Why has this video of a 13 year old country singer gone viral?

Today on TheBlaze, the biggest story has been the video of Rion Paige’s performance on X-Factor. Paige, who has a rare disease that has left her wrist joints deformed and blind in one eye, blew away the judges with her rendition of a Carrie Underwood song – including the notoriously harsh Simon Cowell.

Watch the video below:

Why is this video going viral? Glenn had a theory on radio this morning.

“America is looking for the stories because they’re looking for somebody to verify what they have always known to be true, that they are not victims, that they are empowered,” Glenn explained.

“As I’m watching TheBlaze and I’m seeing the stories that you are reading now, you have changed. You have changed. You used to be much more interested in stories of what’s going on. You still are. The number three story, the number four story, five story, those are all about the news of the day. But almost every day the top one or two stories is something about the little guy winning,” he said.

“The number one story right now by three times is the 13‑year‑old country singer that brought Simon Cowell to his feet. It is the story of a woman who would ‑‑ some would call handicapped, but she doesn’t ‑‑ she doesn’t appear handicapped to me. She is bright, intelligent, she doesn’t ‑‑ she doesn’t hide it, she doesn’t care. She’s not embarrassed by it, and I don’t think she wants any sympathy. She’s just a person that just, her body operates differently than everybody else and here’s who she is. And it’s an amazing story and amazing video.”

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  • Kathy Dunton

    I  think we need to see things that are inspiring, up lifting, because we are so tired of being pissed off about everyhing that we can’t control. Plus, this young lady is indeed beautiful in every way.

    • Draxx

      My daughter is 11 yrs old, and Young Ladies Like Rion Really Help Her To Want To Pursue Singing (same with Jackie Evancho).  But, girls like Rion also help her understand that just because someone is born a certain way, it does not mean that they are disabled…

      In a time when there is so few people to really look up to, We Need More Rion’s And Less Mylie’s or Lady GaGa’s!!!  I really wish her the best in life!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1212344494 Sandra J Cantrell

        I’m a jackie fan. Wonderfully talented girl jackie is . The girl in the video I didnt quite catch her name.  But I agree, she is beautiful inside and out and seems to have the country heart. Again I look forward to buying her music.woohooo way to go

      • http://www.facebook.com/goodstix Mark Evans

        Rion’s, Mylie’s or Lady GaGa’s What? (BTW – what’s a Mylie?)

        • Draxx

          I probably mis-spelled her name, Mylie Cyrus (the spoiled rotten celebrity)…

          Rion is the 13 yr old girl in the video…

          And Lady GaGa is a Musical Tramp…

    • americanathlete

      Yes She Is!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That face, that voice!  A star is born!  Absolutely beautiful.

    • Anonymous

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      • Tom Musso

        I’m alarmed you were able to form a complete sentence.

    • Anonymous

       Amen!  When we do get so p/o’d and spend so much time being that way every single day, we start to (Lord, forgive me) lose Hope.  Rion and so many others, I am coming to see, are simply showing us that Hope is still here, all around us.  Waiting for us to find it and embrace it.  We don’t see it because we are “giving up.”

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001246294126 George Wheelan

        Sadly The LORD God is nor involed,the idol that we point our chairs at now has idols we vote for and the god of this world is stealing time and devotions and worship of the One true God.Dieonisis the god of the the theater and of wine has everyone talking about this young girl at work the next day.I pray Rion does not get entangled with the affairs of this world.And I fear she will be transformed into a girl being seduced into a high heeled make-up wearing cleavage showing 13 year old and millions of young girls will idolize her and try to follow in her foot print.Simons love of money has begun to be over the top and its time to take the road show back across the pond and retire it.

        • Jayne Rogers Brown

           You have some very important concerns in your statement George.  I agree with the “LOSS OF HER YOUTH” to the high heals and make-up, etc. GOD has given this beautiful young lady a SPECIAL SPECIAL GIFT for all of us to enjoy… HER VOICE, HER PERSONALITY….  I pray someone can help her to stay focused and disciplined enough to realize all that.  Pray she doesn’t give into the sins of this World as so many of the young STARS do!  (Ex: Miss Cyrus and many, many more!)

          God Bless you Rion YOUR VOICE IS INCREDIBLE AND BEST, BEST WISHES!  Would love to hear more of your VOICE!!!

  • http://eddvoss.com Edd Voss

    I watched earlier and had tears in my eyes. This little girl has more grace than most adults.

    • americanathlete

      Yes She Does!!!

  • Peggy Lay

    I really enjoyed it.  Beautiful and heart warming.  Made my day!

