Inspiring: Glenn talks to the 19-year-old Dairy Queen employee who stood up for a blind customer

There is an inspiring story out of Minnesota today involving a 19-year-old Dairy Queen manager who proved there is goodness in this world.

TheBlaze reports:

A Minnesota Dairy Queen has been swarmed with dozens of phone calls, hundreds of comments and an influx of business after a story about their 19-year-old manager’s courageous defense of a blind man went viral on Reddit.
Joey Prusak, who has been working at the popular fast-food restaurant for nearly five years, told TheBlaze Wednesday he was “shocked” and “sickened” by what he saw happen to a blind man at the hands of an elderly lady.

Prusak said that last Tuesday, one of his frequent guests, a man who is blind, walked into the local Dairy Queen. When the blind man took out his wallet to pay, a $20 bill slipped out of his pocket. An elderly woman behind the blind man then quickly snatched the bill off the floor and put it into her purse.

Prusak took matters into his own hands.

After confronting the woman, asking her to return the stolen money to the man, and having her refuse, Joey asked the woman to leave the establishment.

“But now here comes the part of the story that’s quite amazing,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The 19-year-old manager, according to one of the customers who was just sitting there watching all of this, did something that no one expected. This came from a letter from one of the customers who was standing in line: ‘To Dairy Queen. What your employee did I never expected. Your employee approached the blind man, and took out his wallet. And said, sir, on behalf of Dairy Queen, I’d like to give you the 20 dollars, that you happened to drop on the ground as you walked away from the counter. I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had. Taking his own money out of his own wallet to give the customer because some other lady decided to steal something that wasn’t hers.’ Joey said, ‘I felt it wasn’t right that he got ripped off by somebody like that lady. It wasn’t the right situation you know? I instantly got sick. And I felt sick to my stomach.’ This Dairy Queen is in a small town in Minnesota.”

“People are starving for people just to be good,” Glenn continued. “Dozens of people now have gone to the Dairy Queen, in fact, the Dairy Queen in this location, has doubled its business in the last week.”

After sharing the story and going to a commercial break, Glenn came back on air and said Joey was on the line, ready to share his experience.

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“I’m just so glad to talk to you and we were just talking about you here just a few minutes ago about how you are remarkable on,” Glenn said to Joey. “And it’s sad that you’re remarkable. But true.”

“I agree with you on that,” Joey responded. “I didn’t expect any of this to come from something that was so little in reality.”

Joey went on to explain how exactly the incident transpired, and Glenn, so impressed with the way Joey handled the situation, made a bold prediction.

“Well, I will tell you, you know, in time, you could be running all of Dairy Queen or whatever else it is that you would want to do,” Glenn said. “Right now, one of our problems in our country… is the lack of honesty. What do you want to? What is your plan for life?”

“I want to own my own business, of some kind. I’ve always been interested in the business aspect of the Dairy Queen that I work at,” Joey explained. “And the owner really worked with me on teaching me the things of the business. He’s owned the store over 20 years. So he kind of knows what he’s doing. And I just thought, ‘I’d like to eventually own my own Dairy Queen or just a business of some kind.’”

“I’m really impressed with you, Joey, and I would, I’d like to stay in touch with you. And find out what you’re dreams are and see if there’s anyway that we can help you with that because I think you are a remarkable young man,” Glenn said. “Do me a favor, don’t go to college.”

“Good advice, Glenn,” Pat said sarcastically.

Glenn clarified that he simply wants Joey to consider, given his business experience, the benefits of a self-education.

“No, no, no, get a self-education. Do exactly what you’re doing now,” Glenn said. “You get a self education and you read everything you can, and you study everything you can, and you surround yourself with really smart people, and you go to work for smart people. But don’t rack up a lot of debt and listen to a bunch of pinheads trying to tell you exactly how life works because they haven’t been in real life for a long time.”

“I can do that,” Joey said. “Thank you very much.”

  • Draxx

    The world would be a better place if we had more people like Joe out there….

    • Anonymous

      Draxx, there are a lot of others out there, it’s just that they are so out numbered by the slimy ones! I agree though, it would be  a lot better place if the people like Joey outnumbered the slimes!

      • Anonymous

        If that were the case stories like this wouldn’t happen, slime would be ashamed into hiding.

        • Anonymous

          Slim has NO shame.

    • Janet Chutro

      There’s lots of good people out there, it’s just that the bad ones are getting all the press! 

    • Anonymous

      and at least one less Glenn Beck

      • Anonymous

        Aren’t the other liberal trolls missing your inane comments over at the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post?

        • Anonymous

          Have never posted at either site. Not as much fun. Its more entertaining to engage the Beck crowd, those who are truly misinformed and laughably stupid. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh, right!  I sometimes forget that so many of you effete, pseudo-intellectual, liberal snobs always consider yourselves to be the smartest one in the room. What a pitiable life you lead..

          • Byron Lord

            Why the hate, bro? You mad?

          • Mark Evans

            Not mad – just honest.

  • Sam Fisher

    Good man,

  • Anonymous

    No cameras?  They should have shown that womans face everywhere possible.

    • Anonymous

      Why show her face? She knows who she is, she built the prison she lives in, and who knows, she may have had an afterthought about this. Guilt sure can beat you up good.

      • Anonymous

        She may not have guilt.  There are so many that are only for themselves now days.  Sad, but true.  God bless Joey throughout his life.

        • Anonymous

          She, most likely, felt that it was a gift from NoBama and the idiots that run this institution! May Joey be blessed from paying it forward!!

