There is an inspiring story out of Minnesota today involving a 19-year-old Dairy Queen manager who proved there is goodness in this world.

TheBlaze reports:

A Minnesota Dairy Queen has been swarmed with dozens of phone calls, hundreds of comments and an influx of business after a story about their 19-year-old manager’s courageous defense of a blind man went viral on Reddit.
Joey Prusak, who has been working at the popular fast-food restaurant for nearly five years, told TheBlaze Wednesday he was “shocked” and “sickened” by what he saw happen to a blind man at the hands of an elderly lady.

Prusak said that last Tuesday, one of his frequent guests, a man who is blind, walked into the local Dairy Queen. When the blind man took out his wallet to pay, a $20 bill slipped out of his pocket. An elderly woman behind the blind man then quickly snatched the bill off the floor and put it into her purse.

Prusak took matters into his own hands.

After confronting the woman, asking her to return the stolen money to the man, and having her refuse, Joey asked the woman to leave the establishment.

“But now here comes the part of the story that’s quite amazing,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The 19-year-old manager, according to one of the customers who was just sitting there watching all of this, did something that no one expected. This came from a letter from one of the customers who was standing in line: ‘To Dairy Queen. What your employee did I never expected. Your employee approached the blind man, and took out his wallet. And said, sir, on behalf of Dairy Queen, I’d like to give you the 20 dollars, that you happened to drop on the ground as you walked away from the counter. I was in shock by the generosity that your employee had. Taking his own money out of his own wallet to give the customer because some other lady decided to steal something that wasn’t hers.’ Joey said, ‘I felt it wasn’t right that he got ripped off by somebody like that lady. It wasn’t the right situation you know? I instantly got sick. And I felt sick to my stomach.’ This Dairy Queen is in a small town in Minnesota.”

“People are starving for people just to be good,” Glenn continued. “Dozens of people now have gone to the Dairy Queen, in fact, the Dairy Queen in this location, has doubled its business in the last week.”

After sharing the story and going to a commercial break, Glenn came back on air and said Joey was on the line, ready to share his experience.

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“I’m just so glad to talk to you and we were just talking about you here just a few minutes ago about how you are remarkable on,” Glenn said to Joey. “And it’s sad that you’re remarkable. But true.”

“I agree with you on that,” Joey responded. “I didn’t expect any of this to come from something that was so little in reality.”

Joey went on to explain how exactly the incident transpired, and Glenn, so impressed with the way Joey handled the situation, made a bold prediction.

“Well, I will tell you, you know, in time, you could be running all of Dairy Queen or whatever else it is that you would want to do,” Glenn said. “Right now, one of our problems in our country… is the lack of honesty. What do you want to? What is your plan for life?”

“I want to own my own business, of some kind. I’ve always been interested in the business aspect of the Dairy Queen that I work at,” Joey explained. “And the owner really worked with me on teaching me the things of the business. He’s owned the store over 20 years. So he kind of knows what he’s doing. And I just thought, ‘I’d like to eventually own my own Dairy Queen or just a business of some kind.’”

“I’m really impressed with you, Joey, and I would, I’d like to stay in touch with you. And find out what you’re dreams are and see if there’s anyway that we can help you with that because I think you are a remarkable young man,” Glenn said. “Do me a favor, don’t go to college.”

“Good advice, Glenn,” Pat said sarcastically.

Glenn clarified that he simply wants Joey to consider, given his business experience, the benefits of a self-education.

“No, no, no, get a self-education. Do exactly what you’re doing now,” Glenn said. “You get a self education and you read everything you can, and you study everything you can, and you surround yourself with really smart people, and you go to work for smart people. But don’t rack up a lot of debt and listen to a bunch of pinheads trying to tell you exactly how life works because they haven’t been in real life for a long time.”

“I can do that,” Joey said. “Thank you very much.”