  • Anonymous

    Truly an inspiration. I have family that has disabilities and we have to fight constantly – other than one, theirs isn’t even a visible one, but they are treated differently and people make assumptions about them that aren’t true. This young lady has shown to the world that it doesn’t matter, everyone can succeed and in her case be exceptional – everyone has a talent and once they find it you need to go with it. It’s a positive story in a world where everyone is claiming to be a victim. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1093242771 Brenda Butler

    This beautiful young lady brought tears to my eyes gave me goose bumps.  You will go far young lady and God  has blessed you

  • ProudVet

    Thank you MR. Beck for sharing this. I am 100% disabled Veteran. My days are long and hard inside my mind.  But she filled my heart with strength to go on another day.

    • Larry Walther

      Thank you for your service, Sir. I agree, Rion lifts the spirit and cleans the soul!

      • perky3238

         “Rain” would be a perfect stage name for her!  Her voice clears the mind and soothes the soul.  Just like rain on a hot summer’s day

    • Anonymous

       Thank you ProudVet for your service and I’m glad she gave your heart strength to go on another day. She uplifted all our spirits.

    • http://www.NoelleCampbell.com/ Noelle Campbell

       God bless you, ProudVet.  Keep going.  Someone is watching and finding hope in your long hard days.  Trust me on this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.r.graver Kathy Reinsmith Graver

      Thank you for your service to our country. I pray for your strength to go on…..to be as healthy as possible and for a complete healing in your body!! 

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, for your service.  Please know that even though we have never met, I thank God for you.

    • Anonymous

      May God Give you the strength to go on, Sir.  My most grateful appreciation for your courageous service – thank you for my freedom, thank you for your sacrifice.  From a humble American to a GREAT AMERICAN!!  God bless you, proud sir.

    • BoneHead

       You are an inspiration to all of us ProudVet! Thank you for your service to all Americans. Remember, It won’t be long now till Jesus Returns and you will get a brand new body to live for ever in! I want to shake your hand when that happens! Again, Thank YOU!

    • Anonymous

      God bless you.

    • Alex Holcomb

      Not quite 100% it seems to me. You still have capability of typing, cognitive thought and a seemingly good head on your shoulders.  Thank you for your service.  However, is the glass half-empty or half-full…  :)

    • Draxx

      ProudVet, Thank-You…

      Not only for Your Service, But Also For Your Sacrifice!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you PoudVet…

    • Anonymous


    • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.w.trietsch Bruce Wayne Trietsch

      Hey Proud Vet, Your sacrifice fills my heart. God bless you. You still make a difference, your courage every day fills my heart. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1012667102 Cindy Newman

    We are all so tired of being tired…and sad, and worried, and angry, that we are grabbing on to anything and everything that is real and powerful and positive and uplifting.  We need it or we’ll drown.

    • chuckles

       I agree completely Cindy. All over the world each day there are thousands of stories just like this but they go unreported and ignored. We all long for something spiritually uplifting but the media stick to their grinding anger and defeat. I’ve often said that the movie theaters are full of the same tripe to the point they have do over’s like Robocop and others, instead of doing Old Yeller over again. Just look at the mega hits like Saving Private Ryan and almost anything Old Disney. They are bumped down to bring back another slasher or zombie movie. On testimony night at my church, you see and hear stories like this every week.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1236186622 Margie Roberts

     I think people are moved by the story and are looking for something positive in a media world that is saturated with fear mongering, race-baiting negativity. I make a great effort to stay abreast of the fast moving day-to-day political issues that affect me and my family. But, I need to retreat,often, to pleasing, positive uplifting stories that remind me there is good and truth and love. And, most of all that reminds me that God is present!

  • Anonymous

    These stories are at or near the top because we want that spark of hope in an otherwise gloomy outlook.  

    Thinks are going to crap all around us and that one glimmer of sunlight could be the thing that gives us the hope to take that next step… and the next… and the next.

  • Jeremy Cox

    Come now. We all know if this girl didn’t have a “disability”, she would not have made it. Anyone else would’ve been told, not good enough. And you know it.

    • Daavid Murphy

      As someone who has and is able to recognize musical talent when someone has it, you are WRONG! Had she looked like everyone else she still would have been an exceptional talent and had it recognized the same way it was. It’s sad that your jealousy, self-doubt and hatred of yourself doesn’t allow you to see her gifts, regardless of a physical disability. There are instances where some people get special treatment because of them but this is not one of them.

    • Kathy Dunton

       Jeremy, close your eyes and listen to her again. Then again maybe being tone deaf is your disability.

  • Draxx

    Like my Tagline says, “Dreams only come true if you get out of bed…”

    This Young Lady Has Been Awake and Out of Bed Persuing Her Dreams In A Very Constructive/Positive Way!  She is “Awesome” and very spirited, she has not just risen above her situation… But Is Literally Flying Miles Over Her Situation!!!

