Common Core: 4 X 3 = 11?

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Video surfaced recently of a Illinois school official explaining that under the new Common Core standards, students can get simple arithmetic wrong and still receive credit.

“How about this one: In school, three times four equals eleven,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This is new Common Core curriculum. It is not a wrong answer. Three times four does equal eleven… if you know how you arrived at that answer.”

OFFICIAL:  But even under the new Common Core, even if they said three times four was eleven, if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in words and in oral explanation and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focusing on the “how.”

TEACHER:  You’re going to be correcting them, right?

OFFICIAL:  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.

According to TheBlaze, however, this particular clip, which gained a good deal of media attention, does not tell the full story:

Recent comments by an Illinois school district official seem to suggest it doesn’t matter if students get simple arithmetic wrong under new Common Core standards, but those remarks highlighted in some news reports don’t give the full context.

Several news outlets have seized on remarks made last month by Grayslake, Ill. Community Consolidated School District 46 curriculum coordinator Amanda August in which she said it matters less if students answer 3 x 4 incorrectly as long as they can explain how they arrived at their final answer.

A fuller video of the forum, however, reveals that August said first students should certainly know that 3 x 4 equals 12.

In the longer video, the school official explains:

“They are supposed to not only be able to come up with the same answer no matter how they do it but they’re going to have to show, OK I know 3 x 4 numerically is 12, but I can show this in a picture, I can write a real world situation where I show that if I put four apples into three bags that’s going to give me 12 total apples. So they’re going to have to be able to go back and forth between all those different modalities and really show that.”

Watch the full video HERE.

The conversation is less about whether or not children will receive credit for wrong answers, and more about what the Common Core standards will mean for education.

“Apparently, that’s inherent through the entire math program in Common Core. And, you know, they are rewriting history, they’re doing this with math,” Pat said. “They’ve changed the algorithms, too, of the way you arrive at problems and so parents have no idea how to teach this new thing because they’ve gone in a completely new direction to get to the answer.”

“We’re also not teaching cursive writing because we don’t need that anymore. So you’re not teaching cursive writing, which means it will be like hieroglyphics. You want to read your parents’ or your grandparents’ diaries or their words? You want to read the Constitution? It’s hieroglyphics. You don’t even know what it says,” Glenn said. “But we’re also not teaching typing anymore. It’s hunt‑and‑peck. Hunt‑and‑peck… I’m telling you, electric shocks, it’s time. It’s time. You just don’t make any sense at all.”

  • Sam Fisher

    And liberals think this program is great for learning just like they think Obamacare is going to make things cheaper. I got an idea let’s never listen to liberals ever again.

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       So I repeated it because I was curious as to how they were trained to
      determine if the child tried, or just wrote down any answer because
      he/she knew it would be marked as being correct….(crickets) It’s
      obvious that the kids are behind in the dumbing down department, so
      we’re now using Common Core. I’m sooo thankful that my kids are no
      longer attending school. I’m wondering if others have thought about
      creating neighborhood homeschool co-ops.

      • Anonymous

        I would LOVE to do a neighborhood homeschool.  I’d be more than happy to work in or around Moss Point, MS, doing this.

    • Anonymous

       A wise person does not follow a fool. Everything these ‘liberals’ touch seems to go to hell. They have destroyed what was once the #1 education system in the world.

      As you say, letting them have their way is a bad idea.

      But getting them out of education so the grownups can run it again… then we would see how violent the Left really are when challenged.

      • Pachy Serrano

        The left gave you Social Security and Medicare and they still work pretty good. What the conservatives have given us?? . . . Nothing. Only unbalance budgets, a smaller middle-class, more corporations with more power and less family businesses, less tolerance, more hate, more fear, more wars, etc.  

      • Anonymous

        Liberals have destroyed education?  Everything they touch goes to hell?  Where were you during the presidency of W Bush?  Do you remember the nature and conduct of public and foreign policy during his administration?  Are you aware of how these disastrous policy decisions were made?   Decisions on taxes, the economy, Medicare Part D, K street, No Lobbyist Left Behind, the invasion of Iraq and the conduct of the war and the occupation?  Do you remember where we were when he left office?  OK, now do you remember the conduct of the administration before his?
        How is it possible that so many conservatives refuse to face reality, won’t own up to the tragic consequences of their ideologically-driven mistakes?  As an ideology, conservatism has a long history and a fine pedigree, but modern movement conservatism in America lost its direction after Reagan (during Reagan, actually); it’s now an alternate reality, sick, corrupt and angry.  And pointing fingers at Liberals only makes it worse. 

        Common Core is a sensible, thoughtful and well-conceived program for strengthening our system of education through the establishment of national standards.  It’s been adopted by 45 states.  It’s not even a “liberal” idea.

        • Robert

          I’m not really a Bush fan so, no, I didn’t agree with some of his decisions. But your comment ‘now do you remember the conduct of the adminsitration before his?’ I think we all remember the adultery in the White House, the lying to Congress, the disbarment, the impeachment, the bombing of Iraq, cruise missiles in Afghanistan and Sudan, Chinese campaign finance payments, CommerceGate… Is that the conduct you were talking about? Both sides are screwed up and have been for a long time. Until we get some integrity and morals back in government, we’re going to keep spiraling downward.
          I agree: pointing fingers at only one side on ANY of these issues is never the answer. Both sides have their hand in the cookie jar.

