Senator Ted Cruz weighs in on U.S. military action in Syria

This morning on radio, guest host Joe Pags talked to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) about Syria, the fight to defund Obamacare, and whether or not he will run for president in 2016. Will Congress support President Obama’s military action in Syria? What will the President do if he does not receive Congressional approval? Finally, what is the latest in the fight to defund Obamacare?

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  • Anonymous

    Suddenly neo-con tea-nuts are all reluctant about going into a mid-east country and police it… they say Obama’s interest is anything but humane sympathy for all those being gassed and killed, those who have been calling for us to go in and help. But that is exactly what he’s been saying all along… where’s the weakness? where’s the unconstitutional inconsistency?

    • Anonymous

      I mean, it’s all splitting hairs for conservative republicans.

    • Anonymous

      You have not understand at all as to what constitutes national interest/self-defense do you? Or the difference between  a coalition and a unilateral response? And I will further speculate that you don’t understand the difference between executive fiat and congressional action!

      The Qur’an is the Tactical Manual of Islam, Couched in the Tapestry of a Religion, Instructing its Disciples in the Conquest of the World.

      • Anonymous

        National interest and self-defense? In a globalized world and economy, what happens anywhere affects us. That’s the problem with conservatives: when a Republican is in office they invade and police the world without true reason, but when a Democrat holds office they sabotage, weakening the entire country, and show their true colors (non-heroic, selfish, arrogant, etc.)

        • Jaamoose

          Well put, they care nothing about real policy, just pushing their Christo-Kingdom nutbaggery…

          • Mr_TrueReality

            Tit-For-Tat….won’t you all EVER LEARN????
            As Ayn Rand put it …(paraphrased) The TRUE root of the problem lies among the “Mystics of Spirit and The Mystics Of Muscle” in all societies across the globe.
            Logical reasoning is the only answer….I hope others begin to realize this since, I have to live here on planet Earth also.
            Mr TR

  • Draxx

    The US and UN have Zero Business In Syria…  All it is for is to Build Up The UN and a World Gov’t System, Where Every Little Country and Non Elitist Are Forced Into Slavery!!!

    • Bonnie Somer

      amen someone understands the final agenda this is y obama does what he does to us his goal is not syria but the end of the last nation to fight all of this us the USA we are it the last line of defense against these global govt nuts 

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Absolutely, we must stay out of Syria. Obama is doing this to drag us into a larger war and with RINO support. Mostly for the sake of his wounded pride and the 2014 elections.

      I have come to conclude that Obama wants us in a larger war to further bankrupt and cripple America and NATO, to allow the Islam Nationalists to gain further power, control, and influence.

      One more matter, recall Sarajevo in 1995, the ‘massacres’ that never occurred? Ones which were used by Clinton to draw us in? Same thing happening now.

      • Jaamoose

        Seek therapy now!

        • Draxx

          You sound JUST LIKE CRITTEN (Kree-Ten), just using a different name because enough people here don’t like him at all.  Derogatory Without Substance or Facts to back up any argument!  If he even ever put out a statement that was worth contemplating…

      • Pachy Serrano

        U again! with your Obama-phobia.
        On issues of war, no one makes the right choice cause always the people will suffer. When Obama didn’t want to go in, some conservatives were saying that he was doing nothing to help those folks. Now, he wants in and the cons want no part of it in Syria . . . so, u tell me what we should do?? because if you have the solution, I will propose that you become OUR next President. Maybe when you are in Obama’s shoes . . . you will open your mind a bit.

        • Anonymous

           I would say that why he waited that over 100,000 died to come out now & say that is imperative to act now.  I understand that 1,000+ more died because of the WMD & that is terrible however, there are many sources saying that the rebels that are also a bunch of criminals did it to make BHO help them finish with Asad???