  • americanathlete

    It’s nice to see and read stories of success and hope…it actually makes you feel positive and gives you hope!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelaepperley Angela Epperley

    This is so much nicer to watch than people watching the nasty Miley Cyrus Sh.t! She done an excellent job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jodi.lara Jodi Lara

    How many people have all the reason in the world to be successful , but use excuses why they can not…here is a beautiful lady who realy could use excuses..but no she uses the talents god gave her to overcome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jodi.lara Jodi Lara

    How many people have all the reason in the world to be successful , but use excuses why they can not…here is a beautiful lady who realy could use excuses..but no she uses the talents god gave her to overcome!

  • Anonymous

    My wife was born with Arthrogryposis in her legs and ankles.  We’ve been through a LOT, and this girl’s story is just beautiful.  It’s inspiring.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1760278801 Sharon Petty

    this girl has put my faith back in the human race. wonderful

  • Anonymous

    For an American to think that loving “the little guy” or “the good guy” is only an American quality is a contradiction. If you don’t get it, that’s okay. Think it about it a little more. You’ll get it.

    • Guest

       Got sick of posting under your other sock? or did it get banned.

  • George Waters

    Here is a young lady that has many handicaps and could use that as an excuse to say she can’t get ahead in this world and needs the government programs. Well she doesn’t, she accepts herself and believes in her self. Perhaps the Al Sharpton’s of this world can learn from her what self reliance is all about.

  • americanathlete

    Thank you Glenn for posting this amazing story of this even more amazing young lady. This girl really made my day:-)

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that.  She didn’t turn into an animal, dry-humping the mike stand, she modestly dressed, and she didn’t say one fowl word.  and guess what?  She was cheered wildly.

    Take notice smut peddlers of Hollywood 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1361602237 Patricia Molinar

    When I’m too tired to continue my physical therapy I’ll think of Rion and maybe I can do a little more.  

    • Anonymous

      You go girl!  God bless, Patricia.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1316518346 Chaya Nebel

    I’m sorry, folks, but I have a different take on this.  What struck me is that when Simon asked her to tell something interesting about herself, she named her disease and her blindness.  Now don’t we criticize and ridicule the left for glorifying victimhood and turning it in to saintliness?  I think this is exactly what this girl has been taught her whole life: not that she can rise above her illness and have a great (i.e., normal) life, but that her illness IS her identity and she’s special and deserves attention because of it.  It was the only thing she thought interesting about herself to mention?  Isn’t our goal to normalize people with disabilities, to help them overcome and move beyond their limitations?  And here she is, and the audience who stood for her, and everyone who loves this piece on The Blaze, applauding her not because she is primarily a singer who happens to have this illness, but because she is a victim of her illness and she sings.  I don’t see her as someone who, as Glenn says, doesn’t want any sympathy for it; rather, she wants the attention she gets from it because it defines her.  She is a healthy young woman, she can walk and sing on her own.  Her hands curl up at the end and she has limited use of them?  This is why she’s a hero? 

    • Anonymous

      Oh please just shut up. What a horrible negative post. I hope she never sees your negativity in her life journey. She is just a kid and to post such negativity demonstrates what is wrong with so many in our great Republic.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1316518346 Chaya Nebel

        I am not being negative towards her.  I wish her well and for all I know she will have a great singing career.  I am trying to point something out about our sappy, weepy culture that elevates disabilities to heroic status. Let’s be honest here, yes?  Hers is not the best 13-year-old voice in the world, and Simon would not have stood up for her if she were not disabled.  And that’s my point: do we want to applaud people just because of their limitations?  Because they’re so “special”?

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for being honest. I was afraid to say what you just said because I knew I’d get the same reaction you got, that people would call me a Debbie Downer. However, I agree with you, the girl is good but I wouldn’t call her great at this point. On the other hand, I think at 13 she has tremendous potential and probably will go on to be great when she gets a little older.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1316518346 Chaya Nebel

            Thank you for understanding what I am saying.  I knew I would get the negative feedback from people who think I’m dissing this girl; I’m NOT.  Thanks for the support.

          • Anonymous

            No matter how you try to defend your comments, you sound like a typical lefty as if you know better. Look at talent for what it is, a God given ability.

      • Tracy Benson

        Chaya has every right to voice her opinion. Telling her to shut up is a sign of immaturity. Rion’s voice was okay, not great. If Rion cannot handle criticism or negativity, she should not sing on television. With time Rion could be a great singer. This is not a personal attack on Rion. I’m just critiquing her singing. You have to learn to respect other people’s opinions. This will be my only post. I do not continue arguing over my opinion, as some people do. If anybody here does not like my opinion that is their problem, not mine.God Bless.

