Glenn Beck explains anti-war stance on Syria; why involvement is ‘suicidal’

by Glenn Beck

The anti-war Glenn Beck?

I’ll admit it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. After all, I used to be guy on the sidelines cheering the ‘freedom on the march’ argument every time a President wanted to lob missiles or put boots on the ground somewhere.

But that all changed for me several years ago when I began to realize this democracy building mentality was a progressive mentality. Discovering the progressive strain of politics existed was a major pivot point in my life. I’m really big on pivot points – if you have a major change on an issue it should be accompanied by something so memorable you remember ever detail in the room when you discovered it. I remember being our Radio City studios when I heard Hillary Clinton explain she didn’t like to be called liberal but preferred being called an early 20th century progressive. I started researching and my eyes were opened to the fact that progressives were marching forward while regular liberals and conservatives were simply being used. That’s my pivot point and the main reason why I’m against war in Syria today.

I want to address everyone making the opposite argument today than they did ten years ago:
Why have you switched?

Are you doing it merely because of politics or because of loyalty to Obama? Have you had an honest pivot point?

Too much is at stake to not know or admit the honest answer to this question. You may disagree with me on almost everything I say – that’s fine — but I defy you to look at the facts of Syria and come away concluding this is something America should be engaging in.

War with Syria is suicidal and here are just a few reasons why.

China’s Foreign Minister said American should ‘think thrice’ before acting and exercise ‘extreme caution’ in what is a clear declaration of support for Assad’s regime. Russia has unabashedly come to the aid of Assad by sending a steady stream of weapons and recently they bolstered their naval presence near the Syrian coast with a missile cruiser and a destroyer among other ships. Iran, of course, has vowed to support Syria ‘to the end’ in the face of possibly military strikes from the United States.

Since the Arab Spring the Middle East has come unraveled – something that didn’t seem possible given its already volatile nature. Egypt is on the verge of civil war, Libya is suffering in lawless ruin, and Syria is mired in a deadly civil war that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people. The Assad regime, the radical terrorists fighting against Assad, and the Obama administration itself all admit a limited and measured strike from the United States will neither end the civil war nor change regimes.

So why bother doing it? What is this really all about? Here are a few of the keys:

  • Assad saw what happened in Egypt and Libya and he’s making sure he does not suffer the same fate. He’s a dictator desperately trying to hold onto his power through any means possible.
  • Iran doesn’t have many allies around the world, but Syria is one of them. Iran depends on Syria to funnel weapons to terrorist organization Hezbollah, whose main base of operation is in Lebanon. Hezbollah views any threat to the Assad regime as a threat to Palestinians and Lebanon.
  • Syria hosts a Russian naval base on the Mediterranean and Russia needs the access to warm water ports or else they are either land locked or ice locked.
  • Another major factor is oil & natural gas. Syria is one of the most strategic places for pipelines to flow into Europe. Qatar proposed a massive pipeline that would weave through Syria, but Assad turned that down in 2009 and instead partnered up with Russia and Iran to get the pipeline, which is due to open in 2016.

When questioned about the high cost of the war, Secretary of State John Kerry assured Americans by saying Arab nations have agreed to fund the entire cost of the war. Certainly this isn’t out of the kindness of their hearts or because they enjoy the United States getting militarily involved in Middle Eastern affairs – it’s because there’s a boat load of money at stake. If you want to figure out which side of the Syria conflict a particular nation is on, just figure out if they benefit or are harmed by the ‘Islamic pipeline’ and you’ll likely have your answer.

But there is another factor at play: destabilization.

I’ve talked a lot about the Archduke Ferdinand moment. When Archduke Ferdinand (of Austria-Hungary) was assassinated in Bosnia in 1914 it triggered a chain reaction that ultimately led to World War I.

Here’s what happened:

  • Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist who was protesting Austria-Hungary’s control over Bosnia. Serbia at the time was trying to gain control over Bosnia.
  • Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • Russia mobilized to give military aid to Serbia, an ally.
  • Germany then declared war on Russia.

When a Tunisian fruit cart vendor set himself on fire in protest and died, the President likened his actions to that of Rosa Parks. High praise considering Parks helped spark one of the most important civil rights movements in history. I didn’t see it that way –I saw it as 1914 all over again and another chance for extremists to attempt to redraw the map through war.

I believe I was right.

We all know the powerful images and the message of peaceful protest that came out of the civil rights movement. What has come from the Tunisian fruit cart vendor?

We have not seen peaceful marches – we’ve seen the violent overthrow of governments in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen. We’ve seen devastating civil war in Syria for over two and a half years and hundreds of thousands of people dead. We’ve seen radical Islamists murdering Christians and eating the hearts out of their sworn enemy on videotape. We’ve seen American journalists raped in the streets, Priests beheaded, scores of civilians brutally executed in the streets. We’ve seen Russia, Iran, China, and the United States preparing and posturing for war on a global scale.

I’m having a really hard time finding Rosa Parks anywhere near this colossal mess.

It isn’t some political game for us to get involved in so those who have made threats can save a little face. ‘Limited’ and ‘measured’ means nothing to the family whose home was just obliterated by a stray bomb. It means nothing to the Christians, the moderate Muslims, the homosexuals, the atheists, or anyone else who won’t submit to the will of a dictator or the dictates of Sharia Law under radical Islamic rule. Try this – put yourself in the shoes of the typical woman in Syria. Are they excited about the prospect of United States military strikes? What is the best possible outcome for them?

First they have to survive the bombings. If they manage to accomplish that, they’ll face one of two scenarios. Either Assad remains in power and they have to live in fear of government crackdowns OR Assad is ousted and the people are forced to live under radical Islamic rule and the harsh conditions of Sharia Law.

The cost of getting involved is far too high and it’s the people of Syria are the ones who will pay the price. It will eventually cost all citizens of the globe as it will put us another step closer to World War III.

And for what? America to save face? To secure pipelines?

The time for politics and party loyalty is over. Do your own homework. If you just take the administration’s word for it (or John McCain or John Boehner or Lindsey Graham’s for that matter) that it’s ‘slam dunk’ case, I believe you are part of the problem. Likewise, if you are against it just because I said so but you really don’t know why – you are part of the problem too. You are stopping, dare I say it – progress.

If we continue to allow others to dictate our thinking then we deserve what we reap.

But the innocent people who will suffer in the Middle East do not.

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  • Anonymous

    “I’m really big on pivot points”. ~ Glenn Beck

    Yes, Glenn, and I’m “really” happy that you and so many other Americans are finally “pivoting” in the right direction.

    Regarding Syria: Peggy Noonan, who was Ronald Reagan’s primary speech-writer, said it best when she exclaimed, “Wrong time, wrong place, wrong plan, wrong man”.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Pivot point and final off-ramp before we hit the cliff.

    We have no business nor national interests in Syria, or for that matter the rest of the Middle East. Let Israel do as she pleases with Iran and any of the other nations, and leave us alone. 
    I say it is long past time for our troops to come home, and for America to take care of America first, foremost and always.

    • Draxx

      snowleopard, I believe we are at the point of…







      • Gristle McThornbody

        I am nearly on the brink of tears as I slouch uncomfortably at my desk. I stare vapidly into one of my monitors with this page on display. “Where have I heard that,” I thought. Then I remembered, and intense introspection and lost memories wash over me in an awesome wave. 

        The year is 2001…

        I remember seeing “Rat Race” in theaters. On opening day. It was a laugh riot! My favorite scene involved John Cleese and his billionaire friends gamble over how much they think a rather beautiful prostitute would charge to clip their mentally retarded assistant’s toe nails in a hot tub. That being said, my most vivid memory of that fatefully screening, particularly after the film closed with Smashmouth performing their hit from Now That’s What I Call Music #1, was something to the effect of “Holy shit, this is a film that will be completely forgotten by society in 18 months.”

