Laurie Dhue debuts tonight as News Anchor for TheBlaze TV

There are some big changes coming to TheBlaze this week as we countdown to the anniversary of the TV network debuting on 9/12. New episodes of For The Record are coming up, as well as the new reality series Pursuit of The Truth. Starting tonight, Laurie Dhue will be debuting as the Anchor for TheBlaze TV News.

In her new role, Dhue will be providing news updates throughout TheBlaze’s primetime lineup. She begins tonight at 5pm ET on The Glenn Beck Program.

Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Content Officer for TheBlaze, said “Laurie is an incredibly talented journalist who has done amazing work both throughout her career and as host of For the Record. We are thrilled to have her join TheBlaze full time as we continue to expand our original programming.”

“Why did I join TheBlaze? That’s easy: the opportunity to be on the ground floor of something truly groundbreaking doesn’t come along very often, if ever. TheBlaze is growing by leaps and bounds, expanding every day as other media outlets downsize. Oh, and saying no to Glenn Beck is impossible,” Dhue joked in an interview with

She added, “The slogan, ‘The Truth Lives Here’, is bold, just like Glenn. Glenn once told me that there are no sacred cows at TheBlaze except for freedom and decency. He’s both sincere and fearless, a rare combination in news, and isn’t beholden to anyone but the viewers. There’s no parent company telling him what he can and cannot say. I think that’s real freedom of the press!”

Dhue has had a rich career in cable news. She is the only anchor to have hosted shows on the three primary cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel.

In her 22-year career, Dhue has interviewed countless international leaders as well as politicians, celebrities and newsmakers. She has covered every major news event since the early 1990s as a writer, producer, reporter and anchor.

Dhue will continue to host For The Record, including the new episode “Borderless” premiering this Thursday at 8:30pm ET. “Borderless” will focus on dispelling the myths surrounding the immigration debate in Washington, DC and will interview ranchers who have seen crime and violence along America’s southern border.

  • Anonymous

    She has the nicest rack ever!

  • Ruth Porter

    Congratulations Laurie.  Wish I could watch you and The Blaze but I am in the boonies of north FL and can only get DirectV.  They will be the last ones to get The Blaze message.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t you get it on line?  Who does your computer on line hookup?  It’s ON LINE..that’s why I love it.  I can also get it on my IPAD and repeat shows and see news (their REAL NEWS is the very best) at any time.  If you can get on line, you can get THE BLAZE,  I’m really sure of that.   It’s totally worth the $ 9.99 a month… especially NOW with so many shows…also if you have kids, LIBERTY TREE HOUSE is better than the old Sesame Street shows…so much to learn…I love it for myself!!   Of course Glenn’s 3 hour Show and PAT AND STU… go to the and see if it’s not available the same place you get your on line access!  

  • Anonymous

    Everyone you have around you is excellent GLENN…the mark of a great Leader is the people he surrounds himself with!   Ms. Dhue is great and I hope we’ll see more of STAR PARKER…what a great gal she is !   So happy for your WELL EARNED success!! 

  • Anonymous

    You go girl!

  • Take 2

    I like Mountain Dew…! 

  • PT2738

    Sorry happy to see Laurie back and with Glenn Beck.
    God Bless All the Staff.

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