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In the ultimate display of denial, recalled Democratic Colorado State Senator Angela Giron blamed her loss on “voter suppression” during an appearance on CNN yesterday. Earlier this week, Colorado residents voted to recall Giron and Democratic Senate President John Morse over a number of gun control laws they pushed through the State Legislature.

GIRON: We know what really happened here. Yes, we had the strong NRA and you have a person like Mr. Head, but what this story is really about, it’s about voter suppression. When Colorado has voted by mail, 70% of Coloradoans vote by mail. And we didn’t have access to that mail ballot.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Okay, forgive me but I’m going to cut you off right there because if we talk voter suppression, I’ve read reports of lack of popularity on your behalf. Let’s just not go there. Let’s get to the meat of the story which is this gun control stance that they…

GIRON: That is the meat of it.

“That is so great,” Pat said. “‘Let’s not go there. I’ve got reports of how unpopular you are. Can we not blame this on voter suppression?’ Because 5/6t of the money spent in this race was spent by [Giron, Morse] and their allies, the mayors against guns group. It’s amazing.”

The CNN anchor went on to remind Giron that nearly $3.5 million dollars was poured into her campaign efforts, including at $350,000 personal donation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, had promised to keep Giron and Morse in office. Comparatively, the National Rifle Associated donated $368,000 to support the recall effort, which pulled in only $500,000 total from the pro-gun lobby.

“I mean, that is incredible,” Glenn concluded.