Think the border is secure? For The Record exposes the truth of violence on the border

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Tonight on TheBlaze, For the Record exposed the truth behind what is happening on our southern border.

With immigration reform a hotly-debated topic in Washington, For The Record traveled to the southern border of Arizona to get a first-hand look at what’s really going on there. Our crew spoke to people who’ve spent their whole lives living along the border, and they say that while politicians try to say the border is safe, the American people are not getting the real story.

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The government leaders who are supposed to keep the country safe claim that the borders have never been more secure. But when For The Record traveled to southern Arizona, the people who live along the border told us a very different story. They say they live every day in fear of violence from drug cartels, who are the ones really in control of the region.

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Since 9/11, the United States has spent trillions of dollars to keep the country safe from terrorism. But when For The Record traveled to the southern border of Arizona, our crew found a huge hole in that protection. Sections of the southern border are wide open, and there’s a lot of evidence that thousands of people from countries tied to terrorism have slipped into the U.S. unnoticed.

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  • Draxx

    If you wanted to hurt America, would you try and all out war and get blasted off the face of the Earth.  Or would you do it covertly, little by little and embed your soldiers in neighborhoods that either won’t suspect them or care that they are there…

    This Obummer Regime is Starting As Many Wars As Possible and On As Many Fronts As Possible, this way one or another is going to start (just as much as all this Negative Deficit and Borrowing Money We Don’t and Won’t Have Will Make The Dollar Crash)…  This is Their Final Ticket To Destination Control.  Especially With Such Weak Minded Generals In The Pentagon That Are Scared They Will Lose Their $270,000 A Year Job!  Which is totally fricken’ stupid, because when they “Allow” the Dollar to Crash, they Lose Everything They Thought They Were Saving!!!

    • Richadbym

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      • Anonymous

        Go home, Richad.  No one wants to play your game.

  • DanLisa Pipkens

    Makes me sick….I had a sherrif at Tombstone tell me this exact thing about 4 years ago…His girlfriends dad was a rancher on the border and the week I was there a rancher was hung by the cartel for tipping off border patrol…The sherrif said that the border patrol normally doesn’t go to the border unless called so the ranchers have to fiend for themselves against heavily armed drug cartels.  And yes he also confirmed a list of terrorist potential illegals coming in.

  • Timothy H Chittum

    If this needed to be made public .. I don’t believe it should be soley subscription based content 

  • Bonnie Somer

    here is one reason to own a gun or two or three

  • Connie Bevan

    This POTUS is having these terrorist infiltrate to instigate a civil war in America by changing the demographics. These “Progressives” are old hat at this. They started and perpetuated a civil war in Egypt, Libya and now Syria by arming and training the al Qaeda and all the rest of the Jihadists. And they did it in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Montenegro. They import and arm their Jihadists, they change the demographics which changes who are elected, and then they take over.

    Infiltrate and instigate. That’s the name of the globalist’s game! And they don’t care what they do to achieve it.

    • Elwi Ali Helal

      Am Egyptian We dont have civil war here in Egypt but we have to admit that the US administrative support the radical islamic extremists to gain the country government paying them millions of us dollars of t

    • Elwi Ali Helal

      Am Egyptian We dont have civil war here in Egypt but we have to admit that the US administrative support the radical islamic extremists (Muslim brother) to gain the country government paying them millions of us dollars of  the American tax payers same in Syria  in spite of the fact that US administrative understand so well the relation between Muslim brothers and AlQaeda and different terrorist groups Also its now obvious clear  that in Syria those extremists may rule Syria  so we wokeup some day and found a radical islamic state next to europe they might ask to be members in EU  u know dear the world problem now is US administrative we  dont know are they against terrorism or with  to achieve some  silly target like  keeping watch on oil supply  or protecting Israel we need peace and forget all the hate reasons  we look for freedom looking for respectful human democratic life Not a life controlled by extremists and terrorists supported by USA just to achieve Usa goals We now fighting terrorism on behalf of the world unfortunately Usa administrative still think with the same way when they created taleban and alqaeda then YOU FACE 9/11 now again they commit the same mistake in Egypt and Syria


      • Keith Howard

        As a minority in the USA, I apoligize to the Egyptian people for this disgrace of a president. And his poor and detructive policies that have harmed you. Please know many, many americans back you in your fight to remain free from the tyranny of the radical Muslins.Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of all freedom. There must never be one state religion.

    • Keith Howard

      and they are doing it here. You wold not recognize Calf any more if you havent been here for ten years.

  • Sam Fisher

    And of course the liberals love the fact that terrorist are coming over gee I wonder why.

  • Anonymous

    If 800,000 Bikers can goto DC for 9/11 why cant we get 10,000 well armed and trained US CITIZENS down to the border and OPEN FIRE on THESE PARASITES AND STOP THEM FROM COMING HERE? Enough is enough! What will it take for this country to WAKE THE F*CK UP? This is a declaration of war from Mexico on the US. These people are an occupying army! They come here, drain our tax base, destroy our economy, take anything they can get without giving back to this country and we just turn our heads? I am the son of a legal immigrant and my Dad had to get his citizenship by serving in the military! We wonder why our country sucks now, this is why! We do not have the moral courage to confront supidity! We allow people to do what ever they want with a government in place that is more corrupt than the Mafia ever was! We seriously need an armed revolution in this country or we will lose our way of life forever! 

    • Keith Howard

      Obama would send in the FBI drones in and lite up your @-$-$. The libs and progressives need an open border to bring us down. They cant form the Bush “new world order” with a stong USA. They must water us down with people who don’t understand what America is all about.

  • Sharon Pan

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    • Anonymous

      Sharon, it’s really happy news that your Aunty is enjoying herself.  Now, go away.
      You’re off topic.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand New York, but why have St. Louis and Chicago attracted them?

    • S W

      Illegal aliens have  been purposefully ‘sent’ into all of our US states (particularly, the Republican ones) so that they can infiltrate the states, possibly commit voter fraud and change public opinion – either by deception as being ‘good upstanding persons’ or by force by overwhelming the citizens there with sheer overpopulation of these states, thereby outnumbering the citizens there.  Then, the intimidation begins.  Voter IDs, deportations, repatriations and secure borders are our friends, guys.

  • greywolfrs

    One does not need to go to the border. I can take you to parts of Los Angeles…

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