        • Richard Jones

          Some valid points; however, the Federal Govt has no business in local education – at all. Both sides are guilty of this. Get the Feds Out Of Local Education.

    • Pachy Serrano

      At least Obama-Care will offer quality health care to millions of Americans that, in other hand, would have continue to end up in ER rooms putting our hospitals in danger and bankrupt families if we follow the conservative ideas for health care. Am still waiting for the Republicans and conservative plans to strengthen our health care system . . . Still waiting, bro!

      • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          Sure, Republicans have ideas on healthcare, but they’ve never made them into a plan that we can evaluate.  They can’t get past the “idea” stage.  Many of their ideas sound good, but few would actually work in the real world.  This is because Republicans today aren’t interested in making government work better; they only want to make it smaller, regardless of consequences.  It’s an ideology, and as such, it prevents them from putting forth practical legislation.  Today’s Republican party is intellectually sick.  And it’s making America ill as well.

          Start here:

          • Anonymous

            Oh Marb, you are such a liberal that you haven’t begun to understand Republicans-at least the conservative constitutionalists!

          • Robert

            See my reply to Pachy…

      • Sam Fisher

        By taking everyone’s jobs way to go dumb ass.

      • Anonymous

        The plans Republicans had were never brought to a vote in the Senate! Now, the people who couldn’t afford health care will go on Medicade while people who had insurance have higher premiums and limits. Something is really wrong with Obamacare!

      • Robert

        How about these to start with?
        •Ten Steps to Transform Health Care in America Act (S. 1783) introduced by Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) July 12, 2007.
        •Every American Insured Health Act introduced by Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Bob Corker (R-TN) with co-sponsors Tom Coburn (R-OK), Mel Martinez (formerly R-FL) and Elizabeth Dole (formerly R-NC) on July 26, 2007.
        •Senators Bob Bennett (R-UT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced the Healthy Americans Act on January 18, 2007 and re-introduced the same bill on February 5, 2009.
        •Patients’ Choice Act of 2009 introduced by Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Richard Burr (R-NC) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) on May 20, 2009.
        •H.R. 2300, Empowering Patients First Act introduced July 30, 2009 by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA).

    • Anonymous

      Remember though, this somewhat falls is line with the belief that truth is relative. Truth is not relative. Truth is a constant. Your personal understanding of the truth is what’s relative.

      • John Burleson

        Double_Edged is a bright shiny jewel in the cesspool which is becoming aMerka. But I have only one comment (WHICH IS UNUSUAL FOR ME): Truth, though constant, is subjective. FACT. FACT. FACT.

        • Anonymous


          “Truth, though constant, is subjective. FACT. FACT. FACT.”

          How could you claim what YOU say is FACT.FACT.FACT… but at the same time call it being subjective?

          You can’t… its called your OPINION.OPINION.OPINION

          • John Burleson

            Tho it is generally beyond my expertise to match wits with the unarmed, I shall make an exception. Even though you are using a Lost Wages Casino moniker, obviously to protect your identity and to confuse your parents who thought they got rid of you shortly after they flooded the basement I still feel the world needs examples of people like…you…and shall engage your lazer sharp wit. Those among us who are not quite as sharp as you might recognize my remark, as you did not, as supporting Truth but touting the superiority of Fact. Truth, being subjective, is observing the “sun went down,” when, in fact, it’s actually coming up” someplace else. This phenomenon can be observed by watching a group of rednecks (of which I am proudly one of) sitting on a tailgate of an antique Ford pick up truck toasting one another with a tall cool frosty adult beverage as they loudly proclaim “it’s five o’clock somewhere.” And I mention Ford specifically because there ain’t no antique Chevy pick up trucks. In short, B-551, you took a simple declaration…and screwed it up.
            * * *
            John Burleson, who found someone to take his place in the coming’ Potato Patch Parade. Gitcher implement early!

          • Anonymous

            BTW… It’s not “lazer” it’s “laser”
            BTW… It’s not “Tho” it’s “Though”

            Sorry, junior… I most certainly recognized your remark which was somewhat tripe and also came across as somewhat cavil. And it seems your derogatory reaction to my reply is just a desperate attempt to redeem/justify your own failed attempt in wit and pompous impudence from obvious foot-in-mouth drivel. Of course your response comes off quite like any vain spoiled child would fend when he/she can’t admit being out-matched or feeling foolish.

            Though I will toss the insult back at you… Too bad your parents didn’t realize you survived in the local sewer system after they tossed you into a drainage ditch after leaving the hospital unable to bear their grief having given birth to a 6 pound penis with eyes and ears.

            My name a Lost Wages Casino moniker? What ever you say “John Thomas” Burleson… or who-ever you are.

            So now I too find myself compelled to make an example to the world of pompous people like you and return the favor and engage in your infantile attempt to mock my words and what obviously hit an arrogant nerve in your itty-bitty scrotum-wrapped brain.

