Seriously, is Glenn talking to a coma patient?

Glenn has a long history of using some pretty unique storytelling techniques in order to make his point, but on Thursday night he went all-out by staging a soap opera in which he explained the past ten years to a newly awakened coma patient. It’s a little unusual, brutally honest, and pretty funny. Glenn may not be winning any Daytime Emmy’s in the near future, but he puts every other news commentator to shame:

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  • Anonymous

    Where’s the rest of it! That was great! hahaha!

    • Kimberly Jones

      That’s what I wanna know! I’ve been sniggering the whole time! Come on Glenn don’t tease us like that! Where’s the rest of it? lol!

      • Nancy

         All you have to do is join The Blaze TV.  It is the best 9.95 a month you will ever spend. 

        • Richadbym

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    • Draxx

      My guess is…

      She hears that Obummer is the POTUS and that he has Never Really Ran Anything Of Importance Before Becomming The President (not the main point, but he is a man of color).  Plus, Progressives Have Run the Country Into The Ground and the Deficit Will Never Be Paid Off.  Not to mention Mexico has become the 51st State in the Union (sort of), and it is ran by Drug Cartels/Lords…

      Then, I think she gets too excited (freaked out) and has a Stroke That Causes Her to Go Back Into A Comatose State.  After her mind goes blank about modern times, and she is unconcious with a smile on her face!

    • Anonymous

      You don’t want to see the rest of it. Glenn has the lady lift the back of her smock and defecate on his chest and face

      • Anonymous

        You are sick and don’t belong in polite company.

  • poohbearwithme

    Wow, now that’s a wake-up call.

  • William Miller

    i know right?? this site is hard to navigate and find things.. 

  • Rhonda Jernigan

    A gentleman calls
    by the name of Chad Harper and says he is with the US Embassy office in Mexico
    City & tells her he has her grandson, James, there facing drug charges.  This number shows up on her caller ID as out
    of area.  He tells her James has a court
    date for October 7th but really needs to get back to work & then
    he let her speak to a young man who she thinks is her grandson, James.  He is crying and begging for her help and
    tells her that he was there attending the funeral of a friend from high school
    & was riding back to his hotel with a group of people, when they were
    pulled over & there were drugs in the trunk of the car. He tells her he had
    no knowledge they were in there. He tells her if she would wire $2,495.00 he
    can go home & not lose his job or have this on his record.  My nephew is District Manager for Expro Group
    in Corpus Christi  and has a degree in
    criminology.  Chad Harper comes back on
    the phone and tells my mom to go right now and wire this sum for his bond as he
    will be carrying him over to court in a couple of hours to see the judge.  He tells her that they know the drugs are from
    Peru and that she needs to go to Walmart & send a money gram to Florde
    Maria Ramero Lopez, 1808 Pazlo Road Lima, Peru, for his bond.  He also makes her take an oath of secrecy. He
    tells her to call this number back 151-445-26905 with the reference number from
    the money gram.  He tells her that James
    has agreed to testify against the driver of the car, He tells her about the
    Cartels & how deadly they are toward snitches, so it is in his best
    interest to get home as soon as possible. She calls him back with the money
    gram pick up reference number and a lady answers the phone “US Embassy”, she
    asks for him and she puts mom on hold & transfers the call, he told her
    they have court in two hours & then he will call her & let her know
    what happened.  He called twice this
    afternoon she has not answered the phone per instructions from Midland County Sheriff’s
    office.   I called my nephew at work and he wasn’t there,
    but about 30 minutes later he called me back to tell me he was fine and this
    didn’t happen to him. My mother is devastated, she lives on Social Security. I
    called the FBI & she is talking to the Sheriffs dept. right now. They have
    referred her to the Police Department because this is in city limits. The FBI
    gave us a place online to file a complaint for wire fraud.  The police department gave us a case
    number.  She has had three calls now we
    believe to be from this scam……probably telling us his bond went up & needs
    a check by phone so they can drain her some more.

  • Jordan Newton

    That was funny!

  • Max Wylde

    Don’t talk about the Star Wars Prequels.  

  • Quinton Tapp

    This acting was bad even by soap opera standards, but I still want to see more. Good job.

    • soybomb315

      conservative version of soaps

      • Anonymous

         WOW your intellect showed up really quick, soy and (not so much on the QT)
        It is called a parody, 
        But I will help.
        Go find a dictionary and look up that word, an other one might be sarcasm it may also help BTW, That means, by the way, BTW, it will explain what that word means . I’ll get back in a day or two, sorry to get your brains all screwed but btw that is life lol

        • Aj Owens Dransfield

           that’s a horrendous attempt at sarcasm

  • Connie Tonsgard

    Yeah — Cooper was wearing a red gloss lipstick  last  Friday or Saturday — I couldn’t believe it — but it made me sick.  I guess he’s the woman on his gay lover type.  I can’t believe that CNN are so sweet to Lucifer. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9 & 10

    • Robert Payne

      Really?? It’s people like you that speak your hate that deter people from  becoming saved. No sin is any different than another. Anyone can be saved, that’s not for you to decide.

      -Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

      • Connie Tonsgard

        Anyone who is saved needs to act like Lord, not do things that Jesus says are wrong.

  • Defendtheweek

    Part 2, I’m jonesing here.

  • Laura Phipps

    I want to see more!

  • Mark Horton

    Glenn you sounded like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, She’s ALIVE!  

  • Lizzy-Sakura

    He totally looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.  =)

    • Karen Midgett Williams

      Awww, Ralphie all GROWED up.  I love Ralphie.  

  • Anonymous

    LOL Thanks!

  • Michael Vile

    wow…he really seems to be channeling gene wilder….

  • Karen Midgett Williams

    Too funny…too bad it ended…was dying to see her other reactions…(that would be right before she CODED)….can I tune in tomorrow?

  • Doug Gernetzky

    Glenn, letting your family TD is never a good idea. LOL

  • Doug Gernetzky

    This was fun. Some corny music would have been great. Lots and lots more missing. But I just watched this clip here. You should have answered a phone call with skype on your Ipad. I wrote a short treatment for a show about Ben Franklin coming back to America, he ends up wandering the halls of a Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, not knowing where he is and the van driver helps him out. I stole the idea from the Bewitched episode. 

  • Anonymous

    Okay, funny bit, but I have two questions:

    1)  Why is she being intravenously fed urine and,

    B) Why is she hooked up to a Tektronix O’scope and what part of her body is generating a sawtooth waveform?

  • Jimmy James

    “Are we in hell? Is this hell?” lmao! Glenn is flippin GREAT!

  • suz

    you’d think she’d mention how different glenn looked.

  • JRHelgeson

    I love the Mountain Dew in the IV bags.

  • Stephan Bruno

    What happens afterwards is Glenn proceeds to give her an internal ultrasound and tries to masturbate on her chest, while wearing a minuteman costume. 

  • Sharon Pan

    my Aunty Ella recently got a new black Mazda MAZDA5 Minivan just by part-time work from a home pc. my explanation 


  • omnytamer

    Now we know why Glenn isn’t an actor, lol.  Good point though.

  • Renee Gale-Falcone

    My son and I laughed through the entire episode! What a great way to make light of not so funny things happening in our country.

  • Ellen Butler

    Glenn reminds me of Ralphie from A Christmas Story, all grown up.

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