UPDATED: Glenn on Syria: It doesn’t make any sense

UPDATE: During a speech today, Secretary of State John Kerry said there is now additional evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria. NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said on Twitter that the Kerry speech appeared to indicate “we’re in the ‘drumbeat’ stage” towards war – it’s no longer a question of “if” but rather “when” and “how hard.” Get the full story via TheBlaze.

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The United Nations is now on the ground in Syria to investigate the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons. The team plans to visit the site in the suburbs of Damascus where an alleged chemical weapon attack occurred last week, reportedly killing hundreds.

This morning, a U.N. spokesman said a vehicle belonging to a team investigating the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons has been “deliberately shot at multiple times” by unidentified snipers in Damascus.

According to TheBlaze:

Martin Nesirky, who is spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, says the Monday shooting occurred in the buffer zone area between rebel- and government-controlled territory.

He says the team will return to the area after replacing the vehicle.

If chemical weapons were in fact used against the Syrian people, President Obama’s “red line” would have been reached and U.S. military action could follow. This morning on radio, however, Glenn explained why the reported situation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

“Well looks likes we’re about ready to go to war with Syria. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea,” Glenn asked. “It’s a nightmare… It’s a very disturbing scenario. And it doesn’t make any sense. Can we just use our brain for half a second here? Somebody help me out on how this whole Syrian thing makes sense at all.”

It was just about a year ago that President Obama declared the movement or use of chemical weapons in Syria would be “red line” that could lead to U.S. military action. It is now reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against the Syrian rebels, resulting in the death of about 100 civilians.

“For Assad to use a chemical weapon on 100 people. Does it make sense to anybody? How could that possibly be? Why would he do that? The United States says, ‘We have a line in the sand.’ And it is him using chemical weapons,” Glenn explained. “Well, he wants to survive. Remember that. He wants to survive.”

One of the complicating factors in Syria is the alliance between the Syrian regime and Russia and Iran. Glenn believes that while Iran would be open to going to war immediately, Russia is wiser.

“But unless you believe Russia wants war, it makes no sense. I don’t think the Russians want war. Unless the Russians look at this as a war game; unless the Russians believe now we are at our weakest, and I don’t think we’re at our weakest,” Glenn said. “I think we’re damn close to it but I think we can be a little weaker. Give us another year we’ll be weaker. So, why rush into something? So the Russians would say, immediately, to Assad, ‘Don’t do anything with chemical weapons. Don’t.’ The Russians would not be for it. The Iranians may be. Maybe.”

Furthermore, it is important to remember that Assad is a dictator, and the primary goal of any dictator is to remain in power. Using chemical weapons against the Syrian people would jeopardize that power in a way no other action would, given the past remarks of President Obama and other allied forces.

“Assad is a survivor. Look, he’s a dictator. He’s a bad guy. But most bad guys have some sort of survival instinct, unless he’s gone crazy,” Glenn said. “Most of them just want to be left alone. They like their power. [Assad] just likes his power and he just wants to be left alone. So there’s no reason to gas. After you killed 100,000, why would you gas 100?”

“And as soon as the U.N. weapons’ inspectors came, what happens? Snipers from the rebels are taking out and pinning the U.N. trucks down – wouldn’t let the U.N. trucks go to the site,” he continued. “If they are the ones that are going to prove that chemical weapons were used, why wouldn’t you want the U.N. there? You would look at the U.N. as your savior.”

Glenn believes there are two possible explanations for the Syrian rebels’ attack on the U.N. weapons’ inspectors.

1. They don’t consider the U.N. to be the savior

“That tells you something,” Glenn said. “That tells you that they don’t look at anything from the West as anything other than an enemy to them. So that doesn’t seem real good, does it?”

2. They believe the U.N. is pro-Assad

“Well, not if he was using chemical weapons,” Glenn explained. “The United States has already said –and the United States seems eager to have chemical weapons used. So what is this all mean?”

Glenn spoke to TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent, Sara Carter, to learn what her sources on the ground in Syria are saying:

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The entire matter of Syria, in regards to Obama is this:

    He is allied with the Nationalist Islamist’s of the Muslim Brotherhood and has supplied arms, training, AA and AT systems to the terrorists; hence he has invested much into their cause and cannot consider losing face by Assad winning.

    He has allowed the transference of Libyan Chem arms stockpiles to be moved to Syria via Turkey, as is evident by the recent arrest of a man who had Sara nerve-gas in his possession, along with countless sources stating chem arms have been moved into Syria over the last few months.

    Obama is growing ever more desperate and arrogant, and needs to get the limelight off of the criminal scandals without end, and off of the Egyptian disaster for his MB allies.

    In the end, what it comes down to is his saving face and soothing ego: that is it in a nutshell.

    • Doc Hudson

       Although I agree completely about Obama’s fanatical support of and attachment to the Muslim Brotherhood, I think the real reason(s) for adventuring in Syria are the desperate need for a war to distract the sheeple from his catastrophically bad presidency and the absolute law that any country that undermines the dollar as the reserve currency will be attacked and ‘regime change’ will ensue. This is all about a stepping stone to attacking Iran.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000679583695 Judy Davis

      assad did not gas his people. the muslim brother and other terrorist groups in syria fid the gasing.  

      • Doc Hudson

         I’m still unconvinced that any gassing of any kind actually happened. I believe that it’s a classic false flag to get us into a dust up in Syria. There is absolutely NO sane reason to get involved in Syria, therefore it is forgone that we WILL get into this mess and make it MUCH messier.

        • Anonymous

          If it did happen we have no proof that it was Assad who did it. This may be a set up to give Obama ‘reason’ to go in.

          • Anonymous

            This is Obama’s “Tokin Gulf Declaration” made by Lyndon B.
            Johnson that led to the Vietnam War. We all know how that turned out. I’m a Viet-Vet and don’t trust our government and especially the current administration that lies and covers up it’s bad deeds. We have absolutely no right or need to interfere in the Syrian Civil War, militarially or outherwise. This is Obama’s “shell game.”

          • Raina


          • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.flemming Jerry Flemming

            Actually Raina Johnson was Kennedy’s Vice President ao he had influence over Vietnam and he went from 16,000 troops to 550,000 troops after Kennedy was assasinated. So Johnson also got us into the was as well as those in congress cause you arent suppose to do anything without congresses approval.

        • http://www.facebook.com/larry.r.dyke Larry R Dyke

          So you are saying Obama and his people are lying to us to protect the Muslim Brotherhood

      • Daune McCulloch

        I agree ith you Judy. It does not even make a lick of sense that Assad would do this when he could have done it months ago and not gone through all this b.s. that has taken place. the M.B. is behind it all along with all the other rebel groups. They’re all there side by side.

      • Raina

        And you know this how? source please 

        • Anonymous

          It was Ike that got us into the  Vietnam War. Just use your common sense about the MB, They are behind almost all of the unrest over there.

      • Anonymous

        You are so right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Scott-Todd/1424651317 Scott Todd

       I thought in this instance the rebels were AQ?

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t tell me you believe the 1.5 billion dollar figure floated around that was allegedly designated to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

      Glenn has yet to produce concrete, solid evidence with on record, named witnesses to these connections between Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. Glenn’s fatal flaw as a media figure is his rank speculation and uncuffed opinion. He often gives a doomsday monologue on a thesis plucked from a few quotes and pieces them together. 

      The problem with that, in regards to foreign policy, is that you have to understand the entire picture and get your facts straight before making judgement. It takes a well-educated, informed, rational opinion to discuss foreign policy with intelligence and meaning. That means getting info from more than the Blaze or Glenn Beck or even conservative media groups. It’s reaching across the board and into foreign media outlets to get a balanced, complete view of the situation.

      • faxxmaxx

        Well how’s this for reaching – Israel informants have determined that the rebels used the gas, not Assad. Now, consider Glenn’s question – why would Assad kill 100 with gas after killing 100,000 by weapons? And, why would the rebels prevent the UN inspectors from getting to the bottom of it? Don’t discount Glenn Beck’s analysis. He’s very connected and informed, not to mention analytical. I get my news & info from a multitude of websites, but I never discount Glenn’s opinion. You should pay more attention to him as should others.

        • Anonymous

          I pay plenty attention to Glenn. Why else would I come to his website?  Glenn often offers alternative analysis not offered by most media outlets. He’s a master story teller, very engaging and heartfelt. I genuinely believe Glenn is a true patriot who wants to do what is right for America. I wasn’t contesting Glenn’s remarks in this case. I was contending Snow’s comments mostly.

          However, you said there are sources saying the Syrian rebels released the gas. Some citizens in Syria have claimed Asad would never hurt his own people and believe the same. Yet the U.S. believes the Syrian govt. released the weapons. This is a case of obvious conflicting intelligence, which is not uncommon in Middle Eastern affairs. In this case, Glenn raises a good question: what does the Syrian government have to gain by killing via chemical attacks 

          However, as Ms. Carter put it, the situation regarding the sniper fire is not definitive. The Syrian state claimed it was terrorist (rebel) sniper fire but that was not verified. This is an example of Glenn taking a questionable piece of content and placing it in a vital part of his argument. If you take away the Syrian sniper fire remarks, now we’re just wondering why Assad would use chemical weapons on such a small population. Still a good talking point but no where near the conspiracy theory Glenn dances around.

          • Anonymous

            The point is-we have NO BUSINESS going to another war and sending our brave men and women to another place we will NEVER GET OUT OF ALIVE!!!!

          • Anonymous

            We may be able to Take out all the chemical weapons capability and leave them to fight it out for themselves. Other than that, forget it. These people (the Muslim world) don’t really want freedom or they would kill every radical Muslim within their nations-one at a time in every corner-under every rock-in every cave until they are no more.

