Which Super Bowl winner missed the birth of his child to play in a football game?

Superstar Quarterback Joe Flacco missed the birth of his second child yesterday in order to play for the Ravens against the Browns in the NFL’s second week. Flacco’s wife Dana gave birth to a baby boy about an hour before kick-off. On radio this morning, the guys debated whether or not a football game was a valid excuse to miss such an important life event.

“So I want to ask ya, how many of us would be dead, dead if we were Joe Flacco today?” Glenn asked on radio this morning.

Flacco was warming up when he got a phone call from his wife telling him they had a new baby boy.

“I think it would be over.  I really think it would be over.  You can’t miss a birth,” Pat said.

Glenn said that he was faced with a similar situation when his daughter Cheyenne was born. Her due date was scheduled to be just a few days before the launch of his TV show on CNN. Rather than risk Glenn missing the birth, Tania ended up inducing a few days early so Glenn could be by her side.

“Still she was upset at me a little bit,” Glenn said. “That’s the date the network picked to launch the show.”

Glenn and Pat took the opportunity to mock Stu for not going to Israel for Restoring Courage and using the excuse of his unborn child, even though Stu still had a few weeks before his son was due.

“Let’s just put this into perspective.  If if he were, like, the quarterback and  let’s say that they were going to not just a regular game but it was like, they were going to play some special game.  They only played one a year, like Super Bowl but it was played in someplace like in Israel,” Glenn joked.

“I’m glad you’re pointing this out because this is an interesting flip‑flop for you guys.  I was supposed to go to Israel for your little cute event,” Stu said.  “Let’s put me, our experiences as described up against each other. When my wife had a baby, I took a week off to help care for the baby and her.  You rescheduled your wife’s birth so you could do a television show.  Let’s see which one America stands with. ”

Ultimately, Stu ended up defending Flacco.

“Look, you don’t schedule a birth for CNN Headline News.  However, for the National Football League, you absolutely do,” Stu said.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Someone is getting murder.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck can nurse Baby Flacco form his giant man tests

  • Anonymous

    Flacco’s contract is something like a million a game. I think Ravens fans would be more annoyed if he didn’t play.

  • Lorraine

    Give him a break! I’m sure his wife okayed him playing and missing the birth. Maybe he didn’t do so well at the birth of the first child and she figured she didn’t need him there for this one. It’s between him and his wife. No one else.

  • Anonymous

    It’s up to each individual couple about what they are prepared to live with.  If my husband was a “star” player in the NFL (or necessary for his team’s success, anyway) and it was early in the season, I would think that the team can live without him for one game.  However, any football fan can tell you that making the playoffs often comes down to winning just one game and there really aren’t that many games in a season.  

    Now, in the NHL, for example, there are a lot more games in the regular season and unless it’s playoff time, you will see a lot of players out when their wife is in labor.  It’s really unusual to hear of a guy playing when his wife is about to give birth (unless it’s a home game).  On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t be likely to plan my pregnancy so as to put him in the position where he has to choose between being with me for the birth of our baby or playing in a game.  

    Ultimately, if the couple is in agreement on the matter, then good for them.  When that child is old enough to know that Dad played football while they entered the world, Flacco and his wife can explain the decision.  Fatherhood is about much more than cutting the cord anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Anything to do with childbirth is up to the individual couple. Shame on you, Glenn, for being such a pomp know-it-all to tell others what they HAVE to do just because you think it’s proper. Not everybody agrees with your views anyways.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lowell.tyler.7 Lowell Tyler

    nfl players get paid for the games they play/show up for.  they get 17 paychecks–1 for each game and 1 for the ‘bye’ week.  yes, many have clauses for days missed at practice, etc.  but 17 checks.  miss a game for birth of a kid when making about 22 million a year(divided into 17 checks!!!) would be quite costly.  miss that game, 1.2 ish million down–could be kid’s inheritance.  pretty sure i’d forgive my dad for missing my birth due to work that day.  and yes, dad may miss working and missing kid’s birth, but what working dad has not wished he didn’t have to choose between a paycheck and some event involving his kids???  of everything i’ve missed re: my one child, the birth of my kid was not one i missed.  is it one i’d regret having missed—not really—ok dad, sit here, wait while your wife screams, pains, etc.  wait some more while we whisk your daughter down the hall to clean her up.  wait some more while we move your wife to room, wait a bit longer til we get to your room and hand your sedated wife the kid.  oh, dad, would you like to hold your kid??  what a fantastic(sic) event for a father.  think i’d rather bring in 1.2mill.  my daughter has never once said, dad, i’m so glad you were present for my birth…

    • Anonymous

      Also, remember, the number of men in the military who have missed the birth of their children.  I’m sure a number of them would have liked to be with their wives at that time.