    • Kathy Dunton

       I totally disagree with you. She is 13 years old. Before she began her introductions, she babbled off like a 13 year old would about staying up too late watching Camp Rock. She was Star Struck with Demi Lavato. She was nervous, again she is 13. Watch it again with your eyes closed and tell me that her performance was not standing ovation worthy. I didn’t hear or see a victim, nor do I think she believes she is. Let’s not let our cynicism, and our outlook at what is going on around us, jade something beautiful.

    • Virginia Phillips

      I must disagree with you and here’s my theory–there are how many people in that audience and watching on TV who are looking at her and you can’t tell me that nobody is saying, “what’s wrong with her hands?”  So rather than ignoring it, she understands that basic curiosity and she just put it all out there so now we know.  I applaud her for doing that.  She obviously has been taught she can rise above her limitations and use her God-given talents.  Good for her. 

  • Anonymous

    What a cutie pie who can sing – another over-comer in our midst.

  • rbblum

    Rion Paige could teach a lot to those who are willing to look, listen and think. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000154941106 Jim Gilles

    This inspires me to have you meet my son-in-law, Tony Memmel. Born missing most of his left forearm, this year he was named Wisconsin Area Music Association (WAMI) Singer Songwriter of the year.  He writes great songs, his singing voice is pure, and he plays guitar like you can’t imagine – now sponsored by Gorilla Tape, which he’s always used to tape a pick onto his “little arm.”  He’s also sponsored by the Lucky Fin Project, for kids born with limb differences.  It’s amazing what kids can grow up to achieve when they’re not told daily what they CAN’T do.  I hope they sing together one day, and I hope you have him on The Blaze soon.  tonymemmel.com.    luckyfinproject.org. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/stormymondayart Stormy Lee Monday


  • Anonymous

    What a singer!!! Amazing voice and such joy. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow is all I can say Wow!
    what a voice

  • kyrunner

    With all of the sick things going on in Dc and the world I think Americans are looking for that American exceptionalism and this young lady has it in spades. I loved the song and her story. She will be a huge success on the Country scene across America.

  • Anonymous

    How inspiring was that! It brought me to tears. America is exceptional because of people like her!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this Glenn….as you said yourself we–your readers/watchers/fans…need to hear these stories and hear you discussing them in a fun uplifting way.  We in turn are uplifted when we go out and interact with friends/families/co-workers/strangers and it is in these interactions that we change what perhaps we don’t like about the way things are going –one step at a time…but there are many steps happening simultaneously all around us!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this extraordinary performance by this truly
    God -blessed young lady! I think she’s an inspiration to men and women of every age!

  • Sandi

    I have goosebumps & crying. Such inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    This up lifting, anyone can empower themselves to overcome , this young lady just proved it!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    God’s beauty is in all His creatures.

  • Anonymous

    God’s beauty is in all His creatures.

  • Cay

    I’m guessing she was born this way? Could you image the beautiful life that would be lost if her mother chose to abort her because of her “disabilities” – She is beautiful, talented, full of life – God bless her and the lives she touches

  • Cay

    I’m guessing she was born this way? Could you image the beautiful life that would be lost if her mother chose to abort her because of her “disabilities” – She is beautiful, talented, full of life – God bless her and the lives she touches

  • Anonymous

    She felt she had to mention it because she could not hold the mike properly, you dolt.  Go Troll somewhere else, please.  Go watch Miley Cyrus videos, whatever.

  • Anonymous

    She felt she had to mention it because she could not hold the mike properly, you dolt.  Go Troll somewhere else, please.  Go watch Miley Cyrus videos, whatever.

  • Anonymous

    What? I’m not crying! I have something in my eye…er, both eyes!

  • https://www.facebook.com/cassandra.perkins.5 Cassandra Perkins

    I am 16 years old have my on radio show called behind the mask with Cassandra Perkins and my guest and stories are just that, about everyday people overcoming the challenges of life and are now giving back to others! Never have a problem finding a guest.