            That is the only way to get rid of the plague that is radical Islam. Sorry, but there is no other way. They won’t stay to themselves and run their own little space of ground. Their plan is to overcome the entire world and place it under Sharia law.

            They won’t ever stop until they are completely destroyed by every nation in the world. they are a tape worm in the gut of the world. You know you can’t get those out of very easily. Most of the time, they just kill you.

        • Anonymous

          And knowing that chemical weapons disappeared from Libya via the terrorists makes this all too suspicious.

      • Guest

         Who would you suggest? Al-Jazeera? MSNBC?

      • Anonymous

        So huskerfan345, are you signed up for deployment yet? If not—QUIT BEING AN ARMCHAIR QUARTERBACK!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Allen-Hicks/790951739 David Allen Hicks

         If I were a rebel and wanted my opponent to be against a much stronger foe I would gas my own people to further my cause. This is no different mindset as to  drive a truck and blow it up to get someone you wanted and hurt anyone who gets in the way. Maybe they shot at the U.N. to keep the truth about who set off the gas a secret a little longer. By the way, Glen predicted this very situation almost 2 years ago. He’s not a prophet, just informed and able to look through the media B.S.. Any media will stear the info to further their cause, whatever it may be.

      • Anonymous

        How about the fact that on the Govt. documents released by wikileaks it provided the facts that our Govt. encouraged the Arab Spring, and provided arms to the rebels/terrorists. Then among the papers on the ground found in Benghazi it corroborated the arms to the rebels/terrorists. And we know and have known that these insurgents are Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al Qaeda and al Qaeda linked groups. There’s nothing to get straight here. Our Govt. has been involved in undermining the Govt.’s of these Countries. Look how well it has been going? The new ones have been no better than what was there. We did the same in Iran, Afghanistan twice, Iraq and so forth. We have no business over there doing what they have done and are doing. Blood is on Obama’s hands and he want’s to shed more. There is no proof that Assad has done this, and frankly, I don’t believe him nor trust him. We’ve been here before, and we should not be here now!

      • Daune McCulloch

        Yeah, go to Aljazerra and you’ll get the real news of the day. Right and I have a bridge to sell you.

        • Anonymous

          Never mentioned Al-Jazeera. I’m amused that you consider me a liberal. Simply looking for as much information as possible. It’s fine if you want to dismiss outside news sources due to your personal skepticism. But I don’t subscribe to one-thought analysis and I certainly don’t rely on The Blaze as my sole news source. They run stories (and headlines) that appeal to a specific demographic, just like MSNBC and the rest. Their reporting isn’t any better than most if you knew a thing or two about journalism.

      • Anonymous

        just my 2 cents …. good info at SyrianGirlpartisan channel on YouTube ….

      • Anonymous

         Is one of your sources Baghdad Bob. Remember him? They lie. Duh. Just like our media lies to us about many of the stories that are going on.  So you can’t talk about rationally going and finding info and making an informed decision.
        The reality is, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” This administration and many on the right are for policies that has continued to keep the economy sluggish by hampering business, spending our way out of debt etc.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Bottom line = Obama cannot stand to lose, has supported the terrorists who are losing, and thus wants a war to sooth his massive ego.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

      Maybe Obama is just a giant coward that bends over for any Muslim terrorist group that happens to come by.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      Obama killed the one we were all looking for, so he is not supporting terrorists, are you nuts or stupid? And, I believe you have balls and a big ego for talking about OUR President that way. So, if you gonna make comments, get your crap together, before putting your hands on dirt.

      • Joseph Tarlton

        Really?  Obama killed him? I believe the coward in chief was playing cards…..I thought it was Seal Team 6 that killed OBL, so why don’t you get your crap together before criticizing anyone……

        • Anonymous

          And mysteriously, Seal Team 6 members were killed afterward. Hmmmmmm

          • Daune McCulloch

            I firmly do not believe that helicopter was shot out of the sky by a RPG. The prisoners they were picking up had a bomb strapped to him and blew it up and being under fire they did not have time to pat him down. Who has ever heard of this type of rescue missionwhere not one person made it out alive? Wake up people.

      • David Woolley

        He didn’t kill Osama. He left the control room, went to another room and played cards. He said he couldn’t watch this. He’s certainly not cut out for the role of Commander and Chief.

        • Anonymous

          He couldn’t watch one of his muslim bro’s get killed.

        • Guest

           He was on the golf course when it all went down – he didn’t even know the attack was happening. They had to go tell him and pull him off the course. If you notice, in that well circulated picture of him and Hillary etal in the viewing room watching the events, he still had his golf clothes on and was not sitting in he primary’s chair – he was off to the side like a nobody. He looked like he was going to be sick while watching. The coward in chief left to play cards because he couldn’t take it. He had been delaying every time he was told that UBL was in the compound and the military had a plan to get him. He knew for about 8 months where UBL was.  The go ahead for the attack was not issued by BO.

      • Tom

         WHO did Obama kill?  The investigative reporter for Rolling Stone?  Yes, of course.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/.euaPXsoi8Ugc9Q9X42A7TwoJoKQpA--#63d0b Hank the tank

         @Pachy Serrano, Tell your master obama, to keep his ass out of Syria& bring our boys home. Let the Muslim’s kill each other, then we can take it from there.!!!

        • Anonymous

           Well said!

        • Anonymous

          Thank you!

      • Anonymous

         Bush killed OSB. Why would the Chimp-in-Chief not play cards? He had nothing to do with it.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey fudgepacker, it was the SEALs who killed him, NOT Obamao. Why did it take Obamao TWO WEEKS to give the order?

        By the way, he is NOT “our” president, we did not vote for him. Dumb M F er.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    why is it that Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood power grab and supported terrorist factions in Syria but refuses to help the people in the cross fire of both radicals sides in both countries. Don’t it seem odd to anyone that Obama supports terrorism.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      I believe you are a bigger coward that takes this venue to spread your poison and fears for this President. Am sure you won’t say it to the President himself.
      Plus, if you look at what has happened since these war in Syria started, most international leaders will tell you that Obama has been patience enough with the syrian govt. even though it was not recommended for us to get involved.
      So, if you so brave, what would you do Sam??  

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/.euaPXsoi8Ugc9Q9X42A7TwoJoKQpA--#63d0b Hank the tank

         @ sam,YES I will tell him to his  Muslim face,& Hillery also,they are all murders also Eric Holder; #1. Benghazi,  # 2. fast & furious. Sam Fisher you are A hard noise Democrat!!!. I fell sorry for you.( I )

      • Mike G

         What is your first language?

        • Anonymous

           That guy is one of them. Not sure which sand box he is from, but, definitely  one of “them”.

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you go back to your country, then?

      • Anonymous

        “Spread your poison and fears FOR this president” you got that part right ole pachy

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

        Than you don’t know me.

      • greywolfrs

        The only coward I see is YOU. Any one of us would say this right to Obamao’s face. You are a fucking moron, fudgepacker.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000679583695 Judy Davis

      no , doesn’t seem weird to me . obama is a member of the muslim brotherhood, a sunni muslim  his agenda when he was sent to america and to our white house was destroy america and convert america into a muslim nation. he has almost finished his assignment.

  • Anonymous

    If Washington is foolish enough to open yet another large scale front in Syria, Moscow will then respond by funneling billions of dollars worth of arms into Iran. Iran with Russia’s help will then turn Syria into amerika’s latest military failure. Russian special forces are already on the ground in Syria, so are U.S., British, French and Israeli special ops. The fighting between Russia and amerika has been ongoing for some time. Does anybody see the danger here of escalation into a regional proxy war costing the amerikan serfs trillions of dollars?

    • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

      And costing more lives as well . . . But conservatives don’t care as long is Obama screwing things up. If it were for them, we will be on wars on a yearly basis. We love guns, we love war, we love Capitalism . . . We so stupid some times.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps you mean well, but, like so many other dimwitted individuals, your good intentions are misdirected by parroting collectivist propaganda. 

        Try thinking for yourself. 

        Both the Neocon Nazis and the Kleptocrats want war— why?— because it serves as a jobs program for the young, a distraction used to divert attention away from the domestic economic collapse, supports the petro dollar, allows control of Mideast resources by western transnationals and continues the radicalization of Muslims et al….

        The radicalization of Muslims is of the utmost importance to Washington, because it furthers their divide-and-destabilize strategy. Washington knows  a “freedom-and-democracy” strategy doesn’t work in the Middle East, democracy brings in governments apposed to Israel and amerikan interests. Democracy brought in the Muslim Brotherhood.  Washington only sings about “freedom-and-democracy” in order to tickle the ears of dimwits.

        Moreover, Washington wants to destabilize both Russia and China, not just the Middle East. Russia, bordering a large number of Muslim countries, would have its hands full if Washington proves successful in its radicalizing program. With Russia busy fighting a bunch of Muslim zealots, Washington would have more time to focus on destabilizing China, which is Washingon’s most important long-term goal.

        That’s right, Washington has a strategy for Chia, too. The bigger-they-are-the-harder-they-fall strategy shall be used to destabilize China and, thus, maintain Washington’s world/dollar hegemony. Of course, things might not go as Washington plans, which means a nuclear war might become necessary.

        • Doc Hudson

           @ Reality_Seeker….dead on. Yep, We’re dancing with the nuclear devil to maintain the dominance of the dollar. It just might not end well and someone else will write the history of our folly and demise.

          • Guest

             That sure would decrease our carbon footprint.

          • Anonymous

            Dang, I was looking forward to the “Death Panels”…

          • Guest

            They have to decrease the population one way or the other to allow for the increased population of Muslims, Blacks, and Mexicans. Why not a two pronged approach?

