WATCH: Chris Wallace grills Obama chief of staff on Benghazi

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Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, White House Chief-of-Staff Denis McDonough failed miserably when faced with repeated questions from Chris Wallace about why the U.S. has failed to apprehend the man charged in connection with the Benghazi attacks – Ahmed Abu Khattala – one year after the tragedy.

“Well, this is good. Now we have Chris Wallace actually doing some journalism,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I’m going to give you some audio here from Chris Wallace who is asking the president’s chief of staff this question.”

Watch the interview, courtesy of Mediaite:

WALLACE: Finally, Wednesday marks one year since the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi the day after in the rose garden the president promised to bring the killers to justice. But while our government has charged Ahmed Abu Khattala as one of the people involved in this, there’s been no arrest, while at the same time Khattala has given interviews to CNN, to AP, and to the New York Times. Why is it that reporters seem to be able to find this guy, who the government is charging for involvement in Benghazi, but our law enforcement can’t find him?

McDONOUGH: Look, we’ve been very clear that we will hold those people who carried out this dastardly heinous attack against our people. It has been a year and you know what the United States does, Chris? We track every lead until we find and can accomplish what we do. This president has demonstrated that and we will do that.

“Stop. What is that,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “You know what we’re going to do? We track every possible lead until we do what we’re going to do…”

“Until the American people forget about it,” Pat interjected.

WALLACE: Again, finally, not to belabor it but why can AP find him, why could the New York Times find him and not our government?

McDONOUGH: The United States government does what it says, and we will do what we say in this instance.

“It does what it says. Yeah, I know what you’re asking is the exact opposite of what I’m saying, but it does,” Stu quipped. “It does it. We do it. That’s what I’m going to say. We do it. We’ve done it. We’d do it again.”

“It’s almost like we haven’t done it, and they’re just saying we did do it because that’s what we do,” Pat concluded. “That’s what he’s doing.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So do we have a lone-wolf striking with real journalism, or maybe we are seeing the first trickle of reporters returning to their roots and demanding facts from the admin?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    If the ‘journalists’ of the left had been doing their job of asking hard questions, seeking hard answers, and be willing to take the despotic domestic-terrorism oriented admin eye-to-eye, then the matter of Benghazi and many other scandals would have been front page news and brought him and his entire admin crashing to the ground.

    Right now, Chris Wallace is proving the exception to the rule. May more people begin to challenge Obama and his minions.

    • Draxx

      I think the shift to harder questioning is because the shift is going away from this Administration as a Toxic Government…  They are trying to save face and their jobs ultimately by doing the shift in questioning.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A question, with the non-stop lies from Obama’s lackeys, do you think it is due to them fearing the truth coming out, or that the perceive how insane Obama has finally become and fear him more than the American people?

  • Anonymous

    “’Well, this is good. Now we have Chris Wallace actually doing some journalism,’ Glenn said on radio this morning”.

    At best, Chris Wallace is one of those who have sold out to the corporate media. In fact, he strikes me as a Company man, i.e., CIA.

    Yes, I know I sound like some paranoid delusional, so go ahead and laugh; but upon a close examination of just how far the CIA & NSA has penetrated into the very fabric of our lives, it seems to me that nothing should be taken for granted at face value.

  • Sam Fisher

    Well we all know the left is going to call this racist for no reason besides the fact they cannot defend this.

  • Anonymous

    Do you know where he is? Yes.

    Do you know he’s guilty? Yes.

    Are you going to arrest him? Yes.

    When are you going to arrest him?  That’s a very difficult question.  We need to be able to inquire with our contacts in Libya and consult with the State Department.  The President’s timeline is evolving to show when we can best move forward to detain the subject…

    • Ben Ghazi

            B,  S,      B,  S,    B,  S,

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like he’s composing a rap lyric. “What we did is what we do.”

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t help but literally Laugh out Loud(Thanks Pat and Stu!) does anyone else find this white house logic (?) frightening?

  • Anonymous

    “I thought you said you would never cheat on me again?” “Look, you know what I said, that’s what I’m doing, that’s how I do it. you know I’ll do it!”

  • Anonymous

    i’d hardly say chris wallace was tough on this tool.the guy never answered the question,yet chris thanks him. really? chris should have offered to get the terrorist on the line for this idiotic white house spokeperson/tool,then challenged him to arrest the terrorist on the spot.