  • patricia Shavelin

    What a beautiful voice & talent, It will be great to follow this young lady’s career, This XFactor & Simon give me the chills. Great show♥♥♥♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000016542682 Carolyn Owens

    truly beautiful..inside and out..all the best to this young lady. I wish her well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.poirrier Nick Poirrier

    Glenn, you are correct. you see I have been a quad in a chair since 1985, since then I have attended several technical schools and graduated LSU in 1996, me, my wife and stepson lived on less than 500/month while I went to school. other than what the state vo-tech assisted for my education that’s what we managed and nothing because you see I didn’t want the pity or hand outs like you see now. because I didn’t want a hand out but a hand up. now I am a highly respected Sr computer system admin and make a decent living. I see these people who have a small limp and collect 4 to 5 times what I once lived on and it disgust me. so you see beck people like this young woman and myself scare the heck out of the physically abled but mentally disabled (in other words the leechs)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1185309334 Tess McCarter Smith

    My daughter actually got to see this audition while sitting on the front row of the North Charleston Coliseum.  She said it was even more amazing live….everyone was in tears.

  • Mark Atkinson

    and just think.. liberals would have aborted her at birth

  • Anonymous

    I’m not gonna lie……..I cried.

  • http://www.facebook.com/One.of.those.RightWing.Extremist Autumn Lynne Olsson

    As a young adult who also has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia, it’s truly inspiring.  She is beautiful inside and out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bro-Juntunen/100001252637004 Bro Juntunen

    Personally, I think Glenn is trying to go too deep.  Who really knows, we love these over comers and we dream that we also will be over comers.

  • Anonymous

    This is unbelievable, this girl in beautiful inside and out. But you can see where se gets it from, her mother seems to be as beautiful, very special ladies. I wish Rion all the best in the world and look forward to hearing more from her. With a personality and voice as she has and the support shown by her family, I am sure she will go far. What a gift from God. Oh and a PS: what disability, I see none in this young lady.

  • Herman Vogel

    You see so many low life, no count A-Holes that are healthy and happy and never contributed a thing to society..And then we see this treasure and you just want to cry. And to think some women would have aborted her if they knew what was wrong with her because they didn’t want to “Deal” with it. Her mother is a REAL Woman

  • Take 2

    I can speak for people with disability(s):

    Ms. Rion Paige is most likely fine with people understanding that she has life long “deficits” but guarantee does not want or feel deserving of preferential treatment. 

    Perhaps, a cool Mic stand that has a special foot device…detailed – trivial stuff. 

    Media – let her win straight up!

    Breathing of proper air is key to great singing…! right! 

    The coolest part is when Ms. Rion Paige blows her hair out of her face –  right in the middle of when she should be taking a big gulp of air ‘ in ‘ …!  

    That was the superstar moment folks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1362155134 Rhonda Dugger

    This is an inspiration to America! Just becasue we have issues doesn’t mean we should stop trying to change them! Go Girl! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.higgins.1654 Robert Higgins

    I think we all want to see the good in the world. Its out there, its alive but the media doesn’t show it because it doesn’t sell. All I can tell you is I spend an hour every night looking for inspiration like this and it tells me that “America” is still what most of us know it to be. We just have to look in the right places, and Glen Beck you are the portal which brings back what are founding fathers started 200+ years ago. Never let the lights go out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.higgins.1654 Robert Higgins

    I think we all want to see the good in the world. Its out there, its alive but the media doesn’t show it because it doesn’t sell. All I can tell you is I spend an hour every night looking for inspiration like this and it tells me that “America” is still what most of us know it to be. We just have to look in the right places, and Glen Beck you are the portal which brings back what are founding fathers started 200+ years ago. Never let the lights go out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.higgins.1654 Robert Higgins

    I think we all want to see the good in the world. Its out there, its alive but the media doesn’t show it because it doesn’t sell. All I can tell you is I spend an hour every night looking for inspiration like this and it tells me that “America” is still what most of us know it to be. We just have to look in the right places, and Glen Beck you are the portal which brings back what are founding fathers started 200+ years ago. Never let the lights go out.

  • Anonymous

    Rion is an inspiration because she could choose to feel sorry for herself; but instead chose to accept things the way they are and choose to live from a happy heart. People are not what they look like, but the spirit they choose to project.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001678744974 Brad Focht

    America = ordinary people doing extraordinary things!!! In this case – extraordinary cubed!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I had not heard or seen this but I have to tell you that this has been the best story in a long long time….the audience was not divided, no left, no right….no racism….just love…love for a beautiful young woman…this is who we are…we must get back to this..American to American…we need to stop allowing the left & right to put us in a fight so that “they” can get their agenda accomplished..and their agenda has nothing to do with the 13 year old country singer who brought us to our feet and in tears…God Bless her and her family..

  • David G Gary II

    She’s adorable, I wish her the best!

  • Anonymous

    Where is her Dad, he should be there.

  • Debra Duncan

    One word to describe everything about this child….BEAUTIFUL!!

  • BoneHead

    You are right on Mr. Beck! Every word true to the core! This proves we are not sheep! We are good, honest and want the best for everyone! It is sad we have to stop who we are and deal with the oppressors who want to take our country down a black hole where we are transformed into something evil and loose us forever! God Bless America! God Bless Everyone!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Just so beautiful and incredible!!!!!!