            Subjective observation is most certainly not a universal constant or an axiom of empirical truism but is a perception which mimics such based upon a persons particular orientation, environment or point of reference. The observer is also constrained and influenced by his/her relative understanding or comprehension. Or perhaps in-a-word, ignorance… of which you seem to have plenty of.

            According to your kindergarten example you try to prove, or should I say justify, that subjective observation is indeed FACT.FACT.FACT… or better to call your idea of FACT “subjective-truth” or “self-evident-truth”.

            Is Evolution truth or is Creationism truth? Is the universe finite or infinite? Are we part of a global Matrix battery living a perceptual life of lies or are we truly real individuals unable to prove existence or our own reality?

            Of course to the non-rednecks objectivity is not the same as subjectivity. Subjective (observed) directional motion of a particular celestial mass, in this case the sun, when seen from a particular point on earth does not “set” or “rise”, nor does it move relative to the earth. So, your so-called “subjective-truth” is merely a behavioral or visual description in observation ungrounded in any empirical fact or truism since the illusion of a sun-set is caused by the earth’s rotation. In other words… a delusion, fantasy or false-truth/belief.

            This isn’t the medieval days of oracle aphorisms, general truths and unproven pithy axioms. And truth is most-definitely NOT in any way OF subjectivity… but is perceived relative to ones own ignorance, existentialism, creed or beliefs. Truth is constant and OF objectivity… of being real not what is assumed, excepted or ostensible.

            I most certainly side with Double_Edged statement over your chide-like bong-filled philosophical relativism.

            But I will give you this… There is a stoic or philosophical truth in that which you claim… but only in the realm of the relativism of subjectivity.

            Seems you crapped a massive hubris dump and buried yourself.

            You need a little more practice on being haughty and clever… the example you’ve attempted upon me has in-fact been an example of how someone, in this case you, can dig that proverbial hole you are now in even deeper. Have fun trying to climb out.

          • John Burleson

            Astounding, yet trite!! I would’ve been more, ah, punctual in my response, but unlike some readers, I have a job. There’s a treasure trove of things to make fun of. In fact, I don’t know where to begin.

            Should I shame chronologically, temporarily, logistically or in order of ridiculousness…hmmmmm??

            Let’s do it the geezer way!! I shall retort all over in the manner the remarks waft into my normally vacant cranium and make the ganglias bang together. In other words, I shall retort in the order the voices tell me to.

            Primarily, I am touched by this group effort at superior blathering. How many basement rats assisted in this tour de grammatical power? I can pick out three different styles. Don’t forget, casino person, I can read. And I can easily detect plagiarism, even when the plagaeriser tries to move a word or two around to make it sound original. Therefore, it is “lazar,” and not “laser” as your first bleat asserts. I was changin’ the words around. I’m not a good plageriser, but I’m better than you. And if Shakespeare can use “Tho,” the guy who had to suffer the “Entire Works of Wlm Shakespeare 101” in his freshman year of Theatrical Studies can use it. I indecently, did not fare well in said class because the required dissertation contended that if Billy stole Bacon’s stuff, Bacon was a real bad writer.

            Oh, yeah. The six-inch-wiener comment demonstrates two flights from reality. I can’t bring you back to the era of my arrival, but I can recommend you get a tape measure and I also recommend you explore the circumstance of my hatch day. I was hurled into the horse trough in front of the horse barn. The length issue is a huge but short lived humorous flight into…I forgot the word… because the next morning, all the mares were smiling like the Madonna lady.

            Ah, John Thomas Burleson? There is an orthopedic surgeon out of Burleson, Texas, named John Thomas. I think we may have discovered where your basement might be located….? I am and I proudly proclaim to be John Burleson. My middle initial, however, is “E” as I was named after my great great grand-something-or-other who happened to be the third vice president of Texas (before it screwed up and joined this country and who, therefore, is the only state that can legally become independent again). Next time they let you in the Alamo you need to waddle to the gift shop and look at the big paintings on the wall by the door you came in. My namesake is on the right side. The Alamo is a sacred place to all us Texans but it holds a special place in the family Ode. Ed Burleson attacked the Alamo to take it back from Santa Anna about a month after Santa Anna left. Anywhose, his picture is on the right side. If it was really him, it’d probably not look as good. Maybe it’s the left side, I fergit.

            And finally, the only thing I remember is the thing that started this More Fun Than A Brain Thumpin’ Lumosity moment: Truth as it compares to Fact.

            Want me to plagiarize Webster? Well, naa-na-na-boo-boo. Look the words up yourself. But as you delve into alien pursuits (like the pursuit of intelligence) ponder that there are two separate entries. This should indicate to all that there really are two words and they actually mean something different. Goebbels the German guy once said “truth is what you make it” and yeah, he swiped it from somebody else, but who’s counting? But as I had to use SpellChecker to spell his name right I noticed that “gerbil” was a superior choice. And that conjured an image that in some remote area of the planet there is a whole community of gerbils all gerbilling around, doing gerbil things. Amongst these critters is a dominant alpha gerbil. Bare chested, big arms, six-pack tummy, he calls the shots. He’s the boss. He fought and obviated his way to the peak of the sacred gerbil mountain. In truth, he is the Gerbil King.

