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On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn gave a soup to nuts history of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Millions of dollars in deficits, bloated government programs, large-scale power grabs, turmoil abroad – the similarities between the 1930s/40s and today are endless.

But FDR ultimately put his leftist ideology aside for the good of America. He turned to the free markets to get the country ready for war and to get American industry back on track. When government got out of private life and industry, America got back on track. In 1944, the U.S. won the war in large part because private enterprise won the fight against government over-regulation. Ultimately, as Glenn explained, it was the American spirit that prevailed.

Today, we find ourselves in tough times, but we have overcome challenges just as tough. The American people will persevere, but perhaps the bigger question is: Will President Obama learn from the past, put ideology aside, and do what is best for the country?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    FDR listened to Marshall and helped turn the nation back from its self-destruction; Obama will never do so, he is bent on destroying us once and for all.

    • Wendy Dooley

      you missed the point.both of these men are the same,progressives never change.. 

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that FDR didn’t hate America like BO does.

      • Anonymous

        Another difference is that FDR did not have multiple generations of voters indoctrinated by a federal Department of Education run under union rules. Nor did he have multiple generations of voters who have always lived on government welfare and never known anything else.

  • RichardIsGod, In the

    FDR created the greatest military complex known to man.  Too bad Americans don’t realize Capitalism won WWII.   Michigan WAS the Invisible Hand of Capitalism.

    Conservative don’t want less Government when it comes to military contracts.  They want less constrants so they can steal more money in their Bugs Bunny outfit.  When will America admit their might be some problems with the Cword.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Capitalism and American ingenuity made the decisive difference in World War 2. 

      It is, as with WW 1, the ‘arsenal of democracy’ which allowed the Allied European nations to be rearmed, and to survive the German onslaught, while allowing for Russia and China under Chang Kai-Shek to withstand and counter the Germans and Japanese armies respectfully.

      This is one reason the progressives and revisionists have been so desperate to ensure that the history books are distorted, denigrated, denied and rewritten to fit their own agenda.As for the matter of ‘Conservatives’ stealing the money for military contracts; how come the Democrats have so many crooks within their own ranks and you say nothing about them? ALL members of government, from the President (whomever holds the office) to the newest member hired must be held to account under the law, same as all others.

      For the record, Conservative is not a troubled word; what is troubled is the term COWARDICE, CORRUPT and COMMUNIST which can be applied to the admin and most of Congress on all sides.

      • RichardIsGod, In the

        >> Democrats have so many crooks within their own ranks and you say nothing about them?

        I thought that was a given.  Holy Cow, humans might be crooks.  Working in Corporate America for 14 years,  I know who has the most crooks.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]   you  right  glenn   :

  • Anonymous

    Question why is our obama government continue providing obama phones with massive abuse  ????  Is there  is a secret agenda to plant a tracking and spying device on everyone even our poor citizens being dupe into getting their phones for emergencies etc but really giving up their privacy  and to be speak freely without the threats of being monitor and reprisal of govrnment  black list of obama for having opposing views to obama policy  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gristle McThornbody
  • Sam Fisher

    Obama is like FDR but except for one thing Obama is a coward.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe  that , But it that obama heart is with the radical Muslim world !!!!????  Glenn and his listeners should make a lists where they believe obama was on the wrong side on purpose in which people fall under a communists dictator or extreme Muslim Shari law control maybe this list will wake up U.S citizens !! 1.) obama did not say boo during Iran revolt 2.) In Honduras obama ,Chavez,Castro team up try to pressure Honduras after their supreme court and congress remove their president for trying turn their country into a dictatorship by shredding their constitution 3.) In Libya did not back the revolt in beginning when true freedom fighters were in the driver seat 4.) Egyptian is another Honduras thing instead of supreme court or congress it was the military 4.)   Our President obama using the ruse of chemical weapon being use as excuse cover in helping radicals to take  over the regime !!  This whole Arabic Spring started by obama is to have a far greater evil take over these nations is rub out inalienable rights and freedom,rights & ,safe guards of a constitution, in their country and  the world !!!. Instead having a so so brutal dictator in charge of their country where they afraid of losing power ,or losing their toys air crafts and tanks  we had some control on them in acting up !!  Now  obama help replace these dictators with a far more greater evil and more dangerous regime to U.S and the Free World with radicals groups like Muslim Brotherhood and other who don’t care what happens to them,their family, or their nation only thing they care about getting 72 virgins and attack without leaving a return address !!!  Thanks obama for putting the U.S and the Free World in a more dangerous position !!???  P.S who side are you on obama ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  • Anonymous