      • Rhonda Renee Sessions

        You the one that stupid.  Accusing those of us that think that the 2nd Amendment and owning guns is the God-given right to prevent tyranny, which has happened in our government, as stupid and anti-American.  We are not.  We DON’T want Obama screwing things up!  We want him to STOP.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/.euaPXsoi8Ugc9Q9X42A7TwoJoKQpA--#63d0b Hank the tank

         Speck for yourself, DEMOCRAT;

      • Anonymous

        ummm your fearless leader is not a Republican conservative….

      • greywolfrs

        You are quite stupid, fudgepacker. What does the Second Amendment have to do with a war in another land? The answer: NOTHING. If Conservatives are the ones who love war and Democraps hate it, why is Obamao got us into more wars? You must have missed Yemen, Libya, Central Africa and now he wants to go to Syria. When did Obamao become a Conservative Republican?

        Why does it not surprise me you hate Capitalism? Another socailist/communist moron. S T F U, fudgepacker.

    • Anonymous

       What country are you from? You sure don’t know how to capitalize proper nouns. You show great disrespect for my country, namely, The United States of America.

      • Anonymous

        FYI, john:

        The lower case “a” in amerika signifies the true nature of a once great nation. The “k” is a phonetic replacement for “c”. This respelling of America into “amerika” illustrates the transmogrification from a Constitutional Republic into a banana republic. 

        By the way, john, I also spell names in lower case when addressing amerikan dimwits.  I will, however, use upper case this time: United Stasi States of AmeriKa. How’s that?

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Could someone show me where Congress has voted to declare war on Syria? 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Doctor, No they haven’t, but they hope to get together in order to ”discuss” it.

  • E Van

    And what did Sara Carter say? Is this supposed to be kept secret from deaf and hearing-impaired persons? Why is there no text for this part? Why do Glenn Beck and his people think it’s OK to ignore deaf and hearing-impaired? Is everyone else OK with that decision?

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when there is a Muslim n the White House

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      This is what happens when you have a Islamic-Nationalist and race-hater in the White House who practices and encourages domestic political and economic terrorism.

      • Anonymous

        You must mean bush.

    • Native Pride 1973

      Wow! Really, people, he’s not a Muslim! AT ALL! Just because he is black doesn’t mean he is automatically a Muslim.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.anderson.5055233 Joshua Anderson

        Really, yet his middle name is Hussien, in his book he talks about him acknowledging the muslim faith..and you think he’s not muslim?

        • Howard Welch

          Just because someone acknowledges a religion doesn’t mean he practices that religion. It just means they are open-minded, I don’t agree with everything he has done, but please, for the sake of sanity, get off the “He’s a Muslim” kick. Don’t get sidetracked by that crap. It just takes you away from the real issues. Pay attention, if you can.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t waste your time Howard…people pass bullshit stories around to prove their own ridiculously uneducated, ignorant points of view, and many others just suck it right up and buy it. “You can’t fix stupid.”

          • Nunyo Business

             Hr SAID from his own lips he was Muslim. His wife has said he is Muslim WHAT else is needed for you retards to believe this guy is a traitor within?

          • http://www.facebook.com/WeittVine Martha Vineyards

            You guys just don’t get it.  BHO is arming these terrorists rebels. BHO got the Senate to award $816 Million in guns/surfac-to-air missiles and $195 Million in Humanitarian aid to these rebels.  Not the people suffering in Syria.  BTW, these jihadists have beheaded a priest, murdered Christians along the way, so why wouldn’t they gas them too and make it look like the Syrian gov. did it?  Makes more sense to me.  Our men/women in Afghanistan/Irag, due to BHO’s “sequestering” are being rationed food, yet BHO is sending $195M in Humanitarian aid to these rebels?  This is fact.  It’s no a post that someone posted…it’s pure fact.  BHO wants to disarm Americans, yet he’s armed the drug cartel in Mexico who murdered 200 Mexican citizens and a border guard, and he’s arming the MB/aka Jihadists terrorists.  You really need to ask yourself, “Why would our president arm our enemy?”  The Pentagon, under BHO’s orders, has awarded the “Taliban” Millions of Dollars in Government Contracts! What?  Yes, BHO has awarded Millions of tax dollars to the Taliban..these are the enemy we’ve been fighting since 911.  So, when you guys think that BHO is an OK guy…ask yourself if you want this OK guy to put guns in the hands of our enemy and confiscate ours..these terrorists are really bad.  What’s to say once BHO helps them overthrow assad, they don’t come here and wreak havoc with those very same weapons?  BHO has sequestered the hell out of our military and has “militarized” the DHS (which is not supposed to be militarized, we already have the Navy Seals, Marines etc.  So, why has he armed his own personal army?  And, if you don’t know, there’s a DHS employee that is now on “paid administrative” leave because he has waged war on the whites stating that if the blacks are to survive the blacks are going to have to kill a lot of whites….So, quit trying to be “political correct” and open your eyes….

        • Anonymous

          LOL he is still a christian.

      • Anonymous

        He has admitted having family members who are mulsim, plus he’s on video as having quoted the quaran many times. Plus look at him, put his photo up against a 100% African American and there’s all the proof you need. He is at least part muslim.  And the H middle name sure doesn’t stand for Harry. Nothing personal to you. Take care.

        • Anonymous

          Wow that is a really ignorant statement.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1124825327 Elaine Desatoff

            Nothing ignorant about his statement. He is a Muslim. All he stands for is Muslim. He was raised Muslim, Christianity is being destroyed and in his speeches he has said that he will stand with Islam. What more do you need?

        • http://www.facebook.com/WeittVine Martha Vineyards

          BHO’s brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  That says a lot.

      • grassroot

         He said it with his own mouth. Yes, I know you can’t always
        trust everything he says, but this one was  a truth.
        As his actions say louder than words.  And, he admitted it
        more than once.

      • http://www.facebook.com/larry.r.dyke Larry R Dyke

        Read his words and look at his history and his family history you drink to much of the media Kool-Aid

      • greywolfrs

        Hey stupid, no one said anything about the color of his skin. Maybe the fact that he said he stand with the muslims, if it came down to it, is why people say that. Nevermind that though, that doesn’t fit into your stupidity.

        • https://twitter.com/#!/zerses Moirrainefortruth

           I am the exact opposite of anyone who is prejudiced – the color of a person’s skin has to be the first thing that pops into the minds of those who ARE PREJUDICED.

          Now we can all watch and learn who is prejudiced – they out themselves DAILY.

          • greywolfrs

            I think we already know…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1124825327 Elaine Desatoff

        Pull your head out of sand! He was raised Muslim and will always stand with them. Listen to his speeches!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=71305293 Denver Foster

        Native Pride aka racist indian.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Gentry/100000713411591 Linda Gentry

        Wake Up !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jim Nolan

         You have to be nuts to not see he is a Muslim! Have you seen the people he has put in key positions…It is a Muslim infiltration!

      • https://twitter.com/#!/zerses Moirrainefortruth

        You need to read his own works – he ADMITTED to being Muslim and having FAITH in that travesty on earth.

      • Bryce Patterson

        Figures, coming from somebody with “Native Pride 1973″ as their user name.

      • abovethelaw

        Yeah! here comes the race card!! everyone bow down!!!back off!!! can’t say a word if the card is played!

      • Klaus

        I don’t see anyone referring to Hussein Obama’s skin color as evidence that he’s a muslim. We all know, he went to an islamic school.. Indonesia? 
        http://soldierforliberty.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/obama-muslim-school-doc1.jpg Somehow Hussein Obama feels obligated to help muslims all around the world no matter what.. Even if it means that other people – such as the christian minority in the Middle-East – end up as a bug between two fingers..

        • Anonymous

          Obama once stated: “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states,” Spoken like a true Christian”  God help me, but I really detest ignorant closed minded Liberals that ignore everything bad Obama has done or said. Sometime you really need to slap some people on the back of their heads and yell for them to wake up!

          • Klaus

            As long as the PA-Pres won’t accept the presence of a jewish state, there will be no palestinian state other than the one already there; Jordan. 

      • Anonymous

         To use his name and call that proof just shows how moronic you are. You just used fox “news” logic.(or no logic at all)

    • Jonathan Hughes

       He is not a Muslim. A Muslim would want gays dead not allowing them to marry,sheesh. A Muslim would look down on a furry brony Obama has not done that at all.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Congress will go for it.  Whether or not Barry tries to push it anyway is another matter.  Not to sound callous, because to me 100 is waaay to many to die; but only 100?  If Assad was serious about using chemicals and knowing the consequences wouldn’t you go for optimum chaos?  Something just doesn’t sound right about this.

    • Anonymous

      He has said many times, if congress won’t do what he wants, he will just circumvent them…

    • greywolfrs

      I understand your point, but that does not have to be the case. See, the problem with chemical weapons is one can not predict where those chemicals will go, with wide spread use. One may intend to hit a particular “neighborhood,” but the gas can catch a wind and hit unintended targets.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/.euaPXsoi8Ugc9Q9X42A7TwoJoKQpA--#63d0b Hank the tank

    The US Gov did it !!!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    America’s moslem traitor in chief and his family of Obingo-dingos in Kenya are in the moslem brotherhood.  No doubt this bastard masturbates to the crescent moon every chance he can.  Wake UP America, you’re playing with fire.  

  • Anonymous

    The only reason that makes any sense is that BHO is desperate for war against Asaad for two reasons. First he can give direct aid to his Muslim Brotherhood friends who are losing against the Syrian government in spite of all the weapons Obama has given them. Second, he can use it to distract the people here from all his destruction of our freedoms. Manufacture a crisis and don’t let it go to waste. If we can’t prevent him from sending the U.S. military against Syria, we had better watch out, because the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be shredded still more.

