On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu continued a discussion that they had begun hours earlier during the morning production meeting about the wisdom of carrying an AR-15 into the workplace. The debate stemmed from an open letter penned by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asking customers to “no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas.” The sometimes heated conversation went on for nearly two hours, which prompted Glenn to proclaim, “I can’t believe I am having this stupid discussion.”

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“Let me emphasize what I said at the very beginning,” Glenn said referring to the discussion in the morning meeting. “You don’t know what it has taken over the last six months to get this building to be pro-gun. You as employees can come in and bring a gun.”

In response, Pat asked a question that ultimately set off a firestorm. “So tomorrow I can go ahead and bring my AR‑15 with me to work, fully loaded, and just carry it around with me all day. Right,” he asked.

“You’re being a jerk,” Glenn said to Pat, “because there’s no reason for you to do that other than to poke fingers in people’s eyes.”

Pat used the hypothetical argument that he arrives at the office at 4:30am each day – before most of the building security arrives – and carrying his AR-15 would allow him to defend himself.

“And as your employer, I so salute you for wanting to be safe and wanting to carry a gun and taking it into your own hands,” Glenn said. “And so I would say to you that is fantastic. And how many times have you gone out to the shooting range to shoot it?”

So what is Glenn’s stance exactly? He is obviously pro-Second Amendment and the policies he has implemented at TheBlaze’s Dallas offices reflect that. And he also made it clear that he has no issues with the AR-15, it just happened to be the example because that’s the type of firearm Pat owns. Glenn argued, however, that carrying an AR-15 around the office might not be the most responsible decision.

“I’m sorry, responsible human beings have a right to carry a gun, and responsible human beings need to understand other teammates might be uncomfortable with somebody brandishing a firearm,” Glenn explained. “If I want to carry a gun, I’m going to carry a gun. And if your business doesn’t want me in there, that’s OK. I’m not going to hold it against you. You have a right to do it. But as a useful member of society, I’m not going to walk around and be a jerk all the time just because I can. How is that unreasonable?”