        Twelve years later…

        I sat here for a good 5 minutes. Transfixed on your words, I knew I somehow understood the very, very obscure reference you made. It slowly dawned on me in a rather colorful trip down my mind’s refuse pile. At first, I thought that was dialogue from “Joe Dirt,” but I could not recall when. “Deuce Bigalow?” Nah, I would remember that. “Freddy Got Fingered?” Couldn’t be.

        Suddenly, the undeniable image of Kathy Bates entered my mind’s eye. She was gardening, or something to that effect. That guy from “Road Trip” and Denise Richard’s co-pilot in “Starship Troopers” pull their car next to her and ask rather rudely for directions. The gentle giant politely and humbly suggests a pet squirrel from among her wares. Their swift rejection is promptly met with swift justice, 

        Twelve years later. The years start coming and they don’t stop coming. Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running. Didn’t make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb.

        Son of a bitch….

      • Ben Ghazi

         HE WILL TRY BUT HE,S  GOING TO RUN SHORT ON GAS,  THE GUY BELONG,S IN PRISON, ( NOT THE WHITEHOUSE )<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • John

      I agree with that statement 100%. But to fix our country we will have to get rid of Ovomit and Kerry and the rest of the progressive liberals. The fix is very  simple and quick. Aprove the Keystone pipeline and approve the five applications for the deepwater ports sitting on the scumbags desk and you have a booming economy in 6 month’s.  Then you start getting rid of the stupid regulations on small business and their are more jobs than there are people looking for them.

      • Berdean Yolles

        It would be a good start

      • Mark Evans

        6 month’s what?

    • Daniel Spickard

      If anything we should be holding Saudi-Arabia accountable for all the wars over there.  Look around that region, all other countries around Saudi-Arabia are in civil wars.  Who stands to win in all of this?  Saudi-Arabia, who else!

      • Ben Ghazi

         WHERE DID HIJACKER,S THAT DID THE W,T,C, COME FROM  SAUDI-ARABIA,   WHERE ELSE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • Berdean Yolles

      I agree with you totally, but it’s not going to happen..If we remember right, I think we are suppose to be the police people of the world!!!! We are suppose to go in first, and then call every one to come on and follow us–I think that’s right 

  • Draxx

    I Wish More People Understood The Meaning Of The Term “War Monger”, it would explain so much with so few words…!

  • Draxx

    If They Attack Syria, It Does Not Matter Who Is Funding The Bombings, If It Means The End Of America’s Chances To Become Strong Enough To Survive WWIII; it means the end of US Sovereignty…

    • Scott Todd

       Which I believe is Obama’s intent.

      • Maugaoali’i Pele

        I love this idea….the president and his administration and the 545 members of the congress should fight this war for the USA…with reid and pelosi be in the front line and the president leading…how’s that?

        • Anonymous

          The President leading, M.P.?  You do know he likes to lead from behind.

          • Maugaoali’i Pele

            Hahaha….that’s it, he’ll be leading us all the way to sodom and gomorrah.

  • Anonymous

    Susan Rice just made a statement Aug 9  that  only the Syria dictator forces could of pull off a chemical attack to this scale in the Aug attack !!  She didn’t say only ones who could pull off a chemical attack,and that Syria dictator only one with chemical weapons !!, But to ( TO THIS SCALE ) does this mean that the rebels may have some chemical weapons ??? That they could of pull off some of the previous smaller chemical attacks in a false flag operations and we blame the Syria dictator ???? Question is the Syria dictator just responding to rebels chemical attacks on innocent civilians ???

    • John

      No one in the Ovomit administration can be believed. They are all practiced liars. Then we have John “Stupid McCain” and “Lindsey even more corrupt Graham” John the coward Kerry. What are we to believe, certainly none of the above. Ovomit has told more than 1000 lies since he has been in office. He can not be believed. He has been caught on ten or twelve lies just this week. “I didn’t draw the red line” Only on national television did he set the red line.

  • Anonymous

    The Russian leader just came out with a proposal how to solve the Syria chemicals weapons that they may be inspected and watch etc. Question why now by the Russian leader was  not to make it too obvious !! When obama and his staff last week met the Russian leader and his staff the staffs work out secret agreement or deal so obama can save face!!???, Russian not ready for full scale war at this time with U.S, get obama to make another sell out U.S to weaken the U.S  ?????????????  Don’t forget the open mike sell out deal  of U.S by obama to the Russian President in cancel our missile defense systems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Question was there another obama secret sell out deal of U.S  without our Congress or our citizens inputs ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Alan Patrick

      Very good point. Obama very well could have sold the US down the river once again. I have a very bad feeling about this whole Syria deal with Obama. He was arming the rebels which is an enemy to the US. Our so called Pres. is going down the path to destroy our nation and let the Muslims take over 

    • jusawhiteguy

       your post is impossible to understand. i don’t know if it needs puntuation or what, but it is just a bunch of words strung together, making no damn sense at all.

  • Shane

    I agree that we should not attack Syria. If there are any non-Jihadist rebels in Syria we should find them and arm them.

    • greywolfrs

      NO we should not. It is none of our business. Those people thought it was a good idea to revolt. They never had a plan and if they did, it wasn’t a very good one. They just went into a civil war thinking that we would pull their bacon out of the fire. That plan sucks and we should stay out of other countries civil wars.

    • Anonymous

      If and when we have a break down here would you want Iranian soldiers spending the night in you’re home before they moved on the next morning and remember war is just that and with them anything goes brother think on it a little more we are not getting the whole story you can count on that for sure.

  • Jonathan Patrick

    New scary book about behind the scenes terrorism. What if China, Iran and North Korea decided to have a go at the U.S.

    • greywolfrs

      They would lose, badly. I am not saying that because of any other reason than the Second Amendment and that is exactly why they have not tried it.

      • Anonymous

        Right on living in cali gives you a special  amount of practice when they try and come ashore .

  • lilchit

    Can someone please tell he why Obama and Kerry are calling for Assad to hand over chemical weapons but not asking the Rebels to hand over theirs?

    • John

      Because the Muslim brotherhood will benefit from Assad being killed and Ovomit is a long standing member of the Muslim brotherhood. You are talking about the most corrupt liar in the history of our country and one of the biggest cowards in our history in Kerry.

      • Anonymous

        What we have in our White House now with obama that is a perfect match to a character in the TV series Dallas his name was JR  ,1.) lying about ever thing and thinking he can get away with them !!  2.)  Bunch of very shady deals and payoffs to gain power 3.) throw anyone under the bus to get his way of gaining power 4.) cannot be trusted at all and full of deceptions on what he is really doing 5.) he is above the law.  P..S To obama your parents made a mistake in naming you it should of included JR  it reflects perfectly of your character !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alan Patrick

      because Obama has been arming the rebels

    • greywolfrs

      I believe you are asking the wrong question. The proper question should be: Where did either side get those weapons?

    • Anonymous

      Good question, lilchit, but don’t expect an answer to it.  Maybe a means to an end?

  • Anonymous

    I just got an email accusing the Rothchilds of all our world”s mess including the U.S.A.  Can you clear that one up???

    • John

      The federal reserve is the greatest wealth building devise in the history of the world. The Rothchilds are part of that. The 300 richest families in the world are the owners of the federal reserve. The US is but one of the countries they control the purse strings for. England, france, Spain, Italy and many more in Europe. I could could go on and you would see what a lousy deal wilson dealt the people of this country. But it makes me sick.

      • Anonymous

        What an eye-opener!

    • greywolfrs

      Glenn will NOT tell you about the Rothschilds, unfortunately, he is probably afraid to open that can of worms.

      On top of what John said, here is a little back ground on them. Besides being the second richest family in the world and a major player in the Federal Reserve, they are one of the biggest proponents of the NWO.

      Look up this name and follow it where it leads, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

  • Anonymous

    I will listen to Obama AFTER I hear his explanation and the
    termination of those involved in the following: Benghazi, IRS interference with
    freedom of speech, prejudicial treatment of citizens on Obama Care delays and
    exemptions for himself & Congress, Fast & Furious-Terry,, lies on red
    lines, ignoring the 10’s of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians over the
    last 2 years and violations of the Geneva Convention.