    • Anonymous

      Do I hear GREED here?  Geez! $22 MILLION a year and you’re worried about sacrificing $1.2 to be there while his wife is giving birth, i.e., going through LABOR?  I don’t think so!  And what if something happened during the labor and things went south?  Women DO still die in childbirth occasionally, ya know.  And one more question.  How about if his wife was not pregnant, but rushing to get to the game before it started and she had a car wreck and was in serious condition?  Do you still think he should “honor his contract?”  NO MATTER WHAT, FAMILY COMES FIRST!!

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    not a fan of inducement unless the health of baby and/or mama are at risk.

  • Anonymous

    It all comes down to choices, doesn’t it?   It’s usually takes nine months after—well, you know,

    before a baby is born.  Were they ”trying” for nbr two?  If so, they, apparently, didn’t take dates

    into consideration.  Or she could have gone the route of Glenn’s wife and have induced birth.

    At any rate, the man is being paid to be a QUARTERBACK for a football team.  ”Sorry, honey,

    the guys are expecting me to show up for work today.”

    • greywolfrs

      It’s more than that. This guy signed a contract to play and MUST honor that contract.

      • Anonymous

        wolf, yes, he did sign a contract and he SHOULD honor it.  But, once again, it
        comes down to choices.  He could choose to honor it and miss the birth of his
        child OR he could choose to for-go the game (for which he should pay a monetary penalty) and witness the birth of the baby.   Have you heard of any
        other player in (name your sport) who chose to miss a game to be with his wife
        when she gave birth to their child?  Betcha there could be more than one.

        • greywolfrs

          When one understands the dynamics of the NFL, he can NOT miss a game. The season is 16 games long. One loss could mean the difference in making the playoffs or not. This is not the NHL, who plays an 82 game season. This is not MLB, who play 162 games per season. I know of plenty of guys who have missed games for the borth of a child, in those other sports. Unfortunately, the NFL is quite different. A player, such as a starting QB can not afford to miss one game…

  • greywolfrs

    This guy signed a contract. He HAS to play, he has to honor the contract he signed. To say he should do anything else is insane.

  • Carol Waltman

    you should never induce a woman to put her in labor for your convenience.  There is too much of that being done.  You can do other things to try to make the baby come when you want to.   You should only induce labor if that is what your doctor says is what should be done because it would be too dangerous not too.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but when you “sit in judgment of all wrong”, the mantle that GB has placed himself on, moral relativism allows you to justify telling your wife to agree to be induced for the sake of your career; and a few years later criticize another man for working one of the 16 days a year that he cannot skip. At least all of the comments here have called out Glenn on his hypocrisy.

      Hey Glenn, how about we all just say God bless the baby and the parents as they help to raise their child and continue to make decisions together?

  • Anonymous

    Dana is the wife of a PROFESSIONAL Football Quarterback. Joe Flacco is not a lineman, not a running back, not a tight end. He is THE team quarterback. When Baltimore — and NFL commentators —  discuss the Ravens, it is “Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens”, just like it’s “Michael Vick and the Eagles, Eli Manning and the Giants”, etc…..
     They knew this could be a problem when they got the due date.  Unlike baseball, basketball, and hockey, football GAMES are only one day a week, and there are not nearly as many in the season.  Dana knows this. She married this, and she’s a team player too. Joe Flacco is a perfectly good  man off the field as well.  I wish them and their new, bigger family nothing but the best.  

  • Erin Anderson

    I too believe it is a decision up to the parents and if it were up to me, I would let the baby come when it is supposed to and not when we want it to. Glen perhaps doesn’t realize the risks it also takes to induce labor and the complications that can come with that now days. I still believe that he does a great job and helps out the purposes this country set out to do, but inducing labor is done too much now days and is a very risky thing to do. It’s much better to let baby decide when to come.

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