WATCH: 9/11 Truther has hard time explaining why she is a truther

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The large majority of events in our nation’s capital (and around the country) yesterday had a clear and obvious objective: Honor those who died on September 11, 2001. But then there was the “Million Muslim March,” which focused in part on demanding the “truth” about 9/11.

“I just, before the lies begin from Pat and Stu, I just want to tell you that they’re going to make this Million Muslim March yesterday sound small and minuscule, and they are going to make some of the people that were there as the protestors or the counter protestors seem crazy,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “And I want you to know it was a big – I mean, a small, a small gathering – you could count them on both hands wearing mittens.”

Turnout for the event was small – very, very small – but TheBlaze’s Oliver Darcy managed to find and interview one female demonstrator who admitted she believes 9/11 was an “inside job.”

“Let them speak for themselves,” Glenn said of the Million Muslim marchers. “Now, here is one of the 9/11 Truthers yesterday holding a sign saying that 9/11 was an inside job.”

PROTESTOR: I’m not affiliated specifically with this organization. So I cannot honestly answer you. Umm, I can refer you to someone who can answer it because I don’t – I don’t want to spread lies.


PROTESTOR: I’m holding it in support of everyone’s beliefs here.

“What,” Pat asked. “So she was holding the sign in support of everyone’s beliefs.”

OLIVER DARCY: So you’re not thinking 9/11 was an inside job?

PROTESTOR: Me personally in my opinion, yes, I do.

OLIVER DARCY: Why is that?

PROTESTOR: I mean, if you just look at ‑‑ look at the facts. Look at the way, the way specifically the Twin Towers came down. I mean, the way that the Twin Towers were built, you know I don’t believe it’s possible that a plane crashed into it would cause it to demolish that way. It looks more like a demolition site.

“She’s got it,” Glenn said. “There it is. There she is – in the crowd. We have a picture of her now in the crowd…”

“With no one around her, but 9/11 truth now she is demanding,” Pat quipped.

“But she is speaking for – she is holding that sign for all of the other people that are there,” Glenn observed. “The beliefs of everybody there. And there’s no one else there. There’s no one else there.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    She has a hard time for one reason – 9/11 (Twin towers) was a strike at us by TERRORISTS and not the GOVERNMENT, same as Benghazi a year ago, and as with the car-bomb detonated outside the compound yesterday in memo from the terrorists saying they are still here and active.

    • Anonymous

       The force of the planes crashing into the twin towers like they did, and all of the fuel igniting, would and DID cause the towers to fall. Even Michael dumb@$$ Moore’s video (I think it was bowling for columbine or on of those asinine ones) showed a picture and the explosions clearly emanate outward from where the planes impacted the buildings, not in the basement like some of those truthers claim. Further, I have read both the 9/11 Commission Report, and seen third party analysis of the physics of it, and firmly believe that those planes could and did bring down those buildings. (That and the fact that Bin Laden actually admitted on TV to it).

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


        • Anonymous

          How can somebody who can see through the climate change lie actually believe the government version of 911?

          Once again, the suckers are out parroting the government version of 911. 
          Of course, Glenn is chief among them, and in turn, Glenn’s worshipers parrot the ignorant Glenn. 

          Glenn, aka the uber fool, has proven over and over and over again in the past just how foolish he is by underestimated the Washington Cartel. 

          It’s laughable how Glenn  picks on some clueless-low-IQ sign-holder to prove that 911 truthers are out of touch with reality and unable to present a reasonable case which calls into question Washington’s phony 911 story. I can go into any crowd of people and pick out a great number of fools who cannot articulate why they believe what they do. That’s easy, so it proves nothing. What’s not so easy is going toe to toe with a heavyweight like Alex Jones. Glenn is far too chicken shit for that.

          Science disproves the transparent lies told by Washington to its mind-blank subjects, and, as I’ve said for years, Glenn should man-up and go head to head with Alex Jones on this subject. Alex would clean Glenn’s clock and then some…..

          Anybody not in denial who has an average IQ can understand that three skyscrapers— one of which was not even hit by an aircraft— don’t free fall perfectly into there own footprint without a controlled demolition.  If the collapses were the result of an asymmetrical strike by an aircraft and a subsequent fire burning hot enough to weaken steel, the buildings would have fallen asymmetrically.  Steel does not weaken of melt evenly; therefore, the skyscrapers would have fallen over in an imperfect manner. My God, this is elementary science!  