    The following link is to a 1934 political cartoon about the FDR administration. Research the named characters and you will find this administration full of the same kind of people. It looks like the blueprint for the Obama administration. Note that the only thing not yet completed is the last item in the action list at the bottom left.,0,

  • Anonymous

    Glenn was wondering the reason why the Syria dictator of his timing in pulling off  chemical attack with the U.N just station only few miles from the bomb site ??????????   Here the possible scenario it is a chess game for destruction of Israel and the Free world and U.S too  eventually !! The players in pulling this off  are Iran,Syria,radicals Muslims and obama !!!!!  1.) to bait U.S into a punitive strike 1a.) to rally  radical fractions to strike the free world Israel and U.S  and to unite Shiti and Sunni 2.) to beat Israel to draw in a pre-emptive strike and delay Israel  pre-emptive strike against Iran nuclear and missile sites 3.)  It won’t be Iran or Syria striking at this time , they will unleash radicals fury elements against Israel and U.S bases with some 40,000 rockets not by any country just radicals !! ,Why so Israel Iron dome defensive rockets be expended ,arrow & patriot defensive missiles be depleted and Israel jet fuel be expended,air craft munitions for going after launch sites of  the radicals !!  This most likely to delay Israel pre-emptive strike ,so Iran can assembly it nuclear bombs (more time) Before Israel can replenish it defensive anti-missile,jet fuel,and air crafts ordnance ,need use the aircraft to beat mob of insurgence back that rally by strike on Israel and U.S bases !!  At this weaken state of Israel then Iran and Syria  will launch massive salvo attack of major missile at Israel  ,some convention munitions,some chemical,biological and a few nuclear !!  The free world will go into chaos because of lack of oil same goes  for U.S at this time Muslim will spread uprising and revolts in the world and miss lead citizens of countries to side with them ,but in the end if they do not convert to Shari Law they will be put to death !!!!!!!!!!!  All above is just a fictional scenario

  • Jamie Parsons

    You all do realize that it’s not America that won the war, but the Soviet Union (particularly Soviet Russia) who won the war, right?

  • SL

    Wait, so you are complimenting FDR’s later leadership?   As Newt did and you screamed? 

  • Anonymous

    Thats The Big Difference Between FDR and BHO is BHO IS A Muslim-not just any muslim a muslim brotherhood an anti-American-Islam-Terrorist! The Left Took What Worked In Every President For A Hundred Years and Put It In Their Chosen One-HusseinObama! and who else was living for hundred years the Soros’ when their name was changed from Schwartz. as georgy was working for the Nazi’s FDR was creating the World War. 

    • denise rae mcclurg

      FDR was the first person to bring the muslim brother hood into tohe white house.

  • Anonymous

    When FDR decide to go to war ,he fought it to win and didn’t tie the hands of his troops behind their back  only can fire if fire on first let enemy draw on you first punitive actions !!!!!!!!  Question would FDR let himself be baited into what the enemy want him to do ,??? Like I think obama is doing the enemy pick place,time , into long drawn out aerial campaign that accomplish little in Syria,so the enemy can rally more extremists radicals to act up and join them,plus it be a war like Vietnam Syria will be resupply from neighboring countries ,give the head of the snake more time to have ready it’s poison venom of nuclear bombs. !!   Now FDR started bombing the head of snake  of Nazi Germany  right away , especially the heavy water plants denied the use of nuclear weapons! Now obama doing the opposite ????????? During a war you don’t hit or go where the enemy want you to go or the time hey obama I think your falling for the bait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ???????????? Who to say that Iran now involve with the chemical attack they have their soldiers and airmen there in Syria. Now if obama surprise them by hitting the head of the snake ,F22 take out anti-aircraft defense missile radars,launchers  and air bases of Iran and B2 & B1 bomb their nuclear sites ,and long range missiles and their launch pads other nations and terrorists fraction won’t be so brave in rallying behind Iran . Now we facing a war for obama shooting off his mouth with chemicals but say nothing when  over 100,000 die in Syria  ?? But when he shot off his mouth years before about Iran attaining nuclear weapons nothing happen !!. Hey obama are you in cahoots with Iran to help rally forces against the western world,put our Arabic oil rich ally in harm way, doing your part providing the spark to start the war in way in their favor to form the Muslim caliphate and cause chaos in the Free world with lack of oil for take over,foolishly expend our munitions in Syria ,fuel etc. Ya chemical weapons very bad but who is behind Syria dictator who think he can do anything hint to obama your not too swift it’s IRAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

  • bucketnutz

    Obama could learn that you don’t get cooperation by kicking you opponents in the ballz every time you get in front of a camera. Remember when you demean the republicans in congress, you demean all republicans, even the ones who voted for you,,,,stupid.

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