Behind-the-Scenes Photos: Judge Napolitano, motorcycles, and bow ties

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  • MarsBarsTru7

    I, for one, LOVE the bowties. They’re a symbol of free-market capitalism advocacy to me. I knew (in college) and know numerous free-market advocates that wear the bowtie specifically as a symbol of their laissez faire advocacy.

    I guess we’re the bowtie brigade!

    • Gristle McThornbody

      I’m a bit of a fashionista. I generally don’t wear them, but bowties are great. However, I think you might be sending mixed messages to people who aren’t familiar with your ideologies. Apart from Ralph Reed, that moron, I am unfamiliar with bowties being associated with free-market capitalism. As with most of modern fashion, the bowtie had its beginning in 19th century European military regalia. 

      The bow tie originated among Croatian mercenaries during the Prussian wars of the 17th century: the Croat mercenaries used a scarf around the neck to hold together the opening of their shirts. This was soon adopted (under the name cravat, derived from the French for “Croat”) by the upper classes in France, then a leader in fashion, and flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries.

      Karl Marx and the Nation of Islam are also big fans….

      • Gristle McThornbody

        Call me an American-hating, leftist, socialist, atheist, globalist, governmental sigulatarian all you want.

        I don’t see you rockin’ an ACU blazer to the office :)

  • Sam Fisher

    I want a copper so bad but thanks to Obamacare I cannot even afford a ham sandwich. Now watch as vacmancan’t comes here and ask so pointless question that he don’t give a crap about the answer again because the little troll refuses to think for himself like all good socialist do.

    • MarsBarsTru7

      Ignore him. Put him out of your head. He’s targeting you specifically because he wants to “take you out”. These liberal internet comment soldiers have various tactics that they use to confuse, demoralize, and otherwise waste the time of decent people who’re otherwise just posting according to their convictions. Ignoring him, since he’s targeting you, is defeating him.

      • Sam Fisher

        Why he is way to much fun beating senseless.

        • MarsBarsTru7


          Alright then. It was just friendly advice. Have fun ‘beating him senseless’.

  • suz

    the opposition would be brave to sit in that chair for a discussion (referring to judge nap’s pic w/glenn at the table).

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