    Then I would need answers to the following:

    If Putin puts in anti-missile systems to protect their
    Syrian naval base AND the airbases where they are training Syrian forces, what
    happens when we fire missiles at targets assumed to be chemical weapons and
    they are fired over Russian military where ever located?? WWIII???

    What happens if the current regime is toppled?

    •             Who gets
    the chemical weapons not destroyed?

    •             Who gets
    the stinger missiles removed from Libya (Benghazi) to Syria?

    •             Who
    protects the loser troops from execution (see NYT article)

    •             Who
    protects the minority Alawite & Christian civilians from massacre?



    Then answer why I should trust you to send troops to Syria
    when you refused to help your Libyan Ambassador -now dead with 3 other heroes?
    Why are you trying to turn all of N. Africa and now Syria over to a
    dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood/ Al Qaeda??


    I respect the Presidency but YOU Mr. Obama are a lying Scum

    • Anonymous

      Libya did not have Stingers. MANPADS from Russia yes, Stingers no.

    • Fishing Man

       You’re asking to much of Obama…..his job accomplishment during his first term should explain his current one….dismal at best.

  • Anonymous

    If that moslem son of a bitch, Hussein Obumhole wants to attack Syria, then strap a bomb belt on him and kick his sorry black stinky ass out of AirFarce One in the middle of Damascus and let him go at it.  That moslem brotherhood emeffing prick.

  • Karl E Hubrath

    I would like to mostly agree with Glenn Beck here. I think that it would be best to let China and Russia lead the way to sanction Syria, because they appear to have interest in that country. I think this is best because to me this is picking and choosing our battles. I say we should protect Israel and let China and Russia deal with Syria; of course with us proving that the Syrian government is responsible for the poison gas. Then ask China and Russia to deal with Syria, being that they are interested you know? I think this could only be a good political move, God bless.

  • BH

    It is not for the country to save face, it is to overcome “foot in the mouth disease”

  • Anonymous

    What may seem morally wrong to our western way of thinking ,can not be imposed upon the Middle East, who have been killing themselves and others for centuries.  If we foolishly bomb Syria we give them license to kill our people and to start another war when we are war weary. perhaps the Obama administration is shouting for war to take our eyes off of the many scandals and financial problems that are upon us.  We need to pick our battles wisely and before bombs lets drill and get ourselves self sufficient!

    • Anonymous

      Well, they would 

    • greywolfrs

      This country is NOT “war weary.” The people are weary of a government that has no intention of WINNING those wars. The people are weary of “NATION BUILDING.”

      Maybe they are trying to take the focus off of the many scandals, but they will bomb Syria…

      • Anonymous

        You really think B.O. will want to bomb, Syria, wolf?  I don’t.  He opened his big
        mouth, needed to follow through on his ”threat” but his heart wasn’t in it.  Now,
        that Russia has a proposal which may get rid of the WMD, he can breath a sigh
        of relief and hope that Syria will accept the offer of ”their friend, Russia.”
        But, you have it right on this—they ARE searching to find a way to get the focus off those ”phony scandals.”

        • greywolfrs

          I don’t know that he “wants” to do it, but let’s face facts, he is backed into a corner. He opened his pie hole and bunch more garbage fell out, now he has to defend that garbage. He does seem to want to help the MB as much as he can, so maybe he does want to do it.

          As far as weapons inspectors go, remember Iraq? How the “weapons inspectors” were allowed to inspect sites after Saddam already moved the weapons? How can one be sure Assad will not do the same thing?

          I believe the proper question should be: “Where did Assad get those weapons?” Or maybe “Where did the ‘rebels’ get those weapons?”

          • Anonymous

            Well, wolf, look at all the dithering and delays from B.O. & Co.
            It has certainly afforded Assad plenty of time to ditch/hide any
            weapons he doesn’t want found, leaving those he may ”offer up” as a gesture to  appease both Russia and the US.  Only time will tell how all this plays out.

          • greywolfrs

            That is a true statement. I believe the question should be “where did Assad and/or the rebels get these weapons?”
            See, during the Iran-Iraq war, the US backed Saddam and the Iraqis. That’s how Saddam got those weapons he used on the Iranians and the Kurds. What happened to those weapons, as the US government says they didn’t find them in Iraq? There were plenty of trucks seen crossing the border into Syria right before we went into Iraq in 2003. It is amazing how the government, the media and most people in this country seem to be ignoring those facts…

          • Anonymous

            Oh, yes, wolf, I remember those trucks that went into Syria and perhaps, they were the reason no WMD were found in Iraq?
            Don’t expect this administration will be looking to answer your
            questions anytime soon.  It’s sort of a parallel to Afghanistan,
            isn’t it?  US armed the rebels fighting Russia, and later, those
            weapons were used on US troops.

  • Rick Graham

    Of course Obama’s for going into Syria to help out his friends Al Qaeda. It’s as plain as the nose on his face. Let those vile people solve their own problems.
    They’ve been fighting each other for thousands of years and will be for another thousand.
    We need to bring all of our troops home from the  middle east and worry about whats best for America.

    • Lorraine Bonitati Romano

      and what is best for our troops.  It is a disgrace the way our veterans are being treated.

  • Anonymous

     The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!  People need to read this and stop and think for themselves.  IF they can not see the truth in Glenn’s statements then they must keep their mouths shut and stop voting!  People like this are helping odumba destroy our Christian beliefs, freedom, Constitution and country!  Too many of our military services people have fought and died to maintain our freedom and country for these low level IQ and information people to turn our country into a third world desolate country under sharia law and mudslime terrorists.

    • greywolfrs

      So, you are saying that everything that drops out of Glenn’s mouth is the truth? You are a fool and need to learn to think for yourself.

      Glenn just stated that the Chinese own our debt, that is a lie, the Federal Reserve owns most of our debt. In fact, China owns very little of debt, they solod most of it back to the Federal Reserve.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with greywolfrs statement, Although I agree for the most part with Glenn Beck, Glenn Beck Has always said Dont take my word for it, Do your own research Glenn has always stated that over and over!  Although again Glenn Beck is not my only source of information Im thinking that Beck was saying that the USA  has the most Debt with China for an out side country and as follows.
        1. China, Mainland, $1153.6 billion dollars

  • Barbara Collin

    Was wondering if ANYONE remembers WHO Hillary was giving THAT particular interview to. I cannot find ANY video of it anywhere on You tube…yet, I remember it as well as Glenn. I thought it was a morning TODAY SHOW interview…Would someone else please comment about this. It is so vivid in my mind her calling herself a PROGRESSIVE. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh it Is Always about money, but it is also about Control and yes I DO believe Starting Another World War…why? Because #1 WE in the USA have a MESS…and they…would do anything to Get the left hand..pun intended to be doing ANYTHING else to make EVERYONE else looking in a Different Direction..Not to Focus on OUR Mess but to CREATE another, that gets the Focus off of OUR own…#2…it IS all about Money as well AND Power.>>>AND again…like a LINCHPIN…something to GET IT ALL Started…the Big Ole Number Three…SO much just like Glenn says makeS MUCH More sense…IF you just Think about putting it ALL together…IT Certainly IS all a Puzzle,..and it ALL Fits…our Real problem?? So many “sheepies” and DUMB DUMB and DUMBER …we ARE Surrounded by a Huge percentage of people NOT Wise enough to PUT IT Togther OR to Comprehend it if they DID…God Help the Syrian People, and ALL people…including US..because over a half of a century that I can personally Remember…my OWN Grandmother back in the early 60’s talking about HOW CORRUPT the Entire GOV was at That time..might have been Late 50’s…like 59…I was SO Very young but it scared me to Hear my grandmother say what she did…and I have Never forgot what she said…and here we are…More Corrupt…MUCH MORE…and I believe Much deeper…and oh Yes>>>More “GLOBAL” Now…I hear Global ANYTHING and I either Turn the channel or STOP Listening or watching…because WE ARE Exceptional…as a Country….and TOO Many want us Down to THEIR Levels…and Guess who is Helping?? I’ll say No more…those of us who DO Have COMMON SENSE know Exactly “who” I am speaking of..

