Colorado recalls 2 state legislatures over gun control laws

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On Tuesday, fed up Colorado residents voted to recall both Democratic Senate President John Morse and Atate Senator Angela Giron over a number of gun control laws they helped pushed through the Legislature.

“Actually do have some good news from Colorado. The people have decided they’re not going to take it from their state, and they have just recalled the two leaders of the gun bans in Colorado,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And they’ve done it up against Bloomberg money, all the money that was poured into keeping these guys safe. People are done.”

(Source: Denver Post)

TheBlaze reported:

Angered by new limits on ammunition magazines and expanded background checks, gun-rights activists filed enough voter signatures for the recall elections – the first for state legislators since Colorado adopted the procedure in 1912.

The recalls were seen as the latest chapter in the national debate over gun rights – and, for some, a warning to lawmakers in swing states who might contemplate gun restrictions in the future. But gun rights activists’ efforts to force recall elections for two other Colorado Democrats failed this year.

As TheBlaze previously reported, the recall election was apparently triggered by six “regular guys” who were fed-up with lawmakers ramming gun control laws down the throats of voters and ignoring the Second Amendment. It proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a small group of people, or even just one person, can truly make a difference if they take a stand.

Just one month ago, Giron sounded mighty confident about her job security. With the help of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” over $350,000 was spent opposing the recalls.

“For Mayors Against Illegal Guns, if they lose even one of these seats, they might as well fold it up. And they understand that,” then-State Sen. Giron said at the time.

“I’d love to hear their thoughts today,” Pat said. “And see if they understand that.”

Based on Giron’s remarks, it looks like it might be time for Bloomberg and his buddies to call it quits.

“They might as well fold it up,” Stu concluded happily.

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  • Draxx

    Two Down – Thousands to go…

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the voters outside of Denver are getting sick and tired of liberal Denver dictating what the rest of the state does.

  • Sam Fisher

    you see liberals your not mainstream. 

    • Anonymous

      Not many liberals claim to be “mainstream.” Most would be quick to tell you that they are NOT part of the common masses.

      And there’s no doubt that for every liberal in this country there are a hundred people like you.
      That’s the only thing that makes it a fair fight. :)

      • Sam Fisher

        After what has been happening I really don’t like your chances.

      • greywolfrs

        100 to 1 odds? You are a liar, in fact, the left claims there are more of them than Conservatives. Besides, Conservatives don’t need 100 to 1 odds, that’s you pinko liberals.

  • Pachy Serrano

    Shame on YOU Colorado. I guess you love guns and death more than children and peace. I dont give me the crap . . . “guns are for peace keeping . . . that’s B.S.!” Guns are and will be always for killing and as long we keep guns in 1st place, we will never see a solution. But, God is taking notes and for those Christians who are against gun-control . . . Jesus is watching.

    • Anonymous

       “I dont (without an apostrophe) give me the crap”…I’m glad you haven’t been spewing the same crap we’ve been spewing. 

      Btw, God is omniscient and so he probably doesn’t need to take notes.

      Reference when you look up omniscient.

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass statement. Hey Patch! Where’s that information about those huge liberal crowds, you were so sure happened. I’m still waiting. The Million Muslim/American march today actually had a couple of thousand folks show, TOP’s. However at least 1 Million American Patriot Bikers showed up today. Are you going to come up with it
      some day or are you as full of crap as your statement here? I’m betting Full of Crap.

    • Mike Nelson

      I believe in republic because I value democracy, and I believe in strength to preserve peace, because if the “bad guys” have power, there’s no one to stop them.

      You’re right, guns are for killing – most persons do not deny this – and when they are handled responsibly, they are for preserving peace through threat of killing.  You’ll never understand (or acknowledge that you understand…?) this, but you supported 0pie in the Oval even in his drive to mobilize change via Muslim Brotherhood operatives throughout dozens of ME countries.

