Where did things go wrong for Miley Cyrus?

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If you’ve turned on a TV, radio, read a newspaper, got on social media, or basically walked outside, you’ve heard about the Miley Cyrus performance at last night’s MTV VMAs. While most of the media is talking about how “shocking” it was, Glenn took a minute to talk about a different angle — her parents.

“Billy, are you proud?” Glenn asked rhetorically this morning during the radio program. “Did she think that, ‘yep, Dad’s proud. Dad’s proud of me now.’ And was her dad proud?”

Six years ago, when Glenn was on CNN’s Headline News, he interviewed Billy Ray Cyrus about his daughter’s success — at that time she was a rising start among young children on the Disney Channel.

Stu recalled that during the interview, after Glenn asked if he’s worried about Miley becoming the next Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears, Cyrus answered that he tries to be close to his daughter. He tries to be her “best friend”.

“That’s a problem,” Pat stated.

Stu agreed, noting that’s the standard “bad thing” you want to try to avoid to a certain degree. He goes on to note that there must be a hard balance in the entertainment world between trying to raise your child correctly and allowing them to enjoy their success.

“I don’t know how you walk that line,” Stu said.

“You don’t,” Pat replied poignantly.

“That’s why Ron Howard is the exception,” Glenn added, noting that he too struggles to make his children aware of how unusual their lifestyle is compared to most kids.

“I’ve flailing and trying desperately to make sure that they understand that they live a privileged life. But I think I’m failing at that. And it is extraordinarily difficult to do,” he said. “But one thing that you don’t do is hand your kids off to Disney.”

But when Walt Disney was alive, it may have been different, Pat pointed out.

“I don’t think it would have been too bad a thing,” he told Glenn. “It didn’t seem like Annette Funicello went off the deep end.”

The difference is Walt was present. He knew what he wanted his company to represent… and what Miley Cyrus did last night wasn’t it.

“He was shepherding,” Glenn said. “The reason why Rob Howard didn’t go bad is because he had Andy Griffith there. He said Andy Griffith was like a dad to him. The whole time he was counseling him, ‘don’t let this go to your head. Don’t pay attention to that. Don’t listen to any of that.’ So he had that, he still had guidance there. And the same thing if you’re reading about Walt Disney. All of the kids that worked for Walt Disney — he did the same. He didn’t build them into little monsters.”

Looking at Miley’s performance at the VMA’s, it’s clear she doesn’t have that type of strong moral influence in her daily life. Looking back at Glenn’s former interview with Billy Ray Cyrus, it was clear that her odds of avoiding this path were slim to none.


Part 2

Instead of a strong father figure to help act as a GPS to guide her in the right directions later in life, she got a ‘buddy’.

So how did Billy Ray react to Miley’s performance? Well…we don’t know for sure, but here’s what he tweeted after her performance:

The public didn’t have quite the same reaction. Unlike many performances at the VMAs that have “shocked audiences,” the public and celebrity reaction has been pretty negative. Here’s a small handful of the reaction on Twitter last night.





Just to put things in further perspective, TheBlaze’s latest addition to the digital team may have summed up what happened on stage best when he said:


  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Parents need to be parents, not ‘best friends’ to their children.

    • Draxx


    • Andy

      I think that Miley started going wrong when she began to feel that she didn’t need parental guidance any longer.  Too much too soon and it only goes downhill from here. Too bad, though, she was a sweet kid. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600487296 Taka Dahle

         Which soon vanished the moment her movie came out where she wanted to drop the “Hanna Montana” character, thus crushing the souls of many kids who idolized her up until then.

        The brat even had a live performance party in Disneyland on her sixteenth birthday! (to which almost nobody showed enthusiasm for, as I recall)

  • americanathlete

    He tries to be her best friend!?!?!? I’ve seen this before with my niece…she ended up on drugs and spent time in prison. Wake up Billy!!!!!

  • americanathlete

    Hollywood is nothing but a cesspool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    This is why I avoid Hollywood at all cost it turns you into a Lady Gaga.

  • Anonymous

    People keep asking this.  She was never any different.  At 15 she did a nude photo shoot for Vanity Fair in front of her father and did a pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards.  Joel McHale at the Soup mocked her mercilessly for it.  It had the same “yuck” factor of Angelina Jolie kissing her own brother.  Plus she was dating a 22 year old backup dancer at the same time.  If you really want to be creeped out look at her 10 year old sister Noah Cyrus wearing clothing from her “Disney meets Victoria’s Secret dominatrix” clothing line she is trying to sell your 10 year old daughter.  No, with MIley the only difference now is she’s cut her hair short.  You can take the girl out of the trailer park …

  • Anonymous

    No wonder that nice Australian boy dumped her.  What a hoochie!

