During an intense debate on last night’s AC360, Christiane Amanpour exploded on her fellow panelists over the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

TheBlaze reports:

Taking aim at anti-interventionists, the normally very calm Amanpour became visibly agitated and shouted down her fellow talking heads, unleashing on blogger Andrew Sullivan and making an impassioned case for U.S. involvement following the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The initial tension became evident when Sullivan discussed separating emotion from public policy. Breaking her silence, Amanpour made it known that she fiercely disagreed with what her fellow panelists were saying about the complicated international crisis.

“I can barely contain myself at this point. … How many more times do we have to say that weapons of mass destruction were used and as bad as it is to decapitate somebody it is in no means equal?,” she rhetorically asked.

Amanpour went on to talk about the “false moral equivalence” that she feels has overtaken the discussion on Syria. “We can’t use this false moral equivalence about what’s going on right now,” she said. “They tried to do it in the Second World War, they tried to do it in Bosnia, they tried to do it in Rwanda and they tried to do it now. There is no moral equivalence.

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Glenn, who first crossed paths with Amanpour during his time at CNN, was appalled to see her try to make the case for going into Syria and, in the process, contradict pretty much everything she’s ever said prior to yesterday.

“So the hapless, discredited and really unwatchable Christiane Amanpour was on CNN last night. She is back with her tail between her legs… She had delusions of grandeur that somebody would actually care what she had to say and she could go on, you know, network television and people would watch and I mean, she’s absolutely unwatchable, with anyone with any kind of common sense whatsoever because they know that she is a slanted hack.” Glenn said. “So she suddenly cares about all use of chemical weapons. She suddenly cares about how we must get involved in Syria. There is a reason why I am so unbelievably passionate about this, and she has a reason to be passionate as well.”

Glenn took to Twitter early this morning to express his outrage:

“So here’s the thing that I’d like to say about Christiane Amanpour. Christiane Amanpour is the biggest fraud I’ve ever met, and I’ve held my tongue since I’ve worked at CNN, but I’m not going to hold my tongue on her anymore,” Glenn said defiantly. “She is somebody who has a distinct anti‑Israel, anti‑Western approach. And how do I know? Well, let’s just say that while we were at CNN, we might have made sure that we could back up our claims in case we ever had to back up our claims. But Christiane was one of the people that was instrumental in making my life a living hell trying to tell the truth about Islamic extremism. We had to go through her stupid Arab or Israeli or whatever her desk was, wherever it was, we had to go through her people and have every single word vetted, of people that were actually teaching people how to hate the Jews on television. We had all the videotapes. We had all the translations, and she made our life a living hell. This woman is so anti‑Western and so anti‑Jew it is remarkable, remarkable that this woman has any credibility at all.”

“Here’s what the conversation is really about, Christiane, that you can’t seem to understand. Just because you are not for war in Syria doesn’t mean you don’t care. You want a false equivalence, there it is. I don’t care? Of course I care. Can you make people’s lives better? Can you do anything to actually help? No. Your kind of help, the kind of help you deliver leads people to the slaughterhouses. See Syria. See Egypt. See Libya. See Tunisia. That’s your kind of help,” he continued. “Now, if they happen to start gassing people in Jordan, we have a good guy. We know who the king is. We have a good guy to help. Let’s see you get all upset if they start to lob chemical weapons over into Israel. I doubt you say the same thing. You’re a fraud.”