WATCH: We must stand with the Christians in Egypt

Things are bad in Egypt and only getting worse, especially for Christians who have been persecuted during the recent chaos. Glenn lays out the story no one is telling in this clip from The Glenn Beck Program:

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  • Robert Harrold

    One of the most gripping commentaries that I’ve heard in a long time.  Please make the entire segment available for download.  We need to have this seen by as many people as we can get it to via email, church, blogs…I am afraid for Western Civilization.  Where is “The Hammer” and “Vlad” when we need them? o’feet-of-clay, the closet Shiite has given the green light by his failure to represent American Values around the world …his plan?

  • americanathlete

    World War III brewing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes me back to the Aaron Tippin song: You’ve gotta stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything; you’ve gotta be your own man, not a puppet on a string……There’s no gray area any more, you’re either with Christ or the devil!!!!!!!

  • Susan Cummings

    America, under this Administration is partly to blame.  This is not who we are…they truly do have blood on their hands.

  • wisdomcries

    Well the headlines indicate that we are in an age of persecution. 
    Followed by the mark of the Beast.

    Is it 10 yrs? 30 Yrs?

    With NSA, FBI et all, knowing every word we type or speak and then the declaration stating we are the terrorists by the Ovomit administration, this means if you don’t conform to the meme, I suggest it will be closer to 10 yrs and you will have to take a litmus test or be excommunicated.

    • chip griffin

      TEN YEARS, YOU’RE DREAMING. it wont be 6 months. knocking on your door. are you willing to die, they are not bringing life. convert or die. what will it be?

  • Anonymous

    I am a Christian, and I feel for the Coptic Christians, and the moderate Muslims in Egypt trying to get their country back to some semblance of security so they can continue to grow their nation toward freedom and acceptance of each other.  How can our present administration say they did not “side with” the Muslim Brotherhood?  How many visits were made to the White House by the Muslim Brotherhood?
    I want to let the Coptic Christians and the true moderate Muslims know that I pray for your well-being and I am storming heaven through prayer that your safety and security are assured as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    PRAY FOR OUR CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS-because evil will destroy all that is good and like Glenn said don’t let your flame burn out.Keep it lit because the light will prevail thru all this darkness.Pray for Egypt and for the Muslim Brotherhood because they do not know what they do.

  • sara holy land

    Sorry, remind you that your country did not came in time to stop the Holocaust.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the Muslim outrage…there isn’t any and never will be. Take note…Muslims will not help any Christian abroad or here if push comes to shove.

  • Anonymous

    To me the Egyptian military government is the lesser of two evil when comes to a pure evil of the radicals Muslims brotherhood elements !!!!!!  Now Russia,Israel ,Saudi Arabia is backing Egypt military I say to continue aid to Egyptian military government with a string  attach  as long it protect all segments of it population  as long they don’t infringe on the rights of others !!  Now with Syria obama and his cronies like Graham republican wants aid the Muslim brotherhood to overthrow the brutal dictator of Syria I say again obama is on the wrong side again Syria dictator is the lesser of two evil !!  This chemical stuff obama use it as a ruse to shift the outcome to his pals the Muslim brotherhood in Syria with intervention who sworn enemies of U.S and all infidel’s !!! What obama should do or say to both side to settle your differences with conventional weapons  (fists) not chemical or biological weapons(guns or knives) If Syria dictator use unconventional weapons obama should give him a good wake up punch not to shift the outcome of the war , he will lose some of his toys tanks and planes,artillery pieces especially the ones that deliver the chemical weapons and if  obama keep it up until the dictator will decide he most certainly would lose his war with the rebel’s if keep pissing U.S off by using chemical weapons so dictator will stop the use of chemical weapons !!  As for the Rebel the Muslims  brotherhood if they using capture chemical weapons cut off U.S aid,block aid from other countries ,pressure other countries from giving aid to rebel’s If have intervention it should be only to stop the use of chemical weapons that hurt civilians ,not to back one side in taking complete control of the country !!   Maybe obama can make a offer we will not intervene if the dictator hands over all his chemical and biological weapons same goes for the rebel capture caches of chemical weapons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think obama playing gays and blacks as useful idiots  he is ally with the Muslim brotherhood during world two the Muslim brotherhood why ally with Nazi Germany they hate Jews,gypsy,handicapped,gays,out spoken Christians who say Hitler policy were wrong also they hatred of blacks right along with the Jews!!  When they get rid of today Christians ,Jews in the way of their  purification obama will turn on the gays & blacks because his heart is with the radicals Muslims of the world who still have the hatred from War World Two !!!!!!!!!!!  Speculation obama was born into a family that hated the Western Free World ,especially the U.S ,he had some Muslims schooling when he went to live with his grandmother in Hawaii he wanted to belong to a bigger group than Muslim ,so he lean toward of being more black than white ,another group (blacks) that held grudge against the U.S even though U.S lead in reform of correction of injustice for blacks !!!  Now he belongs to Rev. Wright church who is anti-white anti U.S and then obama pick up more supposedly injustice from false whiners who don’t care to work as a community organizer !!! Then he run for state senator playing up the race card still, to vote for me just because I’m black and I give you freebies for all the false injustices , Now obama is playing up race to divide our county in a white and black race war ??? So he be setting the stage for Muslim brotherhood to take over,he all ready appointed them into key positions of high federal offices to take over the weaken U.S under marshal law and in a race war !! Then obama Muslim brotherhood heart will come out against all Christians,Jews, Gays, and Blacks because the deep seated hatred of other races and religions is still there from World War Two days when two evil monsters were working together Nazi Germany & Radical Muslims (brotherhood)  The evil of radical Muslim Brotherhood is still alive and kicking in the world and in obama heart !!!!!!!!!!!

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