            In fact, he’s a gerbil.

            If one were to peal an onion, layer by layer, one could imagine the layers as being representing truthliness, as one interprets impherical datums such as this. When one gets through all the layers, one is left with nothing.

            That’s a fact.

            The world is now engaged in a truly monumental battle to the death between what amounts to Christians and Muslims. The truth is we fight them cuz we gots rights to live and decide how our womins should live. The other truth is they gots the rights to fight so they can live and decide how their womins should live.

            The fact is, we’re killing each other for the same reason: freedom.

            I apologize in the most sincere fashion I can fake for making fun of your *numb
            day plume*. You can hide behind any label you prefer. But I’m really sorry I’ve caused you to dig in your heels over the beautiful relationship between Truth and Fact. You see, Truth is the cornerstone of everything the talking heads on Fox say. Truth is the cornerstone of everything the talking assholes on MSNBC say.

            Neither entity deals in Fact. They present the news through the eyes of their gatekeepers. It’s such a small distinction it isn’t even considered by the normal hunched-back urchin scurrying around trying to fill the time between hatching and heaven. Nor should it be.

            But, Belaggio551, you’re better than that. You deserve the joy of discovery. Fact.

            Bless you with the joy of the season and with a horizon broadened just a tiny bit through this exchange.

            John Burleson, who truly enjoys discourse even more than a pig enjoys mud wrestling.

  • Anonymous

    How about we just give everyone a diploma with their birth certificate, will that be fair enough?

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right. All the Liberals are doing again is dumb’ing down the education to improve test scores. How does the US Education system compare to other UN Countries – its abysmal. How do we give the perception that our Education System is not a complete failure? Give everyone an “A” no matter if its earned.

  • John Remsdad

    Dear Mr. Beck:
    I have
    listened and watched your programming for many years, attended the 8/28
    Washington, DC event, have contacted Verizon about getting the Blaze in
    my area, subscribed to The Blaze internet programming and try to listen
    to as much of your radio show Monday – Friday during work.

    I was extremely insulted today, August 20, 2013, during the
    last hour of the show when you and your sidekicks were mimicking the
    southern accents of some folks on tape. You should have better manners
    than that and owe millions an apology. Do you make fun of David Barton’s
    accent? Shame on you.

    I often chuckle when snobs make fun of Southerners. I chuckle
    because when the Yankees could not seem to find a way to beat the
    British without waking them on Christmas Morning, the Southerners won
    the war for independence for all. Afterwards, those north of the
    Mason-Dixon Line tried to take all the credit for the victory, Ha! The
    United States existed only because of the southern fighters.

    The majority of the input for the Constitution came from Virginians.
    I am considering leaving your audience, canceling my Blaze subscription.

    I was surprised and disappointed by your bigotry.

    • Kanak Attack

      Get over yourself.  The Civil War is over.


    • Isaiah Daniels

      Franklin, Adams (John and Samuel), Hancock, Paine, any of those names ring a bell. Yes, a large number of Virginians fought for our freedom but does not make this a union of the south. They fought for and with ALL of the colonies. Might I ask what you or Virginia has done to fix our current problems?

      And what does your post have to do with the present state of our schools. Don’t know if you read, or even believe the Bible but if you do: Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

      Leave your personal issues out of the public forum, please.

      Not only have you missed it with one Brother, you have missed it with many Brothers.

    • Anonymous

      This is a letter I wanted to write to you Glenn – around the time you  “moved to Dallas, TX and BECAME A SOUTHERNER”.  Your two “side-kicks” – Pat & Stu – are so immature that I can’t stand listening to them.  Glenn, you provide (I think) truthful and   valuable information BUT YOU NEED TO EITHER REPLACE THE TWO IMMATURE
      LITTLE “VALLEY GIRLS”- Pat & Stu – OR THEY NEED TO MATURE BEYOND THEIR TEENAGE MENTALITY!!!! I’m A Retired Educator, Business School Director & Mental Health Therapist

    • Pachy Serrano

      One down. Who’s next out of GB’s indoctrination of freedom and quasi-liberty? GB is business man with an agenda for everything conservative. He has very little to none tolerence for those who disagree or think different than him and his minions. That’s why you don’t see liberals or progressives going into his shows, because they know he will try to mock them and twist their words. His show is not objective, nor quality journalism. whoever think that dont know anything about real journalism. Good for u!

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the Mathmagicland program from 18 years ago. My son brought home his math classroom work and even though he had over half of the problems wrong, he got an A. I called the teacher thinking that he made a mistake, but he informed me that with Mathmagicland every answer is correct because they child tried. I asked him how he knew that. He seemed confused by my question. So I repeated it because I was curious as to how they were trained to determine if the child tried, or just wrote down any answer because he/she knew it would be marked as being correct….(crickets) It’s obvious that the kids are behind in the dumbing down department, so we’re now using Common Core. I’m sooo thankful that my kids are no longer attending school. I’m wondering if others have thought about creating neighborhood homeschool co-ops.