          • Anonymous

            And then again, she is an elderly woman (though the article doesn’t say how appx how old she is) who may be desperate for money. That does NOT excuse what she did.  I’m just sayin…

          • Anonymous

            No excuse for stealing money from a blind man…sad…

          • Anonymous

            Think you are on to something Tex, but the point needs expanding. The more it becomes an issue of survival, the more difficult it becomes. At some point survival intersects with virtue, after that point it is a struggle if even possible. THIS IS THE POINT OBAMA IS SEEKING!

          • Anonymous

            You’re “just sayin’…?”

            When all is said and done, a lot more is said than done

          • Dennis

            I agree.
            Joey Prusak is to be commended!

            Hey…That woman likely figured
            her action was simply “redistribution of wealth” it’s really about the same thing if your an honest thinker. More to the point if
            discovered the blind man to be a millionaire the PC police would
            suddenly favor the *itch who stole his money. Thinking he didn’t need nor earn that $20 in the first place and the DQ manager would lose his job for refusing to serve the thief .

            Note: hey she might be a millionaire…truth is always stranger than fiction….Lol …Be Blessed Joey Prusak be Blesed

        • 4BlueStars

          People like that don’t have a conscience. I mean she stole money from a blind man. Really?

      • TheMaskedMarauder

        The problem with people like her is they feel no guilt or remorse. That much is obvious by the way she fought with Joe over the money and didn’t give it back.

      • Anonymous

         You’re assuming the dirtbag thief had a conscience.  She is probably one of those who feels “entitled” to whatever she can steal.

      • Anonymous

        show her face, as a warning, so that everyone she comes in contact with will be careful and understand that they are in the presence of a person with no morals; one who would do anything to enrich herself at anyone’s expense.  The lady should be a pariah.

      • Sargonarhes

         It’s not enough. I want her to pay for it now, double it for that matter. She took advantage of it and needs to be publicly shamed for it. Post her picture every where, and tell every one what she did. See if any one will ever trust her again.

    • Anonymous

      Briylain, if she was a regular at Dairy Queen, you would think someone would know
      something about her, wouldn’t you?

  • Anonymous

    Three cheers for Joey. What real Americans are amde of.

  • Anonymous

    “People are starving for people just to be good”… I like that statement. And in actuality, lots of people do good and right things that go unnoticed, and when that happens, it’s a wonderful feeling for themselves as much as for the ones they are doing. It’s great to read about good actions, instead of the crimes and despicable actions of some. The latter is not the norm, as many as they are on the news. The former is the norm, that we don’t hear so much about.

  • Anonymous

    The silent, and the good, and those with pure hearts, do these things everyday. It’s those who condemn the successful, the charitable, and the pure of heart, who willingly steal from those people and give it to those who contribute nothing but demand everything.

  • Herman Vogel

    Hope he is promoted or at least gets a raise. Good man

  • Joseph McLinden

    Bravo Joey!

  • Joseph McLinden

    Joey doesn’t have to worry about his money.  His riches are stored the next life. 

  • Anonymous

    What a hero…we don’t have enough people like him!

  • sbut01

    I wonder if the woman thought the twenty came from obama’s stash?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Joe.  A good man is indeed, hard to find.  But you have been found, and I hope Glenn Beck goes all out to help you become a huge financial success in life.You already are a success in being a wonderful human  being.  So few out there. 

  • Anonymous

    amazing and sad that a 19 year old gets it and those in charge are even more blind than this men with a walking stick

  • Anonymous

    I would have taken pictures of the lady, called 911 and taken pictures of her auto or followed her with cell phone in hand.  I think with threat of the police coming to deal with her would not been worth trying to keep the 20 dollars.  I called 911 on a drunk/or wandering driver and followed as a safe distance while giving dispatch a street by street direction as to his location.  He pulled over once he saw the city squad car.  We always need to be involved but be safely involved too– use wisdom.

    • Anonymous

      One would think with all the camera phones around now, that someone would have had
      presence of mind to take her picture, huh?

  • Anonymous

    The police should have been called and the other customers should have blocked the door so she couldn’t leave. This type of behavior must be exposed and she should have been arrested for theft.

  • Dogger 1

    This is a great example that shows that not all elderly people are nice and innocent like many would have you believe, and that not all young people are looking out for only themselves.  Nice job, young man, and thank you for doing good in this world.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful young man.  His parents should be proud

    As to the old lady who took the blind man’s money, this didn’t surprise me.  When I was a kid, a long time ago, my mother sent me to the store, giving me $10 and some singles to pay for the order.  When I was paying, I dropped the $10 bill, and looked for it on the floor.  A grandmotherly woman reached down and grabbed it before I could, and shoved it in her pocket.  She refused to give it back to me, saying she didn’t know what I was talking about.  The grocer, a grizzled old fellow, looked her in the eye and said loudly “Give the kid her money, lady.” Since this was a small local store, she gave in, saying, “oh, was it yours, I didn’t know.” 

    Some people are just plain rotten.

  • Anonymous

    May God bless this young man !

  • smogdew

    I would have called the police after confronting that old lady – dollars to donuts that would be the only 20 in her purse – just cause you’re old, it doesn’t mean you can rip off a blind man.  I hope someone steals her purse.  Unlike Joey, I’m an eye for an eye….he’s a nice guy.

  • Anonymous

    Bless him!

