Glenn rallies support & awareness for Christians in Egypt with #IamCoptic campaign

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For the past week, Glenn has passionately been trying to raise awareness of the atrocities occurring in Egypt to the Christians by the Muslim Brotherhood. Countless churches attacked, burned, and destroyed; priests arrested or attacked, women and children raped or kidnapped — yet the media remains relatively silent. But with Glenn’s audience is awake and informed to the truth on the ground in Egypt, what else could be done to raise awareness?

Last night, it was clear that the situation in Egypt was weighing heavy on Glenn’s heart.

It was also clear that the rest of the media isn’t interested.


This is why Glenn started his own news and information network. TheBlaze is going to bring you the truth without an agenda. But this message needs to expand past Glenn’s audience — he knows that if the American people know the truth, if they see it, they will rally behind the persecuted. So Glenn decided to start spreading the message by invoking the power of social media to spread a message of support and strength.

“Now, this seems like such a stupid thing to ask you to do at this point, but it’s got to start someplace,” Glenn stated. “We’ve just, we’ve put a new filter on my Facebook page and on Twitter, and just like they tried to do with the Iranians that we abandoned when they tried to stand up for freedom, at least it brought attention.  We are the people that, once you see the pictures of the starving people in Ethiopia, we do something about it.  Please help people see what’s going on.  I still believe that when people see what’s going on, their hearts will be softened and they will change and they will stand.” Glenn hope is that the campaign will wake up men and women of faith in and outside of his audience. This isn’t about one message coming from one person, it’s about standing up for the truth and freedom. “The hour grows late. I don’t care who you voted for. But the hour grows late,” he continued, encouraging his audience to go to Facebook and Twitter to install the filter on their profile pictures. “It says, #IamCoptic. Please help get the word out,” Glenn urged. The message quickly grew. Glenn’s twitter timeline quickly became filled with people using the #IamCoptic filter and hashtag.



The message spread beyond the Christian community, and in some cases, beyond the religious community.


Glenn knows for more people to wake up and stand up it’s going to take more than Twitter. It’s going to take the religious leaders and churches around the country to stand with these Christians and speak out.

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But more than that, people have to get informed about what’s happening. One thing Glenn strongly encouraged his audience to do is watch tonight’s episode of For The Record on TheBlaze TV. Half of the show takes you inside Egypt and talks to Christians who have been and are targets of the violence coming from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Glenn encouraged the audience to watch this with friends and family — watch is with your church. Share the information: tweet about it and Facebook it.

But will it do anything? Stu wasn’t so sure.

“You’ve mentioned a lot of things here in the last couple of breaks. You’ve talked about linking arms, you’ve talked about working together, you’ve talked about praying, you’ve talked about informing yourself. You know, watching For the Record certainly makes sense. You talked about spreading the word, and all those things are completely legitimate and valuable, but wouldn’t you know, the Twitter thing, you go to your Twitter account, you can put it — those are all ways to spread the word.  But I mean, I don’t know how any of that stops this,” Stu questioned, “and, you know, these Coptic Christians are still the victims here. They are still dying in these scenarios.  The churches are still burning down.”

“Gandhi is the solution,” Glenn shot back, noting that Gandhi would have made progress a lot faster if he had Twitter.

“Here’s the thing: We lose if we lose our compassion — if we lose our heart,” Glenn explained. “That’s what’s made us Americans. That when we see real true injustice.”

Glenn went on to explain that this is why all of the false cries of “Civil Rights” movements lately are so bad. They are numbing Americans to seeing true injustice.

“You’re deaf to them now,” he noted. “If somebody says this is a civil rights case; you are deaf to them. You don’t listen anymore.”

“It’s just become a political bomb,” Stu added.

“Correct,” Glenn responded. “You say genocide, you say, you know, ethnic cleansing. You don’t listen to it anymore. Just go back to Ethiopia.  When we saw the pictures, Americans responded.  When we saw the pictures and we understood apartheid, America responded.  The West responded.  What stopped apartheid?  The Muslim nations?  Russia?  China?  What stopped apartheid?  The West.  How did they do it?  With guns?  Nope.  We cared.  We cared.”

Glenn explained that our political divisions are becoming so extreme that Americans won’t come together to stand against obvious evils because they simply don’t want to associate with people they disagree with.

“People in congress, people in churches, believe me, if our churches come together, if we stand together, if we say we are immovable, if America could just in Twitter and Facebook “#IamCoptic,” if that would spread over the entire world, believe me, things begin to change,” Glenn continued.  “I’m not asking for military. I’m asking for people just to care. That’s the first step: Just care about this. Just care. And if you don’t stand up for the Coptics, they will come for you.  If you don’t care about the Coptics, will you care about what’s left of the Christians in Europe when it goes there? Will you care then? And do you have any chance of stopping anything then? Because you’ll lose Europe. You start killing the Christians; the next thing they do is they kill the Jews. And the media will care about that, but they’ll say that the Jews are gassing or killing or whatever the Palestinians, and they will ramp the rest of the world up.”

