Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

Yesterday, TheBlaze shared the story of Sandy Baird, a lawyer, professor, and a longtime Democrat from Burlington, Vermont, who believes TheBlaze TV should be available in her area.

Why? Because Baird, like Glenn, respects the First Amendment and wants to see and hear more voices, not less.

Earlier this month, Baird was quoted in Seven Days, a Vermont newspaper that describes itself as an “independent voice,” about her support of bringing both Al Jazeera America and TheBlaze to the local Burlington Telecom network (BT). “I support the efforts to have TheBlaze TV come to Burlington, because I support free speech and believe we should have access to as many political perspectives as possible,” she told Seven Days.

During a follow-up interview with TheBlaze, Baird explained that she lobbied for the inclusion of Al Jazeera America, which launches next Tuesday, on the BT channel lineup, and she ultimately won that fight. Now, she has turned her attention to TheBlaze.

“I think that my students — as well as all Americans — need to see all those views, and frankly, they don’t on [the] mainstream media,” she told TheBlaze. “They either watch MSNBC, which is a channel for the Democrats, or they watch Fox, which is a vehicle for the Republicans. And while that’s fine, we need a lot more views. And frankly, a lot more information. And that’s why I totally support free speech.”

Though she wasn’t familiar with the Missouri rodeo incident, after a brief rundown, Baird offered this insight: “I was at one point the state legislator for my district, and at that point there was a big movement here in Vermont to outlaw flag burning, and I took the position then and I’ll take the same position now — the Constitution is not about speak that we agree with. The Constitution is about speech that we don’t agree with. You are free in this country, it seems to me – at least we have been – to express disagreeable opinions.”

“Amen,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “That is exactly where I am. That is exactly where I have been. That’s where most Americans are. The fog is starting to clear. People are starting to see.”

“There’s a change coming. The American people are waking. The American people have found things to unite on,” Glenn concluded. “Say and believe and stand in those places: the Constitution now and forever, freedom of conscience, and the Constitution. It is the winning ground. And if you actually believe it and mean it, home run. You win.”

To coincide with the launch on Al Jazeera America on Tuesday, August 20, TheBlaze is organizing a #GetTheBlaze Day of Action to encourage television providers to add another voice, another choice to your channel lineup: TheBlaze. Get all the details on the Day of Action HERE.