WATCH: Laurie Dhue opens up about her struggle with alcoholism and her road to recovery

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn sat down with veteran broadcast journalist Laurie Dhue to talk about her decades long struggle with alcoholism and her ongoing recovery. Laurie began working with TheBlaze in March as the host of For The Record and she recently joined the team full time. You will begin to see a lot more of Laurie on TheBlaze TV and TheBlaze Radio as she anchors real-time news updates, in addition to hosting For The Record.

You may know Laurie as a news anchor and journalist, but Glenn decided it was time for the audience to get to know the real Laurie. In order for you to trust her reporting, you must trust her and her judgement. Glenn explained that a person who has gone through treatment for addiction and made the vow to stay sober no longer has anything to fear, and that is one of the reasons he believes Laurie will be an excellent addition to TheBlaze. Tonight, Laurie candidly opened up about her struggle with addiction and how she turned her life around.

To start, Glenn asked Laurie to explain her past. Laurie attended the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and was a member of the varsity swim team, and it was during this time that she began to drink. Her motto became “work hard, play hard.” And that mantra would haunt her for years to come. Laurie shares that struggle in the clip below:

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Glenn candidly explained his own ‘rock bottom’, which occurred when he could no longer remember the bedtime stories he was telling his young children. For Laurie, rock bottom came through a series of embarrassing moments – from getting into a drunken fight with her father to making a “blackout phone call” to a man she was dating at the time. But it was when she found out her sister was pregnant that she decided it was time to turn her life around. Laurie explains her road to recovery below:

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“Getting sober is the greatest decision I ever made in my life. It was the best thing I ever did for myself, for my family, and for the community at large,” Laurie concluded. “I got sober when I was 38-years-old. I don’t live with regrets, except I wish I had gotten sober a little bit sooner.”

  • Night

    I don’t know if knowing she was a recovering alcoholic would make me trust her journalism any, but I’m glad her story is out there because it will help someone in the same type of situation.

    • Regina Weiner

      One thing this certainly does is keep detractors from throwing it at her to discredit her reporting.  Good job, Laurie!  I’m glad to see you back on television and hope to see you in your new post.

      • Night

        I don’t really know who she is, but I am glad that she, or anyone, can put their struggle out there because I believe it helps people. 

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Poor thing… born with beauty, talent, and brains, given opportunities most people can only dream of, squanders much of it, yet lands a great job anyway. What a sad story.

    • Jeo Ten

      What’s sad is how some people make judgements of others without knowing them.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t sound as if her rock bottom was nearly as lurid as Beck’s, who was known to suck the cock of a cocaine dealer in the men’s room stall of a Phoenix radio station while the drug dealer was emptying his bowels

    • Herkirmer Snerd

      You’re one sick puppy. Must be a lizard liberal.

      • Renee Farish Humphreys

        I am pretty sure
        Glenn Beck has heard it all and is a stronger man because of it. Genzod It
        sounds like you have hit rock bottom yourself and can use our prayers. I am
        glad you are watching Glenn Beck and you are trying to at least reach out. I will
        pray that our lord Jesus Christ will be your guiding light.

    • Ktywack

      Just how does an obscene & reprehensible stain(your comment) on this site advance or uplift humanity?

    • Todd Clemmer

      Genzod is just projecting its childhood onto anything it can.

    • Jerry Patterson

      You are a disgusting piece of filth! Diagreeing with an individual’s political and religious beliefs does not give you any right to attack them personally … especially in such a base and obscene manner! Minor children are probably reading this post! You should have your mouth washed out with soap!

    • Anonymous

      Your sick and this post needs to be removed….

    • Sam Fisher

      Ladies and gentlemen yet another example of liberal tolerance.

  • Chris Stone Storbakken

    Addiction is a destroyer of everything good in life. God Bless you Laurie & all those who’ve walked this ugly road & have come out on the other side healed & realize, you have been blessed.

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      don’t know if knowing she was a recovering alcoholic would make me
      trust her journalism any, but I’m glad her story is out there because it
      will help someone in the same type of situation.

  • Herkirmer Snerd

    So glad Glenn hired her. A real pro.

  • Charles Little

    Addictions never go away. They are replaced. Like alcohol exchanged, say, for religion. I always tell my son. We must be careful that no one part of our lives negatively dominates any other…work hard, play hard, pray hardest.

