WATCH: The news out of Egypt you probably haven’t heard

On this evening’s Glenn Beck Program, guest host Laurie Dhue spoke with Sara Carter and Erick Stakelbeck about two very important but seldom discussed stories out of Egypt: the state of U.S. aid and the persecution of Christians.

To begin, Laurie asked Sara to explain, in the wake of President Obama’s announcement that we would be canceling our joint military exercises with the country, the state of U.S. military aid to Egypt that totals about $1.5 billion annually. The U.S. government has not labeled the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi a coup, in order to continue to provide aid to the Egyptian military, but with violence in the region escalating, it is getting more and more difficult for the Obama administration to ignore the issue.

Sara explained that her sources in the beltway and in the Middle East believe it is all but inevitable that some restrictions will be placed on the U.S. military aid. Stipulations to the aid agreement would allow the U.S. to maintain its leverage with the Egyptian military, which is considered to be vital for the protection of our interests in the region, while taking a stand. Sara elaborates on that argument in the clip below:

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared the staggering list of 45 Christian churches and places of worship that have reportedly been destroyed in Egypt. Erick explained that the Coptic Christians of Egypt date back to Biblical times. It is believed that the apostle Mark founded the group, and it is among the oldest Christian groups in the world. While Christianity has been under attack in the Middle East for several decades, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, the attacks on Christianity have intensified tremendously – but very few American media outlets are covering it. Why? Erick attributes the lack of media attention to two things:

  1. Historically, the U.S. media has not been pro-Christian
  2. The U.S. media tends to view Muslims as an aggrieved minority

So will Coptic Christians face the same fate the Jewish population of Egypt did during World War II? In the 1940s there the population of Jews in Egypt was 100,000 strong. Today, Erick reports there are less than 100 Jews in the country. The population of Egypt is estimated to be about 84 million and, until recently, at least 10 percent of that population was Christian. Erick offers insight on the future of Christianity in the region below:

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  • Draxx

    Giving Aid to a Coup is exactly what they are doing, here in America they give money to the needy (most of which they are making needy) to control them.  I believe they are giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood in order to try and control them and/or use them in the same way Hitler and the Nazi’s did…

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Indeed, the Coptic Christians are becoming a favored scapegoat for the Muslim Brotherhood and when they are massacred then will come Israel.

  • Anonymous

    I wish she was on more often. Great program!

  • Nick Oz

    looks like israel is being isolated even more by every passing day the poor little jehovah zionist are going down.

    • americanathlete

      Christ will not let them all be destroyed! He will come & intervene when it get’s too hairy….

  • lepisarysate

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    Aid to a Coup is exactly what they are doing, here in America they give
    money to the needy (most of which they are making needy) to control
    them.  I believe they are giving money to the Muslim Brotherhood in
    order to try and control them and/or use them in the same way Hitler and
    the Nazi’s did…

    • Vance Decker

      Your cousin sounds like a whore.

  • sam

    Many American are not aware that Obama paid $8 billions to Muslim Brothers representatives visiting the White House to guarantee that part of Sinai would be passed on to Gaza Palestinians. Now that this MB regime has fallen, Obama is in a mess how to defend the payment of this huge payment to a defunct regime.
    This news is all over Egyptian press and passed on from members of MB who threaten if Obama does not interfere to set their leaders free they would expose his involvement in the crisis!   

  • Anonymous

      “Why America
    and the European countries are not building their positions and declarations on
    what really happens in Egypt – that the MB reflect terrorists’ armed attacks on
    Cairo’s streets and other places, which are aimed at terrorizing ALL the citizens, not only Christans ”

     “Americans and European need to strongly
    reject any interference in Egypt’s internal affairs. Unfortunately, such as
    what we see in remarks and actions of our Administration and Turkish officials,
    which are aimed at turning public opinion against Egypt and completely ignoring
    the will of the Egyptian people,”

    The MB
    Terrorists keep on with their suicidal logic and scorched earth policies on the
    basis that they have already lost everything, they trying to wear down the
    army. The military find itself confronted with major flash points in the Sinai
    and in other cities, and also have to deal with the alarming flow of weapons
    from Libya, which is out of control today.

    I can not
    believe how we are twisting the truth and using such a kind of words ¨deeply
    divided Egypt¨ , what deviation you are talking about!

    It is a
    group of Terrorist using religion as a cover against the whole country.

    I believe the
    international community currently has a moral and political duty to not abandon
    the Egyptians during their fight against MB Terrorism.

  • Sam Fisher

    Thanks liberalism look at the good you did in Egypt with your support of terrorist or what you call them Muslim brotherhood. I bet they don’t even care because they see us Christians as the enemy.

  • Maxi

    More than fifty years ago Neville Shute wrote the novel On the Beach. In it a nuclear WWIII began in Egypt.  Let’s hope he was wrong. 

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