Trucker group plans to shut down D.C. for 3 days… and Glenn supports them?

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A group of truckers is reportedly planning to shut down Washington, D.C. for three days straight beginning on October 11 to protest “corruption against the Constitution.” A Facebook page for “Truckers To Shut Down America” has gained more than 16,000 likes, though it remains unclear how many truckers actually plan to take part in the event.

“There’s a story here that I would really like to get behind as a show, as a series of shows,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I think that we should find out, first about these truckers and then stand behind them. This is the number one store on TheBlaze right now.”

According to the group’s Facebook description: “The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!”

A YouTube video posted by “Kevin Allen” on the “Truckers To Shut Down America” Facebook page, the event is labeled as a general “strike” by the American people against the federal government and its “bulls**t.”

(Warning: Some strong language)

“Facebook provides additional information behind the action, which ranges from universal health care to the I.R.S. Scandal to Benghazi,” Glenn said. He proceeded to read through the objectives of the protest:

“‘Remove the president from office for high crimes of treason and misdemeanors. We want a congressional hearing on Benghazi and seal team 6. Lois learner needs to be put in jail. No amnesty. Remove all Muslims from our government that do not uphold the constitution.’ That’s the only one that I kind of think is a little reckless here. But it does say, ‘does not uphold the Constitution.’ I would not make it Muslims. I would make it any person that doesn’t uphold the Constitution. ‘Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. Last but not least, the price of fuel.’ Do you agree with those? Do you get behind those?”

Pat and Stu both agreed that the trucker’s list of demands is not unreasonable. Glenn quickly pointed out, however, the under appreciated power of the trucking industry in this country.

“After September 11, if you remember, Jeffy and Stu, I said, ‘We don’t need Department of Homeland Security. We need to see something from the truckers.’ The truckers are the ones moving. They know what’s going on. They see what’s happening and what’s moving across the country,” Glenn said. “And you know, you get the truckers to strike, you stop the American economy. You really do. You stop it.”

“Do you know how many times your grocery store is restocked? Five times a day on average. You stop trucks from coming into grocery stores for three days. There’s nothing left. There’s nothing left. That’s why people, when we talked about food insurance and everything else,” he continued. “We say you don’t know how fragile the system is. You stop trucks for three days in this country. You won’t recognize your stores because everything is going to shut down because the truckers come in and replenish everything. Yeah, they could have a huge impact. And the ones who are really impacted by the price of gasoline and everything else are the truckers… They work way too hard. Way too hard.”

  • Sam Fisher

    I am for anyone shutting down D.C.

    • Gristle McThornbody

      Including Communists?

      I knew it, Sam!

    • Anonymous

       Sam: I agree 100 percent. Sitting back and do nothing but watch our country fall into 3rd world country is not answer. Most of those that oppose this action probably on entitlements of some kind.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I have to agree, we all can do something to push forward and take the nation back from the madness of the progressives.

    • mtman2

      Ignore the idiot GM below as a bug on the windshield. It’ll fall off later! Keep UR eyes on the road.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Shut it down and let it grind to a halt; 

      If Obama declares the nationalizing of the truckers, then all the nation can see how much of a communist we have in the White House.

      • Guest

         He can’t nationalize truckers. The vast majority are independents and small mom & pop outfits. They will never stand for it.

    • Bonnie Somer

      the way things are going i agree 

  • Gristle McThornbody

    A strike does not equate to shutting down the government…..

    • BUNIJA

      it may not shut it down,but i am sure it will slow it down considerably

    • Isaiah Daniels

      Park a thousand loaded trucks in D.C., deliver nothing and see just what moves. Most of the old guard in congress and other branches wouldn’t know the way to their offices without the limo drivers aid for by the masses. At least McCain knows how to play poker on his phone, wonder how many months it took to teach him that?

  • Gristle McThornbody

    I loved this:

    “What we reported last night….not really reported.” -Beck

    Great job everyone! Nobody cares!

  • Pachy Serrano

    I thought GB once said, he did not believe in businesses’ shut downs?? Cause he is pro-private institutions and businesses?? U SEE folks . . . GB is not that special, he is just another pundit making millions by making people mad and afraid of Govt and their fellow Americans. Nice! 