          • Draxx

            They use the Term WMD to describe an attack that killed 1000+ people, but when I was a Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Specialist/Sergeant (the military didn’t define any Bomb of any makeup as a WMD unless it was capable of killing 10K or more for a single blast).  No, I did not use these weapons for the military, my job was to be a commander’s advisor and teach people how to Survive the Best They Can Under Attacks Aimed At Them!  In the 80’s I disassembled eight (8) Sarin Nerve Agent Bombs (three of them were multiple warhearded), the expected Yield In Deaths for these eight bombs was 3.5 to 5 million people in concentrated cities.  Now those were WMD’s and unfortunately one cylinder was cracked and a Sergeant and I were both exposed to approximately half a lethal dose. Today, 25 yrs later I suffer pain like you can’t even imagine, and the Fed Gov’t WILL NOT TAKE CARE OF ME!  Because that would be admitting they had Excess Munitions In The Arsenal (and everybody knows that Our Gov’t Will Not Let Itself Be Blamed For Any Wrong Doing, even if it is Factual). 

            All another war is going to accomplish is having More Soldiers Suffer Like I Do Without Being Taken Care Of By The Gov’t.  For me there is No Cure, and I am Lucky to be Alive… but work is very difficult with the excessive pain and I have not been able to work a steady job since 2006.  I have a Small Business but with the economy sour and too many people out of work, I do not make enough anymore to support my family. I do not want to see this happen to more Good People In America or Anywhere Else!

        • Mr_TrueReality

          Give me the job…..I play poor golf also and have an IQ higher thn the average temperature of the Earth (skirted global warming reference there defined just for you, Sgt. Pepper :-) unlike our “President Dumbass”
          Mr TR

      • Draxx

        We have no busines there at all in Syria, and here is why…

        Take the American Civil War.  Now Imagine if Brittain & France Decided To Fight and Bomb Americans in the North, for the South based on the principles that the Federal Government Did Not Allow Them To Secede!  Would That Have Changed The Outcome…?  Would they have the Right To Interfere On American Internal Strife?  What would be their motive?  Would it be to Force Their Ideals On A Sovereign Nation?  Woutld It Be So They Could Use It As A Form Of Imperialism?  Would there be Slavery Everywhere Today If They Helped Them Win???

        America is coming to Crossroads where Constitutionalist/Freedom Lovers and Big Gov’t/Globalist are going to collide.  When it does happen the U.N. or any other Country Has No Right To Come In And Fight (SLAUGHTER) Americans if it comes to another Civil War (or Whatever it ends up)…

        Once again we have no right to be attacking Syrians (either Gov’t or Rebels)…

      • Anonymous

         No one can make this point better & clearer than you  WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      1995, Sarajevo, ‘massacre of muslims’ and the entire thing turned into a farce, used by Clinton to enhance the democrat position; same thing repeating with Obama.

    • Jaamoose

      While I would welcome a world government system under democratic socialism, this isn’t anything to do with bringing one. 

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Perhaps we should have sent a punitive strike against Israel for using white phosphorus against the Palestinians.

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, I saw that from a reliable source. I think it was a Hezbollah news paper! Yeah, that’s the truth and Veblen is sticking to it!

    • Pachy Serrano

      I believe Israel is extremely happy to know that US wants to bomb Syria. That way, they don’t need to do it themselves. The Israeli Govt. is like the “quiet bully” that start a fight, but run after the fight has started. Asi cualquiera! (like my grandma used to say)

  • Maidservant Huldah

    Bible scripture:

    Ecclesiastes 10:2  A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.

    • Jaamoose

      And an idiot is directed to listen to Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Bashar al Assad is an uber-murderous, authoritarian psychopath. On the other hand, the rebels are liver-eating zealots with a taste for Jewish and Christian blood. 

    So, what is the solution? 

    Why help one side defeat the other if both sides hate America?

    If Obama, McCain, Graham, Boehner, et al. are successful in gaining approval to attack and topple Assad, what, then,  will be the result of a rebel victory? 

    Could the rebels be actually more dangerous to national security than the Assad regime?

    Will Syria turn into another Libya and Egypt? How many billions of dollars is this latest military intervention going to cost Americans?

    What happens if Syria sinks an American navel vessel and/or hits American air forces stationed on the island of Cyprus?

    What happens if an American missile accidentally strikes a Russian target?

