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If your were as glad most people are to see less “birther” stories in the news recently, you’re not going to like this story. Yes, apparently there’s a brand new set of birthers roaming the interwebs and they’re not victims of the Clinton-started Obama birther movement.

This group is targeting Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In response to the claims, Cruz quickly released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News.

Cruz, who was born in Calgary, Alberta to his American citizen mother, giving him American citizenship, is also apparently a Canadian citizen due to the country’s automatic citizenship law.

“Interesting he didn’t seem to know that,” Stu noted this morning during radio .  I mean, obviously he didn’t even know that it was true”

“I am telling you now, Ted, get yourself a Canadian passport and I would like to be your friend, because if things ever melt down, take me with you to Canada,” Glenn joked.

“I’m on record as a blue Jays fan,” Stu quickly added.  Just throwing that out there. I have been talking about that for a long time.”

Many conservative voters hoping for a 2016 Ted Cruz presidential run can rest easy for now.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the word “birther” will go back into retirement…