  • Anonymous

    Damn shame whats next a major run in with the law,       Damn Shame

  • Anonymous

    I saw about 8 seconds of it on YouTube. Billy must be proud of his little white trash redneck stripper. 

  • Anonymous

    All you parents of teenagers out there…this is what MTV and the movie and recording industries have in mind for your children.

    They want to pull your kids into illicit sex, drug use, alcohol, and just into being the worst person they can be.

    When black teenagers can shoot a white football player “just for the fun of it”, and their parents tell you they are just nice young boys, you know we are in trouble.

    When a young black thug can lie in wait in the shadows for a Hispanic man and try to kill him, and the Hispanic man has a gun and shoots him, the black community and their phony “leaders” try to get the Hispanic man lynched.

    We are at the point in our country when good is bad and bad is good, acting like a stripper in public is normal, defacing your whole body with tattoos, piercings, really goofy hairdo’s, and anything else to make people look at you (even if they are laughing at your stupidity).

    And Martin Luther King Jr. would be extremely embarrassed by the antics of his people, the drug use, the addiction to Welfare, the black on black crime, the attempt to blame the white people for all their problems, and the hatred shown to everyone else.

    • Draxx

      Where have all the good role models disappeared to…?

      We have had no TV, Cable, or Satellite Connections for Three Years Now, and Our Kids get so many compliments from other parents on their behavior (Many say they wish their kids were as well mannered, but they don’t take the time to make sure that the kids know right from wrong, good from bad, behaving decent and having respect for Elders, like my wife and I do with our kids everyday.).  But, MOST Importantly We Parent By Example… Kids don’t learn as much from what we tell them, as much as they do from watching us and what we do as adults, parents, or older siblings!

      • ken.

        forget role models because everytime you turn around they get caught doing something bad. you never know who someone really is. try using the acts of goodness as the model instead of the person. you wont be disappointed.

      • Jennifer

        That is so so true! Our children watch us – they tend not to listen to the fake words coming from our mouths – it is our actions that leave a life long imprint on their hearts and in their brains.  Love … IS AN ACTION WORD!!  We need to love a million times better…  
           One more thing I heard many years ago – before I had children – and now see how true it is….  Mothers can discipline their children daily, tell them what is the right thing to do in a situation or how to behave and act appropriately in life. Most of the time – the words go in one ear and out the other ….. sometimes we as mothers seem to be labeled as “nags” to our children, respectfully…. BUT Fathers! When you as a father looks those same children in the eye and tells them the same thing – the children see and hear those words as important and something to really think about. Father’s really do have so much power in a family – too bad there are so many families missing one…….  The demise of Our Beautiful America started in the home not too many years ago.   It is NEVER going to get better until we fix ourselves – our families need to be the priority once again.  Children need to feel wanted and loved so they can be a positive happy influence in this world as adults.  Until we fix ourselves and I think we are way too hedonistic anymore to see the simpleness in this – we will never recover – it is only going to get worse – this world is going to be such an evil and scary place to live. Thank God – yes G O D! He is our hope and our happiness when it all falls apart in the end…. and so many people chose to separate themselves from him.  Very very sad and very stupid… 

        • Draxx

          I have spent many hours helping my children get what they will need for knowledge/skills as older teens and adults…

          My daughter is 11 yrs old and my son is 13, since my daughter was 7 I started teaching them both how to Sword Fight, Basic Martial Arts, Seriously Effective Strike/Weak Points on the Human Body, Discipline in Why -or- Why Not to use those skills against somebody (Just because you know how to fight, doesn’t mean that you use those skills every opportunity and that Most Times Diffusing the Situation or Walking Away is the Best Choice!), Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking (Art, Writing, Crafts, How to think out of the box), How to Question Things Without Shutting Your Mind To Other Possibilities, How to be Loving/Caring/Giving, and Most Importantly… Why God/Jesus are So Important To All Of Us!

          My wife and I are both Active in Our Church, she does Sunday School for the Kids and I work the Sound Booth to Record Sermons or Special Events (like last Sunday we had Church in the Park, including Baptisms in the creek [I chose to go first and Lead by Example!  I was baptized at 8 yrs old but at the time I never Really Understood the Why’s behind it, now at 46 I decided to “Renew My Vows” to God and Jesus.], as a church we also gave food to others that were hungry.).

