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Al-Jazeera has managed to gain access to 48 million American living rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quite an achievement since a decade ago Al-Jazeera was almost considered an enemy of the state because of their frequent assistance to terrorists, including Bin Laden. What’s happened? Glenn gave an update on what this means on the radio show Tuesday morning.

Glenn started off by criticizing a lot of TV providers for carrying Al Jazeera, but telling TheBlaze and it’s fans that they don’t have a place for the network on its current channel lineup.

But what kind of network are they putting on instead?

“Think about this,” Stu said. “You were talking about not recognizing your country. Think about in the moments after 9/11 when you have this network being Al‑Jazeera being criticized by CNN – where a lot of these anchors came from – for harboring terrorists essentially, saying that they were hiding tapes that could help the effort in the war on terror, intentionally to protect Osama Bin Laden.”

“I am telling you right now they are taking money from your cable bill and they are sending it overseas to Al‑Jazeera,” Glenn said.

“Now, I’m not asking for less voices. More voices, the better. How about informed people? You have to inform yourself. It matters who owns a company. It matters,” he continued. “This is an American‑owned, American‑operated, proudly American and not just rah‑rah red, white and blue, let’s go conquer a nation” America. That’s not what we believe in. We believe in the Constitution. We believe in small government. We believe in the power of the individual. We believe the world’s about to change, and we’re not going to be left in the dust. But we need your help.”

Glenn encouraged listeners to call their cable providers at 1-800-996-2529 and visit to find out find out what they can do to make a difference.