Desperate Joe Scarborough still doing segments about Glenn Beck

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During this morning’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough tried to mock Glenn over his recent comments about the Missouri State Fair rodeo clown. You may remember that Joe predicted Glenn would fall off the face of the earth once he left Fox News, but now it looks like Joe is a wee-bit jealous of Glenn, his sprawling studio, and his reported pay grade.

Watch the awkwardness unfold below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Nice to see Scaraborough’s record of 100% failure and falsehoods continues.

  • Kanak Attack

    It really is a jealousy issue.  You can see it in their faces.  They just can’t believe that conservatism could be so popular.  Drives them crazy.

    • Pachy Serrano

      They make money too, so I dont think its jealousy. GB does have much better ratings, but that would away sooner or later cause GB is not different that Joe. One like to trash liberals and progressives and the other likes to trash tea baggers and right-wing nuts.
      We even . . . Its media, television, pundits . . . This shit is not real, Ya’ll

      • Anonymous

        You do, not have to like Mr. Becks opinion, but at least he is trying to put something in the forefront to make you think and do your research.  You can agree or disagree and then move on.  But the Left is getting their underwear in a knot when the Right catches them lying.  Then they deflect, deny and cry foul.
        There is a big difference but most left wingers can’t see it. 

        • Anonymous

          pf—-43. Please change the word “can’t” in the last sentence to the correct “won’t”!

      • Mike Nelson

        Do you listen to yourself, ever?  You make an attack like:

        “liberals and progressives” vs “tea baggers and right-wing nuts”

        And then say it’s not real?

        That IS an attack, a slur, and in your colossal hubris, you appear not even to know.  It’s a politically motivated personal attack against half of the population, and to you it’s just an accepted, assumed truth.  Why can’t you just say, “libertarians and republicans”?

        Do you know that the term “radical republican” was coined during Reconstruction, when white democrats behaved with great rancor toward the growing black membership of the Republican party?  And yet it’s used today to taint people who want the US to remain a sovereign state, want law applied equally to all persons, and want fiscal responsibility from legitimately elected politicians.

        Do you know that republic is a higher, refined form of democracy?  Yes, I believe in republic… because I believe in democracy.  Most republicans, I daresay, would identify with this statement, and a goodly chunk of libertarians do, too.  I even agree with a *classic* liberal on most things: less gov’t in our lives, less tedious laws, less intrusive law enforcement (for CITIZENS, not illegals who are alien to this country)…

        “This shit” is real, because you and yours can’t NOT attack people you despise on a personal level, over political differences, and that fact is borne out every time a new progressive bully is elected, defended, or lionized; every time a brave liberal erects a straw man and courageously slays him with self-righteousness and the vigor of fanatic and ignorant naivete, and, in the case of 0bama (and cohorts), a man-child-like sense of schadenfreude in rubbing the opposition’s face in what he finds offensive to them.

        And why?

        Because you and yours don’t acknowledge that your opponents are thinking, producing people deserving of dignified treatment and respect for the contributions that make society work, but you don’t concede that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, even while you extol the virtues of those who preach hate, contempt, confrontation, and indolence over self-sufficient planning, independence, and a desire to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labor.  No, it’s more important to you that your feelings aren’t hurt – or, when they are, that you somehow have to get even with someone who believes something you don’t like.

        But still, I have hope for you, because you keep coming back.

        • Draxx

          Mike, Pachy has been coming here and only really making one or two line statements without substance to his arguments.  I believe you have spoken WAY Above His Comprehension Level from past experience!  He acts like if Liberal Ways of Thinking were akin to Abuse At Home, “Well it happened to me so instead of stopping the insanity I am just going to keep doing what has been done to me!  Huh, I don’t understand Break The Cycle…?”

          Pachy, please keep leaving your comments!  I don’t have to agree with them, but this is America and You Still Have A Voice Given By The 1st Amendment.  Trying to shut someone down or defamize them because you don’t like their opinion is the WRONG Thing to do…  Especially if you want to Protect Your Own Freedoms!

      • Guest

         Correction, it is TEA Party and Consertvatives, vs Libtards and Regressives.

      • Anonymous

        Another perverted loopy loony lying libRETARD posting mentally retarded hated filled comments on here. What else is new?

    • xuqupyviriro

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      know what is real sad no one is watching Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. It
      is also sad that they went straight for class warfare right after the
      played Glenn Beck’s clip. It is not shocking MSNBC can’t even pay for
      lights because the suck so bad.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure Glenn would be happy to suck Joe’s dick

      • Guest

         As happy as you are doing it?

      • Anonymous

        spoken like a true dick sucker

  • Sam Fisher

    You know what is real sad no one is watching Joe Scarborough on MSNBC. It is also sad that they went straight for class warfare right after the played Glenn Beck’s clip. It is not shocking MSNBC can’t even pay for lights because the suck so bad.

    • Conservative Push

      MSNBC has nothing except lies and deceit.

  • JETS#1

     So Glenn calls himself a rodeo clown then Joe agrees and that makes Joe a douche?

  • Anonymous

    Joe a dirty sweat sock and some help with duct tape will help your career by leaps and bounds
    The hole under your nose is a travesty .

  • suz

    ahhh, i love the way formica and schmoe hate you guys.

  • Onteo

    Your lucky they pay u joe. Coupons would be all Ur worth

  • Anonymous

    What a couple of snotty elitist.

  • Anonymous

    I would have been happier if the Obama face was on a cow and the clown dressed as he usually is, went over and kicked the cows rear as hard as he could. At least the clown would still have his job and they could fire the cow for a bad performance

  • David Johnson

    The thing ole joe forgets is you have to have an audience to get payed the big money. Surprised they can keep the electricity on at morning joe! Didn’t it use to be like 6 or more people did they have a layoff?

  • Michael Johansson Swift Ryan

    Joe Scarborough is just warming Glenn Beck up to the idea of him switching to the Blaze tv network from NBC.

  • Michael Johansson Swift Ryan

    Joe Scarborough is just warming Glenn Beck up to the idea of him switching to the Blaze tv network from NBC.

  • Anonymous

    Dang it! Clicked to see a bit on a rodeo clown and instead found a bunch of MSNBC clowns!

    Seriously, when you see the two sets don’t you feel a little bit sorry for the MSNBC bunch? I mean, it’s totally pathetic but I bet the liquid is dribbling down their legs again because someone finally noticed them after this Blaze article!

  • Anonymous

    Think about it, Barak Husain Obama, or is it Osama Husain Obama or just Osama Obama.

  • Anonymous

    how old are they??? 12? Sort of like the freak show in Washington

  • Anonymous

    That was rather painful to watch.  They literally ARE rodeo clowns….

  • Anonymous

    These people are pathetic. They literally cannot conceive of someone who would disagree with, much less, MOCK Barack Obama. After all, one does not mock the true God. These are the criticisms they can come up with? This is envy writ large. 

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please make a Joe Scarborough mask?  Halloween is coming soon. 

  • ScienceWorks

    Beck is lying clown a world class buffoon. 

  • Anonymous

    No wonder he is out of office…He was a RINO……too bad.

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