  • Stephany Slater Robinson

    No, No No!!!! Please- Mr. Glenn Beck. Stop this negative dialogue about Common Core. There is a huuuuuuuge population of Americans in our country thinking that this is the Feds taking over our schools. Not so. While it may have some kinks to work out and some need for revision, this is a good thing and a step in the right direction! Our state standards (in most states) are too low and do not teach our students how to think, analyze and reason. This has been a problem for way too long. There is no unity from state to state. While I love classic literature (also a part of Common Core), there is not enough emphasis on informative literature which students will use in college and the real world. Students do not know how to find the evidence and back up their thinking. This is the basis of Common Core. Please look into this more thoroughly. I was very unhappy to see this segment today. I’m an educator and quite sick of all this “conspiracy theory lingo” with Common Core. Go back to talking about our jacked up government and the real conspiracies, please!!!!! I beg of you. Otherwise- love your show.

    • Anonymous

      Stephany, you’re correct that Common Core is a much-needed improvement to our system of education.  But what makes you think that Beck’s misinformation campaign on Common Core is the exception rather than the rule?  It’s not; it’s consistent with his dishonesty on most other topics.  This is simply an instance where you, an educator, are privy to full information, so you know for a fact that Beck is pushing a nonsensical conspiracy theory.  If you take the time to get to know the other major issues before us – Obamacare, taxation, the economy, foreign policy – you’ll see that Beck misleads on just about everything.  He makes a living by pushing a certain agenda, and conspiracy theories are good for his business.  And he’s not alone in this.

      If you look deeply enough into the other “real” conspiracies, you’ll see they’re also b.s., concocted and propagated by folks who profit by peddling fear and nonsense.  I can suggest some good places to begin reading.

      • greywolfrs

        I can suggest that you and Stephany feel free to go to those places and NOT come back. You are both fools who do not have the first clue about which you speak, but turn around and have the nerve to say that about someone else.

        Don’t let the door hit you in the ass and say Hi to your life partner, vicki tiffany.

    • Rhonda Hair

      As Milton Friedman stated, “Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.”

      Whatever you think, there is concentrated power here; power to dictate and choose what will be taught and when.  I want none of it.  Leave us free to rise or fall in accordance with the Founders’ plan of individual state laboratories.  Will some fall short?  Yes, but some will excel, and then maybe the other states will follow suit.

  • Don Yealy

    I am scoring the State Dept. of Ed. tests on the Common Core as a part time job. I am seeing that what is being claimed above is indeed a reality in reading comprehension, and science. The facts of science as I learned them in my higher education, are not scored for credit on these exams. What the media says are the facts not the evidence from lab tests and proofs. There is definitely an agenda that wants to move students away from the discovery of facts by using the “scientific method” into a belief system that fits with the culture of belief in what the media says is truth. This is true in the tests I scored from 5th grade to 10th grade. It is very hard to score these tests since I have a strong science education and have worked my career in science fields. We know when a student expresses a science principal as correct, but the State Board of Ed. won’t allow us to score this as a correct response because it must fit the kind of answer they only will except not a scientific fact. These expected correct answers are not what the student knows in most cases. The highest score we are giving is a 2 out of a possible 4. A 2 is considered only vaguely correct and on task and doesn’t show understanding of the question very well. This is the highest score we are giving on the tests for 2 states. The rare student who does fully comprehend the question and properly responds is graded just the same, a 2. Another State will accept a score of 3 as the very highest that can be achieved. To qualify to score these tests after a training  period we must properly score within the very vague  parameters as dictated by this State Board of Ed.. To no ones surprise, those of us with more advanced degrees and education including working in a career of science, have the hardest time qualifying to be able to score properly. This leaves only those with no previous education and specialized training in the subject as the ones who will score the tests. Sort of like the blind leading the blind, or compromise what your profession has trained you and go along with the agenda because this is how you get paid. I feel very strongly about this as a former Certified Secondary School educator.

    In reading comprehension, indeed it is extremely rare to see cursive hand writing that is readable. The vast majority are in some form of printing which is barely readable and of course sentence structure and spelling are not considered important until 8th grade. It is the job of the scorer to figure out what the strange printing is actually saying. The content of the “story” is always one the promotes an agenda again found in popular media. In my view the story is a very subtle form of propaganda on various fronts.

    • Anonymous

      What state do you live in?

    • Anonymous

       This is how Leftist indoctrination programs work. One only gets credit for the politically correct answers, not for the truth.

      They are churning out the Red Guard or Hitler Youth who will bring this nation to ruin by enforcing the Party (Democrat) agenda without regard for truth.

      • Pachy Serrano

        I believe conservatives want to indoctrinate the system with more religion, less science, more intolerance, more segregation, and less funding, plus they want to destroy the Dept of Education and allow private companies to take over, which they will do the same thing Common Core wants to do, but they will call it with another name like Freedom ED or Teach Pure scare tactics by the conservative movement like they have been doing since Obama got into the WH . . . same old trick with a different presentation. Stay involved in your kids education and everything will be fine . . . Be positive, we have lot of work to do.

