Head of Mercury Studios accused of treason during radio

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Glenn called his VP of Studio Operations and SVP of Studio Operations (who was “in traffic”) on the radio show today to answer for what he called ‘almost Mercury treason’ concerning some new policies being implemented. What has Glenn so flustered that he disturbed the entire show to address it? Some new ‘green’ policies sent Glenn over the edge…

Check out the email that circulated the studios just a few weeks ago:

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to let you know that we now have two water coolers available to you. One is located in the kitchen downstairs and the other is upstairs in the south side production room. Water bottles are still available for use in areas that have exposed equipment. However, we encourage you to use water from the coolers when at your desk as they are much more cost effective and environmentally friendly. If you happen to refill the water cooler you only need to remove the sticker, there is no need to remove the top. We understand that the cups that come with the cooler are small, so please feel free to bring in water bottles or larger glasses for personal use.

On a related note, we will be begin recycling plastic bottles as well as cardboard & paper. You will be seeing receptacles labeled accordingly. We appreciate your cooperation in placing items in the appropriate receptacles.

Thank you!

CC: Sarah, James

Here you can see a follow up e-mail, further stressing the importance of being “enviormrntally friendly:

Hello Everyone,

I want to start off by thanking everyone for making the switch to using the large water coolers when possible. I think it’s been very successful so far.

On a related environmentally friendly note, there are some updates and requests that we would like to make everyone aware of.

1. We have a long cardboard box downstairs on a table by the far right loading dock door for the recycling of light bulbs. Please don’t throw your old light bulbs out in the garbage as we are paying to recycle them. If you need to know where it is specifically I would be happy to show you.
2. We recently purchased some inexpensive cardboard containers for the recycling of card board and plastic bottles. They are located throughout the building in areas where they seemed needed. These may eventually be replaced by large blue recycling garbage cans, but for now please use these for recycling only.
3. Blue recycling cans vs. black trash cans. Please use the blue recycling cans for paper, plastic and cardboard and the black cans for trash. If you notice an area that does not have one or the other, please let me know and I will work on getting what is needed for that area.



So a little recycling – no big deal, right? But what about when things go too far…like when recyclable spoons disintegrate while stirring hot coffee?

Watch the clip at the top of the page for the full story and to find out the fates of these environmentally conscience individuals!

  • Anonymous

    Every time I hear or see the word green I want to pitch my cookies. I’ll be the first one to pick up and keep clean where I live and work. I never like wasting anything that can be reused but this “green” movement tears it.

  • Beanlet

    Loved this video. So much fun.  “Global warming… a load of crap.”  “Please make the nightmare end.”   Thanks.

    • Anonymous

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      agree with you. Attitude was atrocious when called to answer for all
      the green crap.  That attitude alone would get you fired from my office.

      • Anonymous

        ”cute”,  if you are going to borrow someone’s post, then post it as your own,

         then at least, give the credit to the original poster.

    • http://AskHuldah.blogspot.com/ Maidservant Huldah

      Just discussed this issue today.

      Genesis 8:22 says:
      “While the earth remains,
      Seedtime and harvest,
      And cold and heat,
      And summer and winter,
      And day and night
      Shall not cease.”


    • Anonymous

      Beck is a fucking lame-o

  • Onteo

    Hookah lounge????? Please provide a guided tour given by Jeffie. Please.

  • Anonymous

    I live in California, so people tend to go to extremes with the “green” stuff. I drive an economical car, I reasonably recycle, I keep my thermostat at 78 or 79 in the summer, but disintegrating spoons are really taking it too far…… I’m with Glenn on this one.

  • Anonymous

    what a crock, Glenn should fire both of them.

    • Anonymous

       Absolutely agree with you. Attitude was atrocious when called to answer for all the green crap.  That attitude alone would get you fired from my office.

  • Anonymous

    I have a great idea that makes perfect sense well if nobody eats there green vegetables problem solved (ya I know but it makes about the same sense as this whole green lie)   : }

  • Anonymous

    This video was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  • Isaiah Daniels

    Too bad you can’t buy “canned” water to take to work with you. 😉

    I know, Glen should buy a truckload of Styrofoam cups, yeaaaah, THAT’S the ticket!

    BTW, tell your “honchos” that spinach will help them recycle better… 

  • Anonymous

    Why does the Blaze have a “Hookah Lounge” ???

