Should we let everyone in the Middle East ‘just kill each other’?

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On radio this morning, Glenn argued in favor of something that goes against our very nature as people: Should we just butt out of Syria because we can’t stop every single tragedy that happens around the globe?

“I want to stop first on something that I said a minute ago that as soon as I said it, I thought, ‘Boy, that is uncomfortable to say, and I bet really uncomfortable to hear because people will not understand it,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And what I said was, ‘I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to let everybody over there just kill each other.’”

It is undoubtedly a harsh sentiment, but when you consider the current state of American foreign policy, it becomes more and more obvious that we can no longer afford to be entangled in other counties’ conflicts.

“Now, that seems so harsh, and so awful, and so un‑American to say, ‘You’re not going to be able to solve this.’ And ‘you’re going to have to let everybody kill themselves,’” Glenn explained. “We can’t play a role in everybody’s civil war. And goes against our very nature.”

Glenn laid out two distinct reasons he believes this is necessary position to take.

First, “All of of the treasure and all of of the power, influence, and goodwill that was earned by the greatest American generation in World War II is now gone,” he said. “We do not have the clout that we had in the rest of the world that was earned by those people. We do not have the treasure that was earned by those people. We have spent the treasure. We have spent our morals that they taught us, and we have spent our power and prestige and our goodwill. It’s gone.”

Two, “The reason why we spent all of that treasure, the reason why we spent all of that goodwill and everything else is because we adopted this progressive idea that we can be the world’s policemen, that we can actually stop everyone from fighting. You can’t. You cannot,” Glenn explained. “Here we are sitting here trying to solve the world’s bickering children who end up killing each other. It’s not going to get any better. It’s only going to get worse. And in the end you will be in a more dangerous world because no one will have any self‑control. You won’t have any power. You won’t have any clout because you’ll be blamed for absolutely everything in the end. The bickering children look at you and say it’s your fault. You’re the one who put me on this couch. You’re the one that caused all my problems. That’s what’s happening.”

“The progressives came in and said there’s a whole new world. Progressives believe that people progress past certain caveman‑like instincts. No, they don’t. I guarantee you, you take away civilization, and your neighbor, who you think is kind of a nice guy but not all that great, will kill you for food. You take away civilization. We are the same animals. It is civilization that puts us back together,” he continued. “Civilization is not equal. I’m sorry. But all nations and peoples and their governments are not the same. They are not equal. Some of them work. Some of them don’t. They haven’t figured it out in the Middle East yet. You cannot impose it on them. You can’t.”

The world just witnessed what happened in Egypt – the failure of the Arab Spring to create a real, functioning democracy. In Syria, we known the faults and violence of the Assad regime, but we also know the rebels are linked to terrorist groups. So who’s helping whom here?

“Let’s say we do get involved, and we lob cruise missiles. We destroy chemical weapons. We help the rebels,” Pat said. “What’s the good outcome there? On the one side you have Bashar al-Assad, who is a brutal dictator. On the other side you have Al‑Qaeda and the related radical extreme fundamentalist Islamists. Who’s better ruling that country?”

But Glenn explained the true progressive will attempt to (incorrectly) draw a parallel to World War II.

“See, here’s the thing. They will go back to World War II and they will say, ‘Well, we stopped the Nazis.’ Well, yes – because you were dealing with people who fundamentally understood the Western way of life,” Glenn said. “In Syria your people, the resistants are eating people. You didn’t have the German Underground eating the Nazi soldiers. You didn’t have the German Underground or the French Underground being those kind of people. They were people we could relate to. They were people that understood the Western way of life.”

“You don’t have a good guy here. You don’t have good groups of people. The good groups are the ones that are not fighting. They are the ones in the middle going, ‘God almighty, help us, please,’” he concluded. “You don’t have, like this revolution, or the freedom fighters that understood freedom and understood why fascism was bad. Look what happened to us when we got into war with the Soviet Union? We got into bed with the Soviet Union and we said, ‘We’re allied with you.’ We built them up and we spent the next 40 years fighting them.”