  • Paul Schall

    Perhaps it was either the Iranians or Jihadists that are trying to suck us in.  Obama is too stupid to play cat and mouse with anyone, he is just a helpless Alinskyite that wants to be King.

    • Anonymous

      Life was just soooo much simpler in those good ole college days..

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a war-monger.  We have been at war (more than 1 at a time ) since Obama first won the presidency.  And he ran for the office of the president on the platform of “no more war”.  He must have acquired a taste for it.  He also wants to help al quaeda and an sar alsharia establish an Islamist government in Syria.  War has NO guarantees though.  We only need to look at what happened in Egypt to recognize that.  It seems like a shame to waste our militarys lives and our national fortune to help in a civil war.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Obama already has an on-going, domestic, war against the American people. Political  Bullets are intended to distract from rectifying growing, income inequality.

  • Tom

    I’ll bet you that Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood has its fingerprints all over the chemical weapon used.   It’s obvious.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest question is who controls the weapons. Whether it is Assad, read Iranians/Hizbollah or the Sunni Islamists we have a problem The question for the U.S. and the West is how do we control them.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is in bigger trouble now with the Muslim Brotherhood.  He apparently somehow siphoned off 8 billion dollars from our treasury to give to the MB and an sar alsharia to pay for the Egyptian Sinae peninsula for Hamas.  The MB members still in jail say they  have the documents to prove this.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn,

      If the Syrians are disbursing nerve agent, the Russians know how to make it effect thousands of people. Who is the real enemy in Syria?.
      If the Syrians used it, why would they claim, gas cans, tape, some archaic mortar rounds and unrecognizable stuff are not proof?
     I was in the Marines. I know how it works!

    Warren Derry, USMC

    • Anonymous

       Off the topic, but what the hell, “Welcome home”.

  • Dale Hogue

    If Obama sends our troops to war, he is a hypocrite and if he doesn’t send our troops to help the Muslims take over another country in the Middle East, he is a coward and is in deep doo-doo with his Muslim brothers.  I’m just guessing that he doesn’t like making decisions about anything that doesn’t have to do with where he and his family is going to on their next vacation or what club to use to get onto the green in one shot or two or maybe more.  I understand his problem: he has never once had to make a decision on anything in his life, so he doesn’t know how a real human being goes about deciding anything that has important consequences.  I am sure that he never made any important decisions at Punahou Academy or at Occidental College or Columbia University and, especially, at Harvard Law School, so this business of deciding between sending troops or eating political crow must be maddening to him.  Jus’ saying 😉

    • Anonymous

      Also, he might have to go in a shelter “WITH THE DOG”!!!!

  • Anonymous

    A hundred people, I heard Drs. w/o borders quoted over 300 people and it could be possibly more.
    How do you know it was the rebels that were the snipers, who do you get your info from?????

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is a terrible idea.  It seems like a classic “wag the dog” situation.  And the consequences can be catastrophic for the entire world. 

    • Anonymous

      Kerry will be out sailing while Rome burns….

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

    Damascus has never been destroyed and has always been a active city. But there is a last days prophecy in Isaiah, proclaiming that Damascus will cease from being a city. And no human can not ever live there again. Maybe the war will expose all the chemical weapons.

    Isaiah 17
    New King James Version (NKJV)

    Proclamation Against Syria and Israel

    17 The burden against Damascus.
    “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,And it will be a ruinous heap.2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken;They will be for flocksWhich lie down, and no one will make them afraid.3 The fortress also will cease from Ephraim,The kingdom from Damascus,And the remnant of Syria;They will be as the glory of the children of Israel,”Says the Lord of hosts.
    And these nations could be Iran and the other nations that will try to help Syria.

    12 Woe to the multitude of many peopleWho make a noise like the roar of the seas,And to the rushing of nationsThat make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!13 The nations will rush like the rushing of many waters;But God will rebuke them and they will flee far away,And be chased like the chaff of the mountains before the wind,Like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.14 Then behold, at eventide, trouble!And before the morning, he is no more.This is the portion of those who plunder us,And the lot of those who rob us 

    All I know is Jesus is coming quickly, so be ready and give your life to Him.

  • Beentheredonethatalready

    So Obama is a warmonger!  And here he told us it was Bush.  Another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Anonymous

    I think you mean Pachy, not Sam.  Pachy is the  liberal troll here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.celli.39 Joe Celli

    Glenn. We got a BAD guy in the Whitehouse Hussein Obama he would like GAS the American people, he is a Muslim terrorist.  LORD HELP US.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if these bad-guy dictators are such great survivors, why didn’t Hussein, Mubarak,  Khadaffi (spelling) and the idiot who ran Tunisia (forgot his name) take some money near the end, bolt to Paris and survive?  Because Glenn, when they are at home, they foolishly think they can do whatever they want and get away with it    

  • Anonymous

    There is a third explination, The rebels are the ones who used the chemical weapons.

  • Anonymous

    Would you believe Muslim Brotherhood/Hezbollah terrorists euthanized those Syrians?   

    • Guest

       It could easily have been them, thinking that if they can make the US believe it was the government, the US would side with and arm the rebels, many of whom are Al-Queda connected.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever Israel’s leaders want, they get. Period.  Or else American “leaders” get blackmailed as Israel uses videos of our “leaders” as they engage in affairs, child pornography/pedophilia, bribes, etc.  This is a religious war and always has been – first, Iraq, then Afghanistan, oh I forgot Egypt and Libya…next will be Syria and then Iran.  If these countries, along with Russia, Japan and China do not stand together then divided they will fall – Israel won’t allow Middle Eastern countries to co-exist with their Jewish population on planet Earth.  And America? Well, we get to send our sons and daughters to do their dirty work and lose their lives for Israel…and some oil and gas fields.  Time to revolt, parents – do you have it in you?

  • Anonymous

    I have a question that perhaps someone of any knowledge in this forum can answer…how in the world did the Syrian’s gather 100 children in one place just to slaughter, where were the kids just prior to this?  in individual homes?  certainly not in daycare, since there is no such thing over there, some way too young for school, some are just infants ? anyone know ?  was it a round up by home invasions ?  These people are animals.. I pray we dont get involved.

  • Anonymous

    IF obama starts a war in Syria, America will lose that war just like they did in Nam. Just remember what happened in Egypt. He supported the MB 100% to take over and where does that stand today? The same would happen in Syria.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.reagan.56 George Reagan

    These chemical weapons must have been those that Saddam Hussein once owned.

    • Guest

       They are.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the WMDs that Kerry and the rest of the progressives said President Bush “lied about”?

    • greywolfrs

      Considering in 1998 the Democraps said Saddam had them and wanted to go to war, it certainly is. Considering the USA backed Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, where did Saddam get those weapons? I bet the DOD KNOWS we gave them to him. That was the evidence. Left wing dolts seem to forget that though.

  • bull57

    The Obama administration is knee deep behind the so called attacks. We are doing it or being done at our request!

  • Take 2

    Bet on WAR WAR going into 2014 and 2016 election cycles. I had plenty of Islamist indicating (for the most part) every Obama step since, Oct 2008. And Guns Ammo and US Cash was top priority in second term election cycles. A flag is also Obama must knowledge his real name and faith / no more lies for votes. (Trust factor)

  • Anonymous

    The time to move on Syria has long passed. There is such a thing as “too late.”

  • http://www.obamasucks.tv/ John – Atlanta

    The spirit inside Obama, aka Prince of Darkness, is not going to have any competition to be king.  All these leaders are going to go and Obama is going to stir up the locust army and all these Arab leaders are going to be gone and replaced by Muslim democratic governments.  This includes his strange bed fellows SABIC.  Once you have a people “free” to choose, their prophet is going to come back. Then anyone that refuses to worship the beast, say some Christians, will be forced to do so at a tip of a sword in court.  This is coming to,  what will be left, America along with the one world government.

  • Onteo

    Of course this makes sense. This has been the globalists plan all along.

  • Onteo

    Glenn, Put your differences aside as I’ve heard you say a million times. Join forces with Rush, Hannity, Alex and the rest. You could be a powerful force together that could bring change.

    • Tony Viscardi

      This may have already started as I have heard Glen mention Rush more in the last month or so then in previous years.

  • Anonymous

    Tick tick tick   when ever they want and only we loose better figure it out AMERICANS

  • Guest

     He was on the golf course when it all went down – he didn’t even know the attack was happening. They had to go tell him and pull him off the course. If you notice in that well circulated picture of him and Hillary etal in th eviewing room watching the events, he still had his golf clothes on. He looked like he going to be sick while watching. Yher coward in chief left to play cards because he couldn’t take it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.cordell.108 Chris Cordell

    I’m not convinced it’s not the rebels. That’s just what those goons would do to further their cause. I was behind Bush all the way, and he screwed the pooch on that. I’m an 8 yr Army vet that went to war for his dad twice. Get in, kick ass, and get the —- out. I see nothing good coming from this.

  • Anonymous

    Fema camps are ready to go…

  • Anonymous

    It would be nuts to go to war with Assad. Not that we couldn’t win a war with him, but it likely would not be with just him. I’m sure that the rebels/terrorist would love to bring us in to clean up for them, but it would not likely be that easy. With both Iran AND Russia as alias we would likely has them in the same frey. I just don’t believe that this is what we are being told.

  • Kay

    The gassing thing doesn’t make sense to me as to why we’re going crazy over it. Would it have been fine and dandy if he’d just shot all of them? Why are chemical weapons a “red line”? 

    • greywolfrs

      Considering that certain “weapons” have been banned, internationally, that would be why. Things such as mustard gas have been banned.

  • John Burleson

    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn. You have obviously misunderstood weezilspeak. O’Blabber has consulted with his sandbox subordinates and between them they came up with a nasty letter to Assad. Kerry the Fairy (of skipping around Vietnam fame) will try to keep his lower lip from quivering too much as he delivers it.