  • Guest

    So, are you all ready to work with progressives to help stop this war? MoveOn organized over 100 vigils against the war today. Ready to set aside our differences and work together to stop Obama?

    • Mike Bilavsky

      without George Soros and other lunatics in this movement

      • Gadamer too

        The lunatics are those who think that Glenn Beck is honest.

        • greywolfrs

          The lunatics are YOU and people like you, vicki tiffany the coward.

        • Guest

          The lunatics are people like you who spent the past 3 or 4 years fixated on a man you never met.

          Your sickness runs deep Vicky. 

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, vicki tiffany the coward. No, we will NOT work with progressives to stop this war, progressives are the problem. That means YOU are the problem, but are still too dumb to see it. Now, go play on the freeway, moron.

    • Guest

      I just can’t align myself with sick people like you Victor.  

  • Anonymous

    Had we read what Obama wrote we would not be surprised that he has long wanted to damage America.  In his view, America is a cancer upon the world and must be brought down. 

    It is important to read what people write before then attain power, so that we can understand what they intend.  Mein Kampf was a blueprint for totalitarianism, not just the blatherings of a crazy.  Adolph said what he meant and meant what he said. 

    There is a very good analysis by Norman Podhortz in the WSJ 090913 that analyzes this very well.  Obama is not an idiot; rather he is trying to damage us.

  • Take 2

    The next pivot (US) point is 2014 elections.  This global act of 2013 is not a US ‘pivot’ but of a US evolution in free fall loosing the last dark point in US History, 2012 election.

    An election “act” of 2012, a true pivot point that appears clandestinely tampered with by a seated US
    President.   Why is this correct mature thinking?  Obama actions of reelection (with the worst possible record in US History) grants or mandates doing whatever is best for “his” thinking or unremitting of a father’s dream.  (In addition, those are Sr. O – Toto – Davis & Wright /Soros etc.)  


    How he wins or won, have no exclusions – nor exceptions, and not getting caught mandates vs. trumps Executive Power with any or no restraints with Islamist born individual’s nature.  

    Which means, Congress can do vote or scream bloody murder and whatever his
    handlers secretly have in mind for the Middle East, is on with or without Congress.  

    The Pivot was set in 2012 – awaiting 2014.

  • bauer

    My concern is this:  What if Iran wants us to attack their ally so that they can draw us into a war.  The chemical weapons attack may have been a ploy.  And if so, we are being played.  Regardless, without strong international support for any action, we risk getting drawn into a protracted situation that could end in disaster here and abroad.  There are other ways to deal with Syria and Obama’s “plan” doesn’t seem like the best option to me.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Glenn : “Involvement is truly suicidal.”
    Our country’s treasury is empty, our debt is mounting and this administration is calling for war!
    How asinine is that?  Our soldiers are worn out from fighting the politicians’ wars.  We do not have the draft therefore, many soldiers have to return to the battlefields over and over again.
    Now, if Obama would have called for action after the Embassy Annex in Benghazi was attacked and our ambassador and security team were slaughtered, the people would have given him a pass and maybe, they would have been behind him.  But, this attack into a hornet’s nest would be nuts, even if it is a “little attack”.  Does he not know that from a “little fire” can come a big BLAZE, if no one stands by to put it out?  The shock value of showing the dead children on TV will be great, but we all have seen these pictures before in the past.  We can not fix all the ills of this world!!!  On top of this there is no coherent messages to be had out of this administration, only lies and cover-ups.
    It is never a good idea to get involved in other nations’ civil wars, except when our own country’s national interests are at stake.  I liked REALITY SEEKERS post  ……..
    Let’s clean up the mess here at home!  WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Anonymous

    Obumer has his worthless reputation to protect! In my opinion he has no credibility and that means he has nothing to protect! This country deserves much better, please send Obama packing!

  • Anonymous

    If obama accept or don’t accept the Russia leader proposal on Syria?? We might question if there is anything fishy.going on here???? If Russia take immediate  control of Syria weapons to after the civil war !! That would prevent further use during the war !! But where is the punishment to Syria dictator,for use of weapons!! They still be there or return to Syria for future use or for threats?? ,Syria dictator looks like he be winning this war without the need of further use of chemical weapons !! Our obama  intent seem to want a war that for a guise chemical weapons were use !! ,But really to give aid radical rebels who far more a danger to us than the Syria dictator and hate U.S far more !! To do this under guise pin prick strike or shot across the bow !!! Our President talk he don’t want regime change in Syria but his intended actions speak louder !! ??? If obama accepts Russia proposal this whole run up to war  by obama was just  a distraction ruse to get spot light off his scandals,spotlight off of groups gainer power in blocking obama care,debt ceiling, more part time jobs than full time ,immigration  bill debate and vote and to save his face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why cant we make the U.N  do the punishment  instead of us ..let them take care of it & if they cant why dont we dress us up as U.N people 

  • Angry Grizzly

    I think that it way past time to arrest Soros (obama’s brain) and Susan Rice to answer charges regarding Sedition and treason against the we the people of the Untied States Ojackbutt is merely the face of it all so to speak. Soros is the money and influence and Rice is the enforcer. I say that the entire Democratic party leadership be investigated as accessories in this matter of Treason against our country. I remember The Watergate scandal, and this makes it seem like a mere misunderstanding. Ask the National banks of England and Malaysia about the damage Soros did to their economies with his Currency manipulation scams He could not do the same thing here so he conveniently “installs” a President to do his bidding at a National level. I don’t blame the “sheeple” that were honestly wanting a different kind of leader for our country but I do blame them for not doing their due diligence before voting for the piece of refuse for President. As I look at the leadership from the Elephants I see them as tools of  a different brand of scum. We need basic common sense leadership as a Nation to dig our self out of the hole we are in.

    • greywolfrs

      You don’t have the first clue about which you speak. Soros is a puppet of the Rothschilds. Soros got the blame for the bank of England and he deserved some of it, but the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers and bunch of others are truly to blame.

      On another note, Soros is NOT a US citizen and does not reside in the country, so how do you arrest a person and charge them with treason and sedition in a country which they do not hold citizenship and have no loyalties? You really should do more research before making foolish comments.

  • Robert Detherage

    Glenn Beck is right, this situation with Syria is going to make things worse if we strike,but in my opinion if the US  doesn’t strike than our “enemies” in the middle east will think that the US is weak and then what? another terrorist attack worse than the Boston terrorist attack. We are screwed if we don’t and screwed if we do!! don’t see a positive outcome at all from this situation…

  • greywolfrs

    It’s always about money and power, oil is just money and power. As long as our government refuses to tap our own resources, this will be the case.

    It’s time for the US to stay out of other countries “civil wars,” PERIOD. We have no business “spreading democracy,” (considering we are not even a democracy) deciding who is right to lead another country, killing other leaders simply because they are not “friends” with us or any of the other B S we have been doing for decades.

    It’s time to follow the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers laid down for us. Progressives may not like it, but the Founders were non-interventionists and that is exactly what our government should be doing.

    On another note, you are wrong Glenn, China owns very little of our debt. They sold most of it back to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve owns most of our debt, not other countries. The Chinese don’t need us? That is also wrong. The Chinese need us to buy their shitty goods or their economy is in BIG trouble. Who else is going to buy the absolutely shitty products they make? I don’t think there are enough fools in all other countries on the planet combined to keep China’s economy alive.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the Petro Dollar that’s what has them shitting in like gooses. pipeline eliminates there robbery scam

    • Gadamer too

      Once again, you don’t know what the f$%k you are talking about.

      • greywolfrs

        Coming from the idiot who never knows anything about anything. S T F U, vicki tiffany the coward.

        • Gadamer too

          As usual, you ignore the FACTS that prove you’re utterly full of $hit, and attack me in your typical, reactionary and childish manner.

          You are proof that Glenn Beck and his sheeple are not the adults in the room…country or planet.

