgar network!

  • Sarah Piller

    Turn of your televisions. Crap like that is shown, because people watch it. TURN OF THE TELEVISION. I was home, off work for a month, in which time I saw the crap that was t.v. I only watched Discovery, and Animal Planet etc prior to that time. I couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t. I called the cable company, canceled and have never been happier. I get my shows, the shows I actually WANT to watch and want my children to watch from NF or Amazon. You make a difference as a parent. You can shape your children. You can change the world. Just TURN IT OFF.

  • George Babbitt

    Glenn Beck isn’t a ‘Jesus follower’, he’s a Mormon.

  • chenchen


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