          *Note: My daughter has a Sharp Sword that she can handle just fine, and sometimes (not at school) she is allowed to walk around with it strapped to her waist.  People have told me that is dangerous thing to do, and My Response Is… “If Very Bad People go to a park or other gathering places for kids and started grabbing and attacking them, do you think that they would avoid a kid with a sharp sword that looks like they know how to use it and go after other kids instead?”  Their replies are almost the same every time, “Of course they would avoid the danger of being cut open! But what about the other kids…?”.  I tell them I don’t want anybody’s kids hurt, but if they are intent on taking them at least mine have a chance!  A mother of a friend of my daughter stated that she saw my daughter walking with her sword on her hip and said I was Crazy, I told her that Others See Her With That Sword Too and that they probably think that is One Girl You Don’t Want to Mess With (my hopes are that if they are bad people they will just leave her alone)… I think it was Tacitus that said, “We prepare for war so that we may have peace.” [This thinking is akin to no wars because of Mutual Destruction]

          I have a 25 yr old friend that saw me practicing sword fighting with my daughter, and came up with a sarcastic comment about how I was just fooling her into thinking she could fend off an adult.  Without Hesitation my daughter told him, “I will fight you!  I’m Not Scared Of YOU!!!”  So I handed him my Daito [practice sword] and they didn’t practice but actually battled to win.  My daughter made me very proud, she didn’t try and crack his skull but instead aimed at his weak spots and attacked them.  After about five minutes and several bruises later he was begging to quit, and my daughter wasn’t going to let him.  When he yelled STOP, she said “NO Because a kid has to fight with All Their Might Until the Bad Guy Is Down For Good, or they will just come after them Very, Very Mad and Kill Them!!!”  I finally made her stop after a couple more minutes.  He was actually scared of her for a few minutes and he was 15 years older and weighed about 130 lbs more than her, Not to mention he had an Oak Sword In His Hands!  He was very humbled and is always very courteous and shows respect to my daughter that adults don’t normally give kids…

        • Florence Rogers

          Yes, you are so right, Jennifer.  Lead by example.  Our children don’t hear what you say as much as WHAT YOU DO.  And that all comes from loving God and living the life He has blessed us with in front of our children.  This has become a scary and depraved world we are now living in.  Our only hope is TRUSTING in God to guide us to be all that He wants us to be!

        • Freedom

          That’s so true!

      • Anonymous

        You got that right, Draxx!  Tragedy here was, those 3 teenagers who gunned

        down the Aussie came from homes which were not intact.  The 15 year old

        shooter had a mother in jail.  None of them were supervised.   Looked like no

        adults were in sight or cared to do their jobs as parents.  When young men

        (especially) don’t have a male adult to mentor them, they can do some pretty

        stupid and dangerous things.  Sad situation for everyone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jrodyz600 Jarrod Long

      Alright, I have to reply. You make a few good points, but those points are lost in your inaccuracies. It was a white baseball player. Minor, I know, but it goes to the point. Of the three teenagers, one was black, one was half black/half white, and the last was white. You are right. Dr. King likely would be embarrassed by these antics. But what does race have to do with this article? I’m just as sick of the phoniness of the black leaders as you, but this is an article about Miley Cyrus, who happens to be white. (Unsure if you caught that.) 

      I guess my last statement would be that if Glenn Beck actually read through his comment sections and came across the ignorant diatribe like yours, (which is quite common), using both hatred and complete lack of research or fact, he would be just as embarrassed as Dr. King.

      • Anonymous

        You, as well Jared, need to get your facts straight if you are going to chastise someone.  Of the 3 teenagers that shot the Oklahoma ball player (devastating tragedy) 2 were black and 1 had a black father/white mother.  And YES it all does relate to the Cyrus article.  Jimbo was pointing out the problems of the paths our youth are following by the outside influences (like MTV) they face.  And He is right, Dr. King would be terribly saddened. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600381469 Emmeline Abugan Mirasol
    • jsmith0552

      I like how we can turn a discussion of Miley Cyrus into an indictment of Blk ppl.  So I know where this person is coming from.  Yeah, Blk ppl have somehow turned mainstream culture astray when in fact it was the other way around.  Black didn’t used to do drug, or completely senseless crime, there was a time when Blacks fought for better education, but the lure of mainstream society was a bit too much.  Blacks learned from the dominant culture way too well.  Now it looks like it’s coming full circle.  