          At the very least, Glenn should have the balls to invite Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on his show and ask about the article he wrote in support of 911 truth:

          “No evidence exists that supports the government’s 9/11 story. The 9/11 Commission was a political gathering run by a neoconservative White House operative. The Commission members sat and listened to the government’s story and wrote it down. No investigation of any kind was made. One member of the Commission resigned, saying that the fix was in. After the report was published, both co-chairmen of the Commission and the legal counsel wrote books disassociating themselves from the report. The 9/11 Commission was “set up to fail,” they wrote.NIST’s account of the structural failure of the twin towers is a computer simulation based on assumptions chosen to produce the result. NIST refuses to release its make-believe explanation for expert scrutiny. The reason is obvious. NIST’s explanation of the structural failure of the towers cannot survive scrutiny.There are many 9/11 Truth organizations whose members are high-rise architects,structural engineers, physicists, chemists and nano-chemists, military and civilian airline pilots, firemen and first responders, former prominent government officials, and 9/11 families. The evidence they have amassed overwhelms the feeble official account.It has been proven conclusively that World Trade Center Building 7 fell at free fall which can only be achieved by controlled demolition that removes all resistance below to debris falling from above so that no time is lost in overcoming resistance from intact structures. NIST has acknowledged this fact, but has not changed its story.In other words, still in America today official denial takes precedence over science andknown undisputed facts.On this 12th anniversary of a false flag event, it is unnecessary for me to report the voluminous evidence that conclusively proves that the official story is a lie. You can read it for yourself. It is available online. You can read what the architects and engineers have to say. You can read the scientists’ reports. You can hear from the first responders who were in the WTC towers. You can read the pilots who say that the maneuvers associated with the airliner that allegedly hit the Pentagon are beyond their skills and most certainly were not performed by inexperienced pilots.You can read David Griffin’s many books. You can watch the film produced by Richard Gage and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth. You can read the 9/11 Toronto Report, International Hearings on 9/11. You can read this book: Actually, you do not need any of the expert evidence to know that the US government’s story is false. As I have previously pointed out, had a few young Saudi Arabians, the alleged 9/11 hijackers, been capable of outwitting, without support from any government and intelligence service, not only the CIA and FBI, but all sixteen US intelligence services, the intelligence services of Washington’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad, the National Security Council, NORAD, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Traffic Control, and defeat Airport Security four times in one hour on the same morning, the White House, Congress, and the media would have been demanding an investigation of how the National Security State could so totally fail. Instead, the President of the United States and every government office fiercely resisted any investigation. It was only after a year of demands and rising pressure from the 9/11 families that the 9/11 Commission was created to bury the issue.No one in government was held accountable for the astonishing failure. The national security state was defeated by a few rag tag Muslims with box cutters and a sick old man dying from renal failure while holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, and no heads rolled.The total absence from the government for demands for an investigation of an event that is the greatest embarrassment to a “superpower” in world history is a complete give-away that 9/11was a false flag event. The government did not want any investigation, because the government’s cover story cannot stand investigation.The government could rely on the mega-media corporations in whose hands the corrupt Clinton regime concentrated the US media. By supporting rather than investigating the government’s cover story, the media left the majority of Americans, who are sensitive to peer pressure, without any support for their doubts. Effectively, the American Ministry of Propaganda validated the government’s false story.Common everyday experiences of Americans refute the government’s story. Consider, for example, self-cleaning ovens. How many American homes have them? Thirty million? More? Do you have one?Do you know what temperature self-cleaning ovens reach? The self-cleaning cycle runs for several hours at 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius. Does your self-cleaning oven melt at 482 degrees Celsius. No, it doesn’t. Does the very thin, one-eighth inch steel soften and your oven collapse? No, it doesn’t.Keep that in mind while you read this: According to tests performed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), only 2% of the WTC steel tested by NIST reached temperatures as high as 250 degrees Celsius, about half the temperature reached by your self-cleaning oven. Do you believe that such low temperatures on such small areas of the WTC towers caused the massive, thick, steel columns in the towers to soften and permit the collapse of the buildings? If you do, please explain why your self-cleaning oven doesn’t weaken and collapse.In Section E.5 of the Executive Summary in this NIST report it says: “A method was developed using microscopic observations of paint cracking to determine whether steel members had experienced temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C. More than 170 areas were examined . . . Only three locations had a positive result indicating that the steel and paint may have reached temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C.” Analysis of steel “microstructures show no evidence of exposure to temperatures above 600 degrees C for any significant time.”In section 3.6 of the NIST report states: “NIST believes that this collection of steel from the WTC towers is adequate for purposes of the investigation.”How did these truths get out? My explanation is that the NIST scientists, resentful of the threat to their jobs and future employment opportunities and chaffing under the order to produce a false report, revealed the coerced deception by including information that their political masters did not understand. By stating unequivocally the actual temperatures, NIST’s scientists put the lie to the coerced report.The melting point of steel is around 1,500 degrees C. or 2,600 degrees F. Steel can lose strength at lower temperatures, but the NIST scientists reported that only a small part of the steel was even subjected to moderate temperatures less than those obtained by the self-cleaning oven in your home.If you need to think about this a bit more, obtain a copy of The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes. Have a look at the streetcar in photo 108. The caption reads: “The Hiroshima fireball instantly raised surface temperatures within a mile of the hypocenter well above 1,000 degrees F.” Is the streetcar a melted lump of steel? No, it is structurally intact, although blackened with burnt paint.Washington would have you believe that steel that survived intact the atomic bomb would melt from low temperature, short lived, isolated office fires. What do you think of a government that believes that you are that stupid?Who would support a government that lies every time it opens its mouth?The three WTC buildings that were destroyed were massive heat sinks. I doubt thatthe limited, short-lived, low temperature fires in the buildings even warmed the massive steel structures to the touch. Moreover, not a single steel column melted or deformed from softening. The columnswere severed at specific lengths by extremely high temperature charges placed on the columns. On this 12th anniversary of 9/11, ask yourself if you really want to believe that temperatures half those reached by your self-cleaning oven caused three massive steel structures to crumble into dust. “Then ask yourself why your government thinks you are so totally stupid as to believe such a fairy tale as your government has told you about 9/11.”

