Christian Church attacked in East Jerusalem

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TheBlaze has been one of the few news outlets covering the burning down of churches and persecution of Christians in Egypt. And now it looks like some of that violence has spilled into East Jerusalem. On radio this morning, Glenn shared the story of Pastor Khoury of the Calvary Baptist Church in East Jerusalem. Glenn got to know Pastor Khoury and his family during his time in Israel for Restoring Courage.

“Do you remember Pastor Khoury,” Glenn asked Pat. “He was a Palestinian Christian. He was a Muslim, who wanted to check out the Christian church. And he would walk through the killing zone, climb over fences, and he would try to get from the Palestinian quarter to the Christian quarter to be able to go to church. And he was almost killed every Sunday. And he would go to church. I’ll never forget meeting this guy. Such a remarkable hero.”

This morning, Glenn got some troubling news about his friend and his ministry. Sunday afternoon, Pastor Khoury’s church in East Jerusalem was attacked. Glenn only spent a little bit of time in Israel, but he quickly learned that Christians are not welcomed with open arms in East Jerusalem.

“We were in East Jerusalem and they were giving a cocktail hour with me, and these people wanted to thank me for support of Israel,” Glenn explained. “They lived on this floor. It was probably, what, ten floors up, six floors up, something like that? And the people found out. The Palestinians in the area found out that we were up there and they literally went crazy. They were throwing chairs at the building, trying to throw anything they could up at us at the building. So that’s where this guy is. I mean, this is a place where, if you are a Christian or a Jew and you call the police, they are not coming. They are just not coming… So he has his church in that neighborhood.”

In the wake of Restoring Courage, Pastor Khoury and his family came under increased scrutiny for their involvement in the event. “Early Monday morning in Jerusalem, [Pastor Khoury] got word that his church in East Jerusalem, one of the fastest growing churches in Jerusalem, was attacked on Sunday afternoon,” Glenn said. “They burned the entrance and the trees and the playground area. Meanwhile, all of the residents, none of them said anything. Nobody did anything. They couldn’t call the police because that would have only made it worse. And the Israeli firefighters had to come in and put it out. The landlord is a moderate Muslim and he’s being pressured and threatened by the community not to house this church. The future of their church is at risk because they are threatened to the point where the congregation can no longer meet. They will be homeless in the next 30 to 60 days because no one is willing to rent to the Christians.”

Technically, the church is under Palestinian jurisdiction, and the Palestinian fire department should have been responsible for putting out the fire, but they stood by and watched as Israeli relief rushed in to help.

“Again, the back story on Pastor Khoury: Palestinian Christian 15 years ago, he was beaten up with metal chains and sticks by the families of young men he was trying to mentor as a Christian,” Glenn said. “It’s horrifying what is going on and no one really wants to talk about it. What they do want to talk about, at least the people in power, is how great and how much you can trust Al Jazeera because they’re going to give you the ‘real story.’”

Yesterday, Al Jazeera America launched in 48 million homes with an extremely over-produced video heralding its work as a global news network and highlighting some of the favorable comments it has received over the years from American figureheads like Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Given its checkered past, it is hard to imagine Al Jazeera America will provide the straight and narrow it touts on stories dealing with Christian persecution in the Middle East. “You think they’re going to say anything,” Glenn asked. “No. Their Egyptian newsroom walked because Qatar told them ‘Slant your news towards the Muslim Brotherhood.’”

“Let’s see if [the Al Jazeera America workers] do the same thing when told to do the same thing,” Pat challenged.

“Yeah,” Glenn sad. “Let’s see if they do it.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    And as usual, very little will be stated about it in the media unless the administration chooses to make it news-worthy to advance their agenda.

    • Anonymous

      You got that right.

    • Anonymous

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      I do not get is…didn’t American and NATO forces come in and helped
      Muslims who were being ethnically cleansed in the 90’s? Christians are
      now being ethnically cleansed in the Middle East and where is the
      outrage from the west?

  • Anonymous

    That’s odd. The Christians used to live great in Palestine. They used to get along great with the Muslims there.  Until…………

  • Anonymous

    I am trying to get all Christian’s to participate tomorrow (Friday) into wearing their favorite Jesus/ Christian T-shirt in support of our Brother’s and Sister’s who are being persecuted in Egypt and around the world to show them they are not alone and that we are standing with them and praying. Join us Please.

  • Paul Otto

    What I do not get is…didn’t American and NATO forces come in and helped Muslims who were being ethnically cleansed in the 90’s? Christians are now being ethnically cleansed in the Middle East and where is the outrage from the west?

