Fixing the problems facing black America today

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, syndicated columnist and political commentator Star Parker filled in for Glenn and asked: What can be done to best remedy the challenges facing the black community in America today?

Star was joined by Marc Little, a lawyer and author of The Prodigal Republican, Texas state Representative Scott Turner, Katrina Pierson of the Dallas Tea Party, and Oklahoma Speak of the House T.W. Shannon. Each of the guests presented their own stories, and how they came to be black conservatives, before plunging into a discussion of the economic issues facing the community.

While each of the panelists is now proud to identify as a conservative, their paths to conservatism were, in many cases, long and winding. They share their remarkable stories in the clip below:

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The program focused on topics like education, culture, and the economy. “I’m wondering about black mobility and prosperity,” Star said. “There must be something that can be done about African Americans’ economic prospects and progress. What do we do to brighten this? Is there an opportunity for personal retirement accounts and social security? Would that help at all?”

Despite his current role in the Texas legislature, Rep. T.W. Shannon was adamant that black economic growth will not come from the government. “The first thing is, you don’t do it from a government standpoint,” he said. “You have to first recognize what has worked for the rest of the country, for the rest of the world. The system that has gotten more people out of generational poverty has been our system of promoting job growth, the free market system. Start a business. We have too many African Americans working for government, frankly.”

Beyond the jobs issue, Marc Little looked at confounding factors like infants born out of wedlock

Marc Little added that there are several other factors contributing to the economic situation confronting black Americans, citing in particular the rate at which infants are being born out of wedlock.“The first leader is in the home,” Star explained. “The first leader is the dad, an example to the family to get up to put his hands to do something.  So I’m wondering now again, can we reverse this trend? Who is going to be out there to say, ‘Hey, you guys, take some risks,’ without first working on this home problem?”

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  • MarsBarsTru7

    Part of the problem is the policy-through-color situation and the self-segregation that has become so prevalent in many aspects of the culture. For minority groups to retain distinct culture within their group – there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the distinctions aren’t negative. Distinct cultural identity can be as much of an anchor as a reason for genuine pride. Learn to separate and reject that which brings people down, regardless of the origins or how built-in it is to the traditions of a given cultural group.

    For all colors of people – Stop identifying your value systems by color. The amount of melanin in your skin doesn’t validate or take away from the values you espouse. Reason issues objectively (without color) with moral integrity first and foremost. Then if you feel a cultural pull that leads you to add color and flavor to your persona, go ahead and add a little flavor. But do so on the foundation that color doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. No amount of melanin, very little or a great deal of it, changes essential truth or the rights and wrongs of morality.

    • Anonymous

      Is there an app whereby whenever I get into a debate, I can just somehow channel you and you’ll give me the most cogent and apt rebuttal?

      • MarsBarsTru7

         That’s a great compliment. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

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        great show and gorgeous men…smart, gorgeous men.

    • Draxx

      1.)  Peace Is Only A State Of Mind…  The World Is Full Of Chaos and there are Physical Sanctuaries & There Are Mental Sanctuaries, You Need To Find Yours!
      2.)  Live a Life of Truth, and you never have to worry about what lie you told years ago and someone else remembers.
      3.)  Forgiveness Is Not Under Rated!!!
      4.)  Love Unconditionally…  People are Difficult to live with when they have problems, but that is probably when they need you the most (and not pushed away).
      5.)  Meditate – Find that Mental Zone That Makes It Possible To Accomplish Your Goals.
      6.)  Call or Visit That Person You Can’t Get Off Your Mind…  As Humans We Find Comfort In Other People’s Voices (Especially Those People We Cherish The Most)!

      This should work for people of All Colors/Nationalities…

  • Heather Pardue Hutton

    Star Parker is a breath of fresh air!!  Love her insight.  I respect her achievements.  I hope to see more of her on TheBlaze!!!

  • suz

    great show and gorgeous men…smart, gorgeous men.

  • Take 2

    The black American issue is similar to Jewish – Islamist – etc., that are ruled by handed down dictations of Parent.  The child becoming the Parent that lacks verification or does not seek out actual or truthful facts continues the pattern of slavery chains & whitie whipping’s-feeding OR Christ was a phoney OR Christians are evil doers still ridding shiny horses with javelins, in 2013.  

    So, why not support family planing and smart parenting without the questionable old school black Pastor or questionable black President with an abandoned Parental issue BUT with mature intelligent ‘individuals’ to help break the chain of stupid people opening their traps for votes or offering’s of last dimes.

  • Anonymous

    We need to hear more black conservatives speak out and be more vocal, and more of them come together, let their voices be heard,  I enjoyed hearing them today! 

  • Stephan Bruno

    How many sellouts does it take to run a Glenn Beck segment? Apparently 5. 

    • Reality_of_it

      Too bad that in your view someone cannot have a different opinion than you. I assume by “sellout” you mean a black person who is not an Obama supporter. I can fully understand why folks voted for Obama the first time. I almost did, due to the hope and change slogan, but I would not have even considered him if I’d known he meant change to communism and redistribution of the fruits of a person’s labor.
      It only appears to be about color right now, but really has nothing to do with Obama or color. If Hillary were president, the very same things would be true. The Democrat party (progressive in name; socialist, marxist and communist in agenda) is pushing dependency over self reliance in order to buy votes; they want power and they’re willing to allow millions of illegal people to become American citizens in order to secure (buy) more votes. Bush did the same thing but in a lesser way. Neither party fixes the border due to the hispanic vote.
          In my view, you are the sellout to your ancestors because you blindly accept that democrats are doing the right thing for the black community. They are dumbing you down with handouts and fostering racism. Most of that is manufactured. Why would I as a white person consider voting for Obama if I were a racist? Color has absolutely nothing to do with it. People of all colors are being sucked into the freebies (being bought) now during this period that they need your vote. The economy is all but destroyed for the middle class and only the rich get richer. Chris Mathews likes to point out that everyone’s 401k looks so good these days. Wait til the next crash. Does anyone feel the market is stable? If I could, I’d take the penalty and get my money out of the 401k before it’s totally worthless due to Obama printing money (monetizing the debt).
          Lastly, I’m sad that black Christians appear to be duped by Obama. If you can’t see by now that he is anti Christian, I don’t know what evidence will convince you. Wright even said that he didn’t believe Obama was a practicing Christian but rather he attended his church for the political aspects of it…paraphrasing.

  • Reality_of_it

    One thing I wish this group had noted is that Republican doesn’t mean conservative any more. I realize that they might be in comparison to the Democrats, but Republicans are hardly conservative these days.

  • garyge

    before I looked at the paycheck which was of $5523, I didn’t believe …that…my neighbours mother woz like they say truly erning money parttime on their apple labtop.. there aunts neighbour has done this for only about a year and just repaid the loans on their appartment and bourt a great Chrysler. ..

  • Stephan Bruno

    Sellout circle jerk. 

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