      If one looks at it, the America we have now appears to be the America those in power wanted all along, and Black people were just one of the tools they used to get there.  Stupid people wont couldn’t and still can’t see that just keep greasing the slippery slope.

      • Anonymous

        American culture wasn’t anything like it is now just thirty years ago. So I don’t think capitalism or consumerism are exactly to blame. American society only became corrupted by those forces when the defenses to those forces were successfully dismantled. Otherwise your point is duly noted. If you want to know what the problem is, look no further than the bankster types who run the media and own the record labels and write the Hollywood scripts. They are not white, or black. They are a very specific subset of Middle Eastern tribal psychopaths. Again though, you’re right, black criminality is largely a consequence of a broader decline of social and moral standards. But that decline of social standards started with the race egalitarian nonsense of the Marxists and the moral relativistic BS of their leftist brethren in the 50’s and 60’s. Look no further than the hippies and civil rights communists, groups again dominated not by white people, but by a very specific subset of Middle Eastern types. The reasons blacks had respect for authority was because whites made sure they did. They certainly don’t in most African nations where blacks rule. Since whites lost power of their own society and traditional barriers broke down, everybody lost respect for authority, because the rulers now don’t rule by tradition, sense, or any semblance of morality, but through government graft, cronyistic theft, brute power and sheer dishonesty.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly right. The inverted world. The Marxists in the media and the government have created this sick, upside down world where wrong is right. Dissolve the government.

    • Wil Williams

      Hey jimbo124816,
      What the hell are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    This young woman is one angry person.  She has absolutely no self worth, in fact I think she hates herself.  For what other reason would she put herself in such a vile display on national tv.  My heart breaks for her but mostly it breaks for all the young people she is influencing with such filth.  God help them all, they need to be prayed for.
    My one question is, what did someone ever do to her that she would behave in such a sleazy manner???  Her father did her no justice in the way he advised her. Considering her father’s twitter response, he truly sounds like he is on something or has some kind of mental disorder
    When people in Hollywood who were in the audience were shocked that is unbelievable.  Is her career over, I think so, unless they need someone to play a raunchy part.

    • Anonymous

      ronneeh,  It is very sad and disturbing (Miley’s ”display”) because so many young girl’s

      DID look up to her as a role model.  Hope their parent’s will instruct them on what to

      look for in role models.  And, more importantly, what to avoid!

  • Anonymous

    Another “tween” lost to the Left. The influence of secular humanism at work turning innocent children into sluts. 

    The world’s was nasty enough on its own … now it has the Left to help it into degradation. There are lots of folks out there who have it in for childhood innocence. Can’t explain that.

  • Anonymous

    No offense to anyone, but why is anyone interested or care? this not so little girl, adult in age but stupidly immature twit, will live to regret her behavior; in the meantime, she should just be ignored.

  • batmanroxus

    You aren’t helping anything by giving her attention. She isn’t after your respect, just your attention.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Denimflyz Vicki Schoenwald

    What a ho”, just another from the cesspool of fruits and nuts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000478474536 David Hodges

    Miley Cyrus gives an entirely new level of meaning to the phrase “getting some strange.”It is really pathetic when you feel embarrassed for a fool you couldn’t even care less about. It is as if she developed her sense of “sexy” from old Ren and Stimpy cartoons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1042060060 Lisa Lang Yarger

    Why is everyone just harshing on Miley? What about the grown man behind her, what about the awards show, what about the other performers as well? 

  • Cynthia Baker

    You also have to understand that SHE IS A SAGITTARIUS LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS, MINDY McCreedy. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.tveten Ruth M. Tveten

    Maybe she would have been better off just being a KID????? What kind if parents let this happen???

    • Anonymous

      Often, the kind of parents who want to live off their child’s fame and fortune, Ruth.

      Sadly, it happens all too frequently.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.tveten Ruth M. Tveten

    Expand Maybe she would have been better off just being a KID????? What kind of parents let this happen???

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.hensley.hensley Chris Hensley

     some  actress an actors  have  agents  that  take  advantage of them  

  • Anonymous

    I thank God for the daughter He gave us. She sometimes gets on my nerves. But she is turning into a sweet lady. I agree with some of the other comments. But that is why we NEED to pray for our children and teenagers with more faith towards Go than ever before.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1217268309 Pamela Ramsay

      Sweet ladies don’t go around in skin tight nude colored bikinis twerking their ass up on a guy’s private parts. Sweet ladies don’t grab their crotches. Sweet ladies don’t finger themselves with a foam finger. And sweet ladies don’t do these things on national tv. Wake the hell up!

