As Congress draws closer to a vote on immigration reform, the truth about the undeclared war on our border is exposed in For The Record: Borderless. While politicians in Washington insist people are only sneaking into the country in search of the American Dream, never before seen surveillance footage shows far too many violent criminals and potential terrorists are organizing and crossing the border in plain sight – putting America’s safety in jeopardy. Hear from the people who actually live along the border and learn from some of the foremost immigration experts when For The Record: Borderless premieres TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial of TheBlaze TV HERE.

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On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn offered a special sneak peek of the latest For The Record. He also spoke with TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer, who was instrumental in the freeing of Compean and Ramos in early 2009. What is really going on at our border? And is the U.S. government properly equipped to deal with these mounting problems?