Superstar Quarterback Joe Flacco missed the birth of his second child yesterday in order to play for the Ravens against the Browns in the NFL’s second week. Flacco’s wife Dana gave birth to a baby boy about an hour before kick-off. On radio this morning, the guys debated whether or not a football game was a valid excuse to miss such an important life event.

“So I want to ask ya, how many of us would be dead, dead if we were Joe Flacco today?” Glenn asked on radio this morning.

Flacco was warming up when he got a phone call from his wife telling him they had a new baby boy.

“I think it would be over.  I really think it would be over.  You can’t miss a birth,” Pat said.

Glenn said that he was faced with a similar situation when his daughter Cheyenne was born. Her due date was scheduled to be just a few days before the launch of his TV show on CNN. Rather than risk Glenn missing the birth, Tania ended up inducing a few days early so Glenn could be by her side.

“Still she was upset at me a little bit,” Glenn said. “That’s the date the network picked to launch the show.”

Glenn and Pat took the opportunity to mock Stu for not going to Israel for Restoring Courage and using the excuse of his unborn child, even though Stu still had a few weeks before his son was due.

“Let’s just put this into perspective.  If if he were, like, the quarterback and  let’s say that they were going to not just a regular game but it was like, they were going to play some special game.  They only played one a year, like Super Bowl but it was played in someplace like in Israel,” Glenn joked.

“I’m glad you’re pointing this out because this is an interesting flip‑flop for you guys.  I was supposed to go to Israel for your little cute event,” Stu said.  “Let’s put me, our experiences as described up against each other. When my wife had a baby, I took a week off to help care for the baby and her.  You rescheduled your wife’s birth so you could do a television show.  Let’s see which one America stands with. ”

Ultimately, Stu ended up defending Flacco.

“Look, you don’t schedule a birth for CNN Headline News.  However, for the National Football League, you absolutely do,” Stu said.