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Good morning,

It’s not easy to stand for freedom of speech, especially when you don’t like it.

Today, TV providers have added Al Jazeera America to channel line ups across the country in 48 million homes. That’s 48 million families who now have the choice, if they are so inclined and find that Al Jazeera represents their values, of getting their news from an international organization funded by the Middle Eastern country of Qatar.

We believe in more voices, not less. We recognize TV providers’ right to make Al Jazeera America’s programming available to anyone who wants to watch it. We think it’s great to have another voice in the national conversation.

But what about something for those whose values don’t align with Al Jazeera America? What about the people across the country who have spent countless hours on the phone asking their TV provider to addTheBlaze to their channel lineup?

All we’re asking for is TheBlaze to be a part of the conversation. We want TV providers to give their customers the CHOICE of watching TheBlaze, the same way many of them have given their audience the choice of watching Al Jazeera America.

Thanks to your efforts, TheBlaze has already partnered with dozens of TV providers across the country, but we have a long way to go. Today, we are asking you to take action and call your TV provider and ask that they add TheBlaze to your channel lineup.

We want you to take action:

· Get Chatty: Call 1-800-996-2529 and tell the representative that you have choices in TV providers, and that you want them to add TheBlaze right away.

· Get Social: Post on your TV provider’s Facebook page. Tweet at them using the hashtag #GetTheBlaze

· Get Together: Set up a meeting with fellow TheBlaze fans at your local TVprovider’s service center. Be kind. Bring them coffee and cupcakes. But let it be known that you’d like TheBlaze.

· Get Photographic: Take a picture of yourself with your cable bill, or with your “I Want TheBlaze Because” sign, and post it on social media using #GetTheBlaze

· Get Creative: How else can you get through to the decision-makers at your cable company? Be creative, and then let us know about it @GetTheBlaze on Twitter.

This isn’t about shutting Al Jazeera America out of the conversation. We’re doing this today because it represents yet another news network being added on the left side of the political spectrum, while everyone who identifies as libertarian or conservative still only has one network to turn to.

The mainstream media has always been slanted, and today we want to make sure YOUR voice is heard over the bias noise from the left.

All the details can be found on

– TheBlaze