    • Anonymous

      She could not make a coherant argument because she has fogotten what she was told, not what she researched to find – which was nothing. As she said, she is not holding this sign for her, she is just holding this sign for “everyone else” which equals a useful-idiot.

      • Anonymous

        You got that right, Ben, about the bussed in, free lunch, and paid to protest
        crowd.  Betcha some do this for a ”living.”

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    She’s a clueless Trustifarian. Mommy and Daddy should cut her funding.

    • Anonymous

      Not likely, her funding is from Mommy and Daddy Government.

      • Anonymous

        I am 85% sure she is Trustifarian, unless she has a rugrat then Uncle Sam is her baby daddy.

  • Anonymous

     Not likely, her funding is from Mommy and Daddy Government.

  • Anonymous

    She is just another RADICAL spreading hate, she using her Propagandist sign to make the brainless believe in something that did not happen.  Terrorist attacked us because they hate us.

  • Anonymous

    No matter how much physics is applied to theoretical happenings, the real thing is always different, if not contradictory, to theories. Let this babbling dummy put a match to a gallon of gas and see what happens, let alone a jet plane with full tanks of fuel exploding all at once.

    • chefjas

      What I find most interesting in the conversation, including the “points” made by Glenn and his “team”, is that instead of discussing the many anomalies and unanswered questions surrounding the government’s claims about 911, most of the posters here follow Beck’s lead and simply “attack the messenger”. Well, I’m not a dumb broad, I am intimately familiar with the claims of the government and the many relevant concerns that many bright, scientifically trained, concerned Americans have raised. Regardless of what version is correct, ad hominem attack, insult, and mud slinging are usually the arguments of last resort of simple minds who are incapable of reading a book, thinking critically and objectively about an issue (without injecting emotion) and applying basic principles of science in order to draw a reasonable conclusion. No matter what you believe, when one looks at the government story and uses the laws of physics, metallurgy, and thermodynamics, one must accept the conclusion that what we were told is not completely true. Now, that doesn’t lead one necessarily to a government conspiracy, but it certainly lends credibility to the position that an independent investigation of the events should be undertaken by a non-partisan, objective, scientific and forensic team. Since when did questioning your government make you a kook? Especially since Glenn and his flock question damn near everything going on in DC today. To those who do question the official story, including many family members of vistims, please accord them the same respect you would say someone questioning the government’s story on Benghazi. That is common courtesy and respect, something Mr. Beck seems to have forgotten from his many AA meetings. Perhaps he needs to hit a couple. Might do him some good.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly why don’t you speak with someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with. Yes, she had no clue. OK, you got to make fun of a supposed “Truther”. I personally cant see anyone who has an ounce of common sense not taking notice that some questionable things did take place that day. I’m not saying that the government had anything to do with what occurred. All I’m saying is there are several things that happened that day and the explanations that were offered to the public on many of them just don’t add up.