Join Glenn’s effort to support Christians in Egypt with the #IamCoptic campaign HERE.

Don’t miss tonight’s episode of For The Record at 8pm ET on TheBlaze TV. If you’re not a subscriber, start a 14-day free trial to watch!

  • Anonymous

    And the Christians in Syria as well.  It’s about time someone jumped on this.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Plus that of Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq and elsewhere that they are being persecuted.

  • Marlene Klein

    Thank you for bringing awareness to the plight of Christians in Egypt. Some say the removal of President Morsi was harmful to the the Democratic process, but think of what it would mean to millions of Egyptian Christians and moderate Muslims if the Brotherhood remained in power: persecution and death, the likes of which were never experienced under the Mubarak regime. Mubarak protesters were probably divided in their reasons in wanting Mubarak to step down. Now each side is fighting for their own vision of who and what they are.  

  • Anonymous

    and we should pray for them and keep this prayer in mind to please pray for anyone who disagrees with these Barbarians there life to will be threatened .

    • Anonymous

      dont you think the world is upside down because they chose to release the murderer and crucified the innocent Jesus thats why murderers run free and even elected president and innocent are convicted?!

      • Anonymous

        I believe you are correct the worst part of what is going on someone is going to react out of extreme fear and that will really be when things get scary very scary.
        God bless you

  • Anonymous

    I now realize that sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. Ne’er-do-wells and media be condemned. Yesterday, I was silent. Today, I Am Coptic! Peace!

  • Anonymous

    the President doesn’t speak up because HusseinObama is one of those hateful Muslim Brotherhood and agree with their agenda! he was raised as an Anti-American-Islam-Terrorist!
    Media doesn’t speak Up Because They Are His LapDog! Thanks Glenn for bringing a Network of Truth!

  • Anonymous

    Not that the Coptics in any way shape or form deserve this or the violence against them is ok or justified.  But this isn’t just mindless purely discriminatory violence.  When they announced the overthrow of Morsi the leader of the Coptic church was standing next to the guy who made the announcement.  He openly supported the overthrow putting his people at risk of retaliation which we are now seeing, especially in response to the extreme violent measures being taken by the Egyptian military.
    The Copts have suffered, but they are hardly the only victims of brutal violence/terror tactics in Egypt.
    I am not just Coptic
    I am Egyptian

  • Darlene Fahey

    I hope the emails I have sent to my Pastor and other friends will spread the word that we, American, need to support the Coptic Christian. No mater what is you congregation, we are all believe in one God.  If Mark the disciple of Jesus founded this church, how can we not support and pray for the Christians in Egypt. Pray for them and for peace through out our world. 

  • Anonymous

    This president, this administration, and the Muslin Brotherhood are soulless. Their lust is for power. Masters of deceit. When the left wakes up it will be too late. Pray for the world our leaders are soulless. Power at any price.

    • Monika Lynch


  • Anonymous

    GLENN keep up the good work.I support I AM COPTIC

  • Anonymous

    I am a Christian.  I am Coptic.  I pray for all persecuted Christians throughout the world.

    And for those who have been killed.  Also, for their families.

  • Anonymous

    In 1973 I read the Bible and understood much.  I really felt that in the future (now) what the Christians would undergo would make the Holocaust look, so hard to find the words, childsplay  I see it happening. The Bible teaches that many of us will die by the sword and the Koran teaches that they will kill us by the sword.  Come soon Lord Jesus, Your children are being killed!!!

  • Dan Cool

    Free the Coptic Church from persecutions and stop the Muslims that are oppressing these innocent people.

    it’s messed up that the current Administration is doing nothing shows how much of an “American” he is. He might just be working with them. 

  • suz

    glenn you always have your heart open wide but i don’t think agreeing w/people who say negative things about you is the way to go.  we shouldn’t ‘fall on our sword’ for any of this.

    the right things are not being done and this president wants the mb; war w/syria — that he cares about.

    it’s time for us to march.

  • Anonymous

    i will pray for their protection.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps we need to pray for ALL mankind.  We spend time praying for the innocent and the persecuted who are already in God’s care.  Maybe it is time we prayed for those who are persecuting that God will convict and soften their hearts, remove the scales from their eyes that they will repent, believe and open their hearts and minds to receive His knowledge and love. Romans 12:14 and Matthew 5:44 

  • Anonymous

    facebok is taking off the I am coptic below my profile picture

  • bvdees

     one of the few times I really miss being in DC.  I’d be right out there in front of the WH with the Coptic Christians!  This is the most blatant, racist denial of outright genocide since Rwanda and we remember who was in the WH then, don’t we?  Is Obama taking a page from Billy boy’s play book?

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