      • Anonymous

        I think you misunderstood……..this post was about his/her own daughter not Miley.

  • Desiree Dufrene Hernandez

    there better not be  a single word from the mtv crowd about child porn or rape ..how shameful this was  

  • http://www.facebook.com/bp3dp Benjamin Pectol

    Walt Disney was not everything good you are making him out to be. This is all a part of his agenda. The funny thing is Glen you are talking about this and we are heading to another war today. Hanna Montana did exactly what every other star is doing. The most evil one out is Taylor Swift.. Blind leading the Blind here. 

  • Anonymous

    Is Robin Thicke Alan Thicke’s son?  It was always well known that Alan Thicke went for the young girls.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Angela.Petry.Ledel Angela Petry Huwig

      He is Alan Thicke’s son…..LOL….

  • Anonymous

    Proud liberal Democrat. Yuck.

  • booklvr

    Has anyone considered that this young woman may be acting out due to sexual abuse in her childhood?  She needs help!!  

  • Anonymous

    Why would Billy Ray have a problem with this. He let her have her boyfriend come live with her when she was only sixteen. What could possibly go wrong there??

  • Anonymous

    my suggestion: boycott MTV – it’s been (still is) a bane and a conduit for bad behavior and instigation to violence and lurid activities, especially for our young

  • Anonymous

    What a horrible tragedy.  How could her parents endorse this kind of behavior?  My heart would be torn out if I saw one of my daughters on stage acting like that.  It was not only obscene, but it was also showed an incredible lack of self worth on Ms. Cyrus’ part.  Talk about a war on women!  What kind of message does that send to the young women of our country?  What was up with the Teddy bears?  Was it supposed to show the violation of innocence?  I’m sure that every pedophile in the country got their kicks out of that one.  And the tongue thing was just ugly and obscene.  We wont even go into the foam finger.   It’s time to start boycotting this kind of television programming.  It’s time to stop allowing our children to be exposed to the smut and violence that Hollywood and video game manufacturers are using to influence their lives.  It’s our fault that our children are growing up like this.  Time to start being responsible parents.

    • Anonymous

      u are so right … children learn from watching their parents and need boundaries it is sooo apparent miss cyrus did not get the guidance and boundaries she needed to become a morally rational adult .. so sad .. she will look back on this when she has children and pray they never see this performance but sadly it will be out there forever and they will …plus her grandchildren will see it too … so sad … billy ray cyrus get a grip on reality u needed help a long time ago apparently…  

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=624882173 Kim Kerby Hildebrandt

      I agree totally.  I have just gotten rid of the TV or just shut off the internet. There is so much more we can do that is noteworthy and when we do sit down together it will be the best fun EVER!  O  I do know that is true!  

  • http://www.facebook.com/bea.biederman Bea Biederman

    Once they reach a certain age… That’s it.  They are in the world and their values will be theirs to discover and their foundation will be tested.  I feel sorry for the mother who it seems did the work to ‘try’ and discipline the kids.  Here’s another case where evidently it doesn’t work when the dad is passive; or there is no cooperation between the parents.  Then again, some kids are pulled into the culture and rebel.  Remember the young Brooke Shields (not that she was crude, just testy).  

    I could tell, Miley consented and was lead into a world of smut, and currently thinks it is cool.  Bad directors, untalented choreographer (based on the penal hand moves, a self-centered male), shallow ideas all around.  It takes talent to create dynamic and awesome dance performances.  Her handlers are lacking.  She’s a little pig right now.  But I think she’ll wake up.  Hanna Montana is not going to sustain her any more.

  • Devorah Aikman

    Older women are to teach the younger women modesty, chastity and purity.  Obviously old women, some of us have dropped the ball on mentoring this generation.  TIME TO RAISE A STANDARD AGAINST SATANS DESTRUCTION OF YOUNG WOMEN. Start in your home, please.

  • Anonymous

    People keep asking WHY. WHY?? (bet you thought this was going to be a Mickey Mouse Club song) Because of the money. People go to see her, buy her CDs, clothing line for kids. She is a Billionair. Follow the skanky tramp to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if your dad had a hit with “Achy Breaky Heart” and popularized the mullet, you’ld grow up weird, I guarantee you.