      • Guest

        Mr. sickness is here.  Victor Tiffany the Glenn Beck hater.  

        • Guest

          Thanks for lying yet again. As usual, you ignore the message and attack the messenger. A typical reactionary tactic. 

          Pathetic, slow, ignorant and deceitful.

  • Barry McMiles

    It has become all about Obama´s ego. Nothing else. The messiah is a flop!

  • Connie Tonsgard

    The big deal is that Al Qaeda’s & the brotherhoods who are Arabia. want to kill Israel.  They are jealous because Israel is the only country that has God, Jehovah. That is why God made Jesus for the rest of us. And Arabia will not take Jesus — so the only other “king” on this earth, is Lucifer. In the beginning, a slave woman was with Abraham & their child was Ishmael — and God did not want that child.  God wanted a child from Abraham & his wife, Sarah. They finally had a boy, named Isaac — and God took Isaac & those under him, who are Israel. That is the whole thing. Everyone on this earth who is not a Jew, must take Jesus. If not, they are left for Lucifer. Read things on Genesis 21.

  • Jim Stephenson

    You have missed one major issue.  Iraq’s nerve gas stock piles.  There in Syria is a chance (dwindling every day) to destroy most of the gas before it goes to terrorists.  Launch 100 cruise missiles in 12 hours, before Russia, China or Iran can make the decision to move.   Then back away saying that is all you wanted to do and everyone should applaud the destruction of the WMDs.

  • Goldfish

    Pardon me if I sound sarcastic and bitter over this issue.  I’m annoyed with those people who think the US is doing this to “save innocent lives.”  What a crock.  What makes these people different from others all over the world that the US has ignored?   As for those people who believe the US is doing this to “punish Asad?”  Are you serious??  (If we really wanted to “punish” him, we’d send Hanz Blitz over to talk his ear off.)  
    Oh, btw, it’s U.S.A attacking Syria — that’s you, me, everyone in the US — that’s how it will be interpreted by the people in the Middle East.  We’re not lobbing a firecracker over Syria’s head — we will be committing an outright act of war.   We truly have no valid reason to get involved with Syria’s civil war.   That is, no precedent… except for the desire to expand territory and influence.  
    And, if General Obama should continue to pursue this course of action against the will of the American people… well, then, you know what kind of country the US has become.  

  • Daniel Spickard

    What people don’t stop to see is that “Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS scandal are all part of the Syria conflict.  You didn’t think Obama was letting those guns go to the cartels did you?  After he amassed a large cache of those weapons he funneled them through Lybia Via benghazi to the Syrian rebels (Al-Quida) our enemy. On top of that Saudi-Arabia sent Al-Quida the saein gas they got from Sadam Hussien before the US military could get control of them.  Does any one see where this is going?

  • Delonna Hutto

    I looked up the Vietnam War to see why we went to war and I came across an article that a Vietnam Veteran wrote. He said that, as a soldier in the war, he agreed with the decision but years later he researched exactly why the U.S. went in.  He went all the way back to the history of Vietnam and after seeing the real reason, his comment was this, “When our country or any country decides to enter into war, we need not take anything at face value and check out all the facts before believing the reasons we are being given.  He listed all resources for us to fact check his research.  His opinion changed about Vietnam and our role in it.  

  • Delonna Hutto

    I should have said as a soldier in the Vietnam war. It might of sounded as if he was a Vietnamese vet which is not the case. My error in how I wrote that.

  • Anonymous

    Can this be just one big cover up for Benghazi, the IRS affair, the AP and ” Fast and 
    Furious” ? Have you noticed these stories have hit the back burner and maybe will never see the light of day again. Syria is a great cover for Obama as well as Graham. It was Graham who said he will not stop until he gets to the bottom of Benghazi. Maybe Benghazi is tied to Syria as well. As far as we know the IRS is still operating as usual. How very convenient for this rag tag administration that Syria comes to the forefront now. One can ask all these questions and never get a straight answer from this administration, so let’s say it doesn’t involve any of the above , then the question becomes why bomb Syria? Is it because they used gas? Why didn’t this administration go into action the first time they used gas? Why Now? Is it the 1400 killed? Why not the other 98,ooo killed ? Do we know who will replace Assad?  I don’t think this current government has made a good case for any of these questions. They will say if we let Assad get away with this he and Iran will feel emboldened and who knows what they will do next. Well why not tell them to try and force our hand again and see what happens. They may try but they will never know what will push our button. But to say we are going to punish them and then just lob some bombs on a limited basis is crazy. No, all of this is crazy because have an incompetent leader along with incompetent advisers. It’s amateur hour at the White House. Every step since Obama has been sworn in has been amateur hour. With the exception of killing Osama ( and this you could question )  he has nothing to point to as a success. How can we trust him in this Syria thing?  I for one say , stay out, let those who want to kill Americans kill each other.

  • Sonia Jen

    It’s funny that a few days ago, I would have agreed with the strike because of course, who can not feel the need to retaliate against the killing of those young children. But, before I even read your post, I started thinking about how bad it will be for us if there is retaliation against us. I am very concerned with the possibility of Russia placing missiles in Cuba and aiming them towards Florida, like in the 60s. That is only 90 miles away, can cause a lot of death and destruction. I hope to God we stay away from Syria now and figure out another way to handle this.

    One other thing Glenn, this might sound ridiculous but I still think that Mitt Romney needs to get back involved with politics and run again. He was the one person who I truly believe would be able to make a difference. Is there any way possible that can happen? I have lost much of my interest in the current Presidential candidates we have so far and it is scary. Someone, maybe YOU, can find a way to get Mitt Romney back in the race. I still think there is a good chance for him to be President. What do you think?

  • Arf

    If we bomb Syria to save Obama’s warped sense of pride and importance, then we deserve what we get. We have put a madman in office and entrusted him with the security of the world. We did.  I didn’t vote for Obama but who is going to care when bombs start falling on us. I’m sick of hearing how wonderful the U.S. is. We have reeked havoc on the world for fun. And any criticism of this lunatic and his cohorts is forbidden ’cause it might look like we’re “racist”. America is so far off course, I don’t know if we can ever find our way again.

  • Anonymous

    OIL  what’s the oil have to do with us we have are own ? I worked for Occidental Petroleum for 15 yrs. in Brea ,Calif  back in 1986 most pumps were off at that time there was an estimated 700yrs of oil in the continental U.S  so Glenn mentioned every part of this situation except one if they install any of there proposed pipe lines in Syria or any of the other countries he showed .It is the worst case scenarios for the U.S if they cut us out of the equation what happens to the
    Petro dollar ? it disappears this is the main reason they keep up the rhetoric .
          that’s the main gun we have in every ones back so this is what the other hand is doing when they try to keep us on attacking Syria  it’s B.S they blew it and know they have to play the peace maker by acting like the children matter it’s always about the children .
    And they are feeding are kids crap in schools .
    Some things make you go HUH liars always tell the truth we’ve seen it for 5 yrs now.

  • Branden

     I think the fact that no one is agreeing with Obama over Syria is blood in the water for Iran and Russia. I mean we can’t even pull anything together with something like this.. How are we to pull together with Iran is preparing to cause all our nuclear war? Syria is a big case of death and it wont matter who comes out in the end because either force is going to want us dead. The sad and horrid thought is more towards Assad winning, because that means Iran and Russia have free rain to put their WMDs right in the heart. The US fighting in this country isn’t going to make anyone any more worried than the millions that are already scattered from their homes.

    The main problem is that our leaders are no good. That our president is not..he’s not smart enough to fight something this big. This isn’t just a war on Syria, but a question.. Is the US going to do anything when weapons of mass destruction are used and is this president able to do anything about it. The answer is… None on both. So I think right here and now is the time in which our enemies jump in glee as they know they can start using weapons that can kill thousands and we are so disjointed and against each other with no focus that they can do it without worry. Heck.. Putin is already trying to pull himself as the new world leader as he points at us as the evil people.