  • Anonymous

    common core another problem for you /  stupid still = stupid
    try and fix that boneheads

  • Anonymous

    common core another problem for you /  stupid still = stupid
    try and fix that boneheads

  • ellievl

    Think of it this way. I can’t do basic math. I am not able to manage money. I am an idiot. The system will use me, abuse me and when I can’t produce anymore they will euthanize me!
    The only good news is that the teachers will soon be out of a job. As an idiot I will procreate idiots and there will be no need for school teachers to create the idiots. I became an idiot through the pathway of evil. My parents did not challenge the system. My teachers bought into the lie and became promoters of disinformation. They eventually died off and left behind idiots themselves. The system is creating slavery in so many ways!
    Any teacher who is defending this …I will nicely demand that you BE STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are people whose eyes are not blind to the B.S. It’s not over yet! Great Job getting out the truth!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nevermind that the video is heavily edited.. nevermind that nothing in the curriculum says that objective math questions like 3×4=11 would be counted as correct..

    it’s still an OUTRAGE. 

    Sorry to interrupt your indignation, looney tunes.

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying this for years. Parents, find out what they are teaching your children in school. You will not recognize it. Please,Please America, WAKE UP!!!!!!

    • Pachy Serrano

      As long they don’t teach religion and intolerance in our Public Schools we should be OK. We just need to improve outcomes and teaching methods in math and science and we will back on top. So, have faith in your teachers and work together with them. That’s the key for a good education.

      • T funk

        The only problem with your summation this gives teachers latitude to let people skate thats just human nature. So if a school needs to raise their test scores this technique will give them the room to do that, at the students cost. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes, Patchy, everything will be just keen if we dispose of objective moral standards and and quash ‘intolerance’ (aka ‘thoughtcrime’) however we decide to define it. And when we’ve shoveled that manure, we can get back to ‘improving outcomes’. Because, as a liberal in good standing, surely you must agree that school is about equity of outcome, not equity of opportunity. I have faith in my son’s instructors. I have no faith in your kind. I have faith in my son’s ability to separate the wheat from the chaff – something I taught him – and no faith whatsoever in your Common Core. Go soak your head.

  • Anonymous

    This is the same in every science subject. If your working is right but you have made a simple error somewhere in the process then you will get most of the marks. I’ve got an advanced physics degree and it’s the same even when you are doing those exams. You get more marks for your working than you do the actual final answer.

  • suz

    yes, electric shock.  beautiful.  we’ll go w/the shock treatment.  excellent.


    okay, we hunt and peck the Constitution.  they are not going to kill the Constitution.  not gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Don Yearly for vindicating many things I’ve observed in classrooms over 19 years of substituting.  I’m kind of an outsider looking in.  Kids don’t know their times tables and teachers are trying to “make it fun”.  Just learn the darn tables – spend a couple of weeks; practice at home, try involving parents and then you don’t have to spend so much time on making something fun or buying all kinds of supplies & spending taxpayer money to do the what’s not needed.  I understand that some parents and older siblings are too busy with electronics and the hectic lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves but on the way to the store or ballpark or ballet lessons, turn off the electronics and practice time tables. When the parents display the effort and support the importance of learning them, the kids will respond. This carries over to other subjects such as spelling.  Yes, we have spellcheck and no, we don’t use writing as we once did, but I tell the kids they need to practice reading it because someday a boss may leave them a note on their desk.  They will be embarrassed and feel dumb when they have to ask someone to read it for them.  I’m not sure it’s actually that they can’t read it; they just don’t want to take the time to do it in a society that wants everything to be as easy as your next mouse click. Worse, all the younger teachers have been brought up in the electronic age and have no problems with having their phones handy to text (not all do this).  Sometimes, toward the end of a secondary class, many in the classroom and the teacher are all texting.  In earlier times, the kids read a book, started homework maybe while the teacher organized clutter, talked with a student privately about a grade or generally held a little conversation with his/her students to learn more about them – even a mini lesson on something.  I guess we won’t know for many years how this will all turn out but I don’t think it will be good and administrators and those on up the food chain are reluctant to blame some of this on parents who are not interested.  Parents want the schools to do it all and want the right to tell them how to do it as if they are experts!  O.K., I’ll get off my soapbox.

  • Anonymous

    The Muslim Brotherhood in America & COMMON CORE!
    MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GROUP TO CONNECT ALL U.S. SCHOOLS’ – Partners with State, Education departments on international initiative, 01/23/2013, by AARON KLEIN
    JERUSALEM – A Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization has partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program aiming to connect all U.S. schools with classrooms abroad by 2016.
    Vartan Gregorian, a board member of the organization, the Qatar Foundation International, was appointed in 2009 to President Obama’s White House Fellowships Commission.
    WND previously exposed that Gregorian served as a point man in granting $49.2 million in startup capital to an education-reform project founded by former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers and chaired by Obama.
    Documentation shows Gregorian was central in Ayers’ recruitment of Obama to serve as the first chairman of the project, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – a job in which Obama worked closely on a regular basis with Ayers.
    Obama also later said his job at the project qualified him to run for public office, as WND previously reported…….[snip]..

  • Anonymous

    This kind of thing is exactly why we have pulled our 4 children out of public school and are homeschooling. They will not be going back until CC is defeated and removed!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God, Texas has rejected Common Core.  The libs tried but failed to have common core injected into the Texas system, but the Texas Education Agency was forced by the legislature to back away and denounce common core.