    • Tony Viscardi

      Very good point. That there could traumatize any child.

  • Anonymous

    Annette Vunacello (sp?) said she never wore a 2 piece “because Walt Disney, asked her not to.”

    • Anonymous

      Travis, that would be Annette Funicello.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002460019501 Susan Legrand Bergstrom

    Okay, I know this is not the point, but this is a poorly written, nearly illiterate piece.  I can’t take “The Blaze” seriously until they find decent writers with a basic grasp of English grammar and spelling.

  • Terri K

    Did anyone notice the extra couple inches around Robin Thicke’s waist..  Looks like he needs to do some abdominals at the Gym.   Miley is 20 years old.  She is an adult, not a teenager.  I am not impressed with her dancing though.  She seems too gangly with  severe jerky motions..and that Tongue is just gross.   But I have a 22 year old male friend at work that likes her ..

    I like Robin though, but could’ve used some lipo before he got on stage.. 

  • Josh Nelson

    Kids want a parent to be their parents and not their BUDDY.
    EPIC Parental FAIL by Billy Ray to his daughter.

  • Thoughtful Watcher

    It is devastating to watch someone in a moral downward spiral. My outrage gave way to mourning for the life this young lady could have been leading and the good she could have done. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion. Its not going to be pretty when she hits rock bottom.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s all hope she does NOT spiral out of control, Watcher.  So many young, talented

      people have died much too early from drugs or alcohol.  Case in point, the recent death

      of Corey M. from the TV series ”Glee.”    You know, ”the path to destruction—”  Much

      too easy to fall into, but a real bitch to get out of which can lead to despair and the

      taking of one’s own life.  Prayers for all that help is there when needed.

      • Anonymous

        She’s already spiraled out of control. Let’s just hope she doesn’t land on her neck when she hits the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    What went wrong was the fact she had no parental supervision, she may as well have been an orphan. A very rich one at that.

  • Anonymous

    Miley has really gone all the way in the other direction (not good) since her father approved of her doing the nude pictures. She was way too young. He is not much of a father or friend.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something (arguably) to be said for the old admonition: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” A major problem here, Miley honey, is that you ain’t got it. This show was taudry, unprofessional, and unartistic. I didn’t even consider it particularly scandalous–just silly.

    Miley, I assume you aimed to create a sensation. And so you did, for a day or two, maybe. But what you really accomplished, more than anything else, was to evoke revulsion and pity. This was not burlesque; this was a juvenile lunge into tasteless squalor. You once had a winsome attractiveness, Ms. Cyrus. But now you’re about as attractive as 3-day-old road kill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600487296 Taka Dahle

     I believe you mean the Hemsworth brother who plays Gale in “The Hunger Games” (Liam, whose older brother, Chris, plays Thor in “The Avengers”).

  • Snorri

    Have some sympathy for Miley for she has chosen a difficult and eventually harsh path.

  • jcpatriot

    Sadly, Miley has become the mascot for degraded humanity
    and distorted femininity. The formerly cute child star has become unspeakably
    ugly. She is a living example of Van Til’s expression, “integration downward into
    the void.” The Bible describes Hell as a bottomless pit. Ms. Cyrus appears
    intent on personally validating that theological premise.


    Names mean something and I believe our names are given to
    us by our parents under inspiration of God – whether they know it or not.


    we move away from God, we often become the exact opposite of what our name
    actually means.


    has gone from “far sighted grace”, “young lord” even “gracious lord” to an
    “indecent slave of depravity.”  Her example is great reminder that our lives do not ultimately consist of the things we possess
    or the people we impress. Sin is deceitful and great riches can become a snare.
    Her name has become now an epithet synonymous with this truth.

  • Donna G

    Listening to Billy Ray’s interview with Glen made me cringe. Phoney doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  • Jennifer

    Any parent that lets their children watch MTV or any cable, tv show or listen to any music unsupervised is a complete idiot and is part of society’s problems today.  As an adult – I am appalled at what they allow on tv today. I think it is disgusting and it definitely robs our children of their innocence- something I would like to see them keep for as long as they can… I say shelter your children for as long as you can and pray constantly!!

    • Anonymous

      Jennifer,  as a gray haired granny, I see plenty on TV today, network and especially,

      cable, which causes me to cringe—in the way of violence or sexual display.  It seems

      that is now the new norm—getting on the edge in order to get viewers.  After enough of

      that, on whatever series I’ve been watching, I turn it off and no longer return.