  • Anonymous

    Huge amount of courage…happy to have her on the Blaze…Go Laurie Go

  • steamed

    My husband drank.  He quit 15 years ago.  Replaced it by going overboard with photography, making photography trips that we couldn’t afford.  then it was boating and fishing.  Then he started gambling.  He has quit doing that.  Now it is the internet and he has given away thousands to scammers on the internet.  Charles Little is right, they are replaced by other addictions.

    • Mort Neff

       I totally disagree with Charles Little (and you), your husband apparently did not follow the program outline or use the 12 steps or traditions in his recovery.   As BobinMich stated, you recognize your “addiction personality” and deal with it, by going to meetings, reading the literature and keeping in contact with your sponsor…..  I know, I’m a recovery addict.  Your husband made a choice to substitute one for another, but it ISN’T the only choice one has or mandatory that you replace one for another……I’d suggest you get him to consider going to meetings..

  • Anonymous

    Still a very beautiful woman..I think inside and out! One day at a time Laurie and God bless.

  • Jack Adams

    I salute you Laurie Dhue, 

  • Bobinmich

    As a person who has battled and beaten that demon, I understand. Those of you who have never been there, do not. I have been sober for nearly 15 years and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And no, you do not replace one addition with another. You recognize you have an addictive personality and you deal with it. And you deal with it every day of the rest of your life. And you are a better person for it. God bless you both.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing discussion!   God bless you both – you rock :-)

  • Carla Covington Prejean

    We’ve been  FOX news watchers for years, and often wondered what happened to Laurie.  So happy to see her!!! Thank you Glenn for bringing her back!! Laurie, may God bless you for sharing your story.  Alcoholism is a horror many are living with.  We look forward to seeing more of you!!!

  • DeeDee Appenfeldt

    Laurie I am a recovering alcoholic too. God is stronger than you and me, and He will use you as an instrument for all good things. This is a time to really let doors open and chose your friends wisely. Drinking killed my Dad when he was 27 and I was 6…please Laurie you are a survivor as well as strong as nails…Beauty is just icing on your cake….LIVE THE CAKE!!!
    Dylan Rae Appenfeldt/FL

  • Danna Hunter

    Dear Glenn Beck, you will probably not get this or even care how i feel. I was listening to you today on the radio. First of all i believe in what you are doing and respect you. you called Chris Christie a bastard today and soon after that you talked of Jesus.  That offended me. Really think about how that kind of stuff reflects your Christianity. There’s other things you have said off the law.  I just feel as you call on us to pray, you should really think of how you say some things….Danna Hunter.  

    • marylou45

      Danna I understand where you are coming from, but on the other hand my Mother who had a undying faith in God at lest four times in her life that I know of used the word  Bastard  and I must say, most of these times she was referring to Reagan, because to her he was a Rich Mans President that cut aid to the poor.
      I guess what I am saying is, Sometimes even the best of man feel he has had about all he can take. and I think right now, that is going on all over  America…. We Have Had Enough.

  • Danna Hunter

    meant to say” off the wall” instead of “off the law”, sorry

  • Danna Hunter

    meant to say”off the wall” instead of “off the law”, sorry

  • Dalene Kolk

    I struggle with food addiction, a great therapist is helping me thru it. Addiction to whatever is tough. I quit smoking 23 years ago, there are days I still want a cigarette. I know some alcoholics that are doing well, and others that aren’t. Thank you for sharing your stories!

  • Toni Jolene Clay

    Not only beautiful and gifted…but courageous.  My husband and I have been Dhue admirers for a long time.  So glad you chose life, Laurie!  You too, Glenn!

  • marylou45

    Good Luck Laurie and May God Bless You.

  • Sam Fisher

    Why is when Glenn does a real serous interview about addiction that both sides could agree on and you still got at least the one liberal spewing hate for bull crap land?

  • Pachy Serrano

    Good for her on her recovery. Many fail on the road to recovery. Sad that GB will use her to promote more division between liberals and conservatives . . . and she still a beautiful lady too.
    Good luck Laurie!! Keep your head up!!

  • barry soetoro

    Laurie is hot!

    Laurie, call me!

  • Andy McWilliams

    Good to know this about both of them. People like them helped me get sober, 7-3-1989. I thank God for them.