  • Bill Culbreth


  • Bill Culbreth

     Good Lord, you would think that after the last debacle of “NEW MATH” educators would have learned their lesson!

  • Anonymous

    Stoopid!   I spelled it that way because this is how it sounds.  As does the 4×3=ll.  Heck, if I knew that, I’d be getting straight A’s in math!

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t there a national school program called Common Sense?  Uh.  Probably that would  make too much sense?

  • Anonymous

    As someone who’s made some effort to teach myself mathematics (which is different from arithmetic, and is what’s being discussed here) later in life, I appreciate this approach that’s being described for Common Core. The problem with the algorithmic approach is it doesn’t communicate the fact that there is conceptual logic behind the answer. The way schools typically teach the subject, the goal is the answer, and there is little to no focus on how you got there. What’s taught is the most efficient method for multiplying two numbers. In my experience this leads to brittle thinking. Being taught this way myself, if I was then asked to describe what multiplication *is*, or to describe the rational basis for my result (beyond just describing the algorithm), or apply a concept from multiplication in an unfamiliar form of a problem, I got stuck, because all I knew was the process for arriving at an answer for multiplying two numbers. It’s really a shortcut, not a fully realized rational explanation. IMO the sort of instruction that encourages this, and the thinking that comes from it, has consequences in our society.

    In everything I’ve heard about this the curriculum tells teachers to care that students be able to compute things like this correctly, but what is more important is that the process the student used at arriving at the answer is logically consistent. I’m just speaking for my own opinion here. I don’t know if this is the criteria they’re using for CC. If this is the approach that’s used, the correct answer becomes a by-product in this process. It puts the emphasis on rationality. That’s where the real work needs to be done. As long as that consistency is there, the correct answer will be the result. If a logical flaw is found, that will usually be reflected in a wrong result as well. There’s a relationship between both of them. It’s not as if (working in the decimal system) you could somehow rationally explain that 3 x 4 = 11 and have that regarded as “good work.”

    Here’s one possible distinction. Being someone who’s been through computer science, I can tell you that different number systems are recognized in mathematics, different number bases. For example, there’s base-8 (octal), not just base-10 (decimal). The numerals 3 and 4 are legal in octal as well as decimal, but in base-8 the result for 3 x 4 is 14, not 12 (1 x 8^1 + 4 x 8^0, with “^” meaning “to the power of”). There is a rational basis for this answer, so long as it’s clearly stated in the reasoning that the student is working in base-8.

    I agree that a problem with this reform effort, as with many others that have come down the pike, is that parents are not oriented to what’s being taught. I agree that should be a part of the program, because there is likely to be new knowledge that parents were not taught in their own schooling, and in order for parents to be involved in their kids’ education (as they most definitely should), they need to understand what their kids are learning.

  • Anonymous

  • chenchen

  • Maryfer Davis

    1. This is stupid. It is as stupid as telling a diabetic not to worry about their 250 level sugar, because you can prove to them why 250 is not really 250. Come on! Really? How stupid can this be! After all the inventions and all the scientific discoveries that have been made with the use of numbers we trust, now they are going to tell children this all can be false if they can prove it is false? How stupid can you be!? Then, forget about all the scientific laws, and hey, just speed up in the interstate, you may be able to prove to the officer or to the judge that 105miles per hour is in reality 65miles per hour. STUPID!

    2. This is another low-life trick from the enemy to disarm our generation from the Truth. Once you “teach” children to doubt what has been truth for ever, what has worked, and encourage them to defy it and make up their own conclusions, “because after all, they are ALL alright if they can just tell us how they got there”, the same way they will treat not only the constitution of this country, but from there anything on to The Truth of God (The Bible). They will feel they have the right to defy all laws and anything that has been written in the past. This is nothing an attempt to create a incredulous generation that won’t believe anything but what they can comprehend in their mind. Therefore a generation of rebellious minds that not only will self destruct by their own error, but that will also accept anything else as truth. If you are a Christian, get some “NORMAL Math Worksheets” and practice with your kid at home. Do not let your kid doubt that what has been set as 3×4=12 is a lie. Do not let your kid think that the hard work and the blood shed in the past has been in vane. Teach your kids the value of truth and that truth never changes.

  • Maryfer Davis


    This is stupid. It is as stupid as telling a diabetic not to worry
    about their 250 level sugar, because you can prove to them why 250 is
    not really 250. Come on! Really? How stupid can this be! After all
    the inventions and all the scientific discoveries that have been made
    with the use of numbers we trust, now they are going to tell children
    this all can be false if they can prove it is false? How stupid can you
    be!? Then, forget about all the scientific laws, and hey, just speed up
    in the interstate, you may be able to prove to the officer or to the
    judge that 105miles per hour is in reality 65miles per hour. STUPID!2.
    This is another low-life trick from the enemy to disarm our generation
    from the Truth. Once you “teach” children to doubt what has been truth
    for ever, what has worked, and encourage them to defy it and make up
    their own conclusions, “because after all, they are ALL alright if they
    can just tell us how they got there”, the same way they will treat not
    only the constitution of this country, but from there anything on to The
    Truth of God (The Bible). They will feel they have the right to defy
    all laws and anything that has been written in the past. This is nothing
    an attempt to create a incredulous generation that won’t believe
    anything but what they can comprehend in their mind. Therefore a
    generation of rebellious minds that not only will self destruct by their
    own error, but that will also accept anything else as truth. If you are
    a Christian, get some “NORMAL Math Worksheets” and practice with your
    kid at home. Do not let your kid doubt that what has been set as 3×4=12 -do not encourage your kid to make up truths that are lies. Do not let your kid think that the hard work and the blood
    shed in the past has been in vane. Teach your kids the value of truth
    and that truth never changes.