  • Matthew Stanworth

    I think that Miley good girl last Disney few year ago VMA MTV times done wrong thing she did over news so many children her life she is so younger growing up of that Situation I want her life back again

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ellie-Turko/100003080488598 Ellie Turko

    “The Fickle Finger of Fate may poke her in the eye one day!

  • Anonymous

    Poor, silly girl.  She seemed to want to do something ”edgy” a la Lady Ga Ga or Madonna and

    ended up doing something really stupid.  Doesn’t think much about that now, perhaps, but those

    images will be around forever!   When/if she has kids, what well be her explanation to them

    about her ”perfomance?”   Her folks must be so proud of her!

  • Walter Evans

    Ok, as I read the comments, I’m getting a little offended. As a Black man, yes I can admit that Hip-Hop(not Rap) has taken my people down a path that will be very hard to come back from. I’m not the biggest fan of Glen Beck or Bill O’Reilly(sorry about the misspell), but if anyone watched that horrible display at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus did more to set us back more that either of there man could ever do. On stage “twerking” not only with nothing but Black backup dancers, but “twerking” on Robin Thicke, who I’m surprised is still married. I love my music, it is the cry of a disenfranchised generation that is the result of single parent households, but seriously?? Don’t blame the music. Blame the fools that are too weak minded to just listen, and take a narrative, but act on it. Bigots don’t have to do anything to get rid of us, we are actually helping them out, and it hurts from the inside. I know that we’re an endangered species, but I just wish that we stop trying to be “hard” and just in the words of Spike Lee “WAKE UP!!!!!” before it’s too damn late. I remember when MTV was the MUSIC TELEVISION CHANNEL, not this vile soul acid that it is now become. I’m sorry for ranting, but damn people, don’t judge a race by a few bad apples. I thought that we were past this

    • Anonymous

      Walter excellent post brother i’m a white man and the road we as brother AMERICANS are heading down will make life hell for our children .
      we’re already as adults tasting the bitter pill that has been shoved down all of our throats. God bless you bro

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

        And I am part Native American but I heard someone claim on MSNBC God is racist must not be talking about our king. As for the road we are on God warned us things like this was coming I hate to think the end is near for so many are not saved.

        • Anonymous

          Sam: I can only imagine that whoever on MSNBC claimed a racist God, may be trying to remake God in his own image, as so many have tried and failed before.

        • Anonymous

          Ya the road sam that most don’t even know they think if life is going well everything is fine LIFE itself is the road of the battle of good vs. evil
          We just understand the repercussion  of taking the evil side some just think we believe in a ghost and it’s a sham .
          Live for today brother when I was younger there were many things that made me think it was close to the end.
          At 29 I got cancer that’s when I understood why we are told to ask for forgiveness for the days sins then it’s in his hands.
          As for tomorrows brother there in his hands also I understand you’re compassion about those who will not make it .
          Don’t worry about the end my friend you have a lot of life in front of you don’t be foolish like I was brother I’m 51 now and who would have thought i’d still be here 21yrs later .WHEN THE GLORY OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS TO COME MAY AS MANY AS POSSIBLE BE SAVED . the so called President talks of collective salvation this is something to keep ones eye on  our walk with the LORD is between each of us on our own account .
          Oh ya brother if GOD was a racist I think he would never look at color but mans ignorance would and probably does really play hard on him that’s why he gave mankind 2 ears and one tongue.
          God bless you my brother

          • Dennis Teel

            good grief..i googled miley cyrus from just wondering what prompted her to cut her beautiful hair years ago and then take on her current actions..i certainly didn’t expect to read a bunch of comments from judgemental ,gossipy numbnuts..more especially comments from unstudied,legalistic Christians who seem to think it’s okay to bash somebody verbally as though they have a free pass to do so merely because miley’s a celebrity..most Christians wouldn’t peer overt at a neighbor in her yard and tell her what a horrible ,on the road to hell person she is for working in a bar,but it’s okay I guess to bash miss cyrus because she’s a celebrity..and I love how Christians blame the media for the world’s woes and have been doing so for over 50 years…what one sees on tv and in movies is the product of sin ,NOT the cause.while I don’t let my kids watch certain things on tv I certainly don’t stoop to legalism and forbid them to listen to the radio ,buy cd’s and use the internet and expect them to ONLY do jesus stuff..i’m surprised at how so many Christians are so unstudied that they truly believe they’re saved by their performance as opposed to being saved by grace..some of the Christians commenting seem like just plain angry unhappy people…how sad.i’d rather keep still and pray for miley than open my mouth and bash her ..of course most Christians don’t understand that…unfortunately…how flawed the Christian church is .. and the commenters who don’t seem to be coming from a Christian view..i have to wonder why they seem to even care so much about miley cyrus this or that way or inbetween way..do those commenters search out articles regarding EVERY celebrity or just miley…hmmm ..must have an addiction to her …like the person who smokes crack is hooked on it but yet hates it cause it’s sooo bad..get a life people..miley is the crack of course…