    I’ve been posting for a week that Syria has much more advanced weaponry than anything U.S. forces have previously come up against. Russia has armed Syria with ship-killing missiles. Today, the Economic Collapse Blog has compiled an comprehensive outline of what Syria is capable of: If the U.S. launches an attack on Syria which provokes both Syria and Iran to respond together as allies by launching an all-out counter attack, are you ready for a worst case scenario?

    If I was a leader of either of those two countries, I would surely know by now that America is out to get me just as sure as America took out Gaddafi. Knowing this, if I was any of them, I would be sure to join forces and hit back with everything I had. I would feel that both Iran and Syria fighting together would have a much better chance than going down alone. Another option—instead of an all-out-counter attack against America, would be for Iran to greatly increase its covert funneling of arms and men into Syria. Either way, America is going to have a much more difficult time in Syria than it had in Libya.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, R/S, why trade one for the other?  What good will the ”victorious” (rebels) be for

      the interests of the US?    With all his ”vast knowledge” and experience in foreign 

      affairs, why should anyone expect good results from any of this?  Libya turned out well

      after all—didn’t it?

    • Anonymous

       I think Iran and Syria might strike back in a way we are not ready for and we don’t have enough soldiers to repel there attacks ,because obama cut to our military to nothing !!,I think obama want regime change in all oil Arabic rich allies to extreme radicals Muslims that hate U.S and the free world !!!!!!!! . Syria and maybe Iran and Hamas .be in on it , they will conduct a massive ground campaign of insurgents  of guerrilla fighters be arm with Machines guns,hand held anti-tank missiles,hand held anti-aircraft missiles for jets and helicopters,rocket grenade launcher point and shoot nothing to jam or no counter measure and explosive devices,mines,anti-tank mines their mission to disrupt ,cause chaos, wear down a country arm forces !!!  Now our ships won’t effective ,our jets effectiveness be  they only be operating with very small group maybe four that melt into population ,no large column of soldiers to bomb,maybe come together in larger group for a larger objective in hit and run and rapidly disperse tactic !!  This type of campaign work before for Castro he  was going up against Cuba dictator air force and for helicopters this force be arm with hand held anti-aircraft missile thanks to obama,rocket grenades ,and heavy machine guns in urban area every roof top be a danger to our helicopters !!!!!!!!!!  I don’t understand obama he going give a little poke  or good poke to tail of the rattle snake ( tail is Syria) using a long stick (cruise missiles)   which just to anger and piss it off the snake to strike out using it poison anyone standing close by our Arabic allies !!! If going after a snake obama you go after the head of snake first ,and don’t provoke it unless your ready with loaded pistol with snake shot or bird shot (enough military force to kill the snake outright ,not say oops I forgot my pistol) and ,make sure your friends out the way of piss off snake or make sure they have snake bite proof boots on (a large amount of anti-missile land batteries  and Aegis Cruisers off their coast ,and for the enemy insurgents guerrilla fighters it be hard to fight it like a bunch of people in darken   room with no place to run,no protective eye shields from a spitting Cobra you cannot see the snake but the snake can see you with their infra vision !!   As for Israel country of Syria and Iran will think twice it before tangling with a experience snake killing mongoose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      One leader of one rebel faction committed the atrocity you referred, vs. the President of the entire Baathist regime.

  • Anonymous

    Now that Boehner, Pelosi, and Canter are supporting it I’d be surprised if Obama doesn’t get the intervention support from Congress.

  • Bobby Bee

    Glenn Beck has taught this right wing Canadian more on the progressive movement than anyone on this planet. I have learned more about US presidents than I was ever taught from any source. Keep America strong Glenn.

    • Pachy Serrano

      Just be careful Bobby cause sometimes I see more rethoric propaganda and hate coming out on GB shows than on any other semi-political/opinion-news source. Like my father always told me . . . “son, u learn from everyone a bit. take the good and throw out the bad cause that will make u wiser for the long run”.

      • Iris Tedder

        Pachy…HATE???? U GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME???   Beck tells the truth…and that is called EITHER RACIST OR PROPAGANDA BY THE PROGRESSIVES.   get a freeken Clue Serrano…..REALLY…

        • rilosalamos

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      • Anonymous

        Chicken Little hate cackles are the new mindless rhetoric and slander from the left.