    And what of Israel? I can see comments here not understanding that the only democracy in the Middle East is surrounded by such hate and war. It will come knocking soon on their doors. They know they don’t need to fear the US helping Israel. It can’t even stop the death is Syria let alone protect another nation with it inner turmoil. Israel has to be watching this and realizing that they are alone. The US wont help. Iran is gaining nuclear weapons. Russia and Iran have forces surrounding them. Things are going to keep going south from here..

  • Truther SevenxSeven

    Here’s an idea,and not a sarcastic one,and I’d like Beck to respond to this,after first thinking about for a minute before deciding for or against.

    Maybe we,Americans should get better allies,maybe we should befriend our supposed enemies,and ally ourselves with them?

    To say our old alliances are working out to well would be a huge understatement.

    Maybe we should actually support the Assad regime with democratic reforms,instead of trying to kill him and destroying Syria get everyone killed in the process.

    Maybe we should become partners with Russia and Iran and China?

    Maybe we should tell Israel that we aren’t going to be their attack dog anymore.Maybe Israeli’s should get off their high horse and join the brotherhood of man?

    Maybe we this whole country should pivot,and show the neocons the door,and take back our country from the zionists and the banksters?

    Maybe our so called friends are the enemy,and our so called enemies are or can become our friends?

    Don’t agree or disagree,just think about it.
    The way I see it,what do we have to lose but more of the same or worse,like WW3.

    The track we’re on now will take us straight to hell.Let’s get off this track,and on a new one.

  • DE Navarro

    Hey, are we missing something HUGE here?

    Didn’t we say Obama could never serve a third or more terms unless there was an international crisis like a world war going on? 

    Didn’t somebody say he might try to instigate a WORLD war and crisis to sell the idea of him being like Roosevelt and getting more terms?

    Well, here it is.  Bomb Syria and start WWIII and now Obama can become the unremoveable dictator he wants to be.


  • Frank Hanna

    im syrian american and been telling my american friends from day one its all about the gas pipe not democracy and i agree with every word in this report and i add that assad has about 70 % approval and called for an election with UN monitors but we declined ,, and now al qaida terrorists that we are training and supplying with weapons are killing innocent people and just in the last two days attacked a christian town and burned churches ,, so where are our president from the truth from whats happening there and are they ever going to tell the american ppl the truth ?????

  • Ron L. Harmon

    I have to agree bigjack1 – a severe distraction from the scandals – Is 9/11/2013 going to be a sacrificial rememberance or a celebration? We are about to reach one year with no real answers on Benghazi – are we prepared with our Embassies protected, and who would have created this diversion – he is no amateur, but has had a hidden agenda from the beginning – let us remember what we know – Dinesh’s “Obama’s America 2016″ and Dr. Ben Carson’s CPAC presentation if I was going to bring America down, weaken the military …. coincidently it is happening right now. We are about to experience another tragic event while our wise, mighty, and noble are debating our honorable intention of bringing democracy to the world while ours is diminishing and Constitution violations are off the charts – we are out of money, US $ bankrupt, Obamacare destroying business and jobs, foreclosures continuing ….

  • Anonymous

    “Syria hosts a Russian naval base on the Mediterranean and Russia needs the access to warm water ports or else they are either land locked or ice locked.”

    I’m not too sure about that.  Vladivostok, although not classified as a “warm water port” is warm enough so that the Russians are able to keep it open in the winter with ice breakers.

    Also, isn’t there still a large active Russian warm water port in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea?

    I can remember during the cold war the Soviet navy invested a lot of resources (ice breakers) to keep Murmansk open too, but I don’t think they do that anymore, but I may be wrong.

    And, I don’t know why everyone keeps forgetting about Novorossiysk in the Black Sea, Russia’s largest naval and commercial warm water port.  Turkey would never dream of cutting that off from the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous

    I am reminded of the old American proverb: if you first do not succeed – try again! So when the attempt by our Sunni President to supply the Al-Qaeda led Sunni rebels with the ground-to-air missiles via that Benghazi outpost failed, Obama is now trying to do the same by intervening directly in the civil war. If Zimmerman wanted Obama to leave him alone, he should have just killed a US ambassador.
    Also, it is not clear which side used that Saran gas from Saddam’s stockpile: Obama says the Assad Shia government did, but some Saudi and Russian sources say it was a rebel-mounted operation murdering their own people in order to provoke a US response, using Saddam’s stockpile of Saran gas that ended up in Syria when chased by the US forces in Iraq.
    And so that tragic and sorry presentation to Congress by that low IQ bloviating gasbag Kerry (who “voted for the war before he voted against it”) and that Marxist Secretary of Defense Hegel, plus a very politically correct figurehead of a General, ended by the three promising to answer those difficult questions later in a secret session. What a shameful performance by both our representatives and those 3 Obama’s stooges! At the end, when all is said, Obama will intervene in Syria on the side of the Al-Qaeda led Sunni rebels whether the Congress says yes or no, as he had wanted to do a year ago via the tragic Benghazi arms transfer.

  • Anonymous

    I have several problems with getting involved with Syria.  Glenn hit upon a number of them, but not all of them.  The first and the biggest is I see the real potential for WW3 to break out from this, with Russia, Iran, and China all throwing their support behind Syria.  The second is the fact that we do not have any decent options to replace Assad.  I mean, if his regime is toppled, and the rebels take control, they have a large contingency of Al Queda in their ranks.  The third, which Glenn didn’t mention, is that the retaliation will begin with Israel, which goes back to the potential for WW3.  Syria, or Hezbollah, each backed by Iran, carries out attacks on Israel in retaliation, which prompts Israel to respond, which results in the region becoming even more inflamed than it already is.

    I believe that the chemical weapons being used is a tactic in a much larger conflict that has been brewing for some time, in which Iran is pulling the strings like a puppeteer, in order to draw the US into retaliation following the red line comment by Obama last August.  It is an attempt to draw us into a larger conflict, setting the stage for attacks on Israel, possibly using nuclear options from Iran either through Hezbollah, or some other means.

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect to Paul I wonder if he has spent any time at sea. Each of the Russian ports he mentions are either remote or involve passages through straits to get to open water. There is also the matter of re-supply, even in these days when nuclear power plants on ships don’t need refueling. Advanced bases are needed even for Naval ships if they are to operate in a theater for some time.

    Turkey might not cut of the Black Sea port, but the Bosphorus is a choke point that anyone could cut off. Vladivostok has great access to the Sea of Japan, but it a long way from anywhere else. Murmansk may be kept open, but the passage is north through the White Sea and then practically to the Arctic Circle to get around Finland and Norway – and you are still a long way from the Mediterranean where the action is – to say nothing of the Indian Ocean. The Baltic Sea is another cul-de-sac,

    I’ll give Paul his comment as to “warm water” ports, Glenn was wrong there. What Glenn should have said was “advanced bases” in theater. When the first “Lebanon Crisis” blew up in 1958 we had the Sixth Fleet in Thessaloniki (Salonica) Greece. I was an officer on a destroyer – we got the word to sail just before midnight (I was on liberty, and a bit tiddly when I got back to the ship at midnight). We had the fleet ready to sail by about 4:00am, but still took two days to get to Lebanon – the Dodecanese and the Aegean aren’t the best waters for a fast passage.

    The Russian fleet in the Black Sea would have to pass through what is basically a canal at Istanbul, then into the Sea of Mamara, then a long canal-like passage from Mamara into the Aegean – and they’d still be further from Lebanon/Syria than we were in Thessaloniki.

    Without advanced bases the Russian Navy is about as well positioned as the Swiss Navy, if they had one. Naval ships are a mobile force, but it takes a long time to get where you are going – and when you get there you need re-supply bases even if only for food.

  • suz

    unfortunately, putin will put it to assad to have chemical weapons removed and…drum roll please…bho takes the credit…progressives have an orgasm…mission accomplished.