  • Anonymous

    Saudi Arabia is the problem. They manufacture terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Why are we so quick to put the fire out on democracy in other countries? Hey Glenn, America didn’t come up with the Constitution until 1789, almost exactly 13 years after it declared independence from Britain. America took nearly a century to become a self-sustained democracy. It takes more than a year and a half for a democratic government to take root. 

    I’m not saying this is the right time to establish democracies in other countries, especially via military action. But the principles of democracy, the principles of liberalism in an international relations context: freedom, individual rights, leadership represented by the people, for the people, trade among countries, etc. should be spread. 

    • Kanak Attack

      My friend, first of all you’re missing some very important events and documents in western civilization that led up to the drafting of the Constitution:  The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, the Mayflower Compact, Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes, the City Upon a Hill, the English Bill of Rights, the 2nd Treatise on Civil Government, the Spirit of the Laws, the Articles of Confederation, and the Bible.  Without these ideas of freedom being brought to light to western civilization we would have never seen the creation of the Constitution.

      The Middle East has had none of these stepping stones towards freedom, especially among the cultures that have thoroughly rejected God’s Law throughout the history of the world.  These people do not want freedom because they either cannot even understand the concept of it or they literally reject the idea of it because of their imbedded cultural ideas of humanity.  They have not improved socially one bit for thousands of years and they show no signs of doing so anytime in the near future.  Americans actually believe the B.S from our government that the recent protests in the Middle East are signs that they want freedom.  The reality is that these people have protested again and again and again for thousands of years. They protest and fight to change from one tyrannical government to another.  It’s just one side protesting to impose their ideas on the other and vice-versa.  They use the word freedom but they don’t know what it actually means.  They think freedom is forcing the rest of the country to follow their cultural ideas of how society should work.  They are still very much tribal-minded as their forefathers before them.

      This is why we can never bring freedom to these people even if we annexed the entire region into the U.S and forced it on them.  They just don’t understand it and many of them honestly don’t want it.

      • Anonymous

        Well said, K/A.  The vast majority in the Middle East are ignorant about Western
        Culture and most have been taught to hate it.  The best they can expect, with
        all their fighting, is to get ”their guy” in power and hope things will better for them or not so hard if the ”other guy” gets in.

    • Anonymous

       While spreading democracy is a noble idea, people cannot be forced into it.  They need to discover it on their own and use their own blood, sweat, and tears to earn it for themselves.  Otherwise they will not truly understand it and they will not value it enough to work to keep it. 

    • Anonymous

       I think very few people seem to misunderstand something about the word democratic. The USA is a Democratic REPUBLIC. But the current administration (including the GOP) is trying to turn it into a democracy. Which is exactly what the Founding Fathers ran away from in the first place!

      • greywolfrs

        We are NOT a democratic republic, we are Constitutional Republic or Representative Republic.

        • Anonymous

           Sorry , you are correct, I framed my wording badly. but not to be misleading at all. There are many people use the same wording thinking “representative republic” means an democratic elected government and that is easy to do!

          • greywolfrs

            It may be easy to do but we need to realize that the Electorla College does NOT have to vote the way the voters do, therefore, calling this country a democracy is false.

      • Anonymous

        Democracy is not a rigid governmental structure. It is a set of principles. A “republic” is borrows from that school of thoughts so it is a form of democracy. 

        (I know it’s hard for people to get over the word Democrat on this site.)

        • greywolfrs

          B S, again, the Electoral College is what makes this country a Constitutional Republic. The Electoral College not having to vote the same as the voters is what makes your whole statement bullshit.

    • greywolfrs

      First, this country is NOT a democracy, we are Constitutional Republic or Representative Republic, if you will. Second, after declaring independence, it took our Founding Fathers 13 years to actually win the war. Third, it did not take a century to become a self-sustained REPUBLIC.

      This country has no business “spreading democracy.” Other countries civil wars are NONE our business and we should stay out. You are a complete fool if you believe it is the job of the US government to spread those things. The job of the US government is to GOVERN THIS COUNTRY, not any other country. You are a moron.