  • Billie F Smith

    A true inspiration, You go Rion, don’t let anyone ever hold your spirit down! You are a beautiful young woman. You were also blessed to be born to a Mother that loves you enough to let you fly!!!! God Bless both of you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1065933599 Alex Tano

    She is the pure definition of the word  “awesome’.  We cried with joys. Really awesome.

  • Cat Figueroa

    May god bless her in her Journeys because that Beautiful child will go far!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch X-Factor but boy am I glad I heard this incredible young lady. What a voice! 

  • Ltsgetalng.

    Here is a beautiful young lady, with a beautiful spirit who’s beauty radiates through her voice, her personality, moreover her whole being.  She is so far above/beyond what the world buys into today with cheap acts or reality television which many call entertainment.  To call her performance entertainment would be an understatement, it was a sharing of her most inner self to which she was brave enough to share while being vulnerable to the world basically.  It is so refreshing to see how true beauty and sincerity along with talent can bring us all to our feet and cheer, it’s what we all long for I think, not just from this young lady but from our leaders and fellow citizens.
    As the one female judge commented, yes, this young lady is a shining example to us all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001071339935 Joy Ricciardi

    This story of this little girl and the conflicts that she has had to overcome, what an amazing girl and what a voice….God Bless her she is a mircle.

  • Character Cindy Marshall

    Thank you, Glenn. She was so great that I cried my eyes out — it was a really GOOD cry. What an inspiring girl and story!

  • Alex Holcomb

    Rion, you really have a great voice, wonderful heart, and beautiful personality. May you be blessed with much success, you nailed your audition, and I am sure their are ton’s of producers chomping at the bit to get you into the studio. Great job Rion!

  • http://www.facebook.com/milly.horvath Milly Donato Horvath


  • http://www.facebook.com/milly.horvath Milly Donato Horvath


  • chefz774

    That young lady is waaaaaay beyond amazing! Somebody get her a recording contract and an agent and put her on tour! WOW!!!!!!!

  • Jim Mcreynolds

    So proud of her mother for raising such an awesome talent….

  • Nina Barber

    That young lady is amazing in every way. GOD bless her in her whole life.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.t.hicks Angela Tanner Hicks

    I don’t watch the news because it is always negative!  When I watched this video and your interview I was so impressed!  I Pray more news broadcasters will focus on the positive news and less on the negative.  I believe negative news encourages more crime.  Their are so many people out there who want to be in the spot lite and the only way they can get their is to commit terrible crimes.  The top stories need to be positive.  It’s like a oppositional child.  They thrive for attention.  Although they want to please you and do the right thing, they get more attention by acting out than they do for doing good. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002961177791 Tee Mayse

    Rion is a winner in all our hearts . & a winner of X Factor ,She makes the U.S.A  PROUD . A credit to her pretty MOM & Family

  • Anonymous

    Finally something worth talking about, something positive and truly inspiring. We often complain about ourselves and need to step back and look at this girl. She didn’t let her disability stop her from obtaining her dream. I would love to see her win. I wish her all the best.

  • Anonymous

    This young girl is amazing! It’s rare to find such a young girl whose voice is that powerful and whose confidence is that high. She is inspiring. It would have been an amazing performance regardless of her condition, but knowing what she has had to overcome makes it even more uplifting. I hope she goes all the way. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nora-Mae-Smith/1471426965 Nora Mae Smith

    Like  a  Lion  Rion  is  going to  Roar … she  made  me  cry  not  just  because of  her  voice  or  talent but  cause I  have known  others  like  her  that i  had  gone  to  school  with and  yes  we  all  are  people  just  as  well.. I  say  Job  Well  done   you  have  grabbed  your  star Rion!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this kid is great…God Bless her voice and lovely additutud…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for sharing this with us…

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I cried when we clicked on this story, we will buy her records

  • Steve R.

    Rion is my wife’s great niece, we’re all very proud of her and her mother for raising a child, regardless of her handicaps, to be so upbeat and ready to take on anything that comes her way.

  • Astrochronic Beta

    great voice.  She will never be a star cause no one wants to see deformity, and no matter how many people romantically pretend “she is beautiful in every way” all they are really doing by lying that way is highlighting her deformity even more.  Its nothing to be ashamed of, so there is no reason to lie and pretend you don’t see it.

  • Anonymous


  • DaBear

    She may be small, but she is mighty!

  • Raymond Pelfrey

    That brought tears of joy out of me.That hasnt happened in years. Truely Fantastic. This girl has a bright future.

