Have you heard of the cupcake ATM?

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Capitalism is awesome. A Dallas store has installed a cupcake ATM machine that lets you get whatever cupcake you want 24/7. Stu went to visit this amazing, groundbreaking piece of technology to find out just why people may need to have a cupcake at 3AM on a Tuesday…

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  • Anonymous

    Stu!!! I am shocked that you only took one bite out of that cupcake and let the rest fall to the ground! Think of all the deprived children who have no cupcakes or cupcake ATM’s to get them from. Think of me, living in a town that has no cupcake ATM! 

    • TraceyK

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      just what we need 24/7 access for more fatty bad for you food so the obesity epidemic can get worse unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    I want a cupcake now! Pleeaassee? 
    Will Whine for Food. 

  • Anonymous

    Daughter says “cupcakes are gold man”, pick that thing up and eat it.

  • Anonymous

    When being able to get a cupcake whenever you want is ‘amazing and groundbreaking’ you need to reevaluate your priorities. 

  • Anonymous


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