More-On trivia returns!

With the NFL football season officially underway, More-On Trivia has returned. Today’s matchup is the San Francisco 49ers at the Seattle Seahawks. Will the convenient store workers of America give you hope or leave you not exactly confident about our future?

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  • Sam Fisher

    Not again.

  • Anonymous

    Guys, guys – we get it! Nobody needs reminding anymore. You are horrible, vile people. (I probably don’t need to mention the cry-baby aspect either)

  • Anonymous

    If the truth be told this should be called pick up the phone in America and there is an idiot on the other end .
    Wonder what happened to America along the way ? listen listen that’s all you need simple questions that the most simple can’t answer WTF.

    • Anonymous

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  • Sharon Pan

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  • suz

    hope it’s a ‘sweet’ scent you’re smellin’ on seattlites.

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