    • Sam Fisher

      Some times the government right or wrong withhold things in order to protect us or other people.

    • russellmuscle1

      Look, if you actually know something about the way buildings fall, demolitions or airplane crashes, then you can make the claim that “some things don’t add up”. However, if you have ZERO education or work experience that would earn you the knowledge to come to such conclusions, then you really don’t have a leg to stand on.

      • Anonymous

         I don’t think its in anyone’s best interest to be rude here sir. I think the best route to go here is to be respectful but make some good points …as you have. Why is Glenn so against talking this thing through. There are enough intelligent people out there that do question the events that took place around 911 that I feel it would be worth his efforts to do so. I am disappointed that he and the boys only laugh at those who have doubts and questions. A non bias conversation coming from Glenn himself would be refreshing and it would give me more respect for him if he took the time to do it. One more thing. How many plane crashes have you seen leaving practically no debris at all like the one in PA have you seen. I have many many questions over 911. I’m not a blog debater so I’m sorry if I don’t enter into one. Not trying to be rude. I just find bantering back and forth non productive.

      • chefjas

        Right Although, I don’t call myself or consider myself a “Truther”, a term that is used in a pejorative manner almost exclusively. I am a person who has studied both sides of the question and come to the conclusion after reading numerous books and listening to hours of news reports, eyewitness, and expert testimony that the official story is suspect. If any part of the story doesn’t “add up” as you and java exclaimed, would it be prudent to have an official investigation, particularly now that at least some of the initial justifiable anger and vitriol has subsided? I really don’t think that is an “unreasonable” proposition. Over the years I have enjoyed Glenn’s programs and generally agreed with hi on most issues. As I did the research over the course of three years, my heart grew heavy because I, like most here, WANT to believe what GWB told me was true. I had family in New York. My niece called me crying as she watched the horror unfold. I STILL want to believe it. All the more reason to have this investigation. No harm can come from asking tough questions and we all know it doesn’t make someone love their country less for wanting those questions answered. You may remember the last group of people to investigate the Kennedy assassination was the US Congress. Their conclusion? “Oswald was likely assisted by at least one other gunman”. Of course, you don’t hear THAT in the media everyday. I would be happy to debate you Russell. I’d rather debate Glenn Beck, but no, that won’t happen. I actually have a command of the facts as well as the English language. He’ll just find another uninformed girl like the one above. What a freakin bully and a coward.Like I said, I USED to enjoy his program.

    • russellmuscle1

      I should have add that I have yet to see a hard core truther that one could have a reasonable/intelligent conversation with.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing questionable was why our govt refused to listen when people tried to warn them about someone taking flying lessons on how to take off but not land a plane…

  • George Reagan

    I wonder how much she is getting paid to be there.  I hope it isn’t much.  I hope it isn’t TAX PAYER MONEY. 

  • russellmuscle1

    I love how all these people who know nothing of building demolition, have no education in the subject, no work experience in the field, and have never even seen a building taken down with a controlled explosion for that matter; yet they swear up and down that 911 just looks like a demolition.

    Well, for one thing, a controlled demolition starts at the bottom and shots are timed in such a way as to make the building fall “into itself”. That’s why every time an enormous building is demolished, you don’t have destruction on a 911 scale.

    • russellmuscle1

      Number 2, you have to completely strip a building down to almost nothing and wire the explosives to the support structure. Unless they had elves that wired tiny explosives in the walls unnoticed by the people working their 24/7, or perhaps by some sort of magical means; then I really don’t see how that is a reasonable theory.