    My vote is to put a big electric fence around the entire historical Caliphate. Nobody in; nobody out. Then throw all the saturday night specials we get from the vermin running the streets of Chicago. 

    Last camel jockey standing wins.

    John Burleson, who finds the humor in all this

  • Anonymous

    Ok here’s what I don’t understand and maybe someone can help me.  Since we have had tons of issues and things canceled because of “sequestration” taking so much money away that they can’t have airshows or fight fires and on and on….then where are we getting the money to go after Syria?  How can we pay for the bombs, cruise missiles at 1 million each, and the fuel and on and on?  Certainly “sequestration” must have caused havoc with that effort.
    The second question is we are worried about our great friends Al Kida not being able to win in Syria and our “Bro’s” in Egypt for humanitarian reasons of course, not oil or anything like that.  But what about the millions who have been exterminated and continue to be killed in Africa?  Mostly Black Christians being killed by Black Mooselims.  Oh yah I forgot, that’s black on black so it doesn’t count, kind of like over here.  Here we ignore that and tell the communities that the evil whites are the ones that caused it so it’s OK to go after them.  It’s not even racist to ignore Africa even though they don’t have any oil.  We can only worry about our Mooselim friends who want to kill us all and our children no matter what color we are. 
    Man are we a bunch of maroons!

  • SC

    Why do we always wind up on the side that is in opposition to America? What we did in Libya was always puzzling to me.  In Egypt we demanded Mubarak step down and helped usher in Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood,  Then sent F-16, Abrams Tanks, etc. The Army takes over in Egypt and only then does serious talk begin about suspending aid.   Until we know exactly who the rebels are in Syria, what the hell are we doing? Are we (some of us “unwittingly” and others of us wittingly) helping to bring in the Caliphate?

  • Anonymous

     They will use Samantha Powers, “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine,” just like they did in Libya.  No Congressional approval – an impeachable offense!!!

  • Anonymous

    One by one he’s prepared each of the nations of the middle east to become a radical muslim state – Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and he’s working on undermining Israel. And we pay for it in money and blood. This is insane. 

  • Joseph Maloney

    The Obama administration, State Department, and the Department of Defense’s foreign policy, and intervention has degraded to “go off half-cocked” dogs of war with Syria.

  • mike

    this glenn ,  is another curve ball.  distraction.  for al  his wrong doings .  we don’t need any of this . IMPEACH!!!

  • Anonymous

    Obama wants to have his own “Reichstag Fire”, a planned and orchestrated disaster, to use as a pretext, to implement his own musli m agendas. Do not trust ohbama or his regieme.

  • Anonymous

    So we are chasing WMB’s into Syria now?  This must be the rodeo clown in an Obama mask… is this guy a scream or what?  Hey wait… there is no mask.  This guy should be banned for life.

  • Wes

    Wasn’t it march of this year that Obama sabre rattled about chemical weapons being used and it turned out they had been used by the rebels?  Whoops.  The media keeps saying that there is no doubt Assad used chemical weapons…. in truth there may be no doubt chemical weapons were used…. but has anyone considered the chemicals released were part of a rebel cache that was hit when Assad’s people were shelling the rebels?  An analogy might be someone shoots a guy carrying dynamite and you blame the shooter for the massive explosion.  Make no mistake, both sides are dirty in this… and we have no business there.  if two pigs are fighting in the mud, and you join the fracas, you will only get dirty.

  • http://sharethisurlaboutglennbeck.com/ Gadamer too

    From the newsletter: “Why would President Assad, after killing 100,000 people while suppressing a rebellion, decide to gas 100 people?”

    100 people?  Someone is pulling “facts” out of Glenn Beck’s rectum again.

    If Romney were the president, Glenn Beck would be calling on him to flaten Demascus with a nuke!  Beck is no student of war and peace; he’s a deceitful propagandist against all thing Obama.

    • greywolfrs

      BS, you are a liar, vicki tiffany the coward. The number was reported by sources inside Syria. ALL the “news” outlets are reporting the SAME number, moron. It doesn’t matter who is president, that’s part morons, like you, missed. Now, go play a game of butt darts with your life partner, marburyvsmadisen.  Dumb M F er.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about the “oil” and cutting off the supply to the US. The Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal are about to be blockaded. Saudi Arabia looks like an ALLY but they are the worst enemy of all. They know that the US economy would die without precious oil… Obama knows this to. He’s about to be crowned KING by his Saudi Nationals…The enemy is right in front of us…

    • Anonymous

       they couldn’t cut us off from oil.  The majority of our oil comes from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria.  They could raise prices by cutting off supply but it would do more harm to them than us.

  • Anonymous

    There is a 3rd possibility ….. the rebels used the chemical weapons on their own people, anticipating that it would get other governments of the world involved against Assad. 

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if the media will consider this Obama’s version of “weapons of mass destruction” and persecute him for going to war.  Hahahaha . . . I needed a good laugh today.

  • Snorri

    Another Democrat War; followed by a DHS crackdown on Obama’s critics? Let’s see: will there be another Gulf of Tonkin “event”? How about “Syrian(s)” blowing up a NYC subway trains) ? Of course, the NSA could release the content of the Syrian phone and e-mail conversation which it doesn’t have and doesn’t collect. Nah! Obama will just lie and spout Democrat-liberal platitudes while what can only be described as fools in the Congress forsake their common sense and Constitutional duty. No one wants a U.S. intervention in a shadowy Syrian civil war that could readily morph into a more intense and wider conflict. Let the Syrian psychopaths kill one another; let the UN wring its hands and wet its liberal pants; assist the refugees.

  • Anonymous

    For somebody who doesn’t like the military or wars President Obama sure likes getting the military to go to wars. How come America has to help the middle east turn itself into a sinkhole? Those countries are doing that just fine all by themselves.

  • Anonymous

    There is another part of the picture here being overlooked. There are Approx 2.2 million Christians in Syria, Who lived in a somewhat secular society. Let me explain.
    In the Middle East most of the countries issue a family registration document and individual ID cards (Ik raj il Ed &  Tiskara) on these documents especially the former has your religion on it.
    Bashra’s Father was indeed a despotic and brutal dictator, and with the help of the Saudi’s turn Lebanon from a 55% Christian country in that civil war to a now 35% minority. However Bashra removed from all forms of registration in Syria of your religious Status. So that the Christians were able to live in relative peace. I see a bleak future for those Christians. Incidentally 1975 the Christian Population in the Middle East (Lebanon,Syria, Israel,Jordan, Iraq & Turkey) in 1975 was 20% now just 5%. The Lebanese have no doubt that they are next after Assad falls.
    For the most part the Christian Leaders in Lebanon Michelle Anoun his Group Seven
    (the arabic numeral V) has a friend in Bashra. A new law was passed in the Lebanese Parliament earlier this year, that allowed the Christian to select there own representative and the US Ambassador in Lebanon side with the Sunni Leadership when the President a Christian Appointed  by the Sunni Speaker (Michelle Soleuman) refused to Sign it into Law.

  • TREP


  • Dustin Thorson

    The biggest thing is to look at who benefits from gas being used in Syria? The rebels, how long has Assad been in power, he is not a fool or an idiot, he gains nothing from gassing those people.  This is obviously a false flag being used to bring the US in to help the rebels finish a war that they can’t finish on their own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000174411885 Kent Martin

    Warmongers are all around us because war is big bucks ! They do not count dead bodies just BUCKS $$$$$$$ ! Got it ! If so then NOW you understand !!!!

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    On January 26, Cyber War News reported on a huge cache of
    emails and documents hacked from Defense Contractor Giant, BRITAM – QUOTE:
    Phil, We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris

    propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is
    approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW [chemical weapon] to Homs [city
    in western Syria], a Soviet origin g-shell [gas shell] from Libya similar to
    those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel
    that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s
    a good idea but the sums proposed are

    enormous. Your opinion? Kind regards-David. UNQUOTE  Along with this email, there is a huge cache
    of downloadable documents, including passports of the Ukrainian mercenaries
    whom it is presumed would be posing as the scapegoated Russians delivering the
    chemical weapons.  (source – WND)

  • Dwight Hannah

    I personally would not be surprised if the rebels (Al Qiuda) have done this to their own people or the Syrian people for the single reason to get the UN involved. It would expedite the demise of Assad and limit their exposure. Lets not forget the rebels have been loosing ground lately. They don’t care about children and the innocent, even going so far as to strap bombs on children.Godless immoral people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.field.165 Chris Field

    He gassed those folks as a response to an assassination attempt. Changes your narrative, Glenn…..

  • Anonymous

    In CRISIS, there is OPPORTUNITY.

    Find the opportunity, and project an outcome.
    Follow where the money has been, where it will go, and project the power shift.
    Somewhere in that is the answer.

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard of the chemical weapons and those poor people dying I thought, Obama is responsible.  It’s just a feeling really.  Glenn is right, it doesn’t make sense when you listen today about what is happening. Lets look back a bit.  The brotherhood, Obama’s good buddy’s, were overthrown and thrown out by the General of the army and Obama chastised the General for doing it. Why did O do that?  The answer is very simply, Obama is in the with the brotherhood, a criminal middle eastern group, and then this horrible thing happens, chemical warfare.  Obama knows we went into Iraq because of it and so he thinks we will rush in into Egypt to save the people and especially kids.  Obama is trying to get the brotherhood back into power and that is what it is all about.  Without the brotherhood in power over there it puts a kink into Obama’s plans for domination.  I read once when something Obama does doesn’t make sense just repeat “because he is a Muslim and it will make sense and this is one of those times.

