On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, conservative actor and filmmaker Kirk Cameron filled in for Glenn and spoke about the importance of creating culture and shaping culture in a way Christians and conservatives haven’t in quite some time. Kirk emphasized the importance of creating the culture that we wish to see, instead of whining about the culture we currently live in. There are three “levers”, as he describes it, that are instrumental in influencing culture:

  1. Education
  2. World view
  3. Art

To discuss the importance of education, Kirk welcomed Dr. Ben Carson to the program. Dr. Carson explained how he was able to overcome the social and economic hardships in his life because his mother was steadfast in her quest to provide him a solid education and healthy influences from which to learn.

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The second lever, world view, is based in the understanding that the individual liberties do not come from the state but from God. It is the job of the individual through his/her family to provide education, health, and welfare. It has become too easy to turn to the government for a handout when times get tough or to leave education of our youth up to the state. But Kirk explained that if we are able to give to Caesar what is Caesar, while giving to God what is God’s, we will take back our liberty and, in turn, our culture.

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The final piece of the puzzle is the influence of art and storytelling in our culture. Kirk’s latest documentary, Unstoppable, deals with the age-old question: Why do bad things happen to good people? The idea for the film came about when Kirk’s friend Matthew died of cancer at just 15 years old. He found himself questioning his faith in a way he never has before, but admits he ultimately “came out of the meat grinder” stronger than ever before. Unstoppable will be available one night only – September 24 – in movie theaters around the country. Find out more about the film HERE. And watch the trailer below: