Glenn: John Boehner should lose his speakership

Conservatives have long had an issue with Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and his questionable decisions, but a new report from National Review might just take the cake.

According to TheBlaze:

House Speaker John Boehner’s staff is advising the White House on what to say to win Republican votes for U.S. military action in Syria, according to National Review.

Boehner (R-Ohio) said last week he supports President Barack Obama’s call for action, one of relatively few Republicans to say so publicly. With Obama set to address the nation Tuesday, the speaker’s staff is advising White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on what the president needs to say to win GOP support, National Review reported.

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“Let me tell you something: John Boehner should lose his speakership, and the people of Ohio should rise up and apologize to the rest of America,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This guy is actually advising the president on how to attract Republicans to his case. He’s advising the president!”

Considering the waning public support (on both sides of the aisle) for U.S. intervention in the country, it is unclear why Speaker Boehner would be inclined to assist the president.

“The American people are clearly against it and the Republicans can’t run to the president’s side faster,” Stu said.

“They are against it 71 to 29 percent,” Pat added.

“The progressive disease is all‑encompassing. Get away from these parties. Get away from these parties. My gosh. What a waste of skin that guy is. Whew,” Glenn said. “He doesn’t care. I’m telling you, it is the progressive disease… Don’t listen to them. In your gut you know what’s right. You know what’s right. And I love people who just say, ‘Well, I don’t really…’ Well, then educate yourself. What do you think? These guys are not smarter than you are. They are not. I’ve met most of them. They’re much dumber than you think… What world are we living in? Common sense. Trust yourself. Trust your gut. Do your own homework. Question everybody, including this broadcast.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Sam Fisher

    Why is it now liberals on both sides of the aisle is acting like war is the greatest sport in the world?

    • Slayer88

      Because they are in charge and they can do it better…..

      • Sam Fisher

        Well I will give them credit they do fail like winners.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Fire him completely

    • Draxx

      This is part of that Problem, Control the Media and You Can Control The Situation With Good or Bad Information… Unfortunately they are controlling what should be Free Press!  Lesser Educated People Do Not Understand This Side Of Politics…

      • MarissaD

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    • Cleatus Van Damne

      God, is it gonna be nice to berid ourselves of huge swath of these RINOs next year.

  • Anonymous

    “Glenn: John Boehner should lose his speakership”.

    John Boehner should be stripped of his speakership and be tried for war crimes right along with Obama and swift boat Commander, John Kerry and John Insane McCain and the rest of the warmongering criminals who advocate mass aggression in the Middle East.

    Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s latest article says it best:


    » The rule of zombies: Why Are Obama, Kerry, [ McCain and The Other Warmongers] So Desperate to Start a New War? — Paul Craig Roberts
    The rule of zombies

    Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?

    What is the real agenda?

    Why is the obama Regime so desperate to commit a war crime despite the warnings delivered to the White House Fool two days ago by the most important countries in the world at the G20 Summit? What powerful interest is pushing the White House Fool to act outside of law, outside the will of the American people, outside the warnings of the world community? The obama Regime has admitted, as UK prime minister david cameron had to admit, that no one has any conclusive evidence that the Assad government in Syria used chemical weapons. Nevertheless, obama has sent the despicable john kerry out to convince the public and Congress on the basis of videos that Assad used chemical weapons “against his own people.” What the videos show are dead and suffering people. The videos do not show who did it. The obama Regime’s case is nonexistent. It rests on nothing that indicates responsibility. The obama Regime’s case is nothing but an unsubstantiated allegation.

    What kind of depraved person would take the world to war based on nothing whatsoever but an unsubstantiated allegation?
    The world’s two worse liars, obama and kerry, say Assad did it, but they admit that they cannot prove it. It is what they want to believe, because they want it to be true. The lie serves their undeclared agenda. If obama and kerry were to tell the public the real reasons they want to attack Syria, they would be removed from office. The entire world is teetering on a war, the consequences of which are unknown, for no other reason than two people, devoid of all integrity who lack the intelligence and humanity to be in high office, are determined to serve a tiny collection of warmongers consisting of the crazed, murderous Israeli government and their Muslim-hating neoconservative agents, who comprise a fifth column inside the obama Regime. The Russian government has given evidence to the UN that conclusively proves that the al-Nusra, al-Qaeda affiliated invaders are responsible for the attack. There is also conclusive proof that the “rebels” have chemical weapons. In addition, a highly regarded journalist has reported, using direct quotes and the names of al-Nusra fighters, that the chemical weapons were given to al-Nusra by Saudi Arabia without proper handling instructions, and that an accidental explosion occurred before al-Nusra could use the Saudi-supplied weapons to frame-up the Assad government. However the deaths were caused, they are unfortunate, but no more so that the deaths that obama has caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, and Syria. The proven deaths for which obama is responsible are many times the unproven deaths that obama attributes without evidence to Assad. The indisputable fact is that Syrian deaths occur only because Washington initiated the invasion of Syria by external forces similar to the ones that Washington used against Libya. However the deaths occurred, the deaths are the doings of the criminal obama Regime. Without the criminal obama Regime seeking the overthrow of the Syrian government, there would be no deaths by chemical weapons or by any other means. This was a war initiated by Washington, Israel, Israel’s neoconservative fifth column inside America and the White House, and the captive western media that is bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby. Assad did not start the war. The Syrian government was attacked by outside forces sent in by Washington and Israel. Assad has much higher public support in Syria than obama has in the US, or cameron has in the UK, or hollande has in France, or merkel has in Germany, or netanyahu has in Israel. The White House Fool keeps repeating his nonsensical statement, as if the Fool is a wound-up talking doll, that Assad’s unproven “use of chemical weapons is a threat to global security.” Dear reader, who besides the White House Fool is so unbelievably stupid as to believe that Syria is a threat to world security? If Syria is a “threat to world security,” like Iraq was a “threat to world security,” like Iran is alleged to be a “threat to world security,” what kind of superpower is the United States? How low does the IQ have to be, how mentally impaired does the public have to be to fall for these absurd hysterical allegations? Let’s turn obama’s claim upon the Fool. Why isn’t it a threat to global security for obama to attack Syria? There is no authority for obama to attack Syria just because he wants to and just because he has demonized Assad with endless lies and just because obama is the total puppet of the crazed Israeli government and his neoconservative national security advisor, in effect an Israeli agent, and just because the Ministry of Propaganda, including NPR, repeats every obama lie as if it were the truth. Isn’t it a threat to international security when a superpower can, acting on a whim, demonize a leader and a country and unleash mass destruction, as the US has done seven times in the past twelve years,? There are millions of innocent but demonized victims of the “indispensable, exceptional USA,” the “light unto the world.”Forget about the US media, which is nothing but a propaganda ministry for the Israel Lobby. What the members of Congress and what the American people need to ask obama is why does the White House only represent the Israel Lobby? No one supports an attack on Syria but the Israel Lobby. Why is obama going to add yet another war crime to Washington’s 12-year record? Wasn’t it enough to destroy the lives and prospects of millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and Egypt? Why kill and destroy the life prospects of yet more millions of people in Syria and other countries into which obama’s war could spread? Maybe the answer is that obama, kerry, and the crazed netanyahu and his neoconservative fifth column are zombies.

  • Slayer88

    The Loyal Oppoosition, thats all the republicans are. Stay fat,dumb ,and uneducated though America, nothing to see here, go back to sleep….

  • Slayer88

    We still havent “gotten to the bottom” of Benghazi yet theyre positive assad did this??? Really now… tell dooo tell…..

    • Anonymous

      Oh, you know, Slayer—priorities and all that.  Benghazi is so, um, so ”yesterday.”

    • Anonymous

      And they are going to have the woman who was, in my opinion, criminally negligent in her duties as SOS during the Benghazi massacre talk to Congress about Syria????

      There is definitely something wrong with this picture!  Following her appearance, Madame Liar on all Sunday shows is going to inform Congress about the Syria situation?????

      And WHERE is the Speaker of the House???  NO facetime before the television cameras concerning all of this theater that sickens Americans all across our land????

      • Anonymous

         This is all like a bad dream. This is all a big joke, right? Sending my money to any Republican is out of the question right now. They had better get rid of Boehner and Cantor and Mc cain and a whole lot more. These guys are” pretend” Republicans.

  • Phillip Riggs

    Glenn, as person who lives in Boehner’s district and who has voted for him five times, I sent him an e-mail the other day and told him he no longer represents the people of his district and no longer represents me, and I will no longer vote for him, it seems unlikely that people here will elect a Democrat, I doubt I’d vote for one, but if a third party ran here with the values that Boehner has pretended to have, I’d vote for them. In the mean time I’ll continue to vote but will vote a write in until a real candidate is on the ballot.

    • Anonymous

      Know what you mean, Phillip.  I live in CA and have voted for Dems (who I thought were
      worthy of my vote) to find out later that it was wasted and I was fooled.  Don’t shy away
      from all Dems, however.  Some of them still have standards and ARE conservative.
      May be hard to find, though.  I am reminded of a fellow, from GA I think—now retired,
      who was a Dem AND a conservative.  Wish I could remember his name.
      BTW, my Dem votes came when I was a registered Rep.  Don’t belong to either party now.

      • Anonymous

        I think you are referring to Zell Miller..

        • Anonymous

          Yes, that’s the man.  Thanks, bshade.

  • Anonymous

    He should be unseated and is not worthy to serve the
    conservatives in representing our views. I think Obama has secrets on him like
    he did with General Petraus. He has no spine with his cry baby butt. The sad truth
    is Eric Cantor is no better. Rinos.

    • Anonymous

      Not only him, but I believe the administration is holding NSA secrets over the heads of many in Congress…and the Supreme Court!  Why on earth would good people act against our country if not for that reason?  I’d admire them much more if they had the guts to stand up and take their medicine and if necessary, resign!

  • Anonymous

    John’s, Boehner and McCain are complicit in allowing this Regime to bust through the Debt Ceiling and just sweep it under the carpet for more than 40 days. They NEED to distract Americans from discovering their Thievery and blatant disrespect for the rule of Law !   If they weren’t Govt. employees/politicians they would be UNDER the Jail !

    Get another cup of coffee if you must, but, Wake the Heck up America .

    • Anonymous

      I’m of the opinion that there are very few people in government positions who would stand the test of 30 days working in the private sector.  And that starts at the local level through the state and up to the federal level!

  • Anonymous

    We have been telling this to the ptb for years, Boehner MUST go !  They never listen so many of us are simply telling the RNC no more $$ in donations until he is GONE !  They ALWAYS listen to money !
    I don’t think they  realize how many members they have lost in the past few months over Boehner,  I can’t blame them !

  • Anonymous

    as always,follow the money trail. all of these phonies are in it together because of money,power,control.people of ohio,rise up.people of america,rise up.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say, but Boehner is just taking up space, at this point.  Don’t know if he’s up for

    reelection in Ohio next year, but if so, let’s hope the folks will look carefully at the man and his

    actions before they cast their vote.

    • Anonymous

      All members of the House must be re-elected every two years.  Let’s hope that a good strong conservative can be found in Ohio who will challenge him…his time has past!

  • Anonymous

    Please help me understand the process of electing a new Speaker…is it done by secret ballot or are the heavy hands of the current leadership in play with an open vote?  I fail to understand if it is an open voting process since we Americans cherish the right to cast our votes in private.

    With the threat of losing committee assignments hanging over one’s head, perhaps the votes cast are far different from what would be cast were it to be a private affair. 

    In any case, I am hopeful that come next year, John Boehner and many of the other leaders (word used loosely) in Congress will face primary challenges from CONSERVATIVES and will no longer disgrace the Halls with their lack of listening to their constituents’ concerns.

    It is time for term limits with NO NO NO NO lifetime benefits of any kind!!!!  Serve no more than 12 years in a lifetime…as a SERVICE to our country and return to the private sector! Stop bloating our government with pet pork projects, the net worth of these people going in is MUCH LESS than when they leave Congress…it appears to be all about ME ME ME and forget about our COUNTRY!!!!!

  • dennis reilly

    There is money in it for this coward Boehner somewhere. Stay out of Syria, you work for us!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We need to get him out , LIKE NOW .I have been saying all along that John Boehner has a man crush on Obama. And I am not kidding. 

  • Anonymous

    We need to get him out , LIKE NOW .I have been saying all along that John Boehner has a man crush on Obama. And I am not kidding. 

  • crazy betty

    pink tie cry baby.  I can’t stand John Boner – what a buffoon and he looks like an alcoholic.

  • Reg Dahl

    The PROGRESSIVE disease is spread by the the CARTEL that controls America! Glen aim for Golieth’s(Obama and govt. regime, both parties) head! You know the Cartel boss’s(Golieth) names. Target the HEAD Glen! The body will fall!

  • Reg Dahl

    The Cartel have a lot of servants-  BANKS,  govt. , media, armed forces, political parties, to keep psychological war games. Do NOT be suckered! Keep your aim on the HEAD! They will go down. There are other (people) countries who also know who these CARTEL boss’s are! Keep educating globally! Time to stop the FASCIST GAMERS!

  • Anonymous

    Why would we be surprised at John Boehner’s sell out? He has been in Washington much too long. He is just as power hungry as the rest of the old hats in the Washington elite. They all worship power and strive to get it and then are willing to sell their souls to keep it. Look at Harry Reed. And Ms. Pelosi is working tirelessly to change the ruling party in the House of Representatives so she can return to power. The power elite in Washington think nothing of selling out their integrity and honesty because power has become their god and they will seek it shamelessly.

    They enjoy manipulating people and bending them to their will. Remember the political wrangling that Mr. Reed did to get Obamacare passed. And now Boehner is using the same tricks to fund Obamacare funded and implemented. Boehner has not intentions of stopping Obamacare. America beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing. Don’t put too much stock in what he says.

  • Anonymous

    they should hire rand Paul. for speaker of the house

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