    • Wonhung Low

       People should be pissed off and afraid of their government.  Some see the government as the solution to all problems and can’t stand private enterprise.  Personally I don’t see much of a rat’s a$$ difference between scummy business leaders and most government, however there’s damn little business can force me to do.  Government enforces its dictates at the point of a gun.  Therefore I fear my governement.  I don’t understand why any rational being would feel otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      You’re doing it again. back across the border start again .

    • Anonymous

       times have changed buddy, it’s time for extreme measures.

    • Guest

       LOL you think it is Beck making the truckers mad?

      • Patrick

        The gov is making the truckers mad .
        Power to them from on high and a stumbling block to D.C

  • Stephan Bruno

    Fuck them. They want to clog up my city streets with those trucks, then I reserve the right to slash their tires and strip their loot. 

    • Elena

      They are protesting for you not against you.  If you want to live in a country where there is no respect for the voice of the people, try the DPRK or the PRC.

      • Gristle McThornbody

        There’s a difference between voicing your beliefs and leaving your rig in my parking spot to make a political point.

    • Anonymous

      And nobody here is surprise pito !

    • Sam Fisher

      Oh look OWS mentality. 

      • Gristle McThornbody


        I hated them too! Fuck with my drive: get your dumbass truck tires slashed and batteries thrown at you.

        I don’t care what you’re supporting, don’t make my day any harder than it already is.

        Does that make sense, Sam?

        The only thing this will accomplish is annoying the ever living piss out of everyone in D.C.

        • Guest

           Then instead of fighting it, join the effort.

        • Sam Fisher

          Yes it does. Didn’t know you lived in D.C.

          • Gristle McThornbody

            I don’t even live in America.

        • Tony Viscardi

          “The only thing this will accomplish is annoying the ever living piss out of everyone in DC”

          That in itself is a reason to get behind this. DC is one big cesspool along with its Government tax stealing residents.

        • Anonymous

           Faggot? Seems our resident commie is a homophobe, too!

          • Gristle McThornbody

            Faggot does not mean ‘gay’

            Faggot: In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used instead of calling somebody stupid or a loser.

          • Anonymous

             ….yeah…but douchebag still means douchebag, douchebag.

    • greywolfrs

      Please try it, I dare you.

    • Guest

       LMAO you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to get a bunch of big tough angry drivers after your ass. They will put a hurt on you.

    • Guest

       Slash their tires and strip their loot? You ever see anyone after they intentionally damaged a truckers rig? You won’t make it to the loot.

  • Mark Thoele

    If you don’t think that there is an attempt to take over this country from the inside, then you either haven’t been listening or are incapable of proper reasoning.

    • Gristle McThornbody

      …or you are actively a member of that group conducting the take-over such as myself 😉

      • greywolfrs

        Sure you are, coward.

    • Bruce Granofsky

      Ha ha ha.
      You guys are such complete Alarmist MORONS!

    • Patrick

      You are so right…awesome for the truckers

  • Brian Compton

    Heck…just “turn off their trucks” right where they are at midnight on Oct 11…they could shut  DC, even if they didn’t just a slow drive around DC on the loop with 2 million truckers would plug em up like after eating 2lbs of cheese!

    They tried to ignore 2 million bikers and hide the fact they were there…2 million truck drivers would be MUCH MUCH bigger! 😉

    • greywolfrs

      Or 2 million truckers with 2 million bikers…

    • Guest

       It was quite a site when it was done on a large scale back in the 70’s

  • Anonymous

    Here’s to hoping !

  • Me Wise Magic

    Mercy sakes alive it looks like we’ve got us a Convoy! (sing along at the link below)

    It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June And a Kenworth pullin’ logs Cab-over Pete with a reefer on And a Jimmy haulin’ hogs We’s headin’ for bear on Eye-one-O ’bout a mile outta Shakeytown I says “Pigpen, this here’s Rubber Duck” “And I’m about to put the hammer down”

    (’cause we got a little ole convoy rockin’ thru the night) (Yeah, we got a little ole convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight?) (Come on and join our convoy, ain’t nothin’ gonna get in our way) (We gonna roll this truckin’ convoy ‘cross the USA) (Convoy)