      • Anonymous

        She looks like she believes in elves… and fairies…

    • chefjas

      Another misinformed person claiming to be an “expert”. You claim, “a controlled demolition starts at the bottom”, yet below are examples of controlled demolition that DO NOT start at bottom. So, either you are being untruthful, or you don’t know as much as you claim. Which is it?

  • MarsBarsTru7

    Useful idiots on parade: This is the epitome of it.

    These people are lemmings that will launch themselves off cliffs because they want to believe that everyone is a victim. There are no bad people (among the liberal, poor, artists, and/or activists), just misunderstood people. And everyone that has it hard is just a victim of those who won’t do more for them. It’s impossible that some lowly poor Arab people could have hijacked planes and flown them into buildings. It had to be Pres. Bush because Bush represented Republicans at the time and Republicans just want everyone to be poor and destitute and the only reason Muslims in the Middle East are angry anyway is because of the evil Republicans.

    They make victims. Anyone who is against government handout for those victims is evil. Then every event that is tragic is the fault of the evil people who wouldn’t contribute handouts to their causes. That’s their thinking. That’s the path they follow. Then all it takes is someone with a bullhorn and a fresh wad of cash from the DNC, The Tides Foundation, The Gates Foundation, SEIU, AFL-CIO, The Annenberg Group, The Woods Foundation, the SDS… etc… and away we go. Resulting in Occupy Wall Street morons and the attempted revival of the hippies.

    • Anonymous

      But, Mars, isn’t it great to see people gather together and agree on something?  : )
      Sadly, we can’t say that about Congress.

  • Wrinkled Thought

    This “individual” is a glowing example of our “bright” public screwell system.

  • Anonymous

    Sweetie, just who was flying those planes which flew into the towers?  IF it was an inside job, as

    you say, then, who were the ”insiders?”  Other Muslim terrorists?  Please explain.

  • Average Joe.

    I bet she voted for Obama in the last election. Funny little minded people.

    • Anonymous

      But, only if she was bussed to the polling station, Joe.

      • Average Joe.

        There’s no substitute for stupid with those people.

  • Anonymous

    Dumb broad. There it is folks. Ya don’t have to argue with them, just let em yack & they’ll hang themselves, LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Well, she’s probably in like collage and stuff…

      • Anonymous

        Like, fur shur, gag me with a fork

  • Anonymous

    A 9/11 truther from another post was fervently arguing that aluminum just doesn’t have the mass (weight per volume) that steel has, therefore that thin-skinned aluminum plane just couldn’t do any damage to those oh-so-stong steel girders, therefore, I suppose, the argument goes, it couldn’t have happened as you saw it on TV. Must have been an inside job, therefore.

    But the towers didn’t come down immediately after the strikes, but only after the fiercely burning fuel had time to soften and greatly expand (lengthen) the girders and columns. That fact, distortion beyond design strength, and weakening of structural integrity is what allowed the collapse to occur. I don’t want to take the time right now to research the expansion factor, but as I remember it from being a building inspector some 50 years ago, the expansion is on the order of a few inches per hundred feet of length for temperatures generated by that type of fire. Now if they were glue-lam wood beams, there would be no linear expansion, and the beam would still retain a high percentage (75%?) of its strength after 50% of cross-section area would be slowly charred away, over several hours of fire application. Glulam construction is better fire resistant than an equivalent steel structure for that little fact.

    And the towers weren’t solid steel construction, to cause that aluminum plane to bounce off and fall to the ground, but were open-work girders and beams that allowed it to go into the building, and contain the fire there while the steel was softened and expanded beyond its ability to hold up. And those several floors above the impact point had enough dead weight to dynamically overcome the rest of the steel structure, as they started to fall, allowing the ‘pancaking” that was observed. If the planes had struck the top floor, the towers might have easily withstood the attack.

    Well, I have wanted to get that out into the open, and off my chest about the folly of the “truthers” arguments.

    Research the data I refer to, if you make the arguments to anyone — I’m just too tired of the whole misunderstanding to bother. But, shame on me. I will look it up for the next argument.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your intelligent post…9/11 is over but NEVER forgotten- Terrorists are still VERY active…Who gave the command “Stand down”? Let’s deal with the here and now!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for understanding my post — unfortunately, the so-called truthers do not comprehend the physical facts involved, but instead regurgitate talking points that are ad hominem or strawman arguments at best, or at worst, as demonstrated by the sorry example in this video. I feel sorry for her lack of basic intelligence.