  • Anonymous

    First of all, she is a Lib!! Thank goodness she showed her colors with actions! Second of all, knowing she is a commie angry lib, Glenn will have to be judicious in the matter of her employment, or she will sue, guaranteed!! Third and finally, Glenn please vette your future hires THOROUGHLY, due to commie moles being a security issue. P.S. you may want to investigate WHO IT IS that is tired of emptying the trash that “keeps filling up and filling up”, maybe her little bro- so now you can cut him a check while he has more free time to do God knows what in your studios….hey I’ll take that job!!! Trash cans that keep ” filling up and filling up” can only mean job security!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m with the guy that says, ‘If you want to be green, eat more leafy vegetables.’ Oh, and zucchini is in season too.

  • Anonymous

    Broccoli is good too. But if you add a light cheese sauce, mixed with white wine, light on the garlic, some ground pepper, you’d make a fine Creamed Broccoli.

  • chip griffin

    THE TRUTH THAT USE TO STOP OR WAS IT STARTS THERE/ HERE. Glen’s TV, GLOBAL WARMING is real and has been proven on several levels by many of the professional in that field. it is fact.
       as to where i got my proof to the GLOBAL WARMING, and the rate in which it is warming. it came from above, well rather across. you see i was woke up one morning by a group of men who were not so well dressed, more a everyday type of wear. these men took me by the arms and rushed me off to the north pole. as we arrived, yes without the use of planes or any flying machine. an iceberg about the size 3 football fields fell into the ocean, within mins. another did the same. in about 30 mins time, i watched more than 30 of these drop or fall into the ocean.
      i said they came from across, because i looked across the room to see them, but they stated they in fact came from above, not UFO’s, but that GOD himself had sent them. that i was to be shown a few things before bringing my new found information to the world as a whole. they called themselves “the staff” as to ” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. ” referring to psalm 24;5  i believe it is.
    yes these men of GOD spent a few days with me setting the record straight on a few very important topics. another one of the topic was the moon and how and why it’s being lit from the bottom now and for the past few years. i know the net claims otherwise, but i had never noticed it before, and once i began to add up all the other things they had shown me. i’m inclined to believe them. also the “love of many that shall wax cold” or in the last days “19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! matthew 24;19 for those who use protection, birth control, or abortion, and the volinent times here in america, soon to come to our shores. i could go on for some time with what i have been shown, i doubt you’ll read or believe this. so i say, as surely as the lord lives, i bring the truth…

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    if i may interject:  whenever you place a plastic spoon in hot liquid there is a chemical that is released.  now this has nothing to do w/being green or sustainable or recycling.  it’s just a fact.  hot plastic releases a chemical, you drink or eat and it then enters your body.  i don’t know what a corn or biodegradable spoon is but just as long as it doesn’t release harmful chemicals — that’s the question you want to ask when purchasing.  what’s it made of and what happens when it’s used w/food at a certain temp.

    best way to go little stainless steel spoons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1265618997 Katherine Parker Wilson

    Whether or not you believe in global warming or climate change, there is no reason to make more trash.  Fewer landfills, I think that’s an environmental cause we can all get behind.  Chill, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    What can one expect when they hire a died in the wool liberal that has worked for CNN, and I believe MSNBC. She is a Marxist, just like all of her liberal friends. And, she hires her HUSBAND. Glenn, you had better start paying more attention to the people in your organization. Remember, cancer infiltrates the body and ultimately destroys it.

  • Anonymous

    So…saving mony is a problem how? Recycling things makes there be more for everyone. But with stuff like the spoons melting there is an easy solution. Bring your own when bringing your own glassware. As soon as the person putting in the spoons see that nobody is using them they will be gone. Or maybe if people are drinking hot coffee from melting whatever they can be responsible for his or her own options. From reading the memos sent to everyone it sounds like people are being given all kinds of options except the one that makes more trash. How is being responsible treason?

  • Anonymous

    I will not eat off any plastic, I carry my own silverware and wash them in my house.  All this recycle stuff, means less people are employed.  

  • Anonymous

    Well, Glenn, since I live in the SF Bay area, I understand where your studio ops lady is coming from.  We have been into this ”green” business for some years now.  Asked to recycle just about everything from paper, aluminum, glass, to food wastes (bones, teabags, coffee grounds, food scraps, etc.), and plastics.  One gets used to it and it does make the environment a bit better.

  • Richard G

    “If anyone in this company does anything in the name of global warming, they will be fired! Global warming is a load of crap!” That was awesome! 

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