Conservatives have long had an issue with Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his questionable decisions, but a new report from National Review might just take the cake.

According to TheBlaze:

House Speaker John Boehner’s staff is advising the White House on what to say to win Republican votes for U.S. military action in Syria, according to National Review.

Boehner (R-Ohio) said last week he supports President Barack Obama’s call for action, one of relatively few Republicans to say so publicly. With Obama set to address the nation Tuesday, the speaker’s staff is advising White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on what the president needs to say to win GOP support, National Review reported.

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“Let me tell you something: John Boehner should lose his speakership, and the people of Ohio should rise up and apologize to the rest of America,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This guy is actually advising the president on how to attract Republicans to his case. He’s advising the president!”

Considering the waning public support (on both sides of the aisle) for U.S. intervention in the country, it is unclear why Speaker Boehner would be inclined to assist the president.

“The American people are clearly against it and the Republicans can’t run to the president’s side faster,” Stu said.

“They are against it 71 to 29 percent,” Pat added.

“The progressive disease is all‑encompassing. Get away from these parties. Get away from these parties. My gosh. What a waste of skin that guy is. Whew,” Glenn said. “He doesn’t care. I’m telling you, it is the progressive disease… Don’t listen to them. In your gut you know what’s right. You know what’s right. And I love people who just say, ‘Well, I don’t really…’ Well, then educate yourself. What do you think? These guys are not smarter than you are. They are not. I’ve met most of them. They’re much dumber than you think… What world are we living in? Common sense. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Do your own homework. Question everybody, including this broadcast.”

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