13 people shot – including 3-year-old boy – after night of gun violence in Chicago

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On radio this morning, Pat and Stu talked about the ever-raging gun violence in Chicago – despite the fact the city employs some of the strictest gun control laws in America. Last night, 13 people, including a 3-year-old boy, were shot during a late-night attack in a southwest Chicago park.

“They have the strictest gun laws in the country and the steward ship of the President’s former chief of staff and have hit new highs and now lead the United States of America in total murders,” Stu said of Chicago.

TheBlaze reports:

A 3-year-old boy who was among 13 people wounded in a late-night attack on a southwest Chicago park was alert when he arrived at the hospital and was apparently doing well, his family and friends said early Friday.

The attack late Thursday in the city’s Back of the Yard neighborhood left three victims, including the boy, in critical condition. The others were reportedly in serious or fair condition.

The shooting comes nearly three weeks after Chicago saw an outburst of violence over the Labor Day weekend that ended with eight dead and 20 others injured.

Following a surge in homicides and shootings last year, the police department stepped up its crime-fighting efforts by, among other things, paying overtime to add patrols to some neighborhoods, including the Back of the Yards.

Chicago now leads the U.S. in total murders. New York City is three times the size of Chicago, and yet Chicago has 500 murders compared to 419 in NYC.

“So not per capita but in actual number,” Pat said. “It’s 500 for Chicago, 419 last year for New York City, which is staggering. But I got to thinking, those numbers are way below the numbers that we used to hear. I remember hearing in the late 80s, early 90s statistics of outrageous numbers of murders in New York City and Chicago and Los Angeles and all over the country.”

“In New York it seems to me it was, like, 2,600 and we looked it up and sure enough, I think they’re peak was 2,605 murders in 1990 or 1991,” he continued. “So New York City has reduced their murder rate from 2,600 a year to 419 last year. That is a stunning development, I think… And it’s not just murder, by the way. It’s crime across the board has actually gone down.”

While there are disagreements over has caused crime rates to drop so significantly. Pat offered one highly probable theory.

“Is the prevalent theory that we’re just nicer now,” he asked. “We’re just nicer people. We’re just good to one another and we understand that hurting someone else, hurting another human being is frankly wrong and impolite and we’ve become such a polite society, we don’t take things that don’t belong to us and we don’t hurt people for no reason or any reason.”

“Doesn’t seem to be,” Stu concluded. “I don’t think so.”

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  • Draxx

    Chicago has always been plagued with gun problems, and they have also been plagued with Progressive Agendas (Prohibition for example).  The Valentine’s Day Massacre happened where…?  (don’t answer that is retorhical)  But, it still goes back to guns don’t kill People Kill using the guns, bats, tire irons, frying pans, hunting/pocket knives, strangling, beatings…

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Chicago, it demonstrates loud and clear the absolute failure of gun-control legislation and the clear and absolute failure of the leftist insanity.

  • Anonymous

    Mexico has very strict gun bans, yet violence is widespread.
    Juxtapose Mexico with Japan and what is the difference in the crime rate? Japan has very strict gun bans, too, yet, unlike Mexico, Japan has a very low violent crime rate.
    Clearly, there are other more important factors besides gun ownership which influence whether or not a local, state, or regional population seethes with violence or, instead, remains relatively peaceful. 
    I grew up in a town located in upstate N.Y. where we could bring our hunting rifle and/or bow to school. We learned about gun safety in school. The school was closed on the opening day of deer hunting season because of a strong hunting tradition in the community. My dad had blasting caps and dynamite on our farm. My uncle owned a surplus army tank with which he gave us kids rides in. It was great fun, believe me. My father had an arsenal of weaponry, yet none in our community became murders.
    Now stop and think: People like myself grew up surrounded with explosives and all kinds of weaponry, but there were no school shootings. Nobody brought a stick of dynamite to school so they could throw it into the principal’s office. My uncle didn’t drive his tank into a church or a school or into a crowd during a 4th of July parade.  A mother could park her stroller outside of the supermarket door, walk inside, pick up some groceries and go back outside free from fear or worry that somebody would shoot or kidnap her baby.
    I drove a Chevy pickup with a gun rack inside, and so did a lot of other people. We never even locked our doors. That’s right, we left our doors unlocked with our rifles inside, yet I never worried about somebody stealing anything. I used to leave my keys in the ignition without any problems. We left the doors to our homes unlocked. In fact, I don’t remember ever locking up anything.
    It is a fact that our wonderful life had nothing to do whatsoever with the fact that we were armed with guns and explosives and tanks and cannons…..
    Fast forward to the shithole State that New York is now. Overtaxed, over regulated and every kind of gun is slowly being outlawed. I’m so glad I saw the writing on the wall long ago and fled that overtaxed-fucking-police-state death-trap which is what N.Y. has become.