  • Anonymous

    Four Americans died and the damn Democrats would rather look the other way. I blame Obama Hillary Clinton and there staff. Democrats are throwing American lives under the bus and it is there fault!

  • Sandra Mara

    Any conservative who will be running for any office need only to include the video of this interview – and go on from there….  Any sane person, no matter who your political affiliation is, if this doesn’t confirm what amatuers we have in this Administration – GOD HELP US!

  • dennis reilly

    I can’t add a comment it is so insane. The great con artist Obama, but he can toke on a joint with no problem

  • dennis reilly

    Why did Chris Wallace thank this moron

    • Anonymous

      He was invited to the show, dennis, and he showed up.  Wallace showed good manners in thanking him.  Doesn’t necessarily mean he agreed with him.

  • Anonymous

    Talk about double speak!  What is that all about?  Is the gov’t looking for the man or not?  If not,

    why not?  I said it before and am saying it again, this smells like a cover up.  Hope this ”phony

    scandal” keeps going until answers are given and the guilty are found and taken into custody.

    The families have waited long enough for justice for their lost loved ones.

    • Average Joe.

      Right now Syria is the diversion away from proving Obama and his corrupt administration covered up the attacks on Benghazi.

      • Anonymous

        But, Joe, if Russia gets Syria to ”give up” those weapons, what will B.O. do next?  Gotta find something to keep eyes off Benghazi.

        • Average Joe.

          Russia will never get Assad to give up any weapons, it’s Assad’s only bargaining chip. Without them, he’s gone.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree, Joe.  Russia is a ”friend” of Syria.  They have been
            supplying Syria w/”things”, shall we say?  In return, they get to
            have an air base and a port for the Russian ships.  Just because Syria ”says” they would give up the chemical weapons who is to say they will give up ALL of them?
            BTW, if Russia DOES get Syria to give up some or all of those weapons, do you think Putin will be a candidate for the Nobel
            Peace Prize?  Maybe B.O. could just give him the one he has.

  • Anonymous

    Another horsiass from the world of the Saudi Shill butt boy….

  • Take 2

    WHY?  wonder if the folks murdering Americans in Benghazi will be alive long enough to tell the real story.   I would guess the same hit order on Ben Ladin is on these cats heads. I know what all the bad Islamist I have talked with think about Obama…MONEY GUNS AND AMMO!    

  • terrie

    A muppet sitting on a tuffit…

  • Anonymous

    STOP IT.  McDonough is another socialist, obama-aas-kissin’ & worshipping aashole who is just providing cushion until they have THE NEED to disrupt & undermine any NewsBreak which makes that PUNK in the whitehouse look worse than he already is.
    Translation:  As soon as the NEXT event / disclosure breaks, this inept admin will go pick the guy up & announce his capture…
    Then all the Chris Matthews Types will get up, dust off their knee pads & go to work to protect this alinsky-kcuf in the whitehouse.
    Mark my words…

  • Ben Ghazi

    THE WHITEHOUSE IS DIRTY VERY DIRTY,<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Michael DeMarco

    This idiot answered nothing.  Do not know who he is nor do I care.  Who among my fellow countryman are accepting THIS as the word from our President? 

  • Anonymous

    “We will do it, we have done it in the past, so you know we will do it again”  What they wil do is lie about it, because they have lied in the past, and they will lie again when it serves their purpose. I think there must be a school in Washington that all politicians attend after they get there to teach them how to lie to their constituent. When are we ever going to learn that Obama and his minions are well coaxed in political double talk. They talk but say absolutely nothing of substance. It is simply spin doctoring to dance around the question and say nothing. When are we going to quit listening to this administration’s lies and coverups and demand real action from our lying politicians.

    They will always give us a very definite MAYBE answer to every question.

  • Anonymous

     I watched that interview and all I was thinking during the interview is that I was looking at the face of stupidity in Chief-of-Staff Denis McDonough.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a special “lackey” school where one trains to be a political lap dog ?    This guy must have graduated Summa Cum Laude !!   The real problem is that he took one of our Pell Grants and is being paid “federal” dollars to spew this clap-trap !     The most truthful thing he said was that this president does everything he says he will do . . . every time !   (I moaned a deep moan, after this one !)    Did you notice that Cool-Aid spill on the studio table !    He sure drank it !!

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