  • John and Rena

    Really, Glenn, a white mustache and goatee? Not Cool…

  • bret ziel

    My Sobriety date: 11 November, 2010, One day at a time Laurie, congratulations on your recovery and getting your life and career back! If you ever speak to groups at a speaker meeting I would love to have you as a guest at the Holland Michigan Alano Club sometime. God bless you in your continued recovery!

  • Laura Kroll

    WTG bot Laurie and Glenn thank you for choosing to be sober! We need both of you and others like you. Stand Proud!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you and keep you in your sobriety.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Laurie…You and Glenn have been placed on this Earth to show others that there is hope…Love you both

  • Know Really

    Glad to see you back, Laurie.  Have missed you over these past few years.   

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! 

  • Rick Carlile

    Makes me respect them both more that they’ve come out with this. Although they DID go against our Traditions. I,myself,have been sober for just shy of 27 years.Sept.23  Kudos to you both! I look forward to watching you in the future!!

  • GeeGee

    Alcoholism took my identical twin sister from me recently, at the age of  44.  We were mirror images.  She drank, I didn’t.  Alcoholism robbed me of my other half.  We have always been,  part of one another.  She is still my other half.

    I only learned she was going to die 1 week before she passed.  I was lucky enough to spend it with her. It was not until then, that I accepted that alcoholism was a disease .. not a choice.  She was so ashamed …  until the day she died. 
    As selfish as the disease is, she was a selfless person and (besides alcohol) filled the emptiness she felt since I moved (750 miles) away 25 years ago, by helping others. 

    Stay strong Laurie, love yourself (not to be confused with selfishness) and others, let your conscience be your guide and you will HAVE a life to live. Self control is difficult to master, but is worth the investment

    Kudos to you and those around you that care enough to invest themselves in your success.
    They and You have every reason to be proud.
    I for one, am very proud FOR you and look forward to seeing you again in my living room. 
    geegee Ohio

  • Anonymous

    As someone who has been sober since November 17, 1982 at 9 p.m. Central time, I am so glad to have Laurie Dhue back on the air.  Even without this most candid and welcome interview, I have always thought she was an exceptional journalist (and I say that as a graduate of a Journalism school).

    Thank you Glenn, and welcome, Laurie – I hope to see a lot more of you.  And congratulations on your years of sobriety.

    Ned Barnett
    Las Vegas

  • suz

    this network is getting better every day. 

  • Scott Jackson

    Laurie/Glenn, you guys rock. You are high profile people that like it says in the traditions, don’t use your AA involvement as a way to promote yourselves. Instead, you explain what groups like AA have done for you personally and that’s all.
    10 years sober here myself, and when Laurie said, “I couldn’t imagine my life with or without drinking” That was my personal bottom with alcoholism, and when she said that, it about brought me to tears. That is a direct excerpt out of the Big Book, and it is because that one sentence has a huge amount of weight to it for so many people struggling with alcoholism.

  • Dawn Haugen

    We missed you on Fox Laurie.  Glad to know you were busy taking care of yourself.  Congratulations and best of luck to you in your new sober life.    

  • linda barnett

    It is very rare for a woman to be able to talk about that and not be judged and condemned.
    It is made much easier for men, for some reason. Women are under constant pressure to
    Be perfect and have to do things ten times better than a man to even get noticed. If laurie
    Were not famous, this info coming out on the internet would destroy her forever.

  • Paul Hawkins

    Yeah….alcohol is sooooooo cool….destroys you both physically and mentally…and you can die coming off it…but it’s still better than cannabis…..oh wait….more people have died from pen caps (average 100 annually) than cannabis ..(0)…so maybe not…

  • Alberta Hainsworth

    Alcohol is a mean demon. I feel for anyone who would be so addicted. I know they could not be happy and make their loved ones miserable too.  Some people just have addictive personalities

  • Anonymous

    Does the addict understand that he destroys his blood family?   They are some of the most selfish people and many are psychopaths.

  • Arturo Jacobo Saiz

    Did Beck start the Blaze for all drunks that Rupert fired?

  • shaqattaq32

    I can remember watching her 10 years ago… I had no idea. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Laurie is sooo precious.

  • Bryan W. Carpenter

    Laurie was/is my favorite, along with E.D.

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