    I actually feel sorry for the kids who are now growing up in police-state New York. The time in which I grew up in is gone forever…….

    • Gristle McThornbody

      This is a pretty good analysis, sir. 

      I grew up in Chicago. The suburbs have a pretty rich hunting & shooting culture. There are plenty of ranges just outside the city limits. My father in the ‘burbs collected Benellis and taught me how to skeet shoot at a young age. We would often go to Indiana to hunt pheasant. 

      I was most recently living in Wicker Park before bouncing ‘cross the pond to the Confederation.

      There is something that I think is misunderstood by Pat and Stu in this case: these shooting aren’t really happening in downtown Chicago (i.e. the city.) Not the Loop, not Lincoln Park, not Bucktown, not Noble Square, not Wicker, not Ukrainian Village, etc.

      These are the areas where firearms are most restricted.

      I worked at a cocktail lounge in Wicker Park for quite awhile. Almost every day, I would stumble home absolutely hammered at 4AM (0400). Truthfully, it was not the smartest thing I decided to make my life, but nothing EVER happened to me. Not once, in all my years in Chicago, have I ever seen serious violence. An elderly homeless guy tried to strong arm me on the CTA once. I pushed him down and he started to cry. It was a terrible experience. 

      No, these shootings are happening on the south side; in underprivileged, under-patrolled, under-educated, underfunded, economically battered residential areas where the lack of opportunity is leading to violence.

      The biggest flaw with what Pat and Stu are arguing is that there is ZERO effective gun control in these areas. 

      Anyone can get a gun for offensive or defensive reasons. You simply ask.

      • Anonymous

        Back in the day, N.Y.C. was also divided into areas where you could get completely hammered, yet not get rolled or mugged.
        Personally, I was very, very lucky because my mother and father divorced, and shortly thereafter my mom remarried into a very large family who loved me like I was their own blood. For most kids divorce is traumatic, but for my siblings and I it was a blessing in disguise because we had two families from two different cultural perspectives. I was given the choice of which family I wanted to live with, and I chose both. Having an extended family benefited me greatly.
        So, during my teen years I had a great time in N.Y.C. and I never carried a gun, nor did I need one during that time because I only frequented safe areas. In fact, Manhattan was a lot like Wicker Park inasmuch as the crime rate was low. Back then, in Manhattan, fights were mainly settled with fists, and, most of the time, when somebody was knocked down during a fight his opponent didn’t jump on top and beat the living daylights out of him. Of course, in other parts of the city, vice was rampant.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for that informative post

      • Anonymous

        But at the moment of truth…how do you defend yourself when an armed man comes at you?  Spit wads?  Really that is the only essential question.  But why politicize it?  May the 13 victims rest in peace and may justice be done.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you, R/S.  That was then, this is now—and things have changed.  Not always for
      the best.  I remember growing up during ”the glory days of America.”  Not so much, now.

    • Watch it

       The good old days, never to return, sadly.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Well we could always ban liberalism for every city that has liberalism in it for more than 50 years people start shooting each other. What makes about as much sense as banning all guns.

  • Anonymous

    Do ya think, DeNozzo? Almost everywhere that has strict gun-control, this is the norm!!!!!!!!!!