  • batmanroxus
  • http://www.williamamanning.com/ William A Manning

    Could the “rebels” have used the gas to manipulate the situation?

  • Daniel

    Good grief… We went to war over Iraq over a lot less… a lot of hypocrites in here.

  • Daniel

    My concern is that they don’t want un inspectors in their because their was no chemical weapons attack, that this is all a ploy by these terrorist organizations mainly Hezbollah wanting to take power, they KNOW how to sell to the media that they are the victim.  Hamas does it so well in Palestine. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000043154343 Glenn Greatwhitehunter

     Intervention in the Syrian conflict will result in substantial casualties.
    Reliable souces reported that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein ordered his WMDs transported and stored in Syria.


    Saddam used WMDs on his own people, now Syria’s Assad.

    The book ‘Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein’ by former Iraqi Airforce General, Georges Sada is very informative.

  • grassroot

    There is evidence that the rebels  used gas and are  promoting the
    Muslim Brotherhood, as is Obmer and his regime. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.r.dyke Larry R Dyke

    Let them kill each other they have been doing it for ever Listen to A Little Good News / Anne Murray 1983 If they are fighting each other they leave the rest of the world alone. When they are not fighting then that is when we need to worry. 

  • Mother Nature!

    It’s all in the Obama plan, to take us down as a freedom country. Either we have a lot of really dumb asses following him or they are doing it because they are Muslims too. He has never shown his real identity, yet he expects to have all of us Americans Identity. He wants open boarders so all his kind can enter America, the others so he can get their votes, with broken promises. He wants to have us under ” ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT CONTROL”. He could not tell the truth if his whole dam family’s lives depended on it.

  • Willy Rho

     Barack Obama wears a Muslim faith Ring and has since he shacked up with his boyfriend Chadoo.  It is famous on WND.  It is insribed with Arabic Characters which are the first half of the Shahala, which is the Muslim Oath Of Faith and it says, “There is No God Except Allah”.  The second part of the Shahala is”and Mohammed is his Prophet”.  He is definitely a Muslim.

  • greywolfrs

    So, Obamao has not learned his lesson after Libya and Egypt? Hey Obamao, STAY OUT OF OTHER COUNTRIES CIVIL WARS. Dumb M F er.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.cutright Jordan Cutright

    What about all the videos of rooms filled with bodies? I dont understand this. It seems like youtube has all the proof you need.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000264604556 Dianna Hamilton

    Glen according to Revelation chapter 9 God says there will be 1/3 of mankind destroyed through this War, and if it does it will possibly cause a WWIII according to God’s word.  Kingdoms are rising up the 10 nations the 10 heads. I am surprised you don’t know this. 1/3 will be destroyed millions of people. This could be the time of the NEW World Order to be established and causes a global crisis. Remember Kissinger said it would take a crisis to begin the New World Order. I believe this is where, out of no where,  the Anti-Christ steps in to call peace with Israel and the World and deceives many for 3 1/2 years after the 3 1/2 years of deception in the world and those who worship the beast the next 3 1/2 years will be destruction. A lot of detail in between but it’s the out line what could be coming to pass and If not now it will be coming soon. As you know Obama dose not care too much for Israel so Obama is not considering what will happen to Israel.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    “There is nothing more beautiful, than the sound of being called to prayer”  Obama said that..
    He wasn’t talking about any Church Bells………

  • Aaron Beckett

    Jeremiah 49: 24-27 Isaiah Chapter 17

    • Anonymous

      Prophecy is a good read! God is in charge. He will not be damned as ordered by Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright. Americans have forsaken God, the source of living water, and
      have dug cisterns that can hold no water 
      – and then blame God for their thirst. Jer: 2:17


      It is not a pretty picture. Obama will get rid of the dictator as he did in Egypt and Libya. so radical Islam will prevail.

      Israel will soon be surrounded. Psalms 83.

  • Anonymous

    This is some of the lamest and dumbest posting I have ever read.

  • Dave Provost

    I’ll give you my opinion Mr. Beck.. The united states, primarily Hussein Obama needs to put us into another war inorder to deviate from the Obama care issues.  Our military were more likely the instigators of the chemical weapon use, giving Mr. Hussein the red line he needs.. Didn’t we already see this line crossed 5 or 6 months ago??

  • Anonymous

    How do we know who the snipers were?

  • Anonymous

    The opposition Local Coordination Committees in Syria put the death toll at more than 755, saying several areas had been hit by “shelling with poisonous gases.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Gentry/100000713411591 Linda Gentry

    I am afraid if we go to war in Syria that this will give the other countries in the middle east and excuse to attack  Israel because they are our friends. This maybe what the president wants so that the new world one world government comes into being. He maybe going to be the leader of this one world new order or one world government!!!!!! Think about it. Look at what he has done so far to try to dismantle the America that we all have known and Loved; she is almost gone now!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/zerses Moirrainefortruth

    Why can’t we examine the bodies – do spectrographs on the tissues and be SURE what was used instead of someone reporting “chemical weapons” as the cause of death?

    Show us – do the Missouri thing – make us believers – and then take it to Congress!

  • Justin Hogan

    They say “Chemical weapons were used in Syria”. My response would be, “but we don’t live in Syria”.

    Killing Syrians for killing Syrians has nothing to do with the Governments duty to defend the nation.

  • Lillie Greathouse

    Did none of you “brains” read the report on the American Dollar as International Currency?  We go against Syria, to defend our dollar for the elite, the power and money hungry who are losing their place as the U.S. dollar drowns.  The U.S. mint and all the extreme moneyed, in the world are going broke, because our dollar is not honored anymore, for exchange on the oil market, for exchange of stock, and is worth less than the peso in Mexico.  they want that stopped, they want to control the oil fields overseas and regain control of the dollar.  They don’t understand that by stopping and removing obama, and sharia law forever, from the United States, and that by voting again for the GOLD Standard, and being smarter this time, by not dumping the gold from  Ft. Knox, and NOT going in and financially backing the war costs in Foreign Countries, and to stop going to war and financing it for every Country on the GLOBE, we could recover the Dollar.  We cannot keep printing money we do  not have.  So, Syria has been the #1 target since 2008, and obama, being a bleeding heart Muslim, has been blatantly supplying Syria and Egypt with arms and ammunition for combat readiness on our move, to restore our dollar.  America is broke, and he is being forced to do this, from the powers that put him in the office, but he has not cared that he has access to our millions in tax dollars to spend while finishing his plan.


  • Sandra Hemmes

    Dear Glenn:  Please; remember Benghazi; Ambassador Stephens was gun-running through the Turkish Ambassador that is Obama’s best buddie; to get the guns to Syria.  Now: two months ago on PBS TV they showed a special on the Syrian civilians, being bombed by the Syrian government.  Now, this week Syrian civilian populations were poison bombed.  This all goes back to Obama and the Benghazi mess.  Please see this.  Obama is on the side of the Syrian government.  Then we hear on news that Russia told Obama not to mess with Syria.  I guess that was a threat?  This all sounds like we are going to have another “Korean War” whee Russia fought, America fought, military men and women died, and America lost that war.  It is happening all over again.  OMG.  It is Benghazi.
    Sandy Hemmes  A bachelor’s degree in History, and Middle East Studies.

  • Anonymous

    “Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.”(Rev. 18:10) This also is repeated in verse 17, and verse 19! Also 18:2…,saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen…And by who? Rev. 19, verse 13…”and his name is called the Word of Elohim(i.e., our Jewish, not Greek, Savior “Yahshua,” meaning in Hebrew that “Yahweh means salvation”)! However, Revelation’s two-witnesses of Revelation’s chapter 11 must come first for U.S.! October 5th, 2013? Watch!

  • BluesDude

    In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

  • yo mama

    Somebody explain to me WHY anyone would volunteer to serve in the Armed forces with this goof as president. Maybe we should call a national boycott on volunteering for the military until this  person stops being a war monger. I am a 100% service connected disabled vet, and this is just one man opinion. But think about how affective that would be to stop this craziness, and save lives. Keep a military to its size to protect this country, not the size to conquer the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.cassity.75 John Cassity

    obama is crazy. how we can aford this. we cant go to war with syria . like vietam all over again iit insane

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1555631619 Chaim Saperia

    Hi Glenn, I’m Chaim Saperia (54), living on the Golan Heights for the past 25 years – just half a mile from the border. I’ll be happy to take apart in your programs, when ever asked. All I can say now is that Obama is moving towards another stupid, painfull unstabilizing action in the Middle East…. not speaking of the fact that a Syrian internal war is going to turn – by Israel’s best ally into a Syrian Israeli war, where Tel Aviv & Hiffa will be attaced.

    Chaim 972-54-637-1079

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1555631619 Chaim Saperia

    Hi Glenn, I’m Chaim Saperia (54), living on the Golan Heights for the past 25 years – just half a mile from the border. I’ll be happy to take apart in your programs, when ever asked. All I can say now is that Obama is moving towards another stupid, painfull unstabilizing action in the Middle East…. not speaking of the fact that a Syrian internal war is going to turn – by Israel’s best ally into a Syrian Israeli war, where Tel Aviv & Hiffa will be attaced.
    Chaim 972-54-637-1079

  • Anonymous

    How do we know this is not just some ‘perception management’ by the Obama administration in order to create a excuse for helping the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.  How do we know that the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t gas their own people in order to gain U.S. intervention and justified  killing their own people for furthering their cause.  Terrorist have done horrendous things.  The Muslim Brotherhood has terrorist background.  Who would be surprised if they would sacrifice their own people for their gain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CRichar866 Craig Richardson

    I spent 14 months in the middle east. Syria is a death trap and could easily spark WWIII. This fool in the white house is going to drag us into hell if we don’t protest (impeach would be better). This is a no win situation–you can’t deal with insane people in the middle east and Russia is just waiting for this to explode.