  • Dennis Brennan

    A strike will most definitely bring on retaliatory actions, maybe from China, Russia, Hezbollah, Iran, etcetera.   Is BHO thinking he can control those, somehow?  I don’t think his Executive Orders will be followed by any of them.   Israel will almost certainly suffer a major missle attack.  Maybe that is one of the “unintended consequences” desired.  The rebels have a large faction of terrorists in their ranks estimated to be as high as 30%, who deserve American support for executing soldiers at roadside, cutting out their hearts and liver and eating it, killing and torturing priests and Christians and burning their churches???  Supplying them with the same arms BHO and Holder want to outlaw and keep from returning soldiers (terrorists) here, will be no different than their complicity in the murders as a result of “Fast & Furious.”  When will the people of this country totally wake up and demand accountability in full??  Really think this is a very bad time to listen to the small faction that is offended by the mention of God here.   Think we need God more than ever.

  • Ellen Vaughan

    I do not believe that President Obama does not have the ooomph needed to do this. I am also seeing the posturing of two large powers that with the state of our military, will slaughter us. We are heading to a World War 3 and it is starting in the Middle East. I am a Christian and believe this is part of Armageddon. I am afraid and feel that the United States should be as well.

  • Gadamer too

    It’s a strange alliance against this act of war against Syria. The far left (OWS), progressives, conservatives and Tea Party reactionaries are all working, but not together, against this attack on Syria.

    The end is well nigh. 

  • Anonymous

    I heard on the radio this morning that Syria rebels were responsible for the chemical attack in March if true this might change our whole outlook on the situation ????  Question where was obama outcry or red line with the rebels using chemical weapons in March ???  Did the Syria rebels start the use of chemical weapons in this civil war of Syria ???? Why is obama  backing the greater of two  evil in this war and maybe the rebel was  first to use chemical weapons  in this war???  Has obama demand the turnover of the rebel chemical weapons ??????????  Question was this chemical attack in March was it against Syria dictator troops positions or his friendly population enclave centers ,or against moderate   Muslims freedom fraction movement ????

  • cindy newman

    i’m so tired of the ‘arab spring’..didn’t know it existed until obuma used that term…this is the usa and we are a christian nation, remember ‘in GOD we trust’……..piss on the ‘arab spring’

  • Anonymous

    My feelings about the war are exactly the way you put it. I feel it’s wrong on so many proportions. I’ll even go as far as to believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ who is doing all this on purpose. His mission is to destroy the U.S. He forgets that there is a God and only he can put an end to all evil. You are a brilliant man and I admire your article because it’s from the heart. I love politics and always want to know what is going on. I feel the way you do. It breaks my heart to see what the world has come to. It’s a totally different world than when I was a little girl. How I miss those calm and innocent days. Today is worse than the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The only thing we can all do in my opinion is to have faith in God. He will get us through this mess and only he can help us.  Let’s hope that Obama does the right thing if that is even possible.  By the way, my father who is 94 admires you too. :)

    It’s truly a pleasure to visit your site.

    Janet Bernasconi

  • John C

    This is about furthering the goals of Obama’s beloved Mohammedan Brotherhood. They will and currently are slaughtering Jews, Christians and burning Churches. They are not the “people”, more like savages, to side with. Assad is a secular regime and allows the Christians and other minorities to do what they wish, he protects all of the people in that nation, compared to the slaughter that the Brotherhood would bring.

  • Reg Dahl

    Can we get an interview with BOBO’s boss’s over at the FED aka Cartel ! Let’s get the cartel that controls the USA to answer some questions!! Should not be that hard to find a Rockerfeller, Rothchild, Bilderburg, or many more. Don’t need to talk with Bernanke just his cartel boss’s

  • Anonymous

    Well, the chickens have truly come home to roost, haven’t they ?    The inner-city voters, biased (politically) voters of the left who ignored the importance of having a strong military and foreign policy, and those who just didn’t believe that a strong immigration and border policy . . . these are the ones who elected this president the second time.    I could understand . . . in a weird and obscure way how you can be duped into believing that a no substance, no proven history, sweet talking “suit” could lure this country into a promise of Shangrila . .  ONCE !!   He didn’t fool me !   This president has ties to Communist and far-left political machines . . . we continue to ignore it !    He made a pact with the Russian envoy, prior to the last election . . . we chose to ignore it !      We are mired in scandal from IRS, to Libya, to Egypt, to Obamacare, to the infiltration of Islamic fundamental sources in our very schools and local media, and we are forced to take it and embrace it !

    What?  . . . you say it’s all a falacy ?    I’m sorry, I can’t hear you . . . The chickens are clucking too loud !

    • Anonymous

      Right on all counts!

  • Ben Ghazi

    THE WHITEHOUSE HAS A INFASTATION OF MUSLIN,S , NEVER SEEN IT SO DIRTY,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • Guest

      You’re a perfect tool for reactionary, deceitful propaganda.

      You win the sheeple award, not to mention the Ignorant Reactionary of the Week award.

      • Guest

        Victor Tiffany the Glenn Beck hater is as ignorant as they come.  You win the ignorant moron of the year award.

        • greywolfrs

          I believe he shopuld get the life time achievement award.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain to us what are we to make of the former bleeding heart liberals? Or do they only bleed for other countries, like ones that hate us and want to kill us? So they bleed for Syria who kills it’s own; but Bush was an a-hole for going to Iraq who killed not only their people but Sadam’s own relatives. Oh I see – sure – that makes sense. NOT!
    So the self-serving, conceited, arrogant, self indulgent, occupant of the WH who was against war, against going into Iraq (after we were already there!), seems to not really give a crap about our military, our citizens, our country, our Constitution, and Bill of Rights who promised to lower the deficit, bring our soldiers home, and be the most transparent president ever is truly the biggest liar of all time. Well that’s just great. He makes me ill to look at, and nauseous to listen to, but I will watch this BS on The Blaze tonight, mainly to hear Glenn’s take on it.
    I hope all of you watched Judge Jeanine Pirro on FoxNews Sat. night, she give it to the jerk, right between his big ears
    God Bless America and hope he forgives us for the sins of our president.

  • Anonymous

    To some people using gas munitions during a war in a battle ,relate something like to the Nazi of War World Two ,who gas people when it was collateral damage in the loss lives with both side using chemical weapons , This is what obama red line all about  and what he  so upset about with Syria dictator !!!!!!!!!!?????  But President obama don’t say boo to the radicals Muslims regimes and fractions that act like real Nazi!! That pick out Christians and Jews  to be persecuted,subject of witch hunts ,burn out ,rape and kill at these nuts cases whims ,in fact he helping in arming them with weapons from Libya though Turkey to Syria to carry out these evil deeds where is now is obama standing up for what rights to me this is a far worst crime to be put to death for your religion knowningly than the mean your kill by in a battle as a soldier or as a collateral damage as civilian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brett Humphreys

    Nice to see you have come to your senses Glenn congratz, you are now a free thinking libertarian. I am proud of you. 

    • greywolfrs

      He is NOT a free thinking Libertarian, far from it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Glen we now have a well thought out scenario of the idiocy of the Obama plan. Obama is only trying to save face because of the ridiculous remarks that he has made but won’t own up to and didn’t mean in the first place. We must not destabilize the Middle East any more than our refusal to support Israel has already done. We have declined to support Israel against our common enemies throughout the region. Israel has wanted to deal with those enemies for a long time and we simply have held them back. We have no real plan or objective other than Obama trying to act the big shot again with out any knowledge of foreign affairs. He is a novice that stumbles around trying to sound tough when he is unable to walk the walk.

  • Anonymous

    It certainly looks like he was right. Since the incident in December 2010 the whole landscape of the Arab World has changed. But that was not Bouazizi’s intention. He simply wanted the right to operate a legal business in his home province in Tunisia. When the government deprives you of your only means of a livelihood what choice do you have? The Islamists made this a political statement and it was; but, it had nothing to do with them, for they would close him down as quickly as anyone else

  • Anonymous

    It certainly looks like he was right. Since the incident in December 2010 the whole landscape of the Arab World has changed. But that was not Bouazizi’s intention. He simply wanted the right to operate a legal business in his home province in Tunisia. When the government deprives you of your only means of a livelihood what choice do you have? The Islamists made this a political statement and it was; but, it had nothing to do with them, for they would close him down as quickly as anyone else.