    By the time we got into Tulsa-town we had 85 trucks in all But there’s a roadblock up on the cloverleaf And them bears ‘s wall-to-wall Yeah, them smokeys ‘s thick as bugs on a bumper They even had a bear in the air I says “Callin’ all trucks, this here’s the Duck” “We about to go a-huntin’ bear”

    (’cause we got a great big convoy rockin’ thru the night) (Yeah, we got a great big convoy, ain’t she a beautiful sight?) (Come on and join our convoy, ain’t nothin’ gonna get in our way) (We gonna roll this truckin’ convoy ‘cross the USA) (Convoy)

     Well, we rolled up Interstate Forty-Four Like a rocket-sled on rails We tore up all of our swindle sheets And left ’em settin’ on the scales By the time we hit that “Chi-town” Them bears was a-gettin smart They brought up some reinforcements From the “Illinois” National Guard There’s armored cars and tanks and jeeps ‘n’ rigs of ev’ry size Yeah, them chicken coops was full of bears And choppers filled the skies Well, we shot the line, we went for broke With a thousand screamin’ trucks And eleven long-haired friends of Jesus In a chartreuse microbus

    Well, we laid a strip for the Jersey Shore Prepared to cross the line I could see the bridge was lined with bears But I didn’t have a doggone dime I says “Pigpen, this here’s the Rubber Duck” “We just ain’t a-gonna pay no toll” So we crashed the gate doin’ ninety-eight I says “let them truckers roll, ten-four”

  • Maidservant Huldah

    Time to take a stand!
    According to the Bible, are Christians allowed to defend themselves and their families? See article at (sign the petition)

  • Jim

    Go truckers! Does their union know they’re doing this? And they’re allowing it? The feds would never allow funding to shut the gov down, because they don’t want us to know that we can get by just fine without them. It’s up to the people to do it for them.

    • Guest

       Most truckers aren’t in the Teamsters Union.

  • suz

    i’m w/every one of those points cited.

    i think the reason for the mention of removing ‘muslims’ not adhering to the constitution is to make a point that we have a ‘muslim’ problem in government and this serves to inform people. yes, the left will immediately go to their racist, discriminatory rhetoric — who cares?  we have answers for them and this will bring out the issue glenn brings about this one-in-particular muslim — this will shine a light on that.

    the lois lerner thing — of course, a trial, but the accusation that she should be thrown in jail is real.  these people are criminals and if we have to start out w/their lies to get to talk about their criminality — the accusation gets us there.

  • Gristle McThornbody


    Remember when Occupy: Wall Street shut down Wall Street?


    I think it was Adam Carolla who said something to the tune of: I do not care if I am in complete agreement with your movement. I do not care if you are protesting Hitler himself. If you fuck up my commute with your political demonstrations, I will not fucking support you.


    • greywolfrs

      Piss off, dunce.

    • Guest

       Awwww, poor little libby-prog will be inconvenienced. Tough!

  • Gristle McThornbody

    Occupy Wall Street: dirty, hairy hippies with overpriced weed and a vague political message fucking up my drive with bongo drums and hula hoops in New York

    Whatever the hell this is: dirty, hairy rednecks with cheap, shitty weed and a vague political message fucking up my drive with their big trucks with silhouettes of strippers on the mudflaps in D.C.

    • Guest

       No weed moron. D & A spot test prevent that. That is an OWS liberal regressive trait.

  • Gristle McThornbody

    To ANYONE who gives a shit, if you want to EFFECTIVELY protest, if you want people to RESPECT whatever you have to say, if you want to actually make a goddamn CHANGE, then PLEASE take a cue from these guys:

    • Guest

       LOL, yeah right … OWS…. You are too funny!

  • Jeremy Adam

    This group is misguided. They are too worried about spreading hate and bigotry to focus on real issues. They have no organization and for crying out loud don’t even have a website. When you are making national news and are featured on THE BLAZE how do you not go our and get a website. Instead you let some yokel on a youtube video represent your face to the nation. There DOES need to be a trucker strike. It however needs to be more organized and not run by bigots.

  • linda barnett

    If you think it is a setup to federalize trucking, then please BUY NOTHING on these days and DO NO WORK. everyone should try to contribute to the protest.

  • Quester55

    Now Watch, Obama & his fellow Communist will be elsewhere on those days & act like nothing even happened! As for the Drivers involved, Their Federal TDL’S will be revoked & the drivers will be out of a JOB!!