      As the quote from a famous movie goes, “I do not think [that word] means what you think it means…”

      But you DO make a convincing Vizzini on these boards :)


    • Marie

       This is one of my favorite quotes from a fiction book by Terry Goodkind:
      “Some leaders have preached peace, saying that even self
      defense is wrong.  It seems the best of
      intentions to shun violence.  In the end
      it often leads to a slaughter, where their threat of violence in the beginning
      would have prevented attack and resulted in no violence.  They put their good intentions above the
      realities of life. 

      It does the sheep no good to preach the goodness of a diet
      of grass if the wolves are of a different mind.”

      Yep, pretty much.  You can preach about God loving peace all you want, but He still won’t condemn those who defend themselves.  And how can you defend yourself if some thug comes into your home swinging a gun in your face if you don’t have a gun yourself?  Sure, it’s all well and good to sacrifice yourself to some perceived ideal that not defending yourself is noble, but will you condemn your children to the same fate? 

    • Nic Gibson

      I’d encourage you to check out Glenn’s book on gun control. It’s actually pretty good – having had to read a number of books and articles on gun-control preparing for a public lecture in a very liberal city – Madison Wisconsin.
      It is just plainly a fact, proven by more than 20 years of research, that more guns strongly correlates always and everywhere with less violent crime. more children under five are drown in 5 gallon buckets than killed by children (10 and under- you have to say this, because late teen gang members who kill children are considered “children”in the anti-gun literature) with guns, and more children are smothered by their parents bed that are killed by other children under 10 by firearms. 
      I disagree with Glenn that video games are a major part of instituting gun violence – but the avenger complex is growing. But one thing we do know – the vast majority of kids being killed by guns in this country are being killed by adults or very late teen gang members. The problem isn’t guns, the problem is urban fatherlessness and an inability of our society to offer a better alternative than gang membership to young men.
      What might God empower you to do about that?

    • greywolfrs

      Another moronic comment from  fudgepacker.

  • Anonymous

    What gun control means to me: Don’t miss!

  • Anonymous

    There were more than 2 senators in Colorado who voted for this gun control, so my question is why only 2 are being recalled. Now if they recalled every single one of them, then you would have a true statement made. So Colorado still has a whole lot of work to do.

  • Anonymous

    It will take the left DECADES to win the gun control fight. And there will be MANY losses along the way.

    So be it. It took decades and the suffering of many losses to win the fight for gay marriage and health care as well. 

    But in the end, what needs to be done will be done. Money, time, and candidates will be sacrificed as needed.

    • Anonymous

      The left may win ‘gun control’, even if it takes decades, but they won’t win control of guns. Criminals will keep them, even if you make it illegal for them to have. Go figure. It’s like the waste of money that we call the ‘war on drugs’. They may be illegal, and it may be illegal to manufacture them, but you can find anything you want in any town in this country. You can purchase a gun anywhere you want to in this country. Whether it’s illegal to or not.

    • greywolfrs

      You are hilarious.

    • Keith Howard

      dont cont on it buddy, your groups days are numbered. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s small, but its a start. It proves that the power of the people is not totally lost. It should embolden some of the rest of us to take a stand. Thank you Colorado voters. As liberal as your state has become, it is a victory of great consequence. Liberals and their radical money supporters can be defeated at the grassroots level.

    I am from Louisiana originally and saw New Orleans dominate the entire state for many years. It still does to some extent but their influence is not sacrosanct as it once was.. The people of the other areas of the state woke up in the ’70’s and began to make their voice heard.

  • robert hamrick

    we have only just begun, first these two bozo senator, northern colorado talking about secession, and now an article about the 5 western counties of Maryland talking about forming their own secession.  Not just the bikers telling the feds to stick it, the rest of America is waking up, my ownly hope is they dont try to replace wackos with bozos,  The GOP had better wake up or they will be eating our dust.

  • Anonymous

    To CO voters—good (re)call.

  • fire lion

    More guns for everyone. Jesus would be proud.

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