    Ultimately, the civil rights movement has been anything but peaceful. Dr. Martin Luther King may have intended that it remain peaceful but riots grew out of it; just as they always do whenever there is an attempt to make a major political change.

    Beck jumps right over the event in Tunisia minimizing it to nothing. Protests turn violent in these countries because they are ruled autocratically and therefore peaceful assemblies are constantly monitered by the regime in power. It is virtually impossible for protests to stay peaceful in any country. Arrests are made even in democracies.

    Rosa Parks escaped major repercussions for her actions because essentially America is a Free Society that recognizes an individual’s rights to protest an injustice. But what has evolved out of the Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties? It started with Affirmative Action and has now grown among Liberal circles that we dare not protest any violent action by so-called African-Americans, who in reality despise America and Whites  for some personal, irrational reason. We have Black Power movements, thugs beating up or killing Whites, African-American women turning in record numbers to abortion, fatherless homes and skyrocketing food stamp recipients. The Civil Rights movement did very little for the Blacks in the America other than remove the Whites that were using the Jim Crow Laws to repress the Blacks. Had the Constitution been obeyed from the beginning, the Blacks would have been treated equally under the law, even in the South.

  • Anonymous

    The night before the remembrance of 911 ,our President obama gave us a insane  speech or he think that we all too blind and stupid to realized what he doing or we are too drug up & numb on sports and America idol ,and electronic gadgets on what he saying that it will go right pass us without second thought !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Example how absurd obama speech was last night after the attack on Pearl Harbor (Twin Towers)  and Nazi Germany (radicals Muslims & AL-Qaeda) and Japan (Muslim Brother hood ) declare war on U.S , We decide to help the greater of two evils  Nazi Germany and Japan  who are more danger to U.S at that time to give them military support to rage war against Communist Russia ( Syria dictator) who was not at war with U.S at that time !!  This is insane and impeachable offense by our obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hallo all, I just received a e-mail video from a friend.  If this does not scare you, nothing will.
    It happened in England but it can happen over here as well.  This is what happens when political correctness takes over:  1368058553
    I hope you can open it.  And for these people our soldiers gave their lives.  When is enough,

  • Anonymous


    I want to applaude your efferot to deter the U.S. from backing up the Syrian rebels that are committing atrocities in the name of God. The video of the rebel eating the heart of a Syrian soldier, is only one of hundreds of videos that have been documented in the last few years. The United States, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some Lebanese factions like “The Future Party” of the Harririe family wants to arm the rebels and in turn arm the radical Islam led by Alnusra front which is a brand of Alqaida in Iraq and Syria. The atrocities committed by the terror groups and Islamic radicals are beyond ones belief. Not only the eating of the heart but head cutting and then roasted, throwing of dead bodies from bridges to the Orontes river, killing of elderly, women and children and destroying towns, executing innocent people because they don’t believe in the same way as they do, having people shot for not knowing the time of prayer or how many times should a Moslem bow in morning prayer, etc.
    I cannot believe that no one is out raged at this behavior and we would want to arm such people. Where is the out rage of the U.S. and its allies? What happened to the U.S. and its allies in fighting terrorism? The terror that is taking place in Syria is beyond anything we have seen since Hitler’s time and no one seems to care. On the contrary, the U.S. and its allies ESP. The gulf states wants to arm the rebels and radical Islam in Syria and Iraq. Is it because Bashar Alassad and the regime backed by Hisboallah and Iran are Moslem Shite and standing against Israel? And what about the Sunni that wants domination in the Levant region backed up by Saudi Arabia and U.S.? If we truly want to see peaceful solution in Syria, we must stop arming the rebels and radical Islam and bring the parties together to sit down and negotiate a settlement to this blood bath of terror. Stop the killing now!

  • Anonymous


    I want to applaude your efferot to deter the U.S. from backing up the Syrian rebels that are committing atrocities in the name of God. The video of the rebel eating the heart of a Syrian soldier, is only one of hundreds of videos that have been documented in the last few years. The United States, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some Lebanese factions like “The Future Party” of the Harririe family wants to arm the rebels and in turn arm the radical Islam led by Alnusra front which is a brand of Alqaida in Iraq and Syria. The atrocities committed by the terror groups and Islamic radicals are beyond ones belief. Not only the eating of the heart but head cutting and then roasted, throwing of dead bodies from bridges to the Orontes river, killing of elderly, women and children and destroying towns, executing innocent people because they don’t believe in the same way as they do, having people shot for not knowing the time of prayer or how many times should a Moslem bow in morning prayer, etc.
    I cannot believe that no one is out raged at this behavior and we would want to arm such people. Where is the out rage of the U.S. and its allies? What happened to the U.S. and its allies in fighting terrorism? The terror that is taking place in Syria is beyond anything we have seen since Hitler’s time and no one seems to care. On the contrary, the U.S. and its allies ESP. The gulf states wants to arm the rebels and radical Islam in Syria and Iraq. Is it because Bashar Alassad and the regime backed by Hisboallah and Iran are Moslem Shite and standing against Israel? And what about the Sunni that wants domination in the Levant region backed up by Saudi Arabia and U.S.? If we truly want to see peaceful solution in Syria, we must stop arming the rebels and radical Islam and bring the parties together to sit down and negotiate a settlement to this blood bath of terror. Stop the killing now!

  • Willis Pebble

    I know if you watch the news with Obama, Kerry and that lovable
    “maverick” McCain, you may be thinking that you were watching re runs of
    the three stooges. but say what you may, Obama has accomplished his
    objective. We now have a
    reason to officially but secretly arm the Syrian rebels. it took a
    whole year but the Benghazi arms deal is wrapped up, no loose ends. Dead
    ambassadors tell no tales.
    I know if you watch the news with Obama, Kerry and that “maverick”
    McCain, you may be thinking that you were watching re runs of the three
    stooges. but say what you may, Obama has accomplished his objective. We
    now have a
    reason to officially but secretly arm the Syrian rebels. it took a
    whole year but the Benghazi arms deal is wrapped up, no loose ends. Dead
    ambassadors tell no tales.
    Unless of course, some of the shoulder
    fired antiaircraft man-pads makes it across our southern border
    disguised as burrito makers and are used to take down a few of our
    airliners. Even then no biggie for the administration, With the DHS’s
    armored vehicles, “assault” riles, billions of rounds of ammo, drones,
    and a militarized police force imposing martial law, confiscating our
    guns, and seizing our assets will be a snap. So easy in fact, they may
    just make it permanent.If you think about it, he cant’ . If
    he comes out ahead then he’s a hero to his brain dead sycophants. If he loses
    and the U.S. takes it on the chin, he wins even bigger.Russia wins because they get paid to take back the chemical weapons that
    they sold to Assad and get paid to do it. Good deal for them. I wonder
    if Snowden will wind up at the bottom of the Black Sea. Assad is
    the big loser, but it serves him right. How stupid is he after all? Two
    days after the U.N. chemical weapon inspectors arrive in Damascus, he
    bombards a suburb of Damascus with easily traceable chemical weapons. He
    must have known that the Obama administration could pin it on him since
    out of all the different terrorist groups, militias and foreign
    fighters, He alone had chemical weapons. Chemical weapons that could
    only be delivered by artillery that only he had. And then to have his
    guys talk about a preparing for a chemical weapons attack on Radios?
    What was he thinking!. The rebels don’t have any radios!

  • Tina Thomson

    I am so disappointed with Glenn’s morning show. It’s on 106.9 here in the Philadelphia area. I live in southern New Jersey. When this country is in such a mess, a literal mess, there shouldn’t be joking around in these 3 hr. time frame. Glenn has reached thousands, NO millions with answers as to how we can save our wonderful country. We need to devote all our time to finding the answers not laughing & joking like Stu seems to invoke. Please Glenn, keep it under control or you will lose even more listeners. Thanks for reading this.

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