        Yes, terrorists are still with us, even within our so-called “protection”agencies — NSA, CIA, FBI and so on. Homeland Security is working to “secure” us against talking negatively about the current administration, as are all other of their cohorts.

        I heartily agree we need to deal with it here and now, in every front possible. To begin with public exposure of the truth, and correction of malfeasance as soon as it is seen, and persisting until it is corrected. Sadly, Benghazi is dragging on, until as Hillary so famously observed, “At this point, what does it matter?”

        I’m afraid I would have had a prompt response to that silly, sorry statement, to ask “And how do you now make it “Not matter?” ” She was so obviously culpable, but was not held to it. Her stonewalling ran the time out on questioning, so got off. Disgusting.

        Keep up the good fight.

        Laus Deo

    • chefjas

      Uh, sorry, you’re mis-informed. First of all the fire was “fierce”. Look at the pictures, the smoke is black indicating an oxygen starved fire. Jet fuel burns at 800 degrees. Even if it was “fierce” as you say, steel does not “soften” until it reaches at least 1,700 degrees. Put something in the oven at 400. It doesn’t matter if you leave it for an hour or ten, it will still only reach 400 degrees. If you are going to argue in favor of the official story, at least get your facts straight. Even if one were to accept your argument, building 7 collapsed for 1.2 seconds at free fall and WAS NOT hit by a plane. Even if the fire “caused” the collapse, which most scientists now agree is impossible, please explain how free fall can occur in a building that is “pancaking”. You do understand the question, right? There is no argument that the building did indeed free fall for a very short period which would mean it had NO resistance, no other floors, nothing, just air. Looking forward to your explanation as to building 7 collapse.

  • Anonymous

    Pardon the dispassionate argument of my other post. Watching the horror of the towers burning and falling, was and is a life-changing thing, to witness the inhumanity of man to man. So sad that evil is so strong in the world, to make someone plan and do such atrocities as that, and subsequent actions. A completely abhorrent mentality. So sorry for their eternal souls.

    Now, the survivors and families of those killed that day have suffered immeasurably from that atrocity, but will yet be blessed with Father’s blessings in the end. As will the innocent victims of those actions — they are with Father now.

    We do indeed need to remember our history, immediate past as well as our creation as a nation, and even beyond. Glenn is doing us all a great service by using history to teach us the things we need to know, and be aware of, that affect us when we might not realize how history really does affect our lives.

    Adversity can strengthen us if we have the right attitude and look to rise above the trials that come into our lives. We shall yet overcome our adversities.

    Laus Deo

  • sara holy land

    GREAT !

    שנה טובה ,גמר חתימה טובה

  • Anonymous

    But our Fearless Leader said he has the terrorists on the run….. Right??? Hello? Anyone? If it was an “inside job” why would he say something like that?

  • Sharon Pan

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  • TheMaskedMarauder

    Why am I not surprised that a whacko can’t explain her belief or actions? These people are simply robotic – the leftists wind them up and turn them loose and it is a numbers game for them. The more of these non thinkers they can recruit in our facilities of higher education and indoctrination, the happier these mindless people are. 

    They hate (fill in the blank) and that is all they know – it is all the are allowed to know.

    • chefjas

      Leftists? Once again, more moronic, addlepated, insult. Really? Is that the best you can do? Pathetic.

  • Liberals are Marxists

    Despite collectivism’s failures, socialists maintain that centralized government must control people in the name of improving “society”.

  • Tony Carl

    Question with Boldness? The truth lives here?

    Misrepresenting an obvious nut protester and portraying her
    as a credible 911 truther is deceiving, manipulative and desperate. Something
    is very wrong here. I was in shock watching you and the boys laugh it up with
    your sarcasm, revealing your ignorance and/or deliberate distortion of the
    facts that ultimately would support the official story that we were all fed by
    the media. With your crack investigative team, why are you not trying to find some
    answers and questioning the 911 official story?

    Over 2000 licensed architects and engineers (AE911Truth) agree
    that all 3 WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. The early
    pictures of the Pentagon (before the building collapse) and the pictures of the
    crash in Shanksville show no plane parts at all.

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