      • Anonymous

        I’m afraid you get your history wrong, greywolfrs. The war ended in 1783, after the Treaty of Paris. From 1783-1789, our fledgling nation was engulfed in murky waters due to domestic hostility. See the Articles of Confederation, Shays’ Rebellion, etc.

        You obviously did not read my comment to the fullest extent. When I referred to democracy, I referred to it in the international relations context. Not a rigid democracy but the principles behind democracy: individual liberties, capitalism, free trade, self-governing, etc.

        However, I’d like to point out that a republic is one form of democracy. Democracy as a root word is less a rigid government structure but instead a group of qualities. Since we vote in free elections, the U.S. indeed has a representative democratic system for its leaders. Regardless, you fail to see my point in the previous comments because you were so eager to call me a moron. 

        Whether you like it or not, being a global power means continually building allies. If you prefer living in a neutral party country such as Switzerland, be my guest. 

        But you don’t care because all that America needs is to fix itself and focus on all the damn problems ’round here. We can’t worry about what other countries are doing! THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO GOVERN THE PEOPLE NOTHING MORE.

        • greywolfrs

          Except you are wrong, that is why I call you a moron. The Electoral College does NOT have to vote the way the voters do, therefore, you entire statement is WRONG. In a democracy, they would be forced to vote how the voters vote.

          The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The war with England effectively ended in 1783, then the in-fighting began. Once that was done is when the Constitution (the debates and all) was truly being designed.

          Whether you like it or not, bombing people, killing their leaders and all the things our government has been doing is NOT fostering allies, in fact quite the opposite. Whether you like it or not, the Founders were non-interventionists, FOR A REASON. Whether you like it or not, WAR is the last option and warriors understand that. Whether you like it or not, our government is NOT following what the Founders laid down. Whether you like it or not, other countries civil wars are NONE of our business.

          Democracy has NOTHING to do with individual freedom, capitalism or free trade. Democracy is a form of government where EVERYONE is supposed to have a say in the manner which they are governed, nothing more. You do not get to make up your definition to words.

          That is why I call you a moron, because you are.

  • Draxx

    War Mongers Have To Keep Looking For Wars To Start, Or They Will Not Make Money By People Being Peaceful.  They have built a war machine to make money, Not To Save Lives (anybodies life but their own is expendable).  They will find another war to fight within the year, even if it is not Syria this Time.  They want Power, Money, and Land; this is just a new form of Imperialism…  Under the Disguise of Humanitarian Aid For The World!!!

  • Anonymous

    People from the Levant have been killing each other off for the past 5000 yrs. America is not going to change that trend.

    Modern Syria’s borders were arbitrarily drawn by Western powers without regard to religion, culture, political affiliation or tribal loyalty. Only a brutal strong-man can keep the hateful tribes from killing each other off. As soon as Assad is overthrown, the bloodletting between the factions will reach epic proportions. Nothing will be solved, and the violence will be magnified.

    American intervention resulting in a rebel victory ( i.e. paid mercenary victory) means a massive slaughter of Christians by Washington’s paid Al-qaeda mercenaries, aka Obama’s Freedom Fighters :

    Assad loses and the will be a Christian genocide : Guaranteed!

    • Anonymous

      As an older person but brought up with a great sense of history by the school system that taught me .   I have been saying this for years , the evidence is just overwhelming for everything you said. The borders (left over from various Colonial powers etc). I have made these same comments elsewhere on the The Blaze and this site and you seem to be one of the few that actually goes beyond “the Party Line” like everyone should and Beck has been advocating for years.  I also went on the NYT web to read about the artcle on GB the vitriol from the responses is appalling to say the least.

      • Anonymous

        “you seem to be one of the few”

        Why am I?