    • Guest

       They can’t just confiscate our CDLs. You can’t force a trucker to truck. LMAO!

  • jalina susan stutte

    Im for it! I will not be open for business on those 3 days and will not shop, I think ths will show Congress that We The People mean business!

  • Anonymous

    Do any of these truckers belong to a union, because I don’t think the union bosses would care

    for any of their truck drivers to shut down DC.  If they follow through on their promise, at least it

    starts the day after my grocery shopping!   However, Monday’s shopping could be a whole other


    • binksjim11

      truck drivers are no longer allowed to unionize… ask hoffa how that worked out!

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me for asking a really stupid question but how is hurting all the people who are just living in Washington D.C. by keeping them from buying what they need making the people in Congress and the president stop dong what they are going to do? That’s as bad as putting sanctions against people in a foreign country because the government is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve looked all over that damn FB page and I saw nothing about their goals. Who, EXACTLY is behind the protest and what EXACTLY is their goals. More importantly I guess, how is tying up weekend traffic in DC going to encourage the tyrant and his cohorts to suddenly see the light?

  • klee

    I have to say WASHINGTON WAKE UP… the American People are fed up of all of the TREASON your so called BROTHERHOOD administration has done!!! As a true patriot I supported the 2 million Bikers ( which next year will be bigger ) and I support the Truckers…The government shut down all the camera’s on 9/11 they ran old traffic cam’s they didn’t ALLOW THE MEDIA TO REPORT ANY OF THE BIKERS IN DC.. how can the government try and hid how PATRIOTIC THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE… you want to know what the muslim’s have done….YOU TUBE THIS WOMAN.. BRIGITTE GABRIEL: RADICAL ISLAM: THE PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA WITH IN…if every American was Smart they would LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS AMAZING WOMEN WHO IS REALLY LUCKY TO BE ALIVE!!!! The Muslims pretend to follow your rules, and then they get into our government and they FLIP THE SCRIPT…they want to take over this country…do you know that the Saudi’s pump in between 20 to 80 million dollars to Ivy League schools, they are BRAINWASHING young American’s because the MONEY TALKS… please look up this woman on You Tube.. It will give you a very clear in site on Muslim culture, and the American Government….

  • DaleVM14W

    This is good! Starve them out!

  • Frank Spence

    I have been and still am a truck driver for the past 40 yrs. Have seen two major attempt at truckers going on strike for better pay, better treatment and recognition from the trucking companies, brokers, shippers and receivers. lower fuel prices. whatever. and I understand that this strike is a way of saying that we the truckers don’t approve of the leadership of our USA, and want changes to be made.  I for one am all for changes. but I don’t believe this will have the impact that they are looking for. I talked to one of the people from this organization last night and was told they are driving to DC in cars. They won’t get attention that way. Take the Big Rigs to DC. if you are going to do it. do it right. Shutting down over the weekend won’t do it either. not as much traffic in DC on the weekends and you won’t be keeping that much of a daily routine from happening. Now if you really want to shut down the economy from a trucking point of view. Stop the fuel. if no tankers what so ever would not make any deliveries to the fuel and gas stations, in three days the world as we know it would come to a complete stop. without fuel nothing moves. that is the only way you will get ever truck driver in the US to agree to strike, if they want to or not.  Of course then the Pres. would order the National Guard to deliver the fuel. The major trucking companies don’t want to see a strike, they don’t care about anything but the bottom line, if the trucks don’t move they don’t make money and their shareholders get mad. As for mom and pop companies they also want to see them go out of business and become company drivers. It’s all about politics and money.  And then of course just like in the other strikes you are going to have the crazy people come out and start shooting at people, of course they aren’t truck drivers or related to them, but the truckers will get the blame. happens every time.  While I am behind your ideas, I think there should be some more thought put into this. A three day weekend really won’t fix the problems, and should u take a lot of trucks into DC for any reason, considering all the roads leading in do not allow trucks for anything other than direct delivery, and should u cause a major road bloke. there are laws that give the officers the right to arrest you and have your truck towed. so be sure you are prepared for all things and have a back up plan. I imagine the towing and storage companies would love to make that money.  Good Luck to all of you. you are going to need it.

