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On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn gave a soup to nuts history of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Millions of dollars in deficits, bloated government programs, large-scale power grabs, turmoil abroad – the similarities between the 1930s/40s and today are endless.

But FDR ultimately put his leftist ideology aside for the good of America. He turned to the free markets to get the country ready for war and to get American industry back on track. When government got out of private life and industry, America got back on track. In 1944, the U.S. won the war in large part because private enterprise won the fight against government over-regulation. Ultimately, as Glenn explained, it was the American spirit that prevailed.

Today, we find ourselves in tough times, but we have overcome challenges just as tough. The American people will persevere, but perhaps the bigger question is: Will President Obama learn from the past, put ideology aside, and do what is best for the country?