Media claims Navy Yard shooter used AR-15 in massacre… except he didn’t

In the immediate aftermath of the Washington Navy Yard shooting on Monday, it was widely reported the killer, Aaron Alexis, used an AR-15 rifle during the massacre. Investigators have since confirmed there is no evidence to suggest Alexis used an AR-15 – and the stories that he had legally purchased the rifle earlier in the week proved to be false.

“He didn’t have one. He didn’t buy one. He didn’t use one,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

On radio this morning, Glenn played a compilation of news reports that insisted an AR-15 was used in the attack. “He didn’t have one. He didn’t buy one. He didn’t use one,” Glenn said.

The range of falsity propagated by many in the media is pretty remarkable. It looks like, in this situation, the desire for a pro-gun control narrative trumped the actual reporting of the facts.

Perhaps there was no greater offender than the anti-gun advocate Piers Morgan, who offered this oddly specific (and false) gem: “He was armed with an AR-15, another rifle and semi-automatic glock. I believe he used the AR-15 for most if not all of the shooting. That gun was legally purchased.”

Hear all of the clips below:

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  • Anonymous

    The mainstream media never lets the facts or truth get in the way of the agenda.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      No, they never do.

    • Anonymous

       Speaking of the MSM, where are our resident drive-by Trolls on this one?

  • Anonymous

    Can you handle the truth?
    As I said previously, Aaron Alexis fits the profile of a CIA wind-up toy. I’m not totally convinced, but what makes this particular mass-shooting case very interesting to me is that Mr. Alexis carved “my ELF weapon” on his shotgun. Why is “ELF” so significant? Because ELF waves can be weaponized, that’s why.
    Yes, that’s right, your loving government has numerous top secret programs which focus on using extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. It makes me wonder just who and what was really behind Aaron Alexis.
    Of course, as I’ve said so many times before: The uber fool, Glenn, has a lot of catching up to do in regards to what the loving CIA, NSA, DOD and other unlisted government agencies are up to, so I’d never turn to him for the real story. Glenn is just too green when comes to the inner workings and the machinations of the loving government.
    I postulate that there are two possibilities: 1) Mr. Alexis could have simply just gone postal or 2) Mr. Alexis could have turned on his top secret handlers who were fucking with his mind and delivered some pay-back to his loving government.
    The fact that Mr. Alexis only used a shotgun and not an AR-15 leads me to believe that this was not a false flag, because if this case was indeed a false flag the loving government would have armed their wind-up toy with a gun which would have inspired fear and not just a run of the mill shotgun; moreover, Mr. Alexis would have never carved such a telltale clue on the stock of his murder weapon.

    • Anonymous

      As I heard the story, R/S, ELF was carved because Alexis had claimed that he felt
      ”vibrations” directed toward him, that he was being followed.  Oh! And that he heard
      voices in his head.  This, apparently, was told when he visited an ER at some time before the shooting.   According to Chas. Krauthammer (a trained psychologist), he said, back in the day, the man would have been given meds and been placed under observation for 2 weeks.  However, as you can see, that isn’t done now.

  • Draxx

    I believed the MSM used a Verbal AR-15 to Assault Us With BS….

  • Sam Fisher

    It is what liberals do best lie.

  • Anonymous

    The media has absolutely no credibility, zero, zip, nada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question did obama give left news media marching order to make a  slip up on purpose of D.C shooter a using rifle to play up his disarming of U.S citizens movement?? Also I heard there was elite response team of police office couldn’t been there within minutes of first shots but was told to stand down WHY !!!  Was is so the death toll be greater ,so obama have more push or ammo to disarm U.S citizens at  expense of more citizens being kill ???????????????????????  The call of the elite police team if was a false alarm they just go back ,to me it better being safe and save more life why the stand down  order if true??????????????????????????????????// P.S I don’t put anything pass obama he is like the JR character in TV series Dallas ,but he for real and in the White House !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just as I predicted, this tragedy is swept under the carpet because the killer was black and could have been obama’s son. Based on this, we will probably never know what any investigation uncovers, if an investigation is made in detail. True Americans are doomed!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, yes, but he DID fire a gun!  To many of the MSM it doesn’t matter that it was a shotgun.

    Apparently, any firearm is nasty, bad, terrible.  Of course, if they had only known that the

    shooter was a psychotic schizoid, or to put it in more PC terms: a man w/a mental problem,

    they may have reported things a bit differently.   But don’t let the truth that some other mass

    shooters were a bit, to put it in non-PC words, cuckoo.

  • Anonymous

    The person with the user-name “Rwality Seeker” is right on this one. Anyone who listens to Ground Zero knows there is much more to the story about the Navy Yard shooting than what mainstream media(even The Blaze)reports. Glenn, why not interview Clyde Lewis one of these days? He knows all kinds of things about the secret history of America. Including this case. Not only did the mainstream media get it wrong that the shooting wasn’t done with an AR-15 but the military people who had that type of gun were trying to stop him with it until they were told to stand down. 

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