  • Richard Carter

    I agree Kathy its good to see a young lady with that much soul, stand up and be heard, sometimes i wonder what America would look like if we, our generation had not screwed the pooch, and given it all away.  while i still believe and love my country i can no longer watch it turn into a third world state because some one is the best lier on the block.  My life was given for this country as has 9 generations before me , but i now tell the next generation not to serve as you will be wasted for no good reason. I served in Viet Nam and my Nephews have served in everything since then. and they are telling there children no longer will this family’s blood be shed for those that don’t respect the sacrifice. so i say to liberals out there. defend it if you can for it is not yours to loose. 

  • Marilyn McCoy

    I agree with you Glen….

  • Anonymous

    she has such a beautiful voice

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000169032330 Joyce Watson Miller

    Thank you Proud Vet for your service to our country!! May God richley bless you and your family!! And this little girl she is such a encouragement to others,I also had tears.

  • Renee

    What better way then to refuel the desire for all to have hope!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/herring.togba Herring Almin Togba

    God is good all the time,all of the time God is good!!!

  • Steve Ashcraft

    I absolutely believe that God places within us a yearning to be sincerely and selflessly encouraging towards others. A need to be better within ourselves.Better towards those around us. God gives us this wonderful gift to empathize, appreciate, honor and love each other and when we glimpse it, we move towards it because our souls tell us it is truth. Thank you Lord for giving us the ability to see the triumph and not the trial, to feel genuine and real love and respect in others.  

  • Crystal MacLean

    She is GORGEOUS!!!! I wish I had hair like that!!!!!!!!! She’s a super positive up-beat kinda girl :)  She’s got the star look, the star voice and she’s just soooo likeable.  This girl is going far!!!!!!

  • dnav

    Wow, I’m impressed – she’s changed my life and opinion about certain things. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    ProudVet, thank you so very much for your service, I am so sorry there has to be wars etc. but thank God for people like you. Please sir, live free and unencumbered in your mind , your body unfortunately seem to be taking care of the crappy stuff and for that I am sorry but..if you don’t mind me saying so, I hope and said a prayer that God will heal what needs to be healed…Sorry I never know what needs to be healed but He does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000039922399 Paula Knight

    I cried right along with her Mother, so proud, and happy I got to hear, Rion has a voice  like no other, PURE AND BEAUTIFUL.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless this little girl – AND her Mother, who does not let her hold back when she wants something. That is the real key to unlocking anyone’s future, with or without a disability. I can see the drive and determination that has been instilled into this child, even before she started to sing. I am in awe of the display of Love in her family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.shumway.90 Dan Shumway

    She’s an excellent singer. Her wrists and eye are irrelevant. Itzak Perlman was “complimented” by a lady once who said she was so impressed by him becoming such a great violin player despite his polio. He said simply, “Polio didn’t affect my hands; it affected my feet. It did not affect the ability to move my arms to play.” It doesn’t make her better than anyone else to have these problems. We all have problems. Those who are motivated pursue there dreams. Period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Pepper/100002255881091 Maria Pepper

    Awe I met her down here in Jax, she is awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kerry-Rovan/100002360375037 Kerry Rovan

    This proves that God is on our side.  Just let him in.  And that’s all I have to say about that.-Moe.

  • jay

    I have had so many friends defriend me because of my views and what i post on facebook, i dont defriend them because of their beliefs…so why do they defriend me? I have sat and listened to others opinions and didnt judge them by it…so i say take this video and learn from it, love people for who they are and not what they simply believe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kerry-Rovan/100002360375037 Kerry Rovan

    Let me just add something after watching that 13 year old girls video.  I’ve come to the conclusion that as hard as it is to live in this time, (the early part of the 21st Century, 2013 and beyond) I would not want to live in any time BUT now.  Yes, things were cheaper years ago, yes actual careers were actually around for people years ago.  And yes having a Bachelor’s Degree and or Master’s Degree meant something special years ago.   But you know what guys, even with so many of my friends past away from brain tumors and cancer, seeing that 13 year old girl does something to me.  I have come to the conclusion more than ever that we are all on God’s earth RIGHT NOW for a reason.   And right now we ALL need inspiration…this 13 year old girl is enough for me.  God  bless, Moe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/byron.collins.96 Byron Collins

    when bravery……smiles

  • southernmom169

    This is what used to be the norm in America, now it’s an unusual story. What has happened to our Country? We have been inundated with hate, corruption, evil, and victimization. We have GOT to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful, powerful voice this young lady has; her inspiration shows that anything can be overcome and one need never yield to being a victim to imperfection….may she have the success she deserves.