  • Susan Baldwin

    What a good man. He should have called the police. I hope he runs his own life and don’t listen to no one else. It is his life. I wish all the best for him.

  • John

    How do we Donate to Joe Prusak…owning his own Dairy Queen

  • Anonymous

    the world would be a better place if there more honest people…so we just have to get rid of the angry hateful Li-berals. i miss the days when we didn’t have to have security cameras and we had common sense and common courtesy for one another….before libs took over schools and courts by taking God and His Commandments out! God Help US!GOD Bless America, God Will Bless America When America Blesses God…again.  
    Know Truth Know God, No Truth No God! two sets of people.

    • TheMaskedMarauder

      I miss those days too. We were brought up to be respectful, honest, decent and caring – there isn’t much of that going around now. There are way too many Machiavellian people out in the world who lie, cheat, steal and take advantage of others. 

      It is a sad state the world is in, and the people who are like that woman are too numerous. We should all strive to live like Joey.

  • Nitehawk

    I remember when things like this Man and situation were the nom not the exception. Job well done Sir I salute you

  • Anonymous

    God bless him,

  • Anonymous

    Somebody had parents who raised him right!

  • Anonymous

    If the guy who wrote the letter and anyone else who saw the action of the older lady would have stood up to her like Joey Prusak, then the lady might have been embarrassed enough to return the money to the man. Why didn’t they react in a positive manner, as well? 

    • Anonymous


  • MaryLou Ross

    Too bad he isn’t old enough to run for President!  Lordy, we could use a Washington, D.C. full of people like this…His parents must be proud as he didn’t just ‘stumble’ on this way of being honest…he was TAUGHT.  That is one of the problems..parents are too busy worrying about a child’s ‘self-esteem’ than they are in teaching their kids.  There are good people around us, but the government is doing it’s best to discourage and impinge of anything decent that is being done.  It seems there is some stupid law or rule going in to effect that covers the ‘honest’ people.  It’s gotten to the place where people almost have to lie in order to get by  or make a living.  I’m surprised there wasn’t some law being broken here..did the currency lay on the floor longer than 5 sec.?  How long must something be “lost” before it is considered lost and the ‘finders-keepers’ rule applies?  One thing, this woman will re-live this moment when she spends that money, and every time she goes past a Dairy Queen it will pop into her memory..she’ll get to re-live her ‘MOMENT OF SHAME” many times.

  • Anonymous

    I think this was wonderful but I would have been more delighted if the young man had grabbed the lady in a citizen’s arrest and called the cops.  If there happened to be a pie near at hand he might have shoved it in her face, too.

  • TheMaskedMarauder

    Joe proved that there are still people with integrity and honesty in the world, and he is humble as well. A rare personality in this day and age. The woman who took advantage of the vision impaired man stole his dropped $20.00, and she deserved to be called out on it. Too many people today would just look the other way, and Joe should be rewarded for being a good man and confronting her. It was the right thing to do. 

  • Jack Marteville

    I would appreciate if you would refrain to call that woman, the thief, a “lady”. A lady is a woman of higher moral standard than a thief taking advantage of someone who is blind.
    I see the word “lady” applied all the time in the media to women who are clearly sluts, moral or physical or both, and it really bothers me in the same manner as total creeps are being called “gentlemen” in the media. Glenn, you are better than that.
    Please let’s get our vocabulary cleaned up here:
    A “man”, a male, can be only be called a “gentleman”  if his moral values and actions justify the qualifier.
    A “woman” a female, should be subjected to the same standard, and in any case a thief cannot ever be called a ‘lady”. Merely a woman, a female of the species with obviously little self-respect.
    It is bad enough that the left in this country and others, have shuffled the vocabulary according to their masters perverted ways (Mao, Stalin…) but if good people use perverted language, what is left of the meaning of “gentle”? Bad enough that “gay” has been stolen to describe homosexuality. What does a beautiful adjective like “gay” have to do with sexual behavior, and can no longer be used for its real meaning of simply being, happy?
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  • Debbie Jankord

    This made me tear up and feel sick. Worse that it was an elderly person. What happened that she has such a hard and selfish heart? Maybe she’s broke herself, but still….this ain’t the way to solve that.  And…did someone file a police report?  No matter how petty, she brazenly committed a crime in front of witnesses for Pete’s sake.

    I just don’t know about people any more.

    Joe – well, he just rocks!!

    • Anonymous

      Debbie, for all we know, the story could have had a happy ending for the woman.
      What if Joey saw her give the $20. back to the blind man, telling him that it had dropped
      on the floor.  And for her kindness, what if Joey told her that her order was ”on the house?”   Happy all around.  Too bad it didn’t end that way.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    I wish this guy was working at the Walgreen’s here in Griffith In, when, on friday the 13th, the cashier shorted me ten dollars, and her manager did not give me my money back! I have been after them for days now, with no positive result. I have reported them to BBB, and posted to 372 FB friends, so far, no positive results. Mean people suck.

    • Anonymous

      So sorry…she must have made an error of 10.00 so she shorted you…sad…

      • Anonymous

        after the shift they must have had $10.00 too many in the drawer – hellooo what kind of management is running that place? I would have not left until they did a cash balance –  that is a normal procedure and I think most cashiers had their cash-drawers audited – no? Anyway – Joey – God bless you!

  • Anonymous

    still in all that old doosh bag should be placed in jail for theft… she was given the chance to repent and ask for forgiveness for her actions. but all in all the scripture in the Bible where Jesus tells his disciples what you do to the least of these you do to me comes to mind and she will answer for her theft.