    • Anonymous

      Walter, good post.  Problem is, when children are unsupervised or the parents could

      care less about them and then the kids run wild and ”learn” from music, videos, movies,

      etc. on how one should be (they think) and, then, act out.   Doesn’t matter, black or

      white. The kids need GOOD role models in their families and taught to be


  • Cecil Lee Russell

    Why is everyone so surprised at the actions of Cyrus? Mid-way through the first season of Hannah Montana, I began warning everyone who would listen, Don’t let your kids watch or emulate Cyrus; she is a whore. She was raised this way by her PARENTS!

  • Anonymous

    The good news folks, that although ratings are up for this pathetic wretched show this year, only 10 Million Americans ( of 3 %) watched it. I am not sure that the incessant commentary by the media advances anything more than full recognition that the standards of decency on cable are officially RIP. If i hear one more twisted defense of femininity or artisitc expression for this bizarre self (and others) exploitative non- artistic flame out, I will barf.

    While MTV was an interesting concept for about the first  3 months of its existence, it quickly slid into depravity and increasingly worshiping the banal, violent and misogynist world of the music it claims to celebrate. MTV played a huge role in limiting and diluting the quality of what used to pass for pop music. I am grateful my kids learned to listen elsewhere and can actually identify key changes, time signatures and power chords without worrying about costumes.And yes they used to watch hannah montana. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I typically agree with you, but I think you’ve gone the wrong direction here.  Billy Ray was fighting to stop this which is why he ended up divorced.  He saw this coming and tried to stop it, but it was the wife/mother who sided and encouraged Miley.  I think you will find that Miley’s mother applauded the performance and Billy Ray was doing damage control, trying not to be further ostracized from his daughter.

  • Skangie

    Please pray for Miley! http://220lily.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/miley-cyrus-a-cry-for-help/

  • hjskip

    The WooD SheD…..Pic out a Switch Miley……

  • Ron Martin

    where do we go to sign up to boycott miley?

  • metz

    What Miley has turned into is sad and pathetic.  It’s only a matter of time before she crashes and burns.  Just finished watching her first Disney movie with my 9 year old who used to LOVE Hannah Montana.  I will never let my daughter listen or watch her trashy music videos.  Walt Disney would be so disappointed if he were alive today.  And as for her father…he seriously needs to do an intervention.  She clearly has deep seeded issues that need to be addressed.  Only time will tell but it will be interesting years from now if she decides to settle down and have kids. How will she explain all this raunchy behavior to her own children.  Good luck Miley!

  • Anonymous


  • The Thirst is Real

    Why is it okay for a Nicki Minaj or a Lady Gaga to do this, (not to mention all those young girls on the Blurred Lines video), but a former Disney actor can’t do it? America wants to have beloved children in show business that never transform into sexually repressed adults in show business. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

  • applemoon

    Well spoken nobody commented on Robin Thick allowing this child to grope him especially with his wife watching. She is a child Madonna did allot worse so why is everyone hating on her she is a child who grew up in Hollywood with parents who embrace her behavior. How hypocritical when there is a reality show about little girls dressing as grown women wearing tons of makeup and prancing around stage but that is acceptable because y ooh it’s a beauty pageant. Get a grip U hypocrites and leave her alone she is a Hollywood child.

  • Prabhnoor Gujral

    Miley has alws been a Disney swtheart. But this whole chngovr has really disappointd her fans. Why Miley Cyrus is acting so weird .

  • Prabhnoor Gujral

    Miley has alws been a Disney swtheart. But this whole chngovr has really disappointd her fans. Why Miley Cyrus is acting so weird .

  • Emily Jojolabas

    we’ve already watched paris hilton, nicl erichie, lindsay lohan and amanda bynes go down the wrong path, and now miley cyrus, this happens to so many stars

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