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The below is a partial transcript of Glenn’s monologue tonight exposing Al Jazeera, America’s newest news network. 

In the aftermath of 9/11, Al Jazeera was obtaining and airing terror tapes directly from terrorists and protecting their identities. Normally concealing a source is a time-honored tradition in the media, but when your source is responsible for thousands of murders, there’s nothing honorable about protecting them.

When America was wounded, they were giving voice, aid, and comfort to the terrorists. In fact, one of their main sources of revenue aside from oil subsidies was opening up offices in Al Qaeda and Taliban controlled neighborhoods so they could get a foothold and footage from dangerous areas and sell it. There were literally profiting off of terrorists. That’s why some of their offices were damaged during strikes on Al Qaeda hangouts, because they were hanging out with Al Qaeda.

Less than a month after 9/11, Al Jazeera aired an exclusive bin Laden audiotape and a steady stream of propaganda pictures, including dead children and other alleged victims. But oftentimes the footage wasn’t real or from something other than American bombings. In November 2001, they aired another exclusive. Al Jazeera decided they wanted to feature bin Laden’s young sons wielding AK-47s.

The day after Christmas 2001, another bin Laden tape aired in which he praised terrorism efforts against the U.S. They aired footage of a 22-year-old American being beheaded. Not only was it a horrible thing to air, it wasn’t even real. They have consistently aired footage of American hostages being held against their will by terrorists threatening to behead them. This is not a network with opposing views.

Al Jazeera is as close to the enemy of the state as any media can get, and quite honestly, in today’s America, that’s pretty hard to beat. Think about how much faster we could have defeated and killed bin Laden if they just would’ve tipped us off who dropped off the tapes. That’s how we eventually got him, through a courier. Al Jazeera was the closest thing we had a lead on to bin Laden, and instead of helping us, they helped him. They chose to spread his propaganda.

The question that you have to ask is why would a network do this? Why? We know GE, they’re selling wind turbines. Why Al Jazeera? Go back to their birth certificate. They are interested in the promotion and protection of sharia law. In over a decade, they haven’t changed, and the evidence of this is quite stark. In fact, let me give you the latest, what happened in their Egyptian Bureau during the recent violence.

TheBlaze showed the violence and the killing of the Coptic Christians to you just last night; however, Al Jazeera had a different spin. The Egyptian Bureau of Al Jazeera all walked out because their global corporate brass told them to slant their coverage to favor the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe that’s why the president and Hillary Clinton both praise Al Jazeera.

Below, Glenn lays out some of the worst examples of Al Jazeera’s coverage:

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Al Jazeera is the terrorist propaganda network, exactly as MSNBC and CNN are for the Democrat Socialists.

  • JETS#1

    Oh would you look at that he plays only clips from the Arab Al-Jazeera while the European Al-Jazeera which our model will be based off of is no where to be found

    • Dina Dunkelman

       Well of course JETS, that’s exactly the point – Taqqiyah, or deception for the sake of Allah – Anything to spread Islam, including speaking in two voices.
      One main voice is for the Arab Masses, which as non-Arabic speakers, we tend to ignore (at our own peril), and the other voice for the Western audience, in which Islam pretends to be a peaceful, non-threatening lifestyle. See, in the Arab channel they scream “kill the Jews”, and in the Western channel they speak about human rights. See the problem?
      It doesn’t add up. We must listen to their Arabic.

      • JETS#1

         Well as someone who is CLEARLY so educated on the middle east tell me who is more popular in the Middle East right now Al-Jazeera or Bassem Youssef?

        • Anonymous

          Nice Try JETS#1 to change the subject. Your redirection is a complete fail. Al-Jazeera is nothing more than the mouth piece of radical Islam. They have to faces. One – their real face telling the Arab world to hate America and the west. Kill the infidels. Marry a nine year old. Martyr yourself with bombs on the Jews. How to properly beat your wife…

          Then the second face is the ruse complaining about human rights and Islam is a religion of peace.

          You are either a great fool or part of their propaganda arm. Which are you?

          • silentnomore

            Right on BF..trying to side-step or manipulate the topic is all JETS is doing. I was “ticked” at first about AJ but am gonna make the best of it and turn it around on “them”. We’ll be able to see exactly what they are trying to broadcast as the news and show their true meaning by revealing what was said here vs Arabic version.  AJ will be confronted on any & all issues till reporters will quit and go else where & quality content & advertiser dollars  go elsewhere. Boycott products/services of any advertizers & let them know why you are taking said actions!

        • silentnomore

          Brute force is the arm of Islam’s spreading in the Middle East, not spreading by “brotherly love” of one another. No choices, just Sharia Law or death!

          • Anonymous

            you are right, we are listening and we have to start screaming over this.  Imagine the VP of the U.S. selling his station to Al Jazeera instead of Beck, we all know where this whore’s loyalty is and it isn’t to this great country.  Gore a joke and sell out.