  • Anonymous

    This good young man is a great example of human kindness and a strong moral compass. 

  • apophis

    I live in an area that is mixed 50/50 white/black.  I went to get mail and told the story to a neighbor and her husband.  They both agreed that the young man was stupid and that they would have kept the money.  They stated that if whoever let the blind guy out by himself did not care to check where he kept money it was their fault.  My only thoughts were “May God protect the rest of us from these predators with no conscience”.

    • Anonymous

      Wow we do have a disease in our nation…awful…and so so so wrong…

  • Anonymous

    The world needs more Joey’s. Wishing this young man the very best and thanks to Glenn for giving this young man encouragement and the exposure to tell his story. I see a millionaire in the making here.

  • Dell Temple

    I too feel Joe simply did what was right, in trying to get the greedy old lady to return the money, however he went above right when he decided to make it right himself, for that he put himself above a whole lot of people in this country.  Not too awful long ago incidents like this wouldn’t create such national attention, but due to all the thievery and slime-bags we have around now, simply doing something right is kind of out-of-the-norm.  The very best of luck to all the ‘Joes’ out there, keep fighting the good fights.  

  • Dell Temple

     I believe in the old saying ‘what goes around comes around’, I believe our actions are at some point accountable, whether its some religious phenomena or simply karma, I really believe good people are rewarded and bad ones held accountable.  I feel really sorry for the lady who decided to take the wrong path in stealing from a blind man.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it sad that we DON’T have more people like Joe out there in our country?  Unfortunately, we have way too many like the thief who took the blind man’s money.  It seems to be when you have somebody “leading” the country who is dishonest and without principles, it breeds the same thing in the country.  Our sociopath President is leading this country straight to hell.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that the thief felt emboldened to just snatch up the blind guy’s money right there in front of the counter–in front of everybody–just shows that the thieves and liars have become so commonplace they don’t even have to bother to try to hide what scum they are.  They are the “norm” now   But then, why wouldn’t they be, when we have a LIAR and a TRAITOR sitting in the White House pretending to be President?

  • Monique

    My hat is off to this fine young man.  We certainly need more such people in our society.

    When my elderly mother was in a local hospital Emergency, she realized her change purse was missing after checking her coat pocket where she’d placed it.  Asking others in the waiting room if they’d seen her purse, one woman piped up and said she saw the purse fall out of my mother’s coat and a third woman take it off the chair where it fell and place the coin purse in her bag.  The third woman just watched and did nothing figuring that it was none of her business that my mother was being robbed.  Unfortunately, this is the case with many…they just don’t care to get involved.

  • Geri Clark

    To bad there aren’t a whole bunch more people out there like joey kudos to you keep up the good work  

  • Betty Townley

    What an absolutely awesome kid.  He’s somebody I’d like to know — and his parents, too.  They must have done something right! I hope he reaches the stars in his future.

  • Dennis

     Joey Prusak is to be commended!

    Hey…That woman likely figured
    her action was simply “redistribution of wealth” it’s really about the
    same thing if your an honest thinker.More to the point if
    discovered the blind man to be a millionaire the PC police would
    suddenly favor the *itch who stole his money. Thinking he didn’t need nor earn
    that $20 in the first place and then the DQ manager would lose his job
    for refusing to serve the thief .

    note: hey she might be a millionaire…truth is always stranger than fiction….Lol …Be Blessed Joey Prusak be Blesed

  • Anonymous

    Good news!

  • Geri Clark

    and to the woman that kept the money ,that money will bring you nothing but bad luck GOD knows what you did ,just remember that.

    • John

      The lake of fire is very big and there are no boats. Have a nice swim for all of eternity.  

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, if the woman has no conscience, she is beyond help. On the other hand, Joey is a fine young man who will go far. There used to be a time when NOT going to college was not that unusual — especially if you were going into business. When I was in high school you were either going to go into business or go to college, but not usually both. I liked it better then. People were more honest. I hope it gets that way again. In the meantime, I wish Joey all the good luck and experiences that will bring it to him along with the blessings he will surely earn for his honesty. I wish the woman who stole the blind man’s money all the misery she can receive until she decides to return it and admit she was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Joe…you made my day……such a kind thing to do…God Bless..thank you to you Glenn for letting us read and hear about this young man…your show showed us a kinder side of Americans…

  • dnav

    Someone ought to be applauding Joe for TWO heroic acts here.

    Taking care of the blind man and giving him $20 was one great heroic act.

    Kicking that elderly lady out of the establishment was another heroic act of kindness on his part.

    Let me explain. Joe could have called the police as witness to the theft and endeavored to detain the woman and have her charged.

    When I read the story, that was my initial response — why didn’t Joe bust this old woman.

    Then I realized his act of love was even deeper than I thought – perhaps he didn’t know better, but to actually just rectify matters and let this lady go was an act of kindness and love that exemplifies “overcoming evil with good.” 

    I think this woman will be convicted in her own heart and have some remorse over this incident if she is even salvageable.  But had she been busted, she probably would have become more vindictive, more bitter and angrier.

    Way to go Joe — your acts of kindness to the blind man and elderly lady will not go unrewarded by the Author of Life, Almighty God.

    • John

      Of course what the old women did was evil. But on the other hand we don’t know her situation. She could be penniless and 20 bucks may have meant to her eating the last few days of the month. However, confronted and refusing to return the money says a lot about her over all character. In her place I could not have kept the money from a blind man. Blind is worse than hunger to me.