      • Anonymous

        Why in this world would you watch then.  You need to move on to Al Sharpton, and watch him on MSNBC – he’ll certainly tell you what you want to hear.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous


  • Bobby Bee

    Check out this new christian book ” 3 Pillars for Eternity ” by Deacon-X published in the US.

  • Alice Hallock

    What I want to know is what will Congress have the guts to do if Obama gives them the bird , like he always does and does what the hell he wants to anyway????

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t we seem to understand that these cultural disputes are not mature enough to waste our assets on. These cultures have an underdeveloped value of life and want to kill each other. No way should we be considering participating. Which ever side prevails whomever emerges will Hate Us and continue to be an enemy. Like Senator Cruz says,” it’s not smart policy to provide weapons and funds to those who will turn them against you.” That is not rocket science speak.  Obama wants to save face with his Muslim Brotherhood buds. At what cost? Once again the GOP progressive’s like McCain and Graham are setting us up to aid our enemies. There is no right side in this fight. At least at this point. This is so much BS. Please vote these a—–les out of office for some common sense thinkers.

  • Anonymous

    Ted thinks that BO is doing it for respect of the law & Congress? When in the world in the last 5 yrs did BO ever go to Congress? When he attacked Libya? No. When he just banned certain fire arms? No etc. etc.
    BO made Congress irrelivant 5 yrs ago and if any of these Congressmen’s ego gets in the way, they are wrong. 

  • dennis reilly

    these cowards who refuse to fight themselves, but will send our brave military to do their fighting for them so they can make money for themselves,politicians keep saying they are doing this for thew American people when the American people don’t support a strike on Syria, it’s blood on their hands and their hands only

  • Anonymous

    Why is Ted Cruz praising this communist? Obama is doing nothing but playing the republicans and the american people again. Syria is a farce and is an opening for the Muslim brotherhood to get more than their foot in the door. They want to come inside and run the show. How When is you dr. Appt?ignorant is the Republican Party!! They are so stupid they think al-quaida is our friend. I’m just so sick of this crap. Let the Syrians destroy each other – let Allah sort it out as Sarah Palin said.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right!  But, by getting us into another war, this president will hasten the destruction of this nation and the white race.  Iran is just waiting for the opportunity
      to get totally involved in a war that is not our business. What better opportunity to
      wipe Israel off the map in the process.  I hope cooler heads will prevail.

  • The Floorguy

    This is a false flag that this US administration has planned to get us all up in more Middle East business, by regime change.

    As soon as the first Tomahawk is launched, Russia is going to drop this ships to Davy Jones Locker…. You watch.
    Putin does play tag like Obama.

    • Anonymous

       Ya we can see where this going obama helping another country to being takeover by a more radical extremist  terrorists Muslims fraction to join  the Muslim caliphate that want to kill the great Satan (U.S.)  1.) early withdrawal from Iraq 2.) Arabic Spring Libya 3,Egypt,  4.)now Syria   5.) next be Jordan or Lebanon

  • Anonymous

    A possible frictional scenario for Bob Sexton to ponder on !!  The question is on timing why now to decide to strike now when there been  over !00,000 kill in Syria and other chemical attacks??? As obama staff say never with a crisis go to waste he play this running up to war and then duck out it somehow !! Why get the spotlight off his scandals IRS,Benghazi,AP,spying on U.S citizens all heating up plus most  important get the spotlight off the movement to block obama care once obama care in effect it cannot be cancel and be too late repeal !!   So obama figure he can give Syria a simple wrist fact to save face,but now obama realize doing it might escalate  higher level or broader to regional conflict ,this why the change his mind Sat to hand it over the ticking time bomb he created over to congress !! But also for a play of time while congress is debating he is meeting with the Russian President Hmm wheeling dealing to get him self out the mess at U.S  expense , obama is disparate to make a secret deal with the Russia President giving   Russia the upper hand in this deal ,this so he can do his punitive attack on Syria to save his face, and to assure congressmen that Russia  will hold back some in supporting Syria and Iran and this conflict won escalate or go to a broader playing field. Now remember the last secret deal obama had with Russia President (with unknown open mike) obama say after election don’t care what U.S citizens think and gain little power that he would cancel our missile defense program for Russian President !! I call that a (sellout deal of U.S ) with no inputs from our Congress or our citizens . Now what secret sellout deal of U.S will obama do with Russian President so he can do he save face punitive strike without major repercussions !!  Our obama will convince Russian President he still have his Naval base in Syria that the radical Muslims hate U.S far more than the Communists !!  Now will John Mc Cain and the other joker Graham will they still back obama strike into Syria if involve a obama secret sellout deal of U.S with Russia ??????????????

