Campus Reform, a watchdog group that looks to expose bias, abuse, waste, and fraud on our nation’s college campuses, released a hilariously frightening video of students at the University of California (USC) who say President Obama definitely deserves to keep his Nobel Peace Prize. Their reasoning, however, is a bit hard to follow.

“Campus Reform is a group who go out and a lot of times do videos where they talk to other students and they ask them about a lot of liberal policies, and ask them about the President, and their viewpoint on the President,” Pat said on radio this morning. “This time they went out to USC and they talked to supporters of this President about whether he deserved his Nobel Peace Prize. I guess you could call it feel good because it just shows the mindlessness of the supporters of this President, but it doesn’t feel so good knowing that these kids are voting and these kids are just lemmings and they’re, like, lambs being led to the slaughter because they don’t know what they’re talking about. So here’s a group of USC students being asked if the President deserves his Nobel Peace Prize and, if so, why.”

“You cannot write this any better than it came out,” Stu said of the video. “That’s fantastic.”

“That’s a great job, I mean, because these bone-headed college students – they’re going to USC. It’s a pretty good school. They’re known for football, yes, but academically they’re pretty strong,” Pat said. “Yet, you’ve got these mindless people, these followers of this guy, this cult leader, almost. They have no idea what they like him for. They don’t know what he’s done. They don’t know who he is. They don’t know why they like him. And then they throw things out like, ‘Well, he’s done great things diplomatically.’ Now? Like what? ‘Well, in general, the good intentions of his intent was good.’”

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The return of More-On Trivia this fall makes it pretty obvious that we live amongst an uninformed electorate, but this video is even more depressing because these kids are, in theory, our future.

“I mean, that is just depressing,” Stu said. “The point is that’s why you go after those people. You go after them because they’re movable and they have no foundation at all. And we can complain all we want about colleges and the school system and all of that. At some point, it’s got to come back to us, as parents, to make sure, at least our kids have some foundation – to at least attempt to make this decision based on something other than ‘good intentions.’ ‘It’s because he’s part of the people.’ ‘He automatically creates peace’ – or whatever the hell that was. We’re doomed.”

“It’s because of times like these that I occasionally think Glenn’s right,” Pat concluded. “Don’t go to college.”