  • Anonymous

    let it happen let them block  all the entrances to white house and both houses on capital hill. have  Abram tanks park outside and the turrets am at the white house.

  • Noah Parr

    i will be in the convoy to shut down D.C 

  • Scott Douglas Lemoine

    Their facebook page is already shut down. Go to for updates ! 

  • Anonymous

    Facebook shutdown the page, it was tried again and shut down again. Go to and check out the group.

  • binksjim11

    you know what would be and effective protest in a tractor trailer protest… taking an extended 34 parked on the streets of washington d.c. the companies don’t want to lobby against the A.C.A. so i guess if truck drivers across america took and extended 34hr break it would cause the economy to grind to a halt forcing the government to concede to the american people instead of the super wealthy and the super poor… if we can get this done, we could strike a blow against the government brought to them courtesy of the middle class!!!   

  • Lauren Lane

    I think I am the only one who doesnt see the logic here. It reminds me of the WATTS riots, where they burnt down their own city to prove a point. They burnt down their own businesses and homes. Has everyone  gone crazy? small children, new born infants and those in need of medical supplies who love God and country will be effected. There must be a way to make a point without cutting our nose to spite our face. 

  • leighcote

    Hello, We all need not too work October 10TH,11TH, 12TH, 13TH, off October and as  a matter of fact all off “October” not too deliver any goods to no stores, warehouses, hospital “SHUT DOWN WASHINGTON, D.C. lets “GIT-R-DOWN” “TRUCKERS ACROSS AMERICA.” No TRUCKS to “ROLL across the “HIGHWAYS of AMERICA” no “GOODS out of “CANADA’ “SHUT DOWN the ROADS off AMERICA “TRUCKERS UNITED STATES of AMERICA”.! NO DELIVERIES into any CITIES ! “SHUT DOWN WASHINGTON,D.C. TRUCKERS of AMERICA”!! ‘ GOD BLESS AMERICA.”!!

  • Brian Compton

    ROLL ON you glorious bastards!  (and I mean that in the best way!)

  • Rebel Wrath

    I have said it for years that Americans need a revolution and take back the country. The high pocket hypocrits have had it far too long.  In the 70s the truckers pulled a halt across the country over high fuel prices, and they should do it again.  I think that Congress needs to be overhauled as well as the president office…hell….the whole damn system stinks like a busted sewage pipe. They ALL need to go and live like the rest of us do for a spell, get a good taste of the s**t pot we have to force down everyday. ….Get Behind the Truckers…..Ride on top with ’em and wave your rebel flag proud!

  • Anonymous

    I have posted this on FB at least 10 times and each time they take it off.  I guess I’ll turn it into an email and go on that way.  Someone afraid this might just work?

  • Anonymous

    Out here in Arizona,I hope some of our truckers are on their way to join the armada of truth and pride….America its time to stamp out the garbage in DC….when a woman is shot with her baby in the car with no explantion,its TIME…..

  • Anita Duke

    Does anyone know if this true or not?   
    DOT official says Feds order National Guard to block I-495 to prevent trucker protest

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    Tags Department of TransportationDOTgovernment shutdownright to work protestTransportation Security Administrationtrucker strikeTruckers to Shut Down AmericaWashington DCTwo different sources are reporting that Department of Transportation officials were told to work with the National Guard to block interstate routes to prevent a trucker protest schedule for this weekend.Freedom Leadership Conference says sources in the DOT claim White House have order the National Guard to close Interstate Route 495 to “thwart the three day Trucker slowdown announced on the Capitol Beltway” which was set to begin October 11.“They will use Guardsmen on foot and using trucks, jeeps and armored vehicles, which will be stationed at all entrance ramps to the Beltway to block incoming traffic starting early Friday morning,” the website notes.“Since Interstate 495 is clearly a federal roadway,” said DOT sources to and “the federal government is now closed because of the crazy House of Representatives Republicans, it is within the purview of the federal government to add it to the list of government properties that are closed and may not be used by citizens.”The “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” aims to tie up two of the three lanes of Interstate 495 circling the nation’s capital, with big rigs traveling no faster than the legal limit in two of the three lanes, an organizer told U.S. News & World Report. More on the protest and their motivations here

  • Patrick

    I’ve been following glenn beck for several years now…he is right on

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