  • Separook_bin_Feinstein

    Rand Paul schooled John Kerry today.  I may consider voting for him.

  • Charles Hurst

    neither have the financial resources to continue to police the world
    and solve tribal mentality problems. Secure our border, quit outsourcing
    so we are independent in manufacturing, become energy independent and
    viciously target and strike at those who are actual threats to us now or
    who are planning to be in the future.

    And recreate our own state of commons sense morality

    Charles Hurst. Conservative author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon.

  • Anonymous

    We all should give our President obama our praise or scorn for winning two awards in a category  !!!! One is for obama and his administration for being the most transparent administration ever to our country enemies 1.) telegraph the early withdrawal in Iraq 2.) With Syria on strike targets,duration,intensity of strike ,when, our ship location in med and their armament ,the movement of our air-carrier, the goal not a regime change ,just a shot across Syria bow,punitive strike 3.) leak about Israel using a neighboring country air base for their jets to refuel in a pre-emptive strike against Iran nuclear sites to foil Israel plans and others leaks !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now for the second award which obama also win hands down as the least transparent administration ever  info from administer seal tight very little info giving to Congress or U.S citizens on 1.) Benghazi 2.) Fast & Furious 3.) IRS 4.) AP-news 5.) spying on U.S citizens  and now for number 6.) the biggest of them all ,do you ,remember Nancy the Speaker of the House famous statement you won’t find out what in the bill until you pass it when she talking to congress and U.S citizens Our President obama kept contents secret to last minute and we still finding out new things in this bill today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Impeach obama Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the children, but they grow up to hate and kill Americans.  Those countries have been killing each other and have been at war almost since the beginning of time.  It will never change.  obama has opened his mouth and now has no other option but to bomb Syria.  But, if everything goes South then he will have someone to blame and will not be man enough to take the blame.  He won’t be accountable for anything.

  • Tom Washington

     Please join us bikers in DC on 9-11. 

    We need a 10-million man Patriot march on DC with weapons of your choice to take back OUR WH and the 1st
    place to look once we get in is in the basement or wherever the room is that the
    castrating of our Reps is done and take away the surgical tools!!  ALL of
    our Reps have been castrated because if you haven’t noticed, NONE HAVE ANY BALLS

    The Patriots in Houston are standing by ready to cut communications so Obozo can’t get
    his fighters into the air and we have about 2,000 Patriot pilots from the
    Army Air National Guard from all 50 states waiting to get some F-16’s into the air to stop his force on the ground.

    We will NOT let him land and force him to run to Cuba!!

  • Bob

    Wrestling with these “people” in the mid east is just going get us muddy and then we’re going to find out they love the mud. A thousand of those people are not worth one American life. Sorry. If the pretend-in-chief doesn’t want to be mocked, he needs to keep his butt in DC where most of our national security issues are right now, including his admin.

  • Anonymous

    this is just using a crisis to get the budget passed, we will not shut down the government if we have our men in harms way,  the sake of the nation is NOT important to him (he hates us=his words) because he is wanting to transform us 

  • John Richter

    An attack would be good for the survival seeds business.

  • Sam Fisher

    I can see the left blaming Bush for this.

  • Cameron Stapel

    A limited engagement is like being just a little bit pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    We all seem to like beck BUT he marginalizes HYPERBOLE for the ratings. He has his points but gets a little fringe at times. I know its HIS show , HIS books , HIS day by days , HIS conspiracy theory’s , HIS HIS HIS so I can only take it a little at a time.

  • Anonymous

    obumer just wants the Muslim brotherhood to take the middle east over. create chaos.
    obumer foreign  policy sucks. we should of went after Iran months ago.

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