  • Anonymous

    Ah!, the military strike!…like that is a good idea.

    First – Does the current administration is following constitutional protocols?….Yes?…or…No?
    Everyone out there just answer it straight, do not try to spin this one…..Yes?…or …No?

    Difficult for liberal-democrats and sold-out republican (RINOS’s, if you will) to go straight answer on this one…..I understand.
    So, let’s consider this;
    The so called ‘president’ (Mr Barack Obama ) is not following constitutional norms,….but what is new?
    Let’s be brief about this – here is the thing;
    Springfield, OR – 5/12/00 The Constitution (Article I, section 8) grants Congress the power to declare war. However, it also names the President as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces (Article II, section 2.) As a result, the executive and legislative branches have often had conflicts over the power to send troops into hostilities, whether called “war” or not. For example, neither the war in Korea (1950-1953) nor the war in Vietnam (1965-1973) were ever formally declared a “war.” The War Powers Act in 1973 was enacted to promote better cooperation between the President and Congress. It states that the President must consult Congress prior to committing U.S. troops. He must report any troop commitments to Congress within 48 hours of their deployment, and must end any troop deployment if Congress has not formally declared war or given its approval by resolution within 60 days.
     Article I of the Constitution clearly gives Congress, not the president, the “power… to declare War.” The Founding Fathers sought to avoid a situation where one man had the power to commit the nation to war on his own initiative.
    This man (Barack Obama) is not even politely consulting / talking to the Congress about none of this. …his orders (given to him by his bosses) are to pretend to be aware and ready for action supposedly in favor of an ‘humanitarian cause’.
    After all the man dos not respect The Constitution for his ill-acquired presidential platform is illegal and fraud -base. 
    But, who is doing all the talking and all the ‘presentation’s / ‘explanation’ about Syria,.. Libya…, Egypt,… Iran …..everything  connected to all this?….who?….Mr John Kerry!!!.not Mr Obama,…Mr Obama  will say whatever – after – the movements start to unveil. 
    Bottom line John Kerry is the one calling the shots for the entire mess  there in the middle east,….he is the one who ‘secretly’ ordered McCain and Graham to go to the middle east area to’ investigate and bring reports’  on the local situation ,…h.e is the one orchestrating the whole thing,….he wants to be the next president for our country and is forcing his way into it. 
    What a common sense dictates is to leave all that conflict to the people there in the middle east. To leave them alone to sort out their own disputes of / for tribal power….after all, these people has been killing each other since biblical times so it would be good to let them decimate themselves a s much as they could possibly can so in the long run …and in the short run less vermin-terrorists  will be in the world , as result.
    But this , of course in quite impossible, since the unconstitutional fraud-base current administration is Islamic-muslim terrorists friendly oriented.
    And the real action -from our part – must be?….MASSIVE IMPEACHMENT against the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.
    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Anonymous

    On Tues, (27th), a lot going on at the WH.  POTUS in calls to the Brits and French for support.

    Also, calls to leaders in Congress on their thoughts and for their support.

    Congress wants to get together to discuss the situation and see what action should be taken.

    Too bad there aren’t boots on the ground (back in the day, they were known as spies) who could

    pinpoint where the gas supplies are.  Drones could, possibly, take them out with (hopefully) no

    or minimal damage to civilians.       Will have to see how all this comes down.

  • Anonymous

    The ultimate goal of Obama has been to take us down. Destabilize, destroy, cause unrest and chaos, but not just for us, the power shift for the entire world. No, it doesn’t make sense to want war with Syria after all this time, just like it didn’t make sense to react immediately to help the rebels in Libya overthrow Gaddafi, to call for Mubarak’s ousting and to praise the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi, and to chastise Egypt’s military for taking him out. It doesn’t make sense to tell the enemy when we’re pulling out of Afghanistan, while letting our men languish there with death’s by the score, most by enemies within their own forces. It doesn’t make sense, unless you’re trying to empower the muslim world, and no better final way to do that then to set the established powers into war, where the “rebels” are the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc., and they all, along with Iran, want foremost their caliphate back, and us and Israel destroyed.

    Obama can’t get us to outright riot from within, so time to go on to the other way to set us all in chaos.

  • Anonymous

     u.s. government..staged the  chemical weapons so the u.s government can justify there plan actions, just like they did in 1965 in Vietnam. 

  • Marine Lima 3/1 Viet vet

    According to Glenn, last Monday was suppose to be a big day about some big NEWS, dose anyone know what that was all about??? 

  • Justin Cody

    Oh Glenn you haven’t gone far enough in your analysis.  Let us assume some sort of chemical was used to kill a few people.  Who used the chemical? *we don’t know* Ok so let us look at these videos of the alleged victims.

    They appear mostly to be cynaotic…they were asphyxiated…suffocated to death.  That isn’t typical of nerve gas or of mustard/chlorine gas.  We’d see discolored (yellowish) bile, blistering skin and other signs of sarin/vx/mustard gas.  One site pointed out that it could be “industrial toxicants” which would be more likely as a substitute to use on a small isolated group.

    So then ask yourself.   If assad wants to survive…then he wouldn’t use chemical weapons.  So that leaves the US/Western backed Al Nusra and the rest to perform an act like this in order to get us involved.  Assad is buying advanced anti-air weaponry from Russia…an attempt to deter the US/West from attacking him.  We have Marines on the border in Jordan training insurgents and facilitating incursions by said insurgents.

    So the most likely answer is that either the US sanctioned this act as an excuse OR the rebels we are backing are playing us for fools and our greed and bloodlust are showing through.  That Assad would use chemical weapons in a city where his own troops are massed is beyond comprehension.  

    To top it off in the videos that we do see these supposed victims of chemical weapon attacks are being handled with very little care.  No one is in protective gear and these weapons cling to their victims and would likely harm any responder as well as those attempting treatment as well as disposal/burial/cremation.  Nothing is what it seems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/froggiefriends Mike Kohler

    Third possibility: The Muslim Brotherhood (The faction backed by OBAMA) actually carried out the attack using chemicals they STOLE from the government. They want the U.S. to take out Assad for them, but they DON’T want NATO sniffing around to discover the truth. :-<

  • http://www.facebook.com/bondservant2011 Irma Dev

    I don’t think Assad did it.  Why would he?  Hurts his own cause all the more.  I think the Al Quada types would do it and blame Assad. They have the motive.  Total depravity will make people do anything to advance their cause. 

  • Mike

    Unleash the dogs of war BHO!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bridget-Bludau-Wanninger/1339318538 Bridget Bludau-Wanninger

    This woman connects all the dots about what is going on in the Middle East.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j2SBmM8XO-I

  • abovethelaw

    Would be good for this dictator to have our troops away to move on the American people with his treasonist government agencies, and other loyal servants!? Why can’t we just rid ourselves of this incompetent traitor ?, focus on impeachment and conviction for all who have supported this traitor!!!

  • Anonymous

    Try this again,
    To defeat a great army you divide, thin out, overwhelm, and destroy!
    Our Beloved One decided to attack Syria now instead of a month ago when the reports first came out is clear as Cass Lake. Al Jazeer TV is in the U.S. now we have to the north of us a heavy presence of Radical Muslims and Chinese population. To the south of us we have a heavy presence Radical Muslims, Mexican Army, and Drug Cartel training together. Chinese run the Panama canal. The Russian Army are throughout Central and South America. The country of Cuba has an large force of Chinese and Russian soldiers their. Then we have all the Radical Muslims within our borders. The Radical Muslims will receive their messages through the TV broadcast instead of their Clerics. So we send our young men to the Middle East to fight a war with our enemies that we are currently fighting against in other theaters. which will divide our soldiers into several regions of the world. Once we are thinned out the Radical Muslims can receive orders to slowly dismantle our infrastructure so it doesn’t seem to extreme. Then the Russians and Chinese Armies are poised for the counter attack. We are surrounded and isolated from the world but it happened so slowly the American Citizens did not recognize it. The Government also knows what is going on but refuse to do anything about it. This country will be overwhelmed and defeated if we are not careful. I also believe the Beloved One is only a talking head to those are whispering in his ear like the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • putney person

    Glenn I love you and pray for you, but if Russia and Iran doesn’t like our “meddling”, then we must be doing something (if only little) something right……   What scares me is, this doesn’t sound like the Obama I’ve come to known….