  • Anonymous

    Wow it is really is starting to look like we are playing the part of the great whore we go in support the evil side and then go back in the shadows of the dirty alleys of lies and corruption !
    A whore gives it away but she always has a way of proving it when she uses it against you down the road .

  • Isaiah Daniels

    I can’t fathom how the Israeli government can tolerate the violence on Jewish people. I already understand why our own administration refuses to take a stand on anything other than NSA, Obamacare, yada, yada, yada…. The Bible tells us that we will be “persecuted for His Namesake” Matthew 5:11, 10:22, 24:9 and it hasn’t yet begun here. We have it very easy so far.

    Obama is like the worn out mother in the grocery store telling her unruly child that he’s gonna get it when he gets home. You know, the kid with that “NO, I WON’T” look on his face? Syria gassed 100 more of its’ citizens today and it isn’t the first time. Remember, Obama said that this is a line that bares serious consequence if crossed? Assad is the little kid with “that” look.

    Maybe Obama will get even, he can cancel another meeting with Putin. That should show them, right?Military personnel disabled by “workplace violence” in Texas can’t even get full benefits because it wasn’t a war injury or an act of terror, says them.Better be ready, it’s going to get worse before it ever gets better.

    Time to Pray harder!

    • Anonymous

      Our time is coming – when obama ends his term in office then I feel we will see a different obama.  We will be persecuted at that time.  He is muslim and does not like Christians and doesn’t believe in our Bible.  He has a terrible, mean, horrible and evil side to him.

      • mspatdev

        It may happen before the end of his term. He is the biggest liar on earth. He took the oath 3 different times with 3 different Bibles. The people should have known that he wasn’t Christian in 2008. That was a given. He is a terrible pres. mean, liar, horrible and you can see the evil side of him. When a bill doesn’t pass that he wants then you can see the evil in him. He gets so mad and acts like a spoiled child and gets in OUR helicopter or air-force one and goes to see his union socialist, communist buddies. What a disgrace he is. He has no clout with any of the world governments. How sad for the American people.

  • Maidservant Huldah

    Jesus said:

    John 16:2-3  “They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God. These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me.”

    Prayers to the churches in the wake of this rampage.

  • Anonymous

    Christ said that,’if we love him (Christ)  and were faithful followers (Christians),  we would also be persecuted as Christ was.  He finally gave his live for us.  Have faith and look up for our redemption draws nye. 

  • Anonymous

    The only good thing I can process is that ” the PEOPLE are the church”. Wherever they may be or meet

  • suz

    “…this is a place where, if you are a Christian or a Jew and you call the police, they are not coming. They are just not coming… So he has his church in that neighborhood.”

    unbelievable.  i’m shocked.  east jerusalem is in jerusalem for cryin’ out loud!  shocked the police wouldn’t help.

  • nutt

    Any corroborating links to this event, because I can’t find any coverage that isn’t The Blaze. However, if you look for churches being attacked in East Jerusalem, I think you’d be surprised to see who’s been behind most of the current vandalism. Example here 

  • Anonymous

    Of COURSE they’ll slant it in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslims have been doing this ever since Muhammad proclaimed that “Allah” COMMANDED it. Mark my word: if Shari’a Laws EVER be imposed in the United States, there will be only mosques “from sea to shining sea”.

  • GratefulOne

    I grieve over the loss of the insightful, intelligent, open-minded, kindhearted, so well-informed, gentle folks of the recently departed Current TV anchors. Such a waste of gifted talent. 

  • Anonymous

     were turning into more anti-christian anti-American country.

  • Anonymous

    Comcast Cable TV, Dish TV, Direct TV, Verizon and Time Warner are all carrying the Al Jazeera Network.
    AT&T is the ONLY cable TV provider who refused to carry Al Jazeera.
    The PIVOT NETWORK was also quietly added around the same time as Al Jazeera.
    Pivot targets young people ages 15 – 34 and says “their purpose is to inspire and accelerate social change.”
    Several times a day, Pivot airs programs like “LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE”, a situation COMEDY about the comical, thoroughly Westernized, peace loving Muslims who live in a fictitious prairie town somewhere in Canada. Muslims and infidels alike gather daily at Fatima’s Café to sip coffee and Coke, down burgers and to work together on such family friendly projects like “ISLAMAPALOOZA”, a town wide festival featuring all things Islamic.
    Other programing includes a gender bending talk show that showcases the issues facing the LGBT community, documentaries featuring socialist thought, “green solutions”, and the joys of multiculturalism…
    Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”
    We are in the process of destroying our nation, our culture, our children and ultimately our freedom.  
    If everyone CANCELED their cable TV subscription, we could force cable TV providers to remove Al Jazeera and Pivot from their channel line up. 

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