  • bull57

    That video wasn’t worth squat. If you want me to keep reading quit putting these bullsh*t videos up as anything news worthy!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it’s easy to blame guns and underprivileged areas of inner cities. It is the politically correct way. Why not address the mentality, or lack thereof, of the same areas. Instead of having the government feeding these people, have the people fend more for themselves. Where is the sense of self-value in these slum areas? Do they contain normal family life? 

    • greywolfrs

      So, I decided to take my 12-gauge out in the front yard. I gave it a chair and sat it there ALL day. During that day, there were plenty of people who walked by. A couple walked by with their dog. A few children were playing about 50 yards away, for most of the day. My neighbor across the street was out doing his yard work. And many more instances and NO ONE was shot, imagine that.

      • Anonymous

        No target practice, huh, wolf?   : )

        • greywolfrs

          My neighborhood is mostly Conservative.

          • Anonymous

            My neighborhood, too, wolf.  Live across the street from a
            school’s playfield.   Though, in back, there are squirrels.  Even
            if they are pesky from time to time, I’d never harm them.

      • Anonymous

        You see, I thought the end of your little tale would be that the trigger pulled itself.  High five man, good point.  I like your narrative.

  • Anonymous

    Is this carnage something B.O. is proud to acknowledge about his hometown/state?  Seems

    very quiet about the entire matter.  And with his former chief of staff as mayor of Chicago?

    They need to talk!  Besides that banning of guns thingy.  Appears that places allowed to have

    guns seem to have lower crime rates.  Is that so?   Speaking, specifically, of smaller towns.

  • Anonymous

    All crime comes from a total disregard for the law and the rights of private property for the people. This out of control carnage is the direct result of our national, state and in this case the city government’s inability to protect our law abiding citizens from those who want to take what the majority has worked hard to acquire: life, property, and liberty. Since Chicago is the national poster city for gun control, it should be the safest city in America. Instead it stands as a monument to the idiocy of gun control. If these victims were able to depend on their government, they should be able to go to the park safely. But they cannot, because they are not allowed to deal with these hoodlums in their midst because they don’t have the arms to do so due to the law-abiding citizens being disarmed by their government.
    It signifies a major breakdown in the government’s protection of its citizens. And they just keep claiming that there has to be guns taken from the law abiding population because guns kill. Guns do not kill, lawless people kill. Guns are just one of the weapons of choice that they can use. Why not outlaw knives, cars, poison, a noose, a pillow, two hands, baseball bats, etc. When the government disarms its law abiding population, then the only ones who have the guns are the criminals. There will always be those who, because of greed, will sell guns to the criminal. 

    This is simply ludicrous. Just like the argument that capital punishment should be outlawed because it does not work. I assure you that for each case of capital punishment it works because it stops one person from ever taking a life again. And since a great number of serial killers have been found in recent history, their execution would prevent any more of their killings. The reasons that they became serial killers is because they were not caught and dealt with soon enough.  The criminal does not often go where the homes and persons are protected by guns and someone willing to use it to protect their families. 

  • jalina susan stutte

    I’m sorry for the 3 yr old and pray hat h survives but what was he doing out late at night in a park? Where was his mother? His father, does he have one? Maybe this child should be removed from his environment until these questions are answered.

  • silentnomore

    Why aren’t Sharpton, Jackson & the rest of the race baiters in Chicago to march & demand that the “community” quit killing “itself”? Let me answer that, because there’s no money to be made since majority of murders are black on black. The finger would have to be pointed back at themselves for failing the black community by not speaking out against 70% births to single parents, 40% unemployment among black teens, a hip-hop society that promotes sex & violence,  on & on…turn the rocks over & watch the bugs skitter away to find another host to feed on… pathetic…
    May GOD grant the innocent victims peace & courage…

  • https://www.facebook.com/tj.durham TJ Durham

    This culture is racing down the tubes at breakneck speed.  It’s cool to “jack” and shoot unsuspecting victims, right?  The fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 is setting video game sales records says it all…

  • women99

    Why is there so much violence in this city? Because the ones committing it would look just like Obama if caught. SO NO ONE IS ARRESTED BECAUSE THE RECORDS WOULD SHOW THE SKIN COLOR which the left deny. You know those who are persecuted because they are brown?s

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