        I am among the few not because I’m gifted with superior intelligence, but because over the course of my life I have grown up around and networked with individuals who have superior sources of information. From these sources I’ve learned how to build a system of critical thinking whereupon I objectively analyze, draw conclusions, critically evaluate those conclusions, seek advice and then make a decision.

        asybot, I think you’d like Stefan Molyneux  and what he has to say on the subject of Syria. After listening to Mr. Molyneux articulate the following information on Syria, you cannot help but be impressed. Glenn Beck, for all the good he is doing, is light years behind the erudite Molyneux.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, R/S, asybot is correct in his assessment on you.  How many in
          this day and age, take the time to do any ”critical thinking?”  In fact,
          how many are even shown/trained how to do it?  “Analyze, draw
          conclusions, evaluate?”  I can hear the laughter from others now.

        • Anonymous

           Thanks I watched for 10-15 minutes, sadly enought there is nothing really new there but he does clearly lays out the truth.n many ways.
           I am not sure if he went to add the rest of the world’s violent history I will watch the rest later (Asian Indians  were no picknick in their days before the Brits showed for example).

        • MarissaD

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  • Anonymous

    The American Civil War: approx. 625,000 dead out of about 35 million.

    The Syrian Civil War: approx. 120,000 dead out of about 22 million.

    War is a very messy business and as long as there are people, imperfect people, there will be war.  If not Arabia then somewhere else.  We are neither the source nor builders of Truth.  As long as there is greed, gluttony, envy, lust there cannot be peace.  Similar to the Tower of Babel we cannot build our way to peace.

    But, we must try.  Try very hard.

  • Stephan Bruno

    Fuck Israel. 

    • greywolfrs

      Fuck you, coward.

    • Anonymous

      Must be Critten again, can we keep it clean, please!

    • Gadamer too

      Not my type.

      • Guest


  • Sue Terry


  • George Reagan

    This is something that I have been preaching for a longtime.  These barbarians have been killing each other and their neighbors (especially nonbelievers, i.e. Christians etc.) since the 5th century.  I am surprised there are any left to create trouble, yet there are.   Let them do each other in so the rest of the free world is a better place.  If anybody is going to bite the dust, let it be them.  There will always be those creatures that will want to destroy the greatest nation ever, but at least they can be watched closely and controlled.  That’s why the local militias are important.  Someone that can watch and alert the neighbors.  As far as BHO and his minions/drones/zombies and thugs, we must keep the fire to their feet and never give up the fight for the truth.  Is it 1776, again.  Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him.

    • Anonymous

      There will always be more of them than us.  They breed like rabbits.  In the West we
      do not vilify those who kill babies, and I bet there are more dead babies than the 400 killed by gas in Syria.  Why don’t we put all those infants in mass graves and show this
      on television.  It is a tragedy what happened in Syria but so is the infanticide condoned by the Liberals in this country.

      • Pachy Serrano

        What? U blaming liberals for Syria’s own sins? U have guts to say that. I think you forget that Republicans/Neo-cons have supported and strenghten policies that continue to promote US hegemony around the World and the “police stance” we always take everytime there is something crazy around the World. The difference here is that the Middle East is full of oil and we are addicted to it.
        If we were to use our own resources better and become also a leader in “green energy” we wouldn’t need to get involved in these B.S. Here, I am with the Libertarians . . . we need to deal with our own issues first and then, if we have time, we try to help. Plus why is always us? Let’s Europe, Russia, and China do their thing. They want to be great, so let them play the game to see if they have something to offer . . . We need a leave of absence from the World.

        • Anonymous

          Pachy, I was hoping that people would understand what I was talking about, so let me explain it again:
          You totally misconstrued what my point was.
          1.  Mr. George Reagan said in his post: …”I am surprised that there are any left to create trouble ….” (read the post above)  to which I replied: ..” those Muslims breed like rabbits, so there will always be more of them than us.”
          2.  The Western Nations have fewer children and since abortion has become legalized (thanks to the Liberals) we probably have killed more babies than Assad did in his gas attacks on his own people.
          3.  But, just this is what the administration of Obama wants to use as
          an argument for getting involved in Syria.
          4.  I was never talking about oil at all, you brought that up.  So, either you did not comprehend my analogy about the infanticide over here and over there or you did not want to understand because it does not fit your agenda.  In any case, I am against going to war because we have no business to meddle since our national security is not at risk.  And the argument about the chemical weapons the administration wants to put
          forth is also asinine because as far as I can tell even the rebels could have used them to get us involved in their strife.
          I hope I was helping you to understand where I was coming from because your answer to my post made no sense at all. 

