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Just a few years ago, Al Jazeera was the network where the terrorists delivered their Bin Laden propaganda tapes. It was the network known for putting on a very anti-American, pro-extremist viewpoint.  Today, they’ve used their tremendous resources to position themselves as an international news organization and are beloved by progressive leaders like Hillary Clinton. But does that mean they’ve changed their anti-American view points?

There are two networks that will define the future of the media landscape: Al Jazeera America and TheBlaze. Tonight at midnight, Al Jazeera America will launch in 48 million homes, and a portion of the cable bill those 48,000,000 people pay will go into the pockets of the owners back in Qatar.

If you’re already being forced to pay for programming like Al Jazeera America – don’t you think you should have the choice of watching a network with an American viewpoint that is rooted in the Constitution?

Tomorrow, we want you to call 1-800-996-2529 and ask your TV Provider to add TheBlaze to your channel line-up! Get all the details on our Day of Action here!