  • Anonymous

    No it isn’t what we want, but until we start screaming and calling advertisers of this schlock muslim mouthpiece we will loose.  I called Neat company and sent it around to all my friends, up to them to do something, I called AT&T because I want Glenn back, we as a country need to have him back.  Unfortunately for us everything he said while on fox as come true and they made fun of him, well we are the recipients of the truth and it isn’t pretty in this country.

  • Anonymous

    Something is wrong when we are so tolerant and politically correct that we help engineer our own demise.  Our Founders would be appalled at our idiocy today.  The words of the late great Benjamin Franklin were a warning “you have a Republic if you can keep it.”  The Revolutionary War was not fought for this kind of ignorance and laziness.  Too bad we have failed to teach students of the public indoctrination centers posing as schools our founding principles, heroes and documents over the past several decades.  It shows.  

    • Anonymous

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      Then the second face is the ruse complaining about human rights and Islam is a religion of peace.

      • Anonymous

        ”cute”, if you are going to use the comments made by another poster to post as

        your own, then it would nice to say where you ”borrowed” your comment.

  • Anonymous

    I watched Al-Jazeera live online while the riots were happening on Friday. They were inside a mosque saying the military was beating people and using tear gas.  I’ve never seen such a staged piece of propaganda in my life. The people were just standing there until they notices a camera looking at them. Then they would put on a mask as if they were choking from the tear gas. They had people with riot helmets pretending to be the military, but they were just standing there doing nothing.  

    Never trust Al-Jazeera or any Muslim.

  • Anonymous

    AL- Jerkoffska we all ready put on the parental block let me put this in a very simple way I don’t give a flying crap what you dish out BYE !

  • Anonymous

    no surprise that killary, bo love it – they’re anti-american, as well… mccain sorta surprises me,but I imagine it will be another propaganda machine for the statist media… .what else is new… nothing is surprising, anymore…

  • Anonymous

    On Dish Al Jazeera is still labeled as Current TV on the channel description. When I called to voice my disappointment in having this added to my channel lineup the rep first tried to lecture me about religious tolerance for the million plus Muslims we have in this country. At  that point I interrupted him and told him my disappointment had noting to do with my religion but everything to do with my love of country and the blood of the scores of patriots who felt the same way. If these newcomer to America want to assimilate to the American way of life more power to them but don’t come here dragging all the baggage with you from the country you fled! If you want to watch American hater television pack your bags and head on back to your country of origin!

  • Dave Peters

    Its time to excersise my right to free speech while I still can. Open your eyes Americans. I dont care if your on the right , or left liberal or conservative, or anywhere in between. We have rodeo clowns being banned for a joke, calling it hate, manufactured racism designed to divide us. Obama care that is destroying the 40 hour wok week. Children being encouraged to use any restroom or locker room they choose because they mey be cofused about their true gender. Christians being slaughtered in the middle east, with little to no outrage from the west. A president and his administration, wrong on everything, actually saying that the future should not belong to those who slander the profit of islam,really??!! Not to mention common core in our schools teaching that 3×4 could be 11 and its ok. Its not ok!! Children are also being expelled for making a gun with their hand and saying bang. What has happened to common sense? This is what fundamental transformation looks like. How do ya like it? Stand as Americans and commonn sense, and traditional American values.

  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    It is hard for me to believe that there is any red blooded American citizens that would subscribe to a cable or satellite service that would carry this anti-American slop. Yet the article indicates there were some. We are so gullible, or tolerant, that we allow our enemies into our land through our porous borders and our outdated immigration laws and our political correctness.

  • Anonymous

    Comcast Cable TV, Dish TV, Direct TV, Verizon and Time Warner are all carrying the Al Jazeera Network.
    AT&T is the ONLY cable TV provider who refused to carry Al Jazeera.

    The PIVOT NETWORK was also quietly added around the same time as Al Jazeera.
    Pivot targets young people ages 15 – 34 and says “their purpose is to inspire and accelerate social change.”
    Several times a day, Pivot airs programs like “LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE”, a situation COMEDY about the comical, thoroughly Westernized, peace loving Muslims who live in a fictitious prairie town somewhere in Canada. Muslims and infidels alike gather daily at Fatima’s Café to sip coffee and Coke, down burgers and to work together on such family friendly projects like “ISLAMAPALOOZA”, a town wide festival featuring all things Islamic.
    Other programing includes a gender bending talk show that showcases the issues facing the LGBT community, documentaries featuring socialist thought, “green solutions”, and the joys of multiculturalism…

    Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    We are in the process of destroying our nation, our culture, our children and ultimately our freedom.  
    If everyone CANCELED their cable TV subscription, we could force cable TV providers to remove Al Jazeera and Pivot from their channel line up. 

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