    • Anonymous

      You are wrong about one thing. They have been killing each other since Abraham.

    • Mark Evans

      7th century

  • Anonymous

    Right on Glen, I have been saying this for sometime now, that the progressive busy bodies in our government don’t have any regard for the maturity elements of the cultures surrounding the conflicts, that have them in such a dither.  For example, the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq was that the Iraqi’s had or have an appreciation for civilization. A majority wanted a better life, to play a bigger role in the world and to reap benefits from participating in the world markets. The Afghanistan culture is so divided by the many tribal interests, that as a whole they have no interest in an upgrade in civilization. If  the well meaning bureaucrats in the state department were to realize  the futility of building them in house plumbing but they could see the peps would still go defecate in the street why would you prioritize those projects. Do you get my drift~~ We don’t get it! ~Just like in Syria we don’t understand the players. Now I am not advocating the use of chemical warfare, it is a tool which should be strictly controlled and the international community should take action against those who launch the chemicals at the citizens of Damascus. I am not so sure it’s the standing Asad Government, have not seen the prof of that. Only folks with low credibility stating it.  Like you say if it is the US alone then everybody hates us and I can see that this could very well be a ploy to pull the US into their war. Ask yourself who benefits? Wait till the consequence is $20 gas. Possibly with allot more players than currently participating getting involved should we act on our own.   And allot of our leadership is falling for it. Stupid but why would you expect anything different. Like Larry the Cable Guy says, “You can’t fix stupid.”
    The really bad part is that these people who would be in-charge, consider themselves to educated to be stupid. Spelling disaster beyond anyone’s comprehension. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Larry the Cable Guy is the noble figure this country needs to go to for insight into our country’s leadership. 

  • Anonymous

    With the ”Russian Proposal” coming out now, the chemical weapons could be seized, B.O.

    saves face, and Russia ”wins”—they get to keep their air base and ships there.

    We probably know that Syria is being supplied weapons, equipment, etc. by Russia (& China?)

    and the rebels are being supplied by ???   Iran wants Assad kept in office, don’t they?

    Let the civil war continue. How would it help the US to get rid of a dictator for who knows what,

    at this time?    Too soon to tell what is going to happen in the future.

    • Average Joe.

      ” Iran wants Assad kept in office, don’t they?”

      Iran wins either way. Right now Assad is their friend but when he goes Iran will have al-Qaeda and Sharia law in Syria.

      Win, win.

    • Anonymous

       Maybe this time it’s going to be Putin who “wins” the Nobel Peace Prize.

      • Average Joe.

        Hell, right now I bet Obama will give him his, he’s not using it.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent comment.  Awarding the prize to BO was a debacle.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, tony, just as I posted—somewhere.  At least, I’ll bet he is nominated for it,
        IF Syria ”allows” it’s weapons to be turned over.  Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Just finished a book called “Migration” by James P. Hogan.  A what I call “Social Sci-Fi) Very good read, deals  with many of today’s situations and reads easy. For decades Sci-Fi writers have been “predicting” futures for the human race, many of them are spot on!

  • Average Joe.

    “Should we let everyone in the Middle East ‘just kill each other’?”

    Hell, it’s what they do best, isn’t it?

  • c w

    We must secure the Levant.  We do this first by protecting Christians living there, and not interfering with Israel in its’ own self protection.  Harsh, but the only way to go.  A Crusade of Modernity only for those who are like ourselves.  You got a human rights complaint?  Tell it to the ayatollah.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    The United States desperately needs a visible reminder of Lafayette, ideally in the form of a massive monument or something of that nature. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Sometimes I think it is the only way people in the middle east will learn to stop being jerks to each other.

  • Betty Busby

    What, and let them have all the fun?

  • ken.

    let them learn to fight for themselves or die as slaves, same with central and south america. if they want a better life they need to stay home and fight for it and their country or they don’t deserve it.

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