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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg once again proved he is clueless when it comes to gun safety, despite the fact he heads the Mayors Against Illegal Guns – an organization that claims to promote gun safety.

Yesterday, Bloomberg held a news conference that reveal the NYPD had carried out the largest gun seizure ever recorded in New York. While it was certainly a momentous occasion, someone clearly forgot to consult a gun safety expert.

“Did you see the picture of Bloomberg with the guns yesterday,” Glenn asked. “All pointed at the audience… There’s another thing that’s wrong with that picture. I love this.”

“Such an idiot,” Pat joked.

“They are all pointed at the audience, but none of them have open chambers and none of them are locked in the open position. That’s basic handgun safety,” Glenn explained. “Got to have that trigger lock. Got to have that trigger lock. And if you’re going to have a gun, a semiautomatic weapon like that, you better open that up and make sure that chamber is empty. I’ve never been handed a gun by any member of the NRA – I’ve never been given a gun where the slide was not locked back. Never. Never. Never.”

Pat and Stu took special issue with the fact that all of the guns had been lined up to point out toward the audience. While Glenn assured them that the guns would probably not simultaneously shoot, Stu and Pat still found the situation dangerous.

“They specifically pointed every single gun toward the audience,” Pat said. “It’s so weird.”

“You know, I would just like to say: It is safe,” Glenn said in a surprising defense of Mayor Bloomberg. “The guns are on the table and they are not going to spontaneously shoot the audience.”

“Why do these safety practices exist then,” Stu inquired. “These are illegal guns. We don’t know how they’ve been modified. The point is you don’t ever point a gun unless you want to shoot somebody.”