      • Anonymous

        And if she was in dire needs, John, perhaps if she explained it to the blind man,
        he may have told her to keep the $20.  We’ll never know.  Nor will she.

  • Kim Weron-Finke

    Outstanding young man for what he did, says a lot about his parents !

  • Travis Coleman

    Dear Mr. Glenn Beck,

    Joey Prusak’s actions demonstrate a level of justice that goes beyond acknowledging the injustice suffered by one vulnerable human being at the hand of their own neighbor, beyond even calling the offender to restitution.  He was willing to enter into the blind man’s indignity with him by sacrificing something of himself in order to restore the man’s dignity.  In so doing, Joey allowed the thief to reach into his own pocket so that the blind man would not experience the loss himself.  He was willing to suffer with and in the place of the downtrodden.  This is the essence of compassion; not only feeling sorry for but actively participating in the pain of another that they may not suffer alone.


  • Travis Coleman


  • sickandtired

    It isn’t just that the good ones are outnumbered…it is that we don’t hear about it. The MSM does not report on the good things, they  only like to report on sensationalism.

  • Dale Hogue

    This is an experience that only my family and I know about until now:  About 40 years ago on a very early Christmas morning – I was delivering newspapers on an auto route as a second job – I noticed that there was a huge light on the next street.  I threw my customer’s papers on the street where I was at the time, then drove to the next street where the light was. I was shocked to discover that a house was on fire. I stopped and jumped from the car heading for the front door of the house.  A lady from across the street came running.  She told me that the folks who lived at that house had gone away to visit relatives from out of state and their two teenagers were staying at the house which was now on fire.  I told the neighbor to call the fire department while I attempted to wake the sleeping teenagers.  I pounded on the door till it fell inward – I yelled loudly that the house was on fire, then I headed around to back of the house and pounded on the window.  The two teenagers heard me and scrambled out of the bedroom window.  They headed out to the front of the house while I grabbed a garden hose and started pouring water on the fire.  I was hosing water when the fire engines came roaring up to the house.  They started doing what they were suppose to do.  I stopped hosing down the house – it wasn’t helping much – and went to my car.  I watched the firemen working and spotted the two teenagers talking to the neighbor lady who had called the fire department.  They appeared to be okay, so I got in my car and drove off to finish delivering my papers.  I was wet, so I put on my spar jacket to keep warm.  The day following the fire my wife and I read in the town newspaper that a policeman had awaken the teenagers and helped them out of the bedroom window.  The story in the paper said that another man helped out but he left before anybody could get his name.  I thought about letting the newspaper know that I was that person, but if I did that, then the policeman’s story would’ve been exposed as a lie.  So I didn’t tell anybody about my experience at that time.  When the policeman died a number of years later, the story of his Christmas morning rescue was told at his funeral. That’s the end of my story.

  • Anonymous

    With kids like that to run a biz  America has less to worry about….

  • Anonymous

    It’s so refreshing to here a heart warming story instead of all the trash created by this P.O.S. occupying the White House
    If Obama had a mother, she would act just like the lady in the Dairy Queen!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have done things for both human and non humans all of my life.  Much was done anonymously.  I knew there was always One Who was aware of it…

    • Anonymous

      Good for you Mona!   Even a smile directed at another could be a gift.  It might be the
      only one they’ve seen all day.  Or, perhaps, all week—or longer.  Smiles don’t cost much.   Give them away!

  • Anonymous

    Good for you , Joey!   Now, I wonder about the older woman who picked up the $20. and put it

    in her purse.   What’s HER story?  Presumably, she had money if she was coming to Dairy

    Queen to buy something.  Whether it was a meal or just some kind of ”sandwich”, I couldn’t

    say.  But, then, what if this was going to be her last meal?  You know what I mean.  It may be

    because she was desperate and grabbed the money.  Or it could be that she was just a greedy

    old woman.  It would be interesting to hear her side of the story.  If anyone at DQ knows her,

    perhaps they could fill in the missing part?

  • Anonymous

    The only comment I’ve read so far on this thread is that of John, and that is a gentle disagreement. John says that we don’t know the old lady’s situation, and that although her act was evil she might have been in desperate need. I understand his view, I’m not attacking him – but he is seeking an excuse for her when there is none.

    I am elderly and on a small fixed income (78), she would have come from approximately my generation. “Thou shall not steal”, and that quote from the Bible is not just biblical, it was a dictum of our parents. I learned my lesson early. Many years ago I was a 9 year old, and, like my fellow 9 year olds, didn’t see anything wrong with “hocking” something from the dime store. My mother noticed that I had a new “tin soldier” (they were plastic, it was during the war) that she hadn’t bought me. I was questioned, and admitted that I’d “hocked” it. She said nothing about it. She handed it to me and marched me to the five and dime and called for the manager (I have a sneaky feeling that she had made a phone call and prepared him – but that is in retrospect years later). The manager met us and I handed him the toy soldier and said, as instructed, “I stole this”. He accepted it graciously and not another word was said.

    The incident was never mentioned again, there was no other discipline, but I remember it vividly after 69 years and have never stolen again.

    That said, Joey is an example for all of us – I wish him well in life. Glenn is right about college, although I’m an Ivy grad. I went to a private day school and our most successful grad was our Class President whose parents were advised that he wasn’t college material. The Headmaster suggested he go into the trades as his skills lay there. By the age of 30 he owned his own construction company, and then expanded to more. Over my many years I’ve seen too many college grads stuck in white collar jobs who took the college bait when their skills were elsewhere.