  • Anonymous

    Common Core + Muslim Brotherhood + Tariq Ramadan (Director of the Research Centre of Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) + Vartan Gregorian (The Qatar Foundation (International) + President Obama’s White House Fellowships Commission + Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers + Department of State  + U.S. Department of Education + Obama’s June 2009 Cairo speech “create a new online network, so a young person in Kansas can communicate instantly with a young person in Cairo.” + Al Jazeera (founder: Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani) Muslim Brotherhood in America’s plan to destroy America and form a global caliphate = I see no problem here! Move along folks!

  • John Burleson

    I can see the Potato Patch Parade from here!! I’ll reiterate all over myself by quoting me, The SOG Geezer: Ya don’ git da gubmint ya wantz; ya don’ git da gubmint ya needz…. Ya git da gubmint ya deserves.

    John Burleson, who not only doesn’t fear evil, he thinks its funny to squish it.

  • ..

    It sounds like Obamanomics to me.

  • Anonymous

    In the past we memorized times tables. That is how we knew it was 12.
    That left time to teach other things.
    If the kid comes up with 11 – no matter how inventive he is in his reasoning – he is still wrong.
    Folks this is why they need to go to China and India to get workers for the high paying jobs in America.

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be a serious misrepresentation about the Common Core curriculum itself which is only exasperated by the release of videos such as this.The concept actually makes sense and, if followed correctly, may improve the quality of teaching on a broad scale.

    Thoe problem doesn’t lie in the curriculum itself, but in the way it is being implemented. The idea of a “one size fits all” approach to education and the idea of federal and state agencies running our school systems is dangerous. Plus, it looks like many of the good teachers are quitting because of the added requirements being forced down on them by these same agencies that have nothing to with teaching at all. What’s left is an overly administered system with a lot of teachers who couldn’t teach any curriculum given to them, whether it’s CC or something else.

    Education doesn’t have to be this complicated. Unfortunately the influence of uninformed politicians, top-heavy education agencies, some overzealous administrator and teachers, textbook publishers, and some very bad colleges, have made it so.

  • Anonymous

    I can see where they’re concerned about how the schools have changed the algorithms, such that parents don’t understand how to help their kids with their homework. I think it’s necessary to bring the parents along with any curriculum change, because of this. However, Glenn keeps making this point that CC is going to teach kids that, “It’s alright if Johnny or Jane says 4 x 3 = 11, because he/she can explain it.” That’s not what the official is saying. She’s saying inarticulately that what matters more than the final answer is the *reasoning process*, that so long as the reasoning is correct, the answer to 4 x 3 *will be 12*, and that if a student came up with 11, that would occur because the student made a *mistake* in their reasoning, and they should be corrected, or at least challenged on that, so that they correct their own reasoning, and correct their answer. Now, whether schools will actually do this under CC is another question entirely, in my view. Too often in the past with education reform efforts schools have been concerned with not damaging students’ self-esteem, and so were loathe to correct students on anything. Glenn appears to be thinking this is the same thing, that if the schools are taking the emphasis off of getting the right final answer, and putting more on explaining how they got it, that must be because they want to make it acceptable to come up with a wrong final answer, “Because Johnny/Jane can justify it in his/her own way.” I think Glenn has gone off the mark here, because he just plain doesn’t trust the school system. I don’t blame his mistrust, but I think if he were to apply his understanding of reasoning (which I think he has) to this issue he’d see where the official was going with this.

    Perhaps the most egregious error the official made in this presentation, which elicited the question from the teacher, is that she left out the idea that along with math, students would be learning about logic and reasoning, and that this would be the standard by which students would solve problems. That’s where the “explaining” comes in. It’s not just *any* explanation that’s acceptable. It’s an explanation that comports with reasoned logic.

  • Anonymous

    You think the Chinese have problems with teaching their kids math the old-fashioned way? Excuse me, I meant to say ‘the correct way’?

  • Anonymous

    Common Core is Communism

  • Richard Jones

    And they will tell them that you can actually divide a zero into as many whole numbers as you want.
    As early as 598 BC, The Brahmasphutasiddhanta of Brahmagupta
    found that a “positive or negative number when divided by zero is a fraction with
    the zero as denominator. Zero divided by a negative or positive number
    is either zero or is expressed as a fraction with zero as numerator and
    the finite quantity as denominator. Zero divided by zero is zero.”
    But then again, the liberal elite does not know logic or reason.

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