  • http://www.facebook.com/weigum Brock Weigum

    I could not help but cry after watching this, because so many people upon seeing this defect as a preborn child would have aborted her. And America would celebrate the right to “Womans Choice” now to see this girl bringing an audence to their feet draws a perfect contrast to the value of Human life no matter what our condition, race, gender, or disibility. We are all images of God and therefore have value from Fetus to adult. 

  • Daniel Rozanski

    Not inspiring to me i’m sorry. I think they should skip the “feel good” cute stories at the beginning and just make them sing. After all, it’s not the contestants show. I’m sorry, but somehow I see it as a distraction for the country so they don’f focus on whats going on around them, like with the government, or economy. I also think it’s a way to gain attention from the crowd, and judges, also a tactic used for sympathy.

  • Curt Pangracs

    My thumb can’t go any higher…

  • Anonymous

    that was awesome America needs more of people who are inspiring and up lifting.
    god. bless you girl and your family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.munson.92 Kathy McDaniel Munson

    beautiful so beautiful loved it God has blessed her 

  • Anonymous

    The voice sounds twice her age.  That’s not criticism, just an observation.  Well done!

  • Dr. Dorothy Holtslander

    Few things make me speechless….. She did!

  • jalina susan stutte

    Rion is Wonderful! What a beautiful gift God has given her and thank you Rion for sharing your gift with the world! The doors are opened for all and all you have to do is walk through them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marjorie.silveira.77 Marjorie Silveira


    With young people like Rion, this old world still has a chance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003733654840 Richard Crouser

    What an amazing young lady.  Tears streamed down my face as I read her story ans watched as she blew the judges out of their seats. 

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com Karen Rose

    Yes, the world wants good news!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713706673 Shawn Spidahl

    She is amazing and inspiring!!!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine how much better her voice is going to get as she gets older and does more training!  She’s already a great singer and I still can’t believe she’s only a 13 year old kid.  I’ll raise my cup to her!  Here’s to a long and happy music career.  Don’t let ANYONE try to take anything from you.  Use your gift to uplift us all from our ordinary, humdrum lives. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1212344494 Sandra J Cantrell

    omg momma got me in tears. I’m a mom too.That little girl is a talent and I too can see her succeeding.  Woooohooo way to go little girl. I would definately buy her cd’s if and when they hit shelves.

  • Houdini’s reader

    God Bless Rion and God Bless America

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.schickowski Rachel Schickowski

    I have AMC too and love seeing others out there shining and not letting any differences hold us back. I hope she goes all the way! http://www.mylegisnotbroken.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/susiestattos Susie Travis

    This is my friend Ariel ~ She suffers from the same (type of)condition as this young lady, only she also has it in ankles / legs as well .. And just like Rion Paige, NOTHING stops her!  I fell instantly in love with her! Both of these young ladies are an inspiration to us all. Blessings & Joy to us All

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1461773391 Karen Bateman

    She was amazing! I cried the whole time ! What an outstanding young lady that we all need to learn from! We have whined enough! Thank God for yong ladies like this one

  • Interrupting ReplyBot 2012.1

    Great inspiration, but if I had known I clicked on a Glenn Beck link I wouldn’t have done it, eww.  There are hundreds of thousands who are paralyzed, disabled, disadvantaged, very poor, meek and humble, and according to Beck’s philosophy are basically welfare parasites.  So again let me say, yay to the little disabled girl.  Eww and yuck very much to Glenn Beck.

  • Ghoster

    Thanks, Glenn, for this uplifting and heartwarming story. Remarkable talent, beauty and fortitude in that young lady!

  • Anonymous

    Precious angel.  May she find the best life has to offer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joan.price.587 JoAn Price

    What an inspiration to keep the negative thoughts away.  She is truly blessed & I see her with a bright future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dboyan1 Diana Boyan

    This girl will always be a winner, even if she doesn’t win this competition…But she sure is going to give the others a run for their money….You go beautiful girl..

  • http://www.facebook.com/dboyan1 Diana Boyan

    This girl will always be a winner, even if she doesn’t win this competition…But she sure is going to give the others a run for their money….You go beautiful girl..

  • Anonymous

    what a ANGEL and very low key. her heart is as beautiful as she is. MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER.

  • Donya Burnitt Singletary

    I am proud of her and her mom for never letting her think she is handicapped, she is challenged and she meets that challenge face forward. God bless

  • Anonymous

    Saw this before and it still brings tears to my eyes…sooo incredibly good!

  • Richard S Taylor

    God Bless You !

  • KGidd

    This video is absolutely amazing, how could someone question why this is going viral?! like simon said LITERALLY EXTRAORDINARY. Sounds like Carrie Underwood and keep in mind shes 13!

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