    College should not be considered a ticket, or a trade school. Our secondary educational system has dropped the ball and passed it to the colleges. The colleges luxuriate in the subsidies and offer nothing in the way of learning. Learning is a function of critical thinking, not a set of things taught.

  • Joe White

    Semper Fi Joey!

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting. It’s not like she found a $20 just blowing around in the parking lot with no one around. She SAW the man drop it, and a disabled man yet! Would SHE like it if she went blind or was confined to bed and her care givers stole her Social Security money? I hope DQ bans her permanently. 

  • Anonymous

    As a sister of a used to be blind brother…It’s good to know that there is honest citizens looking out for the blind people. My brother had surgery 5 years ago and was finally able to see for the first time  just before he turned 50 years old. The day after surgery he walked outside the hospital and saw the sky, trees, everything for the first time. He said what he saw was “Perfect”. We thank God and the doctors for this miracle! I once was blind now I see.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    What a lovely thing, for this blind man to see the good in the world. A little light, to brighten his day.

  • Bruce Folger

    Everone needs a true friend like Joe

  • Anonymous

    Wow, 19 and Joey is the manager, what a wonderful young man.  That person will have to live with that, but of course that type of person is evidentially not bothered by lying.  Hey, I bet she is a democrat.   What a loser!!!  Joe you are the best….

    • Anonymous

      “Hey, I bet she is a democrat”….What juvenile thing to say..

  • Anonymous

    That twenty will “buy” her a lot more than 20 bucks worth of misery.

    I’d bet it’s eating at her right this second.

    It will gnaw away far more than 20 bucks worth of her soul.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Joey! It is sickening to hear stories like these when even when I was a kid(about 35 years ago) what Joey did would have been expected and, although unheard of, if some old rat lady were to rip off a blind man she would have been pinned to the wall until she did the right thing and gave the money back. All of our modern “tolerance” for others does nothing more than provide cover for the aberrant.

  • Sally My

    thanks for sharing that remarkable story. Kudos to Joey and his parents for teaching him to be honest and upstanding!  He truly is an outstanding young man.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that creepy woman hears all this and finds out it is counterfeit and goes to jail for 20 years. She deserves it.

  • Chris Donawho

    Glenn said it best. It is really a shame on this country that what this kid did was “remarkable” when it should be so common-place that no one notices.

  • Anonymous

    Can we make that young man, Joey Prusak, head of the USPS lost mail department in Atlanta, Georgia? That facility ‘lost’ 70 of my music books and yearbooks last year due to purposely shoddy sorting so they could auction off postal customers’ books at will, and they even made an un-Constitutional deal with another government-run business to sell stuff online without sorting books in an organized way. I see he is in Minnesota, where the second to last mail recovery center was located up to a few years ago. I’d put him in charge of a government facility in a heartbeat; he is honest and would make sure others don’t steal under his watch.

  • Anonymous

    Sad that the state of affairs has deteriorated to the point that someone behaving like we all USED to act is NEWS.  That being said, kudos to Mr. Prusak for serving as a role model for us all. To the woman who stole from a blind man, karma has a way of biting those in the a z z who most deserve it.  Your turn will come, scumbucket, your turn will come.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I haven’t seen any major contributions to mankind from YOU.  Did miss a news article or what?

  • Anonymous

    @randypants – Funny, try as I might I can find no positive posts from you nor can I find any news articles which mention any significant contribution to mankind from YOU.  Did I miss a newsclip or something?
    Glen Beck on the other hand has many accolades, acknowlegements and a BOATload of money from HIS accomplishments.  Sucks to be YOU.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the identity of the woman who stole that money comes out because she should be ashamed of herself for doing what she did.  This young man has real leadership qualities for doing the right thing and thinking outside of the box.  Sadly, most people would have done nothing in the same situation. 

  • Chuck Wingfield

    This story doesn’t surprise me at all. Back in the 90’s I opened a small frozen yogurt/convenient store in OBX.  The locals warned me the kids will steal me blind.  They were wrong, it was the old blue-haired ladies on vacation that were the shoplifters.  I had a honor system for the purchase of newspapers before the shop opened and I discovers those women had no honor.  I also discovered they were stealing sunglasses.  I had penny candy out on the counter with a sign that said “have a piece of candy on me”.  Kid’s would usually ask if it was really ok to take a piece but the “old blue thieves”, as  I came to call them would take hand fulls and even dump the entire contents into their huge shoplifting purses. Kids would come in from the beach and leave their change in the penny cup because they had no pockets in their bathing suit.  Usually the first “old BT” would clean out all silver coins in the cup. The old lady thief in your story could very well have been one of the ones stealing from me.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    How sad that there are some people in society who would steal a blind man’s money!  How sich is that?

  • Friend Wilkins

    I’ll bet $20 the old lady voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  She must have been shocked that someone had the nerve to question her “honesty”.  In her mind, she was entitled to that $20 bill.  I wonder if she felt any sense of guilt or shame when she slipped that stolen bill into her purse…

  • Anonymous

    While it’s commendable that Mr. Prusak did the right thing, it’s a sad commentary on the deplorable state of our society that doing so was even news.  As for the thief who was so low as to steal from a blind man, karma has a way of biting those on the butt who most deserve it.  I hope it happens to you soon.