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.alessio.9 Frank Alessio

    Its in the plan to let martial law happen in America, chemical weapons will be used on American soil by our own government. They will blame it on a terrorist attack and take the rest of freedoms away during the night. This is not paranoid delusion, and what ifs. Its coming and the majority of the American public are living in their own little bubbles and are going to be dead within the first week the grid goes down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WeittVine Martha Vineyards

    I have to agree with Glenn.  None of this makes sense.  When BHO first came out and declared Syria was using sarin gas (about a year ago when he “drew the red line in the sand”), an indenpendent group that investigated said that it could very well be the rebels to get sympathy for “their cause”.  Meaning, they wanted arms and surface-to-air missiles” from us.  They didn’t ‘steal” those missiles in Lybia (why BHO claimed he didn’t want to intervene because those very, very bad people had these weapons), BHO has been “giving” the jihadists weapons until Amb. Stevens stopped the supply.  Why do I think this? Well, for one thing, the MB had a mark on Stevens head, and the only reason this could be is that Stevens pissed them off.  The MB (and Hillary/BHO knew this), planted embedded terrorists inside the Benghazi Compound.  Amb. Stevens was lured there to “announce Benghazi as the new embassy Post, against protests of the CIA.  They said it was too dangerous.  BHO and Hillary knew this too.  So, the night of the attack, per Glenn and I do believe he’s telling us the truth, Amb. Stevens was called to a meeting with the Turkish Amb. (friend/chums with BHO).  While the Turkish Amb was meeting with Amb. Stevens, Stevens was “warned” there were jihadists lurking outside the compound (keep in mind that the Security firm hired had embedded terrorists within the compoung).  The Turkish Amb. left, the Jihadists allowed “him” to leave unscathed.  So, What was that Turkish guy meeting with Stevens so late about and what was so important that the Turkish guy paid a visit?  Why did the Jihadists allow the Turkish guy to clear the area, and “then, attack” the compound?  So, remember, Hillary and BHO knew that Stevens was marked for death by these guys, they ordered him to Benghazi to supposedly annouce this was the new post against protests of our own CIA.  Then, after they attacked, killed our Brave Seals, and took Stevens prisoner, they sodomized him, tortured him, dragged him through the compound area, parading him around and then murdered him in cold blood.  Why were they so viscious? Well, it “was over the gun” running.  It Stevens were supplying the jihadists with arms, why would they so brutally murder him?  Think about it.  Stevens stopped the guns from getting to them, that’s the “only” logical explanation.  So, after Stevens was out of the way, BHO begins this campaign to “arm” the rebels to fight the Syrians.  Well, this has been historically what BHO has done since his taking office.  BHO sympathizes with the Jihadists.  BHO targets, marks for death the Tea Party Members which consists of Peaceful Patriots whose only guilt is that they don’t like the direction BHO is leading this country.  What does BHO do?  He has the DHS armed and “monitors” a peaceful Tea Party Protest of the IRS targeting and intimidating Conservatives/Republicans/Christians.  The acts of this president certainly point to one who is antagonistic to the American People.  This is our President I’m talking about!  Our Constitution has been trampled on by this Administration, and BHO sends his attack dog, Holder to the rescue to sue and intimidate anyone who is causing them heartburn.  This is Tyranny if you folks don’t know.  So, now we have John Kerry, who was a Traitor to the American Soldier during the Viet Nam War, who claimed to be on the DMZ when he was anywhere but, he’s a class act ninny by those who really knew him.  Now, he’s saying almost word for word what he said in the 1970’s only this time it’s directed to the Syrian government.  I do not believe, but I can’t swear by it, that the Syrian gov is gassing their people.  I do believe that BHO and the Jihadists are playing “Wag the Dog”.  You older folks should know what this is.  It’s when a government wants to go to war, so they make the country they want to overthrow look like a monster and then they get the people of that country to say, “yes, we need to do something about this monster.  Well, BHO had better realize that if he does, the Mideast will explode and America will be in more danger than ever.  Russia, China and Iran are allies with Syria.  BHO has weakened our military, and has confiscated as much ammo from the American people as possible.  If we go along with this horrific lie, then we will certainly pay the price.  As Glen said, why would Assad gas 100 people, when he’s murdered 100,000 when he took reign as dictator?  Too many red flags guys.  Oh, btw, BHO got the Senate to resume running $816 Million in missiles/guns to the jihadist terrorists rebels (and hell bent on taking away our guns rights), and he added “$195 Million in Humanitarian Aid to feed them, and at the same time, our guys fighting in Afghanistan/Iraq are “rationed” food.  So, the real questions is..whose side is BHO really on?

  • Mike

    Hey, you people got your hope and change so now live with it suckers! 

  • Nanette

    Yes..he is Muslim..

  • nutt

    100 people gassed. Wrong. At least 355 killed and over 3600 more affected. Why? As a dictator getting ever-more desperate, how better to instil terror in those opposing him? Also, don’t forget, this isn’t the first time; this is just the largest attack to date. Glenn suddenly says that the snipers pinning down the inspectors were rebels, whilst reports on the incident say that the firing happened before they left the rebel-held zone and came from government-controlled areas. Also, Glenn, it wasn’t the rebels who delayed inspections for so long after the event. Ask yourself why Assad wouldn’t be interested in letting a prompt inspection prove that he wasn’t behind this? Ditto for the other times his army has been accused of chemical attacks this year. Not for the first time Glenn cherry-picks events, distorts or ignores key details in order to run his version of join-the-dots.  

  • Neil

     Here is a video that proves the rebels did the gas attack.                      http://www.prisonplanet.com/evidence-syria-gas-attack-work-of-u-s-allies.html

  • Dirk Agia

    Aww. So much butt hurt by the Obamaites!

  • ken.

    it does make sense, obama wants to start as much trouble and hate towards america so he can to destroy us and install his marxist rule.

  • Anonymous

    Some thoughts to ponder !!!  I’m getting confuse on our President obama  I keep coming up that he is not on the side of people being individuals,living under constitutions with freedoms and rights,and inalienable rights from God  in U.S or anywhere in the Free world he don’t sound like a true U.S president for the people,maybe it me???? Remember the saying to pick the lesser of two evils ,well obama seems to pick the greater of two evils when comes to U.S and Free world with their rights and freedoms !!!!!!  1) support the over throw of Libya dictator regime help replace with a more radical oppressive Muslim regime 2.) same with Egypt  3.) cut aid in Iraq so a more radical regime get in place now Iraq giving air corridors so Iran can attack Israel in unprovoked attack,4.) In Honduras obama side with Castro and Valdez in trying to pressure Honduras returning to power a president who was legally remove for shredding their constitutions 5.) Now in Iran he didn’t want to replace the regime by supporting the revolt cannot get anymore evil  regime if change only could be a better regime for it’s people and the free world ,so obama did nothing to help maintain this evil regime !!   Now with Syria he want the greater of the two evils again he supporting the radicals rebels who want to gain access to chemical weapons want to use them and don’t care what happen to themselves ,instead with the Syria dictator we had some control from him acting up ,they want to keep their power of,toy tanks ,air crafts ,,we could put them back in the box like the past Libya dictator !! Why obama want the Middle East to become under more radical Muslim control to be more solidly with a more radical expanding Muslim caliphate !!  Now during World War Two  we use WMD twice for our survival and save us from the war being more costly I believe the Syria dictator doing the same !!! Also during World War Two we hit Germany heavy water plants to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons to conquer and rule the world, in end days Nazi Germany was trying to get the nukes on line for their survival . Now with obama he doing everything possible ,phony talk with Iran,worthless sanctions,hold back Israel with BS he won’t let Iran attain nuclear weapons that U.S will act BS !! All this to give Iran more time to get their nuclear weapons to black mail ,conquer the world like Nazi Germany ,and to pass out WMD to it’s puppets countries and radicals terrorists fractions ,Iran government had made threats and stated their goals !!. So obama goes after Syria dictator instead who using WMD for survival to change over regime to hand over chemical weapons to radical rebels who want to conquer the world and have world live under their dictates !!   Then obama looks completely the other way by his actions and use his BS talk as a cover he doing something with Iran who wants conquer rule the world like Nazi Germany !!  Let face the facts it seems  like obama is not for anyone to have inalienable rights ,freedoms and rights,etc anywhere in the world including the U.S IMPEACH HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I think there is a 3rd and 4th reason why Obama might want to attack Syria.
    Third reason for an attack: Bring the US to its knees.
    Get the US involved in another war that we can ill afford, deeply divide our people, our gas prices will sky rocked to unprecedented levels & the so called “recession” that America has been in since 2008 will deepen into a depression that makes 1929 look like a picnic. 
    Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste! 
    Fourth reason for attacking Syria: We all know about Obama’s deep hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. Well, attacking Syria pretty much clenches the idea that Israel will be attacked. Now Israel is calling up its reservists because that is exactly what Syria has threatened. 
    This is indeed the beginning of World War 3 and most people are blind to what is happening. 

  • Charles Crader Jr

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_religion_conspiracy_theories Obama is no Muslim or another Hitler u paranoid political soldiers of hate!

  • Charles Crader Jr
  • Anonymous

    Obama once stated: “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states,” Spoken like a true Christian” God help me, but I really detest ignorant closed minded Liberals that ignore everything bad Obama has done or said. Sometime you really need to slap some people on the back of their heads and yell for them to wake up!

  • Brian Compton

    Yay!!!!!  Let’s bomb Syria because Syria bombed Syria!

  • Anonymous

    well bible in Isaiah 17:1-3 says  Damascus well cease to be a city  and be left in a heap of ruins.

  • Anonymous


  • Disavowed 1

    It makes perfect sense, your just not allowed to talk about the Fed or the Central banking Cabal.
    Every war is a bankers war. This is the death throw for the USD. We have 100 trillion in immediate debt right now and all our creditors cut us off, namely China. 2+2 people. Heads up, no fear but this admin is getting us hit as to take all responsibility of the dollar failing off the bankers shoulders.

    Bottom line? We need to have Syria and Iran inetall central banks as to save the Global Reserve Currency. Aka.. force them to use the US Dollar.

    Smarter than any Glenn Beck on the face of the planet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Terry-Maki/519174935 Terry Maki
  • Wayne Grooms

    This is a copy of the email I just sent to my Senators and Congressman:

    Please take the report by Dale Gavlak, who seems to be    a credible AP reporter, into account when debating whether we should bomb Syria.  Her account gives credit for the chemical weapons attack to a group of rebels who set the weapons off by mistake.  I urge you to vote NO on any attack on Syria by the US military.  I suspect another motive for the administration wanting to bomb Syria, plus we still do not have any truthful answers on Benghazi after almost a year.Sincerely,
    Look it up on infowars.com

  • DurkaDurka

    Glenn seems to be be ignorant of the fact that Russia has military bases in Syria.  This isn’t a chess game.  It’s a Pearl Harbor for Russia.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Glenn is the biggest moron ever. He is no journalist. He just makes sh!t up.

  • Toby Wong

    Glenn Beck is quite an obnoxious twat.

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