  • Anonymous

    Joey ~ You are an incredible role model simply because you did the right thing.  I’ve told and shown my children how random acts of kindness can change the world one person at a time and quite honestly it makes my day too.  Today, you will be the messenger with when I share this clip with my kids (ages 16, 14 and 8).  Thank you so much!!

  • Judy Snyder

    Thank God for people like Joe. My grandson is blind and I hope if something like this ever happens to him I sure hope there is a “Joe” there to help him. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s great that this man gave 20$ to the blind man, but is it really such a shock when somebody simply does the right thing? I would think this should be what anyone would do. Isn’t it? I have sure learned a very hard lesson in the ways of this world myself lately when I heard this hysterical crying at the Walmart store where I worked for 10 years, and went to find out that the new store manager was abusing a handicapped female colleague. Everybody could see and hear this abuse and hysterical crying across the store, but although they were all visibly shaken by it, they were all afraid to report it. I could not let this poor handicapped girls mistreatment go unreported, and after that my life was never the same again. The abusive manager began complaining to me about reporting him, harassing me, physically threatened me, and made up some excuse to wrongfully fire me. The store was charged and I was forced to drop the charge before being reinstated, only to be constantly plotted and schemed on and fired 2 more times. It had really just become a nightmare in there for me. Going back to the Labor Board as they had told me to do if I am harassed when I return to work, I was told this is illegal retaliation and they are taking walmart to court. I went into a grueling 2 year legal battle that despite absolute documented prooof of numerous civil, labor, and serious federal crimes against me, 3 lawyers, my local congressman, and even the police who gave me a statement proving walmart told defamatory lies about me to federal investigators, all backing me, telling me I did everything perfectly right and Walmart broke all kinds of laws, I still lost due to what can only be described as massive gross corporate corruption. So now I’m 47 yrs old, lost my job, what I thought was my career, the stability I had finally found in my life after years of my own personal struggles prior to coming to Walmart, 10 of the last prime years of my life invested in the company, and any hope of ever retiring in my lifetime. All because I reported the Walmart manager’s abuse of a handicapped girl that everyone else was afraid to report. Before coming to walmart I had struggled with severe alcoholism for many years, but had completely turned my life around, thank God, I have been sober for over 13 years now. I have gone around speaking in many local rehabs and made extensive efforts publicly and privately to help others improve their lives. i always did good deeds for people at every opportunity every day as a way of life. I felt it was my duty, responsibility, and privilidge having got a second chance on life myself, but his one got me, and really got me good. Uprooted my life, financially hurt me very badly and put me through an unimaginably emotionaly anguishing, depressing 2 year legal battle, and caused me damages that I will surely suffer from for the rest of my life. All because I tried to do the right thing. I hate to ask, but if anyone can please help me I would be eternally grateful. Sincerely, – Bob Snodgrass, 715 Taylor Rd., Downingtown, Pa. 19335, –– phone: 484-252-9596

  • Viking.

    There are a few honourable people left in the world.

  • A Lake

    I’ve tried not to comment on this article, but it just keeps coming back, in one way or another, because it unintentionally expresses many of the key weaknesses of the modern Western mindset. The manager doesn’t feel in control of his restaurant, the customers don’t feel in control of their space, everyone feels they don’t ‘own’ their own society, and nobody dares to confront an old woman who is stealing from a blind man.

    (1) Glenn is ‘inspired’ by this story. If this kind of new age jelly fish behaviour is ‘inspirational’, how do you describe landing on Juno beach?

    (2) “After confronting the woman, asking her to return the stolen money to the man, and having her refuse, Joey asked the woman to leave the establishment”

    Note the verb here: “asked” three times. He never commanded nor did any action which would threaten. The whole of his behaviour, and the following comments, are premised on the idea that you point out what a person has done wrong, and they will be stung by a sense of guilt and wrong doing, then they will change their behaviour. It is the premise on which our entire criminal justice system is based, and it has, incredibly, become adopted to such an extent that it even operates in people’s minds in a Dairy Queen. He hasn’t even got the confidence to order her from his restaurant. The whole model works on the basis that your explain to little children how ‘bad’ their actions are, and try to make them feel guilty, and hope they will feel coerced by social pressure. But if the person just turns round with two fingers and says “screw you”, there’s nothing this society can do. Its a toothless tiger, as Mao said.

    (3) Unable to right the wrong, Joey uses his own money to re-imburse the funds stolen from the blind man. Virtuous indeed, but does it scale? For how long can we all do this to correct injustices? What if it was $200, what happens then? And more importantly, what kind of signal does this send out to the criminal? This just looks like a group of frightened chimpanzees grooming each other after they’ve suffered a theft by a marauding tribe. Yes, it makes you feel better, but it does nothing to prepare you for next time.

    (4) “Joey said, ‘I felt it wasn’t right that he got ripped off by somebody like that lady. It wasn’t the right situation you know? I instantly got sick. And I felt sick to my stomach”

    Yes, injustice does that to you. But the sickness is nature’s way of prompting you to action, not to goad you into some displacement reaction.

    (5) ““People are starving for people just to be good,” Glenn continued”

    Yes, that’s what people are starving for, for someone who is pure good, nothing slightly malevolent or disturbing about them. Just as in Star Trek they never deliberately kill any bad person, nobody now cannot perform any ‘hard’ act, even to protect society, without being condemned, just as I myself will be condemned for writing this comment. People are not starving for a ‘strong man’ that will protect the values of society. Well, they aren’t in the West at least. Russia is pretty happy with Putin, but then, that’s why the West hates him so much. He’s breaking all the rules of modern liberal thinking.

    (6) ““Dozens of people now have gone to the Dairy Queen, in fact, the Dairy Queen in this location, has doubled its business in the last week.”

    Hurray! Good has triumphed over evil! Doesn’t that just show that if you do a good deed as Joey did, you will ultimately be rewarded? There’s shades of Christian redemption creeping in here. But once again, does it scale? What if the rival to Dairy Queen has a similar incident the following week? Where do we go with this then? Its practical nonsense, and its practical nonsense because its moral nonsense.

    (7) ““I’m really impressed with you, Joey, and I would, I’d like to stay in touch with you. And find out what you’re dreams are and see if there’s anyway that we can help you with that because I think you are a remarkable young man,”

    These are kind words. Joey displayed honesty, yes, but he did not display some of the other qualities that you need more as a tough manager or business owner.

    OK, so enough of the chat. How else could this have panned out?
    (a) After asking politely for her to return the money, Joey takes her photo, then says:
    “This photo will now be sent to all the Dairy Queen’s nationwide. With corporate approval, you will be banned from all our restaurants, in accordance with our terms and conditions allowing us to deny serving customers who have caused trouble or criminal actions in the past.”
    (b) “It may be the case that other restaurants and retail outlets, upon seeing our banning instructions to staff, may also choose to ban you. This could happen to you throughout the state, or even the entire country. We have no control over this”
    (c) “I am now going to ring the police, because the blind man here wishes to press charges for theft”
    (d) “If you’ve crapped yourself, you are welcome to use our toilets to clean up. However, unless you return the $20 now, I will be phoning the police.”

    OK, (d) was an optional joke. Now, after that, do you think the woman will ever do that again? Do you think any of those watching will think of opening themselves to the risk of that public humiliation? Probably, most people will think twice about messing with that manager ever.

    Now, someone who did that, I would trust as a manager, or to run a small business. But to sing the praises of someone who only made a weak, feeble gesture of ‘confrontation’, and a failed one at that, then used his own money to paper over the problem – if that’s the modern hero, then God help us.

    But of course, he couldn’t do what I suggest anyway. It is too mean. The modern ‘good’ person must be nice to everyone (except conservatives, they don’t count as human). And we aren’t allowed to order or coerce people to do anything. All we can do is encourage them to choose to do it themselves.

    And that’s why the US has a dysfunctional state educational system, turning out semi-literate idiots at massive expense (especially in Detroit). All it can do is ‘encourage’ students to work and study, it can never push or threaten them to achieve a necessary standard so that they become usable material for the society to function. Well, what does it matter anyway? Just get everything made in factories in China. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here.

    I will add a final point. So many of the comments here pontificate over whether the blind man was a millionaire, how poor the old woman was, how old she was, whether she felt any remorse, etc. Please save those questions for your philosophy workshop!  Actually, although I may be accused of being cruel, I don’t particularly judge the old lady. She did what she wanted to do. But what you do in my space is my business, and its my space even if I’m just a customer.  Its also my society.  Well, it used to be.

    The issue to focus on here, is not one morality, its criminal law, and maintaining corporate standards and control of the enterprise. The moment you step into moral quagmires, as a manager, you are lost. That’s why we have concepts like ‘Best Practice’ and ‘Code of Conduct’. 

    Yet another example of a lost people.  You can judge people, and you can take action, or do both or none.  But modern society seems to have picked the worst of the 4 possible options: it judges people and takes no action.  People want to judge everything (even though this society flatters itself on being ‘non-judgemental’) even where its none of their business. A bit like Syria really. But I’m getting ahead of myself again, so I’ll end here.

  • chip griffin

    your suppost to do the right thing, there will never be a reward for doing the right thing, but hell for doing the wrong thing. once you understand you must or else

  • Anonymous

    We need a conservative arts university that offered in economics, business, history, ethics, constitutional law.

  • Obamasucks69

    The old lady should have been arrested…

  • Montesquieu

    The collectivist notion that a few quacks & academics are somehow magically ready to plan & direct our future progress is complete nonsense

  • 4BlueStars

    The woman was “an Obama voter” no doubt.

  • Anonymous

    My dad told me of a time when he used to sell newspapers as a boy, and he had one of those
    old “honor system” boxes where the customer would place the coin in the slot to pay for their paper but there was no actual locking mechanism to prevent them from just taking a paper. An old lady was in the habit of taking a paper every day without paying for it so my dad set up a sting and stung her and proved that she was stealing, but the cops did not care!!! The cops told my dad, the kid, to STFU and leave the poor old lady alone. That story made me hate old ladies with a purple passion. I now always make it a point to kick old ladies to the curb, hard.

  • robert hamrick

    That swine of an elderly lady must be continuing or retired from the government

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the old hag with the Jackson?

  • Anonymous

    Nice, great story! This gives me hope for the youth of this country!

  • Dart

    I laud Joey’s action and his work ethic, but I do not think he should be looking for a capital investor at this point. He is nineteen. He should be proving his mettle by getting out there and making the most money possible to invest in his own business. Look at the Cane’s Chicken story to see how a young man without money made his dream come true. There are ways go make a good nest egg fairly fast…….especially if you don’t have a family or other entanglements. As an investor, I would be much more impressed by a young person who busted his butt to get seed money rather than did a media search for an investor. That